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Colorful Prints Reign in Sewing Community
Northbrook, Illinois, April 18th, 2014
Westminster Fibers Lifestyle Fabrics, division of Coats plc, keeps up colorful trend with upcoming collection.

BERNINA Announced As International Dealer of the Month By the Vacuum & Sewing Dealers Association
Northbrook, Illinois, January 31st, 2014
BERNINA recognized for excellence by the VDTA-SDTA.

Revived Interest in Vintage Clothing Patterns Influences Fashion Trends
Northbrook, Illinois, November 22nd, 2013 releases new vintage sewing patterns eBook for women.

Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners Offers Fuss-Free Crafts for the Novice Sewist
Northbrook, Illinois, November 13th, 2013 releases new eBook on beginner sewing projects.

AllFreeSewing Offers Cost-Effective Thanksgiving Ideas in New eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, October 25th, 2013
Cost-Effective solutions are at your fingertips with this free eBook on Thanksgiving crafts.

Easy Do-It-Yourself Gift Ideas Provide Affordable Solutions to Holidays and Special Events
Northbrook, Illinois, August 9, 2013 releases new eBook on easy do-it-yourself gift ideas.

Fabric Flower Tutorials Offer Lasting and Affordable Accessories and Home Decor
Northbrook, Illinois, June 28, 2013 releases new eBook on how to make fabric flowers from fabric flower tutorials

Designer Knock-Off eBook Offers Affordable Alternative to Expensive Clothing
Northbrook, Illinois, April 10, 2013 releases new eBook of free designer inspired knock-off sewing patterns

Recent Survey on Sewing Discloses Surprising Results
Northbrook, Illinois, March 20, 2013
Survey conducted by Sewing It Up editors reveals sewing trends

DIY Sewn Organizers eBook Published to Reduce Stress Levels
Northbrook, Illinois, February 12, 2013
eBook includes DIY organizer patterns to promote organization in the home Releases eBook Full of Free Tote Purse Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, December 7, 2012
eBook includes free patterns for totes, purse organizers and clutches

Coats & Clark and Release Free eBook With Zipper Sewing Projects
Northbrook, Illinois, September 24, 2012
eBook includes DIY gift ideas, games and accessories for kids, compact bags Publishes Free DIY Halloween Costume eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, September 24, 2012
eBook includes costumes for children, costumes for adults and accessories Releases Free eBook of Purse and Bag Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, June 13, 2012
eBook Includes Patterns for Messenger Bags, Purses, Clutches and More. Releases Free eBook of Women's Dress Patterns
Northbrook, Illinois, March 28, 2012
eBook Includes Patterns for Women's Dresses, Skirts, Bags and Jewelry. Releases Free Christmas Gifts Guide eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, October 28, 2011
Make original and simple Christmas gifts your family and friends will love. Releases a Free Back to School eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, September 7, 2011
Create guilt-free supplies and clothing for the new school year.

Make Patriotic Sewing Projects With a Free 4th of July eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, June 13, 2011
Celebrate a budget-friendly 4th of July with these free holiday project ideas. Releases a Free Easter Sewing Projects eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, April 8, 2011
Find 8 Easter sewing projects in this new eBook, available to download for free at and BERNINA Host Sewing Machine Giveaway
Northbrook, Illinois, March 1, 2011
As the craft gains popularity, the sewing website and the sewing machine company team up to give away the Activa 210 machine to a lucky winner.

Free Valentine's Day Sewing Projects eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, January 27, 2011
Find 7 easy Valentine's Day sewing projects in this new eBook, available to download for free at

Trim the Tree with a New Sewn Ornaments eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, November 11, 2010
Find 6 easy ornaments to sew in this new eBook, available to download for free at


An Alternative Christmas Gift Guide for Sewers
Northbrook, Illinois, November 9, 2010 and Brother Sews have teamed up to create a Sewn Christmas Gifts Guide eBook with free online sewing patterns to make this holiday season.


Transform Old T-Shirts with a Free eBook
Northbrook, Illinois, October 13, 2010
Find 9 sewing projects that use old t-shirts in this new eBook, available for free download at


Publishing Company Launches New Sewing Web Site
Northbrook, Illinois, August 20, 2010
You can find the best aggregate site providing free sewing patterns, tips, tutorials and ideas at

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