How to Hem a Skirt (Sewing Video Lessons)


How to Hem a Skirt (Sewing Video Lessons)

With these video tutorials, we'll show you how to hem skirts at a professional level.

How to Hem a Skirt

Learn how to alter skirt with this easy-to-follow video series!

Hemming a skirt doesn't have to be a hassle. With this four-part video series, our resident sewing expert, Mary Beth Temple, will go over how to hem a skirt using both hand and machine sewing for specific parts of the process. Learning how to hem yourself is incredibly beneficial.

Not only can you buy that skirt that would be perfect if it were slightly shorter, upcycle longer skirts in your closet, or help out family and friends when they need help.

Not having to take your skirts to the tailor also saves time and money. These How to Hem a Skirt Sewing Video Lessons will be lifesavers for women.

With each video, Mary Beth will walk you through a few steps slowly with full explanations. We will give you an overview of each video, too, so you will know what to expect.

Within a half an hour, you will have all the knowledge needed to start hemming. She even shows you how to do an invisible hem and tailors tacking stitch to keep everything in place.

If you already know the basics, then you may not need all four videos, but each has its own tips and tricks that are helpful for sewing in general.

That's why we have the helpful info before each video so that you can see what's included in the video before watching it. We'll tell you why you'd want to watch the video, what you will learn, and feature a helpful quote from that video.

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How to Hem a Skirt

How to Hem a Skirt: Introduction

The first video in this skirt hemming series is a helpful introduction to shopping for and hemming skirts. For this tutorial, AllFreeSewing editor Erin purchased a skirt that fit well but was a few inches too long. That's when Mary Beth stepped in to help!

Watch this video if you...
-want to know what skirt fit to look for.
-want to learn about skirt alterations. 
-have a skirt that fits well but is too long.

In this video, you will learn...
-how to shop for skirts.
-how to decide the new length of your skirt.
-how to prepare and pin a skirt for hemming.

Video Quote:
"The other thing I want you to think about when you're doing the hem is, what kind of shoes do you normally wear? Erin likes heels. So, in this instance, for skirts, it's possible that it is not going to be the same amount of inches taken off in the front as the back. Because, whether you wear heels or wear flats, literally changes the angle at which your pelvis rests."

How to Hem a Skirt: Part 1

The second video in this skirt hemming series focuses on getting started with the hemming process once the skirt is off the model or body form. Mary Beth explains more about pinning as well as measuring and preparing the garment for the sewing stage before jumping onto the machine to get started by sewing the hem tape.

Watch this video if you...
-want to understand the benefits of classic tailoring.
-want to know how to measure and further prepare the skirt for hemming.
-need to know when and how to use a sewing machine vs serger and why.

In this video, you will learn...
-how and why it's necessary to unpick the hem/lining and make other preparations for sewing.
-how to measure the hemline and pin properly.
-how to choose and sew hem tape.

Video Quote:
"The next step that we have is we need to unpick the hem that is already there. Then I'm going to trim at the fold, then get rid of the fabric. And then I'm going to apply the lace by machine to the hem so I can then put the hem in completely by hand."


How to Hem a Skirt: Part 2

The third video in this skirt hemming series focuses on making final preparations after pinning and pressing, to start hemming the skirt. This involves adjusting the liner and kick pleat. Mary Beth goes into great detail about when you want to change the length of the kick pleat, how to move the liner, and how to sew it all up.

Watch this video if you...
-want to learn about kick pleats and when to adjust.
-want to see where the liner goes when adjusting skirt lengths.
-need to know when to hand or machine sew.

In this video, you will learn...
-how to adjust the lining and kick pleats.
-how to machine sew lining and pleats.
-how to hand sew an invisible hem using a cross stitch.

Video Quote:
"Now, when you come to the side seam, you can go ahead and get a good grip on the fabric because you're just going through the part that's folded under, you're just going through the seam allowance, not through the fashion fabric."


How to Hem a Skirt: Part 3

The fourth video in this skirt hemming series is all about swing tacks, also known as a French tack. Now that the hem has been sewn, this is a final step to making the hemmed skirt fit like a professionally-hemmed piece. Click here to see the finished skirt.

Watch this video if you...
-want to learn when and why swing tacks are used in garments.
-want to learn more about professional tailoring techniques.
-have trouble keeping slips or lined trousers in place.

In this video, you will learn...
-how to hand sew swing tacks.
-how to keep a slip in place when hemming a skirt.
-how to finish a skirt.

Video Quote:
"A swing tack is something that you don't use every day but it's a handy tool to have in your tool bag. It's only really used in high-end tailoring but the idea of a swing tack is to provide an attachment between the lining and the skirt or sometimes you'll see them in lined trousers. You don't want to sew one to the other because then there's no movement. You want to have maybe an inch of play between the two items."


How to Hem a Skirt: Skirt Reveal

In this final video, you will see the finished skirt and Mary Beth will go through the process once again and explain why she made the changes she did.

Watch this video if you...
-want to see the finished skirt.
-want understand all the steps in the process.
-need to know if you finished your skirt correctly.

In this video, you will learn...
-when to hem your skirts and why.
-the steps to the process of hemming clothing.
-why certain steps are used for dress skirts.

Video Quote:
"There you have it. A classic wardrobe piece. If you're trying to put together a wardrobe of business-appropriate clothes, a navy blue skirt, a black skirt, anything like that, is going to be a classic piece that you can wear with any kind of part on your top. Different blouses, different jackets, it will look terrific with a multitude of things and that gives you a lot bang for your wardrobe buck."


Do you hem your own clothes?

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