11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room Free eBook


11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room Free eBook


11 Sewing Room Ideas How to Organize Your Room
11 Sewing Room Ideas How to Organize Your Room

Your craft room or sewing room is in complete disarray. Where are the needles? Where’s your favorite thread? Scissors are nowhere to be found, and you can’t seem to find your bias tape. Everything is all over the place, like a bomb went off or a three-year-old came in and threw a tantrum.

It’s time to get organized, my friend. But don't fret, it’s as easy as downloading this free eBook, 11 Sewing Room Ideas: How to Organize Your Room. You’ll find amazing and creative tips and tricks to take your room from dab to fab in no time at all.

Getting organized doesn’t have to wait until your New Year’s resolution or spring cleaning. You can dig into that messy sewing room right now and begin straightening things up. This amazing collection of DIY room ideas is perfect for organizing your sewing room. Download this eBook for great tips on organization.

Sew your way to a more organized crafting room with these fun projects. You’re going to love all the great ideas we have for you to try. These sewing room ideas are sure to make you crafting life so much easier.

You won’t believe how easy it is to clean up the disarray and straighten up. Not only will it show you how to organize your room, it also helps you clean up your hoard of scraps since most of these projects are scrapbusters. You’ll kick yourself for not downloading this eBook sooner.

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What's In This Free eBook:

Sewing Room Organization
There are some really great projects included that will take items that you already have and dress them up in new and fun ways. Take, for example, the “Thrifted Clothing Sewing Kit” (pg. 8). This awesome project takes your fabric scraps and a vegetable and turns them into a beautiful sewing kit that will sit neatly at your desk.

Wall Hang Organizers
You know what probably isn’t being utilized in your craft room? Your walls. Look around. There’s an untapped resource for amazing organization. You can do so much by just hanging hooks on your walls, but that’s no fun nor does that look cute. In this free eBook, you’ll find some great ideas for sewing room organization, including some great hanging crafts that will help you keep things organized.

The “DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer” (pg. 14) is a great craft that will help you organize all those jewelry projects that you’re working on or have finished. This could also be utilized as storage for your sewing materials and tools. It doesn’t have to just be for jewelry. You can store a lot of things in this awesome wall hang.

More Creative DIY Ideas
By far the most creative idea in this eBook is the “Wrapping Paper Organizer” (pg. 25). This awesome project takes a simple stool and turns it into an all-inclusive wrapping paper holder. There’s a spot for gift bags, tape, bows, and a ton of rolls of wrapping paper. 

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I will give this a try.

I am looking for a pattern and tutorial on how the make a vinyl cover for a wall thread rack. If you know of one please let me know sharonmachmagic@aol.com

I doubt there's any crafter who is 100% happy with their work room. I know that I am certainly always wanting more storage, better storage ideas and ways to keep the important things that I use a lot in a handy place and not buried at the bottom of a box of fabrics! This ebook has such great ideas and I have already incorporated some into my working space and will be making a few more changes in the next week or so.

This eBook was a lifesaver when I was setting up my craft room.

I am one of those people who need help organising so I will find this very handy. I need a place I can keep all my books and patterns, my hoard of fabric and the scraps. I love that you can use these ideas in other rooms too so it's a two for one deal.

tudo que preciso para me aperfeicoar

Muchas gracias por permitirme descargar este video, hay muy buenas ideas para organizar, pondr en prctica algunas

There are some fab projects in this ebook, I will definitely be making some wall hangers to keep my most used crafty bits in as I am often losing things when I put them away. They would also make a welcome addition to my kids bedroom to organise their stationary / jewellery / small toys. The accessories would also make really good gifts for crafty friends and look like they would be really quick to make. Thank you for this ebook I am looking forward to getting my fabrics out.

There are so many wonderful Sewing Room Organizing projects presented here. I wanted to add that many of these can be used to organize other rooms in our homes as well. I look forward to using up some fabrics I have hoarded in my stash and create some functional and pretty ways to corral all the stuff that is cluttering up in the different rooms in our house.

There are a lot of great ideas in this eBook. I downloaded a free copy for myself some time ago. I've even shared projects with my sewing group.

Once again you have come up with beautiful organisers,I also love the Christmas decor and presents to make.Thank you,Happy Holidays to all.

This is a wealth of information for all of us crafters and seamstress. I love sewing and crafting and organizing everything from thread to beads to fabric in a functional way is in this ebook. I love the ideas for sewing the pockets on the stool turned upside down is so clever and unique. This is a must have book for organizational ideas.

What a great idea to sew pockets to attach to a stool! This gives me ideas of where else I can put pockets! Maybe I'll some for the back seat of my car while I'm at it.

I definitely need help with organization! I think the over the door storage project is just what I need to give me some storage for odds and ends that get buried in larger containers. It's easy access, too.

Thank you

Great ideas plan on starting tomorrow.


great ideas for your home


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