Fabric Flower Tutorials Offer Lasting and Affordable Accessories and Home Decor releases new eBook on how to make fabric flowers from fabric flower tutorials.

June 28, 2013 - Norhtbrook, IL - They are the aesthetic temptress for your home decor; one minute they look stunning, the next they are wilted, the complete reverse of their initial beauty. They are flowers. Whether you place them in a vase on your dining room table or wear them in your hair for your cousin’s wedding, these are nature’s accessories that aren’t built to last. It’s a shame that their beauty is so fleeting. AllFreeSewing proudly presents its collection of full tutorials on how to make fabric flowers that last a lifetime.


A recent article published by covered the complexities of flower transportation, particularly roses, into the United States from international locations. Reportedly 85 percent of flowers flown into the country enter into Miami and travel by truck to their respective locations. The result? Even shorter flower lifespans. Fashion fanatics have struggled a lifetime to combat these short-lived wonders, and as a result many artificial alternatives have taken place of the authentic flower. Floral prints, drawings, and paintings have all made their way into modern décor. It’s time to resurrect that ancient three-dimensional floral form, though, and projects like the Fabric Flower Tutorial (p. 8) and the Rose pillow (p. 17) do just that.


The free eBook from AllFreeSewing, Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers, covers the steps to making fabric flowers that mimic the traditional flower. These fabric flower tutorials mirror the home-grown daisies in every aspect. The way the fabric flower petals resemble those found outdoors is absolutely uncanny. The benefit of the likeness between these faux flowers and the real deal is hardly questionable. According to, the average cost for wedding flowers is $1,844-$2,062. Still in the aftermath of a national recession, it’s fiscal suicide to spend such a sum on temporary eye-candy for any occassion. It’s precisely that reason why such projects like sewing fabric flowers are in such demand.


Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers answers all of your questions on how to make fabric flowers. With clear instructions and accompanying photographs, this free eBook on how to make fabric flowers aids everyone from flower admirers to penny-pinchers.


Download Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers for free at Website visitors can also find the free eBook under the “Miscellaneous Projects” category on the AllFreeSewing homepage.


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