Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern


Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern

The fat quarter hobo bag is a stylish and roomy handbag made using a pack of fat quarters. If you haven't seen or made one yet, you NEED this pattern in your life.

Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern

Carry around your quilting projects in this stylish Fat Quarter Bag. Follow this easy handbag tutorial to make one of these fun bags for yourself.

It's a fast project that can be made from a piece of fat quarter fabric. Simple knotted handles make it easy to sling over your shoulder on the way out the door.

This free bag pattern will show you step by step how to make a roomy and trendy fat quarter bag you'll absolutely love carrying around.

The best thing about this fat quarter idea is that it shows you how to create a bag you will actually use.

More often than not, free bag patterns are small or flimsy. This bag does the job no matter what you need to get done.

This bag from M'Liss Little Rae Hawley at Martingale is seriously sweet.

So, if you've been noticing your fat quarter packs piling up or just found the perfect mix of prints, then you need this fat quarter bag pattern that's free here and available in PDF form, too!

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Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern

Skill Level: Easy
Project Type: Make a Project
Time to Complete: In an evening
Sewn By: Machine

Materials List:
• 42"-wide fabric
• 1 packet of 6 fat quarters
• 2 1/8 yds. for lining and handles
• 1/4 yd. flannel for handles
• 22'' or 1'' wide non-roll elastic

How to Make a Fat Quarter Bag:

Get your fat quarters ready because you're about to magically transform them into the most amazing bag. It's large yet elegant, which means it can hold whatever you need but go from day to night easily.

Fat Quarter Bag Cutting:

From each of the six fat quarters, cut:
• 1 rectangle, 17-1/2" x 19-1/2" (6 total)

From the lining fabric, cut:
• 1 rectangle, 38-1/2" x 51-1/2", for lining
• 4 strips, each 2-1/2" x 40", for handles*

From the flannel, cut:
• 2 Strips, each 2-1/2" x 40"**

*For longer handles, cut 8 strips
**For longer handles, cut 4 strips

Fat Quarter Bag Instructions:

  1. Arrange the 6 fat-quarter pieces as shown. Stitch or serge the pieces together. Press the seams to one side.

  1. Pin the lining and the joined fat quarters right sides together. Using a 1/4" -wide seam allowance, stitch or serge around the edges. Leave an 8" opening near the center at one short end. Turn the bag right side out. 

  1. To make the handles, place 2 lining strips right sides together and place a strip of flannel on top. Stitch or serge around 3 sides, leaving 1 short end open for turning. Turn the handle right sides out. Slipstitch the end of the handle closed. Topstitch 1/4" from the edge all around both handles.

  1. Press around the edge of the bag. Topstitch along the edge, beginning at the opening and ending at the other side of the opening. Do not stitch across the opening. 

    Note: To make longer handles, join 2 strips of fabric end to end to make 1 long strip. Make 4 long strips. Repeat with pairs of flannel strips. Follow the directions in step 3 to make the handles.

    Tip: It helps to pin the pressed edges before you topstitch. The pins hold the layers firmly in place as you sew.
  2. To make casings for the elastic, measure 7" from the short ends of the bag on both long edges and mark. Stitch from point to point, 1-1/4" from the topstitching.

  1. Cut the elastic in half to yield 2 pieces, each 11" long. Working through the 8" opening, insert the elastic into both casings. Pin securely at both ends. Secure the ends of the elastic by stitching an X in a 1" square.

  1. Slipstitch the open end of the bag closed. Continue topstitching across the 8" span.
  2. To make the casing for the handles, fold 2" of both short ends toward the lining. Topstitch along the existing topstitching and 1/4" from the fold.

  1. Insert a handle into each casing. Holding handle pairs together, tie the ends in a knot.

  1. Make any additional adjustments if needed. Your new DIY bag is complete. Fill it and go!

PLUS! Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern PDF

This PDF can be downloaded and printed for ease of use. Or just download and keep it on your desktop for when you need it.

Click to Download the Fat Quarter Bag Pattern PDF

What's your favorite way to use fat quarters?
Let us know in the comments!

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I tried this also but found the fabric way too thick to gather nicely.

Until reading this tutorial I had no idea what a fat quarter is. They're not typically available in South Africa although I believe some shops that specialise in quilting fabrics so sell different shapes and sizes. I love this bag though and, as my project bag is getting somewhat threadbare, I think it's time for a new one.

This is lovely. I run a sewing group and love the great idea. I want to save this pattern but can't find a save button. I am registered on the website. Maybe I need to go to the optician. Can anyone help? Thank you.

What a great and fun idea to make some of these Fat Quarter Bags are, and so much nicer than carrying around my next quilting project in a typical plastic grocery shopping bag! It is a good way to use up all those fabrics I have hoarded for so long as well.

I have made some of these, however instead of using fat quarters, I used 1 piece of upholstery fabric with the lining. I have made some and given them away as gifts. Everyone loves this bag.

I would love to see another example of this bag. I love the general design but I'm not feeling these fabrics.mhow does it look with different fabrics?

I had to update this post. I finally made this bag and it came out terrific but huge! I scaled it down a bit and love it. I've made quite a few now to give away for gifts.

what sizes did you use? I think it is quite big, just wondering if the measurements were written in standard, and should have been metric (cm as opposed to inches)

Nice bag. If you use the six FQ, then it's huge! I scaled it down so it is wearable.

I love this bag each one in different fabrics are so great one for every season

Awesome. I've seen a similar pattern I have the material for it, I just need to make the purse. Thx!! )

I love this bag. I have made several and need dozens more. They hold a ton of stuff.

Awesome, GrannyTo8Boys! We'd love to see a photo. Kaylee, Editor of AllFreeSewing.com

I have made so many of these. Great to carry in the car or for kids or sewing retreat! Love them!

I have made about 10 of these. Each one is different and I love them all! I make some a little bigger and some a little smaller, some with pockets and some without. Everyone loves them!

I can't find a print button

What a cute bag! I plan to make several for Christmas presents (I must start this early or I'll never be ready! I happen to have a stack of fat-quarters taking up room in my 'stash closet', so I can plan on freeing up that space - I can hardly wait to get started! Thank you for sharing such a cute pattern, plus an easy-to-follow tutorial.

No es complicado, sencillo de elaborar. Me gusta porque inclusive podemos utilizar materiales reciclables.

I'd take the pattern and use different fabrics and maybe different sizes. I have t-shirts I can't bear to throw out but would happily use as a bag.

It does take a fair amount of fabric BUT at least if you are buying the packets those are basically coordinated for you...but as for ME--afraid I'm too let's say "unique" to go with just a packet :D Would definitely end up making this really cute bag...and its mighty hot here in Beantown this weekend--won't be out much--maybe do this up with some other very special fabrics in my stash that I have been holding onto for myself....going to have to see how much the elastic pulls playing around with things--may and this only a may, slip in a pocket inside with elastic along top and another looped bag to catch my cell on the outside that can come off or on one of the handles. Idk....

Just adorable. Easy instructions. And yes, it is a fat quater purse.

Here's what I think..... why call it a "fat quarter bag" when it takes nearly 4 yards of fabric to complete???


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