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15 Sewing Patterns for Women's Dresses & Other Pretty Project

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  1. Bedding Make your own bedding with sewing tutorials that will teach you how to make a duvet cover. For the DIY home decor style, check out the best sewing patterns on the web.
  2. Sewn Pillows Use these free pillow patterns to decorate your home the thrifty way. Learn how to sew pillows and pillow covers that will look great both inside and outside your home.
  3. Sewn Wall Decor Decorate your walls with free sewing tutorials. Sewn wall decorations are unique and trendy.
  4. Window Treatments Learn how to sew curtains and find tutorials for home made curtains. You'll find great instructions on how to make curtains and more of the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  5. Baby Blankets Baby blankets make great gifts. You can learn how to sew a blanket with the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  6. Bibs and Burp Cloths Looking for tips on how to make baby's bib? With these free baby bib patterns you'll be confident in making them.
  7. Nursery Decor Decorating the nursery can be very exciting. Use some DIY ideas to create nursery bedding and nursery decor.
  8. Sewn Baby Clothes These free tutorials will show you how to make homemade baby clothes, including ideas for baby pants and free baby dress patterns. With these free sewing projects, you'll have the best-dressed baby in town.
  9. Sewn Hair Accessories Sew for hair with ideas for sewn hair accessories. Learn how to make a headband and more.
  10. Christmas Gifts Looking for great craft ideas for Christmas gifts? Check out the Christmas craft sewing patterns found here. For fun Christmas craft ideas, these ones can't be beat.
  11. Christmas Home Dec It's time to decorate your home for Christmas! Use the free Christmas sewing patterns found here to really spruce up the place for the holidays. Christmas sewing projects are festive and fun.
  12. Sewn Ornaments Make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree using these free tutorials. You and your family will love making Christmas decorations to hang on your tree.
  13. Sewn Stockings If you've always wondered how to sew Christmas stockings, check out these free sewing projects and make your own Christmas stocking.
  14. Tree Skirts Sew a Christmas tree skirt pattern this holiday season and you'll be ready to put up your tree.
  15. Wearables Make clothes you can wear for Christmas this year. Check out the easy DIY Christmas crafts we offer here.
  16. 4th of July Projects Make great 4th of July projects with any of these holiday sewing patterns. If you're looking for holiday crafts you'll love these simple holiday craft ideas.
  17. Easter Projects Find easter projects to sew with these free patterns for sewn easter projects. Easter sewing projects are fun and simple. Find the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  18. Halloween Projects Find Halloween craft ideas from all over the web, from homemade Halloween decorations to DIY costumes. These craft ideas for Halloween are just what you need to get in the spooky spirit.
  19. Jewish Holiday Projects Give your latkes, matzo, and kneidlach a crafty touch with these Jewish holiday crafts. Find ideas for Hanukkah crafts, Passover crafts, and more from all over the web.
  20. St. Patrick's Day Projects Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with holiday sewing patterns.
  21. Thanksgiving Projects Thanskgiving crafts are just what you need to get your family in the spirit of showing gratitude. Learn how to sew a Thanksgiving table decoration and other crafty projects.
  22. Valentine's Day Projects Spread the love on Valentine's Day by sewing. Check out these free tutorials for Valentine's Day crafts, including ideas for gifts and decorations.
  23. Fall Projects Fall projects are fun and festive. Find the best fall craft ideas on the web.
  24. Spring Projects Find great sewing ideas including spring crafts, sewing ideas for spring garments, easy spring crafts and more.
  25. Summer Projects Find free summer projects to sew including summer crafts for girls, summer fun crafts and summer craft ideas.
  26. Winter Projects Find free winter projects to sew including easy winter crafts, fun winter crafts for kids and more. Follow these free sewing patterns for great instruction and successful sewing.
  27. Chair Slipcovers Instead of paying for expensive furniture, use your sewing skills. The chair slipcover patterns and sofa slipcover patterns found here can help.
  28. Sewn Placemats and Napkins Set your table with these easy sewing projects. Learn how to sew napkins and placemats for any occasion. You'll find ideas for holiday table settings as well as tutorials for everyday needs.
  29. Sewn Table Runners Find free table runner patterns here including quilt table runner patterns, Christmas table runner patterns and more. Learn how to make table runners with some of the best ideas out there.
  30. Sewn Tablecloths
  31. Book Reviews Popular craft books reviewed.
  32. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  33. Hand Embroidery Patterns Learn how to hand embroider with these free hand embroidery patterns. Find hand stitch embroidery patterns you can make and personalize.
  34. Machine Embroidery Patterns Use these free machine embroidery patterns to create lovely one-of-a-kind projects. Find embroidery machine tips and machine embroidery projects you'll love.


  1. "15 Sewing Patterns for Women's Dresses & Other Pretty Projects" eBook Discover a collection full of free sewing patterns for women clothing. Included are instructions for how to make a DIY maxi dress, skirt patterns and more. It's the free eBook you need for spring & summer!
  2. 15 Minute Convertible Dress Is there anything better than a comfy everyday dress you can wear in tons of different ways? Oh, maybe that it only takes 15 minutes to make. Other free dress patterns are not nearly as stylish or quick! Give this fashionable project a try.
  3. 2 Hour Shift Dress Sometimes, simple is best. Get down to basics with the 2 Hour Shift Dress. Part of why this project is such an easy dress to make is because it relies on an existing dress you already have in your wardrobe.
  4. 20 Minute Beach Cover Up If you have a few minutes and some stretch fabric, you'll be ready to hit the beach in no time. For quick instructions on how to sew a dress, check out this fashionable pattern. Show off your DIY style anywhere you go.
  5. 27 Long Dresses for Summer, Women's Maxi Dresses, and Skirts It's no secret that maxi dresses have been one of this summer's most popular trends.They're slimming, flatter every body type, comfortable and easy to dress up or keep casual. In this collection you'll find 26 long dresses and skirts to make.
  6. 30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan Want to make a unique, flowing maxi dress? Within a half hour you can create this 30 Minute 4 Seam Caftan. Whether you're on the go or getting ready for a night out, this free long dress pattern delivers a dress that fits any occasion.
  7. 30 Minute Sheath Dress Add a great new piece to your wardrobe with this 30 Minute Sheath Dress. This jersey dress can be worn during the day with a blazer for some office style or all alone out on the town.
  8. 30 Minutes A Day at the Park Dress Tutorial Try out this 30 Minutes A Day at the Park Dress Tutorial for the perfect spring or summer day with your little girl. Dress patterns like this provide quick, easy, and comfortable fashion that your little one will adore!
  9. 4 Free Vintage Dress Patterns Lovers of the good old days won't be able to resist this roundup of 4 Free Vintage Dress Patterns. Inspired by trends started in the 1920s to the 1960s, these four numbers will have you reminiscing in style.
  10. 6 Sewing Patterns for Women's Dresses There's nothing we love more than delivering free clothing patterns for women. We've rounded up 7 sewing patterns for women's dresses, all of which can be found inside our 11 Sewing Patterns for Women's Dresses eBook.
  11. 60s Vixen Lace Dress This 60s Vixen Lace Dress has a timeless vintage design while still looking contemporary. You can wear it in so many ways that you will never want to wear anything else.
  12. A Gathered Dress It's hard not to feel beautiful in this lovely handmade dress. Make a gathered dress when you're learning how to sew a dress. Simple dress patterns like this one are fun and rewarding; you'll end up with a wardrobe favorite!
  13. Adorable Mens Shirt Dress There are a million free dress patterns out there to construct from a men's shirt. They can range from super cute to super simple. This Adorable Mens Shirt Dress is a new twist on the popular upcycling craft.
  14. Aquamarine Afternoon Dress Pick up some fancier fabric and the Aquamarine Afternoon Dress makes a great date or event sewn dress pattern. No matter where you wear it, this flattering little dress will turn heads. With a subtle v-neckline and a cut-out at the back, the little d
  15. Arizona Girls Dress Pattern Give your little lady some Southwest style in her wardrobe by creating this Arizona Girls Dress Pattern. This lovely spring dress looks amazing in floral prints. Any little girl will absolutely adore exploring and playing in this comfy dress.
  16. Bachelorette Party Dress There's nothing more fun than a night out with your girlfriends. For a bachelorette party (or really any fun occasion) the Bachelorette Party Dress makes for the perfect outfit. For instructions on how to sew a dress for a special night, follow this
  17. Barbara Free Dress Pattern The cut is cute and it will flatter your curves. Before your next big date or night out on the town make this Barbara Free Dress Pattern. Pair it with the right shoes and pearls to complete a very vintage look that is going to turn heads.
  18. Big Bow DIY Maxi Dress This adorable Big Bow DIY Maxi Dress is the perfect free dress pattern for summer. Easy to make and comfy to wear, this dress would look absolutely stunning paired with some laid-back gladiator sandals, sunny jewelry, and a sun hat.
  19. Bra to Dress Transformation All you need is an old bra that fits well, some scrap fabric that matches, and a little imagination. This unexpected idea helps you create a dress that will most definitely turn heads. You have to see the Bra to Dress Transformation to believe it
  20. Cape Town Cool Shift Dress If you add this free dress pattern to your wardrobe, you absolutely will not regret it. This Cape Town Cool Shift Dress lends an effortless style to any day.
  21. Carnival Dress Ride the carousel, play the ring toss game, and laugh at the clowns! This Carnival Dress one of the cutest free little girl dress patterns I've ever seen! Try making this adorable dress for your little one's next visit to the carnival.
  22. Casual Long Sleeve Dress Pattern These ideas, while gorgeous, cannot be worn when the cold wind starts to blow. Lucky for you, the Casual Long Sleeve Dress Pattern is a comfortable alternative to DIY dress pattern ideas that cannot be worn during chilly weather.
  23. Chiffon Maxi Dress Maxi dresses are all the rage this season. Be sure to learn this Chiffon Maxi Dress pattern to keep up with the trend. This easy dress pattern can be your go to for all of your maxi dress needs.
  24. Cinched Waist Knit Dress Sew yourself a Cinched Waist Knit Dress to add a flirty new dress to your closet. Check out the tutorial to learn how to sew your own dress with any fabric you like. DIY dresses let you customize your wardrobe.
  25. Classic A-Line Dress This Classic A-Line Dress is perfect for working moms who need to strike that happy medium between fancy and functional. This DIY dress can go straight from the board room to the playground without a moment's hesitation.
  26. Classic Elegance Dress Sewing a dress is one of the most rewarding, enjoyable sewing projects, especially when you admire the finished product. Follow this free dress pattern to create the Classic Elegance Dress, a beautiful staple for every woman's wardrobe.
  27. Colorblock T-Shirt Dress Add some pop of color to your wardrobe with this Colorblock T-Shirt Dress. Refashion old t-shirts in to this stylish yet simple dress pattern. This DIY t-shirt dress only takes 45 minutes to make!
  28. Comfy Chic Sweatshirt Dress If you have ever wondered how to make a dress without a pattern, this Comfy Chic Sweatshirt Dress is perfect for you. This tutorial shows you how to sew a dress that combines the comfort of jersey with the elegance of dressy attire.
  29. Convertible Dress/Skirt Around your chest it's a dress, and around your waist it's a skirt! Simple dress patterns like this Convertible Dress/Skirt are a great way to make one article of clothing into two! Which do you want to wear today?
  30. Coral Dress Can you believe this adorable dress can be made with a $3 top and some cotton knit fabric? The Coral Dress is stylish and flattering for all body types. For instructions on how to sew a dress check out this pattern.
  31. Criss Cross Play Dress The Criss Cross Play Dress is made for playgrounds and backyards. The straight, loose-fitting lines of the pattern allow for plenty of space to play. The design makes for an easy DIY dress that won't take more than an afternoon to make.
  32. Cross My Heart Free Dress Pattern This unique design creates a modest v-neckline and frames the face, hanging loose from the bust to emphasize a smaller waist. Unlike other free dress patterns for sewing, the Cross My Heart Free Dress Pattern is surprisingly quick and easy to sew
  33. Cute Black and White Mini Dress You can make this Cute Black and White Mini Dress with this free, easy sewing pattern. If you're interested in learning how to make your own clothes, this dress is a great place to start. This pattern is also customizable.
  34. DIY Pillow Case Night Dress Follow this pillowcase dress pattern to create a lovely new outfit. It's cute enough to wear out but comfy enough to wear as a nightgown. Grab a cute pillowcase, this free pillowcase dress pattern and your sewing machine. You'll love the results!
  35. DIY Prom and Cocktail Attire This lovely DIY Prom and Cocktail Attire dress pattern creates a classy, chic dress. Sewn in a lacy black with a nude backing, this dress will be unlike any dress at the party or prom you attend. Plus, you can buy some amazing accessories with all t
  36. DIY Shirred Sundress This DIY Shirred Sundress is the perfect outfit to wear when the sun in shining and the weather is warm. Follow along with this tutorial to learn the process of making a simple dress. You'll love knowing how to sew your own clothes.
  37. DIY Tank Dress Not only is it cheap and chic this DIY Tank Dress is also easy to make.This easy dress tutorial will show you how to transform a basic tank and fabric into a cute sewing project. In 30 minutes you'll have a stylish new outfit for spring and summer.
  38. Draped Maxi Dress Look like a Grecian goddess in this effortlessly elegant Draped Maxi Dress. The DIY maxi dress has beautiful draping and requires minimal sewing. This one shoulder, formal maxi dress is a gorgeous sewing project.
  39. Draped Neck DIY Maxi Dress This Draped Neck DIY Maxi Dress adds a unique, elegant twist to one of the hottest fashion trends. Learn how to make a maxi dress that is simple and so much more affordable that a store-bought garment.
  40. Easy Breezy Summer Dress for Girls Your little one will love twirling around in this perfect for summer dress. The Easy Breezy Summer Dress for Girls proves to be a simple dress pattern that's great for the season. Use a lightweight fabric for extra comfort in the summer heat.
  41. Easy Oversized Dress This Easy Oversized Dress pattern really is a treasure among dress pattern tutorials. Learn how to make a dress for girls of all sizes from these simple instructions. Try this dress pattern tutorial and add it to your sewing repertoire.
  42. Easy Summer Halter Dress This Easy Summer Halter Dress is a simple way to add some flair to your warm-weather wardrobe. The provided pattern will walk you through making a simple dress that you will love to wear. Sewing your own clothes is great.
  43. Effortless Caftan Dress All it takes is 3 seams to sew this Effortless Caftan Dress! Perfect for summer, this breezy dress transitions well from day to night. This simple dress pattern can also be made in any length.
  44. Effortlessly Easy Dresses to Sew: 8 Free Dress Patterns Among the top readers favorites for 2013 are these fabulous dress and skirt patterns. Whatever your style preference, there's something for you among these Effortlessly Easy Dresses to Sew. We've selected our 8 favorites to showcase.
  45. Fabulous Mod Dress Let your little girl shine in the Fabulous Mod Dress. Use these instructions for how to sew a dress to make one that's fit for a diva. With it's mod appeal and free flowing shape, this free dress pattern is both stylish and comfortable.
  46. Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress Grab a bundle of fat quarters and get ready to make this fat quarter pillowcase dress. When it comes to simple dress patterns, there's nothing better than finding one that's both easy and thrifty. This dress is great for playtime or family parties.
  47. Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress You'll bring the party to a grinding halt in this gorgeous Femme Fatale Cocktail Dress. This DIY dress is absurdly easy and quick to make, but looks absolutely phenomenal once it's finished.
  48. Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum A lot of ladies feel self-conscious over certain areas of their bodies, that's why the Figure Flattering Free Dress Pattern in Peplum is such a great sewing project. Free dress patterns for women have never been so cute or rewarding.
  49. Fit for Pemberley Dress What is it about the Fit for Pemberley Dress that makes it so romantic? It could be the tri-layer skirt or empire waist that this DIY dress sports. Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design withou
  50. Flattering DIY Dress This Flattering DIY Dress hugs your curves in all the right places. It is a beautiful design that will accentuate your natural figure without being too extreme or tight.
  51. Floral Coral Dress Do-it-yourself vintage has never been so hot. In preparation for warmer weather, this Dolce and Gabbana knock-off Floral Coral Dress pattern tutorial brings runway fashion to your home for a cheap price.
  52. Free Spirit DIY Maxi Dress Make this Free Spirit DIY Maxi Dress pattern and you will have your new favorite dress. Not looking to look too hippy dippy? Then just sew it up in a solid color or floral pattern instead of something that looks a little more counterculture.
  53. Friday Night Maxi Dress Pattern Whether you need a date night dress or just something to look stunning in, this Friday Night Maxi Dress Pattern will help you turn heads. Comfy and cute, this free dress pattern is going to be your new go-to.
  54. Frumpy Dress to Swimsuit Coverup Frumpy Dress to Swimsuit Coverup is a simple project with chic results. Turn a dowdy dress from a secondhand store into an adorable sundress or cover-up! Wardrobe refashioning is an excellent way to be unique and economical.
  55. Fun and Flirty Wrap Dress You'll look like a million bucks in this Fun and Flirty Wrap Dress! Easily customizable, stretchy, and super comfortable, this wrap dress can be worn in any season. You'll get plenty of wear out of this flattering DIY dress!
  56. Game Day Dress You can look cute even in your sports gear! The Game Day Dress is one of the best sporty dress patterns we've ever come across. Take a large T-shirt and transform it into this adorable and flattering dress. This little number is perfect for tailgatin
  57. Glammed Up Toddler Dress Patterns With rick rack and gold embellishments, Glammed Up Toddler Dress Patterns make great weekend projects. If your girl has a holiday party soon, consider sewing up this dress in seasonally festive colors.
  58. Goddess DIY Maxi Dress This Goddess DIY Maxi Dress makes a lovely summer dress. Made out of comfy fabric, this free dress pattern creates a gorgeous and classy dress that is perfect for a casual day.
  59. Graceful Dress Pattern This Graceful Dress Pattern yields an easy-to-make dress that can be worn at any time of the year. If you use a light fabric, you can wear it with a shawl in the fall or wintertime.
  60. Grecian Sundress You won't want to take off this beautiful Grecian Sundress this summer. Gathered at the neck, this flowy sundress sewing pattern is super easy to make. Made with a light knit this lovely DIY dress is comfortable and doesn't even need to be hemmed.
  61. H&M Knock-Off Cowgirl Dress This H&M Knock-Off Cowgirl Dress pattern uses cheap and simple unpcycling techniques to make an adorable little dress with a western feel.
  62. High Low Dress for Girls The high low dress style is super trendy and comfortable. Easy girl dress patterns this cute aren't easy to come by. This special dress pattern sets itself apart with a unique hem line that's all the rage in fashion right now.
  63. High-Low Bandeau Dress High-low dresses are one of the hottest clothing trends, and you can flaunt the fad in this High-Low Bandeau Dress. This beginner sewing project teaches you how to make a dress that is a stylish wardrobe essential.
  64. How to Copy Your Favorite Dress Ever wish you had two of your favorite dress? Now you can make a duplicate! Learn how to copy your favorite dress with this helpful tutorial. Free little girl dress patterns this cute are hard to come by so give this one a try.
  65. How to Sew a Cute Summer Sun Dress Get out of that winter slump by learning How to Sew a Cute Summer Sun Dress. This adorable sundress pattern will make you look and feel fabulous all summer. Inspired by lead characters from Legally Blonde and Clueless, this dress pattern is adorable.
  66. Impossibly Easy Maxi Dress This Impossibly Easy Maxi Dress pattern is a great sewing project for beginners. It shows you how to sew the perfect maxi dress in just a few simple steps.
  67. In-Between Seasons Dress The In-Between Seasons Dress is perfect for cold summer days and warm fall evenings. Easily warmed up with a cardi or cooled down down sandals, this free dress pattern is going to be your new go-to.
  68. Infinity Dress Tutorial Get ready for the most versatile outfit you've ever seen. This Infinity Dress Tutorial will show you how to make a dress that you can wear more ways than you can imagine.
  69. Keep It Color Blocked Dress The Keep It Color Blocked Dress features three colors of your choosing and makes a fantastic date dress. Wear this funky little number on your next dinner date and you will certainly make an impression.
  70. Keyhole Neckline Dress What's not to love about the Keyhole Neckline Dress? With a unique collar and buttoned up back, this garment screams to be worn. Free little girl dress patterns like this one can help make up a lovely wardrobe for your little girl.
  71. Kid's Maxi Dress This ethnic Kids' Maxi Dress is an easy dress to make in just under an evening. It is an easy-to-sew dress that looks great with just enough modesty for a young girl.
  72. Knit Peasant Dress Tutorial Comfort and style combine with natural beauty in this Knit Peasant Dress Tutorial. Fantastic dress patterns for sewing like this are great for a casual chic look. Follow instructions on how to sew a dress just like this one!
  73. Lace Dress Turn heads in this beautiful Lace Dress. This free dress pattern features a gathered skirt with a yoke bodice and a ruffle collar. This DIY lace dress is a romantic, feminine outfit you'll love.
  74. Lady in Purple Smock Dress Looking for a great summer dress pattern that is easy to make and extra cute? If so, you absolutely have to check out this fabulous Lady in Purple Smock Dress.
  75. Lady's Shirred Maxi Dress Find a flattering, fashionable, and fun DIY dress from this easy-to-read tutorial. The Lady's Shirred Maxi Dress is not only an easy dress to make for sewers of all levels, it is one that will quickly become a go-to item in your wardrobe.
  76. Little Miss Gingerbread Dress The Little Miss Gingerbread Dress could not be cuter as a Christmas party outfit. This DIY dress is such an adorable idea for any and all Christmas celebrations you and your family will be attending.
  77. Makeshift Pillowcase Dress Pillowcase dresses are all the rage right now. This Makeshift Pillowcase Dress tutorial will teach you how to sew a dress with the classic pillowcase structure, even if you don't have any spare pillowcases lying around!
  78. Modern Chic Free Dress Pattern Learning how to make a dress can be one of the most fun and rewarding sewing projects, especially when you try on your beautiful DIY dress for the first time.
  79. Nautical Dress for Girls It's boating season! Get your little girl ready for a fun day out on the water by following this free little girl dress pattern. The Nautical Dress for Girls calls for striped knit fabric and a few bright colors for fun.
  80. New Year's Resolution Party Dress Congratulations! You made it through another year. Whether it's been 12 months of crazy or quiet, you deserve a little something. Give yourself this gorgeous New Year's Resolution Party Dress as a reward.
  81. Painted T-Shirt Dress The kids will love this project idea. Simple dress patterns aren't as fun as the painted T-shirt dress. Grab a white tee, some extra fabric and painting supplies. Then let the kids create their own masterpiece.
  82. Party-Ready Jersey Dress Tutorial This Party-Ready Jersey Dress Tutorial is one of the cutest T-shirt surgery ideas you'll find. Just take two old T-shirts and a tank top to make a fabulous DIY jersey dress. With this great jersey dress you'll always be perfectly dressed.
  83. Perfectly Patched Dress When you see a dress with holes, you may think it needs to be given to charity. This Perfectly Patched Dress shows that imperfections are in style as long as you have some nice fabric with which to cover them.
  84. Pillowcase Dress with Ribbon Trim Do you have half an hour free? Then you have time to make this adorable Pillowcase Dress with Ribbon Trim! Make matching sets for a lucky girl and her doll with this incredibly easy pattern.
  85. Polka Dot Circle Dress for Tweens The tween years can be difficult, which is why you're looking for something to brighten up your girl's day. This Polka Dot Circle Dress for Tweens will make a lovely addition to her wardrobe.
  86. Pretty Pleated Dress Amp up your curves with this Pretty Pleated Dress. This tutorial will help you learn how to sew a dress that is sweet, easy to make, and figure-flattering.
  87. Pretty Princess Dress Make clothes that are fit for royalty, or at least fit for your little girl. This Pretty Princess Dress is an excellent spring dress that any young girl would love to have. From this dress tutorial, you'll learn how to make buttonholes and a bib.
  88. Putting on the Glitz LBD Give in to your fashion cravings by sewing a dress for yourself that has all the bells and whistles. The Putting on the Glitz LBD perfectly conveys a sense of glamor with features like the single shoulder strap, lace overlay, and sequin embellishment
  89. Rainbow Pillowcase Sundress Part 1 Learn to sew dresses made with pillowcases. You can create this simple sundress with just two pillowcases. It's a pillowcase dress pattern that's bright, cheerful and easy! Lightweight fabric makes this cute dress perfect for spring or summer.
  90. Rainbow Pillowcase Sundress Part 2 In part 1 of this project, Haley showed you how to make the foundation of the dress. Now, give this pillowcase dress pattern some shape and personality. Use this free pillowcase dress pattern to create a comfy and pretty piece for summer.
  91. Reversible Zen Dress Make two dresses at once with the Reversible Zen Dress. If your child spills something on one side, just flip it inside out and you have a new, clean outfit ready to wear. Learning how to sew a dress is easier than you thought with this step-by-step
  92. Sailor Dress Your little girl will look so cute in this Sailor Dress. This nautical inspired dress is an easy sewing project that doesn't take much fabric to make. Seersucker fabric and big buttons make this mod sailor dress adorable for the summer.
  93. Secretariat Inspired Dress Learn how to make a dress for girls like this Secretariat Inspired Dress. Before you begin, read through instructions as you'll need a main and accent fabric for this project. This is an easy dress to make once you've gathered all of your goods.
  94. Seriously Sweet Scalloped Dress They are an enchanting embellishment to any piece of clothing, and now you can create a project that uses them. The Seriously Sweet Scalloped Dress tutorial will show you how to create a dress that includes these lovely additions.
  95. Sew Stylish T-Shirt Dress You can be dressy and comfortable at the same time with this Sew Stylish T-Shirt Dress. Learn how to make a dress that is casual enough for an afternoon running errands, but can also be accessorized for a more formal occasion.
  96. Simple Maxi Dress Can you think of anything better suited for summer than a light-weight knit dress? Learn how to sew a dress with this Simple Maxi Dress. The best part about easy dress patterns like this one is that sewing is a cheap alternative to buying a dress.
  97. Simple T-Shirt Dress Pattern If youre looking for that special combo of comfy and cool, consider sewing up the Simple T-Shirt Dress Pattern. This pattern is simple, easy, and will be flattering on just about any body type. You will want to wear it every day.
  98. Simply Elegant Knit Dress Tutorial There is nothing better than a versatile dress that you can wear again and again. Follow this Simply Elegant Knit Dress Tutorial to learn how to make a dress that is casual, yet sophisticated.
  99. Skirt and Dress Twofer You can easily wear the Skirt and Dress Twofer any way you would like. Sewn in an insanely comfortable fabric, this free skirt pattern is a free dress pattern too.
  100. Spring DIY Pillowcase Dress This Spring DIY Pillowcase Dress looks stunning when created out of a vintage pillowcase. If you are on the hunt for a unique piece, this is the free dress pattern for you.
  101. Spring Flattering Dress Pattern Finding a dress that makes you look extra slim and sassy can be tough. Dress patterns, just like the clothes in the store, can all seem like they are designed for the same body type. This Spring Flattering Dress Pattern is the type of dress that woul
  102. Strapless Maxi Dress This is the perfect project for a beginner sewist. Beat the summer heat in this trendy and stylish Strapless Maxi Dress. Learn how to sew a dress with this helpful tutorial and your summer wardrobe will be full of fun maxi dresses.
  103. Strapless Ruffled Maxi Dress You've seen this trendy dress in the magazines and on all the celebrities. Impress your friends by creating the look for yourself! Use this free long dress pattern to make the Strapless Ruffled Maxi Dress. Style it with fun jewelry for a fashion-forw
  104. Strapless Yoga Dress Want to learn to sew dresses that are both cute and comfortable? Create the Strapless Yoga Dress. Wear it in summer alone or throw on a cardigan in the cooler months. This little number is great for heading to or from the gym or the grocery store.
  105. Strawberry Vanilla Dress The Strawberry Vanilla Dress is super-cute with either a halter neck or with crossing ties in the back. Let your little one run and play in this adorable, easy to make dress. Free dress patterns this cute are hard to come by so check out this helpful
  106. Summer in the City Tank Dress This free dress pattern is going to be your new favorite summer wardrobe piece. Made out of an old tank and some lovely floral fabric of your choosing, the Summer in the City Tank Dress is as casual as it is cute.
  107. Summer Polo Free Dress Pattern Dresses are an amazing way to keep cool and look cute during the heat of the summer months. This Summer Polo Free Dress Pattern looks absolutely preppy and adorable.
  108. Sunday Brunch Free Dress Pattern Ideal for a relaxing weekend breakfast, this Sunday Brunch Free Dress Pattern is the perfect piece to slip on when heading out to a relaxing, yet classy brunch restaurant.
  109. Sunny Little Miss Dress Tutorial Dress up your little girl for fun in the summer sun with this precious Sunny Little Miss Dress Tutorial. With flowing tiers and an adorable sash, easy girls dress patterns like this one will be the envy of the playground! Sewing for little girls is s
  110. Super Easy Summer Dress When you're looking for free sundress sewing patterns and you come across the Super Easy Summer Dress you know you've found the perfect project! Learn how to sew a dress with this simple but pretty outfit.
  111. Super Simple Seersucker Dress This project is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to sew a dress! The Super Simple Seersucker Dress is a cute and easy craft that is both fun to wear and fun to make. Make this dress for the little girl in your life.
  112. Surprisingly Simple Upcycled Dress Button-ups can go out of style quickly. Plus, just a little bit of weight fluctuation means they no longer fit. Take advantage of this fashion woe by stealing your dude's old shirt and making your very own Surprisingly Simple Upcycled Dress from it.
  113. Swirly Twirly Free Dress Pattern This Swirly Twirly Free Dress Pattern is the perfect dress to wear when you are going to go out dancing on the town. The fun and poofy skirt make it a great piece to shake your groove thing in.
  114. Tank Top Dress Tutorial This Tank Top Dress Tutorial uses mismatched clothing pieces to create a brand-new homemade dress. It can be hard to let go of those clothing items to which we feel especially attached.
  115. Tank Top Make Over Dress This Tank Top Dress Make Over shows you exactly how to upcycle an old tank top to create a cute and simple color block dress. It would look absolutely adorable paired with some matching gladiator sandals, some funky jewelry, and a sun hat.
  116. The Day Date Dress As the clock reminds you that it's almost noon, you have butterflies in your stomach. You couldn't be more excited because today you're debuting The Day Date Dress to your sweetheart.
  117. The New Woman's Flapper Dress If you want to enter a new, personal, fashion era, make The New Woman's Flapper Dress. Chic and cutting edge, you can sew an easy dress that completely revitalizes your wardrobe.
  118. The Notebook-Inspired Vintage Dress The hit film The Notebook has something for everyone, whether it be the epic romance, Ryan Gosling's charm, or the vintage 1940s fashion. Fall in love with this gorgeous The Notebook-Inspired Vintage Dress pattern.
  119. The SoHo Maxi Dress Tutorial If you're looking for a great tutorial to teach you how to sew a dress, check out The SoHo Maxi Dress Tutorial. This free long dress pattern delivers an outfit perfect for summertime parties and outings.
  120. Toddler Summer Ruffle Dress Use an old tank top and a few scrap fabric strips to make the Toddler Summer Ruffle Dress. This baby girl dress pattern is a perfect way to jazz up an old tank top while rocking one of summer's hottest trends. This little dress will look so darling.
  121. Totally Twiggy Mod Dress You will turn heads when you walk down the street in this fashionable Totally Twiggy Mod Dress. This vintage dress pattern is absolutely fabulous. It would be a great dress to wear out for a casual girls' night.
  122. Trendy Mama Maxi Dress Pattern Stay cool under the summer rays while still protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays by wearing the Trendy Mama Maxi Dress Pattern. Plus this loose-fitting piece, hugs your curves just slightly, making it a flattering piece.
  123. Tunic Dress Tutorial Make your own comfy knit dress with this Tunic Dress Tutorial. This easy sewing project is prefect for beginners and is quick to make. It's a simple, flattering design that looks great with a fun patterned fabric.
  124. Versatile Little Black Dress There's nothing more classic than the LBD. Make the Versatile Little Black Dress and you can rest assured that your outfit will stand out in the crowd. These instructions on how to sew a dress including step-by-step direction.
  125. Vintage Heirloom Dress Learn how to make a dress for girls that will be passed down for years to come. You can learn how to make clothing for your little baby with this Vintage Heirloom Dress. This piece includes a tiny bodice embellished with buttons and a cute collar.
  126. Vintage Sheet to Maxi Dress Show up to your next event in a trendy maxi dress. Make the Vintage Sheet to Maxi dress using one of the cutest free dress patterns you will ever find.
  127. Walking On Sunshine Upcycled Dress Grab an old tank top and a coordinating sheet. That's all you need to make the adorable Walking on Sunshine Upcycled Dress. Make your own clothes and really show your personal style! Learn how to refashion a dress this season.

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