Picture Pal Project


This clever idea is a must-make if you have children. The Picture Pal Project is just what you need to steal the kids' attention for that quick family photo.

Let this cute little guy help get kids to sit still for a moment so you can grab that great snapshot.

This sewing tutorial shows you how to make an adorable owl or mouse that perfectly fits over the lens of a full-frame camera.

There is even a squeaker inside the Picture Pal so that you can get anyone's attention. The cute look will keep their attention long enough for you to snap the perfect shot.

Maureen Wilson will lead you through each step - you can even watch her create one in the video tutorial found at the bottom of this page.

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  • Felt cut to 18x5 inches
  • Toy squeaker
  • Elastic, 8 inches
  • Doll eyes (optional)
  • Felt scraps for embellishing

Tip: You can find the squeakers at some craft shops in the doll-making section. However, I've found that they're overpriced. You might be surprised to learn that you can purchase them at large pet store chains.

No Name Picture Pal Project


  1. Fold the felt in half lengthwise. Sew a 1/4 inch seam down the long open side.
  2. Turn the tube right side out. Thread your elastic through using a safety pin or bodkin. Pin one end in place while you work on the other end.
  3. Fold the ends of the tube inward 1/2 inch. Be sure the elastic is pinched between the layers. Topstitch shut with a 1/8 inch seam.
  4. Now remove the pin from the other end, and place a squeaker in the tube. Push it down far enough so that it's out of the way while you sew. Then repeat the steps of folding and topstitching the hole shut.
  5. Next we're going to secure the squeaker so that it stays in place. Position the squeaker about 1/3 of the way up the tube. Sew a couple of stitches on each side of the squeaker to keep it from moving.
  6. Bring both ends of the tube around in a circle so that they're touching. Use a zig-zag stitch to join the ends together in a loop.


  1. To make the owl, I cut two donut shapes out of contrasting colors of felt. I sewed them together around the center opening. Be sure that you've cut the hole wide enough to fit over your camera's lens.
  2. I added a triangle beak, then fringed the edges of the circles to create feathers. I also added wings.
  3. Before sewing on the embellishments, try it on your camera. Pin the embellished layer onto the scrunchie while it's on your camera, and that way you'll have the perfect amount of stretch.
  4. Finally, I'm going to add some doll eyes to my owl. Snip a small hole through all the layers, and poke the eye through. Secure it on the back of the scrunchie.


Now that you know the basics of making a Picture Pal, you can create all sorts of characters.

  1. To make this mouse, I added two circle ears to a black scrunchie.
  2. Then I made a hair bow by cutting a small rectangle and folding it in half lengthwise. Add a horizontal line of stitches about a 1/2 inch up. Wrap another felt rectangle around the center and sew tightly.
  3. Hand-sew the bow onto the mouse's ear.

Watch the video here:


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If it's a girl owl, I'd say call it Hooten Annie. If it's a boy, then...how about Owlfred?

I would simply call him "Whoo" (pronounced like who). The Photographer could then have options like .... Who see's you? Who do you see? Who's looking at you!? ... With children to help encourage smiles! I know my little ones would love it!

I was thinking of something like "The Perfect-Picture Pal"

Teach Me To Smile, is my suggestion

My suggestion is Owly give a Whot

I would call this little guy a "Whoooo Dat" really cute for little ones "Whoooo Dat" lookin' at me?

"Gobble, Gobble", is it Thanksgiving yet?

-Whooo is it Picture Pal - is the name I would post if this were my project - very cute!

I think he should be named Owlzzzzz-Wowzzzzz

I think it should be called "Say Birdee!". So cute.

I like....Big Mouth Owl...!!!

I also like " Lens buddies" Can't wait to make mine!

I like " little lens attention getter" for the name! These are absolutely addorable!

I think "Smile Pal" is a cute name

What a great idea, this is sure to get lots of big happy smiles! I think I would name this little fellow "Woolie Woodsie".

Back in "the day," the used to say, "Smile for the Birdie!!!" So that's what I would call it..... Smile for the Birdie Picture Pal

"watch the birdie" would be kinda cute!

Owl B Picturing U.

'Look, it's Lucy' or 'Look, it's Louie'

"say Whoo" camera pal

"Birdie Window" would be a good name

how about Pallie

Maybe "Whuey"?? Pronounced like Houey.....Thanks...either way, he is adorable!!

I think this cute little guy could be called "Whooos Smiling?"

If you make different animals, you could call them Camera Critters.

Ooops, I meant to submit Say "HOO" camera lense prop.

Say "BOO" camera lense prop.

I'd like several names: the easiest CLICKY or BLINKY or SAYCHEESE


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