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Sew Clothes for Fall: 50+ DIY Sweaters, Cardigans, and More

Learn how to sew a cardigan and more with these fabulous fall clothing patterns!

By: Sari Lesk, Editor,
Updated October 25, 2019
Sew Clothes for Fall 27 DIY Sweaters Cardigans and More

Fall is always a special time of year. Nothing beats a walk on a beautiful autumn night with crunchy red, yellow, and orange leaves littering the grass. The air temperature is just right, not too warm and not too cold. Even better than the atmosphere in September, October, and November is the clothing you are more or less obligated to wear.

Fall just wouldn't be fall if you weren't showing off fabulous, cozy sweaters. If you're looking to get your wardrobe ready for autumn all by yourself, these sewing patterns are for you. Check out the sewing tutorials below to learn how to sew sweaters and cardigans you will love.

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How to Sew a Sweater

Long Sleeve Sweatshirt Pattern

Sweaters are a staple of fall fashion. They come in so many colors, styles, and fabrics and are an easy way to show off your creativity. These sewing tutorials will show you how to sew sweaters that are guaranteed to draw everyone's attention. You can mix and match these sweaters with any outfits to best demonstrate your personality.

  • Asymmetrical Tunic Sweater

    This easy project is a great place to start if you want to learn how to sew your own clothes. This project is simple and quick to produce, and you might even want to make it in a few different colors.

  • Soft Drape Front Sweater

    This easy sewing tutorial will show you how to sew your own clothes at a very low cost. Before you know it, you'll have a sweater that turns heads and is oh-so comfy to wear.

  • One Yard Sequined Sweatshirt

    You will be perfectly cozy in this DIY sweatshirt while still looking glamorous. This simple sewing project will sew up quickly—all you need is a yard of stretchy, sequined fabric and an hour or two of your time.

  • Comfy Shawl Sweater

    This stylish outerwear will give you the best of both the shawl and sweater worlds. You can customize the look by choosing your own color and using an embroidery stitch on the covered button.

  • Pretty Python Designer Sweater

    This sassy and simple DIY knock-off craft was based off of a design by Jason Wu. This tutorial shows you exactly how to make the exact same sweater on a budget.

  • DIY Pom Pom Sweater

    Do you have a favorite sweater that may have seen better days? Don't pitch it! Instead, you'll want to check out this tutorial. Bright and colorful as can be, this delightful and easy sewing pattern is a fun and creative way to give a beloved sweater a bit of a makeover.

  • Lace Up Sweatshirt Refashion

    Stay completely on trend this year and design your own DIY lace-up top by upcycling an old sweatshirt. This refashion shows you how to take a budget-friendly sweatshirt and give it the designer treatment by adding laces and grommets.

  • Snuggly Warm DIY Sweatshirt

    Don’t be surprised if you find that this becomes your fall and winter essential. Learn how to sew a sweatshirt that looks always looks new no matter what.

  • Downton DIY Sweater

    Want to know how to make a sweatshirt that doesn't look sloppy or unfashionable? This tutorial upgrades a casual sweatshirt to a Victorian-inspired piece that you'll be happy to wear around town.

  • Sheer Bliss Easy Knit Sweater Pattern

    This DIY sweater is a mixture of a lovely knitted material and breathable mesh panels. It's fashionable and yet still modest.

  • Thrifty Anthropologie Ruffled Hem Sweater

    Why spend $80 on a sweater when you can make your own for just $8? This pattern will teach you how to make a great DIY sweater that looks like a designer made it. This top is so simple and easy to make, but has such a clean design that will look amazing on people of all sizes!

How to Sew a Cardigan and Wrap

Classic DIY Cardigan Tutorial

DIY cardigans are a great addition to any outfit and are perfect for any brisk fall evening. Cardigans are just what you need if you're looking for something to add a touch of color to an ensemble without making the outfit unbearably warm. These patterns will show you how to sew a cardigan that goes with every top you own.

  • Cardigan Made from Sweater

    If you're looking for ways to reuse clothing, learn how to make a cardigan you can wear with any outfit. You'll love customizing the look with any trim of your choice.

  • 10 Minute Sweater to Cardigan Transformation

    This tutorial will teach you how to turn a sweater into a cardigan, so you can have as many cardigans as you want without breaking the bank. Your unworn or thrift shop sweaters will magically become lightweight, stylish cardigans in just a few simple steps.


  • Modern Maxi DIY Cardigan

    Just because it's fall doesn't mean you have to cover yourself in frumpy clothes! Go chic and stunning this autumn with a cozy cardigan that looks fabulous with your favorite pair of jeans.


  • Cozy Drape Front Cardigan

    You only need one long piece of fabric to create a stylish new cardigan. This versatile cardigan can be worn in a variety of ways, including as a wrap or shawl. Follow the pattern to learn how to make a cardigan that will be oh-so comfy to wear with any outfit.

  • Vintage DIY Cardigan

    Whether you are looking for a sweater to wear out for the night or something to sport in the office, this short little cardigan can be worn just about anywhere. The black and white color scheme makes it incredibly easy to match to any outfit.

  • Simple Upcycled Cardigan Tutorial

    Everyone has that one sweater that sits in the back of their closet year after year, unworn and outdated. This year, refashion that old sweater with this tutorial.

  • Free Draped Cardigan Sewing Pattern

    This is a very forgiving pattern that works best with about two yards of drapey sweater knit. The length of the cardigan as well as the sleeves can be shortened if necessary, and it takes about 2 hours to create.

  • Chic DIY Wrap Cardigan

    Made using a charcoal gray knit fabric, this DIY cardigan only has 3 steps, making it a quick sewing project that you can wrap up in a few hours. A great alternative to heavy and bulky coats, this wrap cardigan is ideal for those warm fall days where you can't wait to be outside but don't want to get overheated.

  • DIY Chloe Wrap Cape Tutorial

    Stay bundled up this winter with a stylish and comfy wrap cape that's straight off the runway. This pattern is your chic solution to braving cold weather and comes with a printable pattern for creating your fashion-forward cape.

  • Fall Wool Cape Scarf

    Using only 2 yards of fabric, you can create an incredibly warm and fabulous cape that keeps you looking fashionable and cozy with this easy sewing tutorial. Choose your favorite fall and winter fabric, like wool or a thick knit, and create a wrap that can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

  • Comfy Fall Cape Tutorial

    Nothing screams fall like luxuriously warm flannels, so what better way to perfect the comfy casual look than with this beginner sewing tutorial. The blanket scarf trend is everywhere, and this DIY cape lets you create a pretty fall wrap that's incredibly warm and cozy, meaning it's ideal for hayrides or cuddling up around a bonfire.

  • 15 Minute Turtleneck Cape Tutorial

    This pattern is a luxurious piece of DIY clothing that will keep you extra-cozy in the cold winter months. It's the perfect accessory to upgrade your look for cheap.

  • Cozy DIY Ruana Tutorial

    There's nothing better on cold autumn evenings than wrapping up in something comfy, cozy, warm, and fashionable. A cross between a poncho and shawl, this snuggle-worthy wrap is a lovely choice for crisp, autumn afternoons and cool fall nights.

Fall Clothing Ideas for Kids

Girl's Faux Shearling Vest Pattern

Get your kids ready for the fun that is the autumn season by packing their closets with sweaters and cardigans. If you need fall clothing ideas for kids, look no farther than the sewing projects below. These projects are all budget-friendly to sew and your kids will love to wear them. Sewing your own clothes is a thrifty way to update your kids' wardrobe without sacrificing fashion.

  • Comfy Wrap Cardigan

    Follow the sewing tutorial to see how to make a cardigan that wraps around your waist and ties in a bow. Choose your favorite fabric in your favorite color to make this craft.

  • Gryffindor-Inspired Infinity Scarf Tutorial

    This Harry Potter-inspired sewing tutorial is the best way for your kids show off their Hogwarts pride, even if they do live in the Muggle world. This quick and easy sewing project is perfect for moms and kids on the go and only takes 10 minutes to make.

  • Hannah Montana-Inspired Sweater

    Created with a combo of sweatshirt material and sparkly sequin fabric, this top looks like it came right out of Hannah Montana's closet. It keeps your little one warm and comfy without sacrificing any style.

  • Baby Letterman Sweater

    Your little guy will be ready for any sport or activity in this comfy, lightweight cardigan. It's an easy sewing project that you can make using an over-sized men's cotton tee.

  • Men's Sweater to Toddler Cardigan Refashion

    Take your husband's sweater and turn it into your son's new garment. You already have all the material you need to make something cute and thrifty!

  • Sweet Little Girl's Cardigan

    With this pattern, you can take a sweater you already own and refashion it to become an adorable cardigan for a little girl. It's a great way to make the most of your material.

  • One Hour Vintage Toddler Sweater

    This pattern is painfully cute and absurdly easy to throw together. DIY toddler clothes are often a mess of complicated instructions, but you'll have this refashioned sweater ready and wearable in less than 60 minutes.

  • Awesome Autumn Children’s Cape Tutorial

    This DIY kids' cape is as functional as it is trendy. Good for layering and easy to move around in, this cape is the perfect autumn jacket for your child.

How to Refashion Sweaters

Thrift Store Sweater Skirt Tutorial

For those who already have fall clothes that just need a little makeover, these are the projects you need. Follow along with these sewing tutorials to learn how to refashion clothes you already have. By refashioning clothes, you get to redo your wardrobe for a fraction of the cost of buying new clothes.

  • Barely Sewn Bejeweled Sweater Refashion

    With this easy craft tutorial, you can transform a drab top into a focal piece for your wardrobe. By applying various gems, jewels, and baubles to an old top, you can create an entirely new look for a fraction of the in-store price.

  • Sew In Love Refashioned Sweater

    Sew this sweater using some yarn and any plain shirt you already have. Choose a word that you want to add and your favorite color of yarn, then check out the sewing tutorial to see how it's sewn.

  • Gold Trim Cardi Detail

    It doesn't take that much to transform a simple and plain black cardigan into an embellished show-stopper. This tutorial will show you how to add a fancy golden trim to your cardigan in under an hour.

  • How to Take in a Sweater

    Sometimes you buy sweaters that don't exactly fit. By following this tutorial, you can customize all your clothes so they fit nicely. Follow these guidelines and they turn those frumpy sweaters into your go-to tops.

  • Applique Monster Sweater

    Check out the tutorial to learn how to sew your own clothes and add a simple applique to create the adorable monster. Easy applique designs like this are a budget-friendly way to dress up any plain shirt.

  • Surprisingly Simple Sweater Dress

    Learn how to sew an easy dress from an XL man's sweater with this dress pattern tutorial. In addition to being budget-friendly and thrifty, this dress is also extremely comfortable.

  • Jazzy Refashioned Shirt

    This DIY no-sew tutorial follows the latest trends in runway fashion and delivers a geometrically-designed shirt craft that is chic, unique, and simple as can be. If you need some ideas for old shirt, paint some wooden beads and glue them onto the front and back of the shirt in a symmetrical design.

  • Sweater Vest With Faux Fur Makeover

    Faux fur is so on trend! Here's your opportunity to try the trend without breaking the bank. This pattern is a beautiful piece for fall and winter.

  • DIY Sweater Stud Upcycle

    This pattern shows you exactly how to create a knock-off Burberry sweater with an old sweater and some studs. This sweater would be an amazing and comfy piece to wear to the office.

  • Upcycled DIY Sweater Boots

    Keep your toes cozy this winter by transforming an old sweater into a snuggly pair of slipper boots with this cold weather sewing project! This tutorial uses espadrille soles and an old sweater to make a snuggly pair of boots that you'll love wearing around the house.

  • Lace Sweater Sleeves Tutorial

    In this refashion, you'll learn how to add lace to the cuffs of your sweater. It's simple, but it makes a statement! It can be done pretty quickly with a sweater you already have on hand and some gorgeous lace from your stash.

  • DIY Winter Hat from Upcycled Sweater

    These step-by-step instructions show you how to make a hat from your outgrown or unworn sweaters. This beginner sewing project is faster, easier, and cheaper than going to the store. Plus, you can customize your DIY hat in any way you want, with colors, patterns, and pins.

  • Lovely Lace Upcycled Sweater

    Reimagine your favorite sweater by adding lace to it. This technique can be used to add an interesting detail or to cover a stain or hole.

  • Recycled Sweater Mitten Pattern

    Your hands will be toasty and your winter accessorizing adorable when you check out this patten. This easy mitten pattern comes with a free downloadable PDF, making it a free printable pattern that you can use time and time again.

  • High Waisted Skirt From Vintage Sweater

    If you have a vintage sweater, you can create this stylish skirt. It is a hipster look that you can make yourself by following the simple instructions.

  • Gem No-Sew Sweater Upcycle

    If you have a plain sweatshirt that's crazy comfy and in need of a little something extra, this is the project for you. This adorable little green crafting idea turns a drab piece into something extra fab. This would be a great way to make a sweatshirt just a little more flashy.

  • Upcycled Sweater Skirt

    Give an old sweater new life using this upcycled sweater skirt tutorial. This sweater skirt is wonderful to wear in the early spring when the days are finally starting to warm up.

What do you love about fall fashion? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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