Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Provide Affordable Solutions to Holidays and Special Events releases new eBook on easy do-it-yourself gift ideas.

August, 9, 2013 - Northbrook, IL - announces what it’s calling its latest and greatest free eBook on how to sew a gift. Specifically designed for the potentially hard of cash, skill, and/or time, this publication, How to Sew a Gift: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas caters to the novice seamstress or the pro. A dozen tutorials make up this free eBook on homemade gifts, all of which are designed as emergency quick fixes – if you’re in need of one.

According to the American Research Group statistics, the average person spent roughly $850 on Christmas gifts alone in 2012. This number reflected a 32% increase from 2011, and is expected to increase this year. Despite the recent increase in gift expenditure, most Americans feel weighed down by the holiday costliness that sets in after Christmas. The cost of the high holidays is certainly steep, and on the upswing of a national recession, the average American’s Christmas price tag will likely escalate.

Christmas aside, there are countless other special occasions that mandate a gift as a tangible expression of love. If birthdays, baby showers, or weddings don’t get the average American to purchase a gift, there are endless other National holidays that could. The onset of the internet has effected super speedy communication, making it possible for companies and citizens to declare formerly unknown holidays. National Middle Sibling Day, National Bacon Day, and National Star Wars Day – the list goes on and on. In order to keep up with these potential opportunities to give gifts, skip the stress and make one.

Ten experienced seamstresses provide an answer to your gifting queries in How to Sew a Gift: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas. Apart from written tutorials, these projects feature assistive photographs that provide a visual aid when you need one. Details like ruffling that fabric strip or adding that lining aren’t just expressed in words, but pictures as well. For the beginner or procrastinating seamstress in need of a gift, these components are invaluable.

Download How to Sew a Gift: 12 Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas for free at Website visitors can also find the free eBook under the “Holiday Projects” category on the AllFreeSewing homepage.

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