Which Body Shape Am I? Quick Tips for the Perfect Fit


Which Body Shape Am I? Quick Tips for the Perfect Fit

Figuring out your body type will help you find the best clothing for your fit.

Which Body Shape Am I Quick Tips for the Perfect Fit

Many readers approached us after reading our Quick Tips: How to Dress for Your Body Type article with questions like, “What body shape am I?” or “What’s my body shape?” It can be hard to know how to answer these questions on your own.

While the shape names can be intuitive, it is difficult to discern how to determine if you are one shape over another.

The truth is: you can actually be multiple shapes and women often fluctuate from one shape to the next. A little weight loss or gain can change your shape quite easily.

There are ways, however, to determine which category you fall under. That’s why we have created Which Body Shape Am I? Quick Tips for the Perfect Fit. Just read through the descriptions, compare them to your current shape, and you will be on your way.

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What Body Shape Am I?: Things to Consider

  1. As stated above, your body shape can fluctuate from one month to the next. Weight loss and gain can cause you to shift to one category to the next.
  2. Each and every body shape is unique and no one shape is more flattering or attractive than the next.
  3. While certain styles may be flattering to your body shape, you may not like them. Just because one shape of dress is supposed to flatter your body does not mean you cannot experiment.
  4. If you're asking yourself, "what is my body shape?" remember that each body has its own strengths and weaknesses. These tips are here to help you look your best, not tell you how to dress!

What is My Body Shape though, seriously?

Stand in front of the mirror in a tighter outfit or just your undies, legs together, and arms slightly to the left and right of you. Take note of the size of your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. Compare these parts or your body to the others and find the description below that matches you best.

Pear Shape Body Type

Pear Shape Body Type

  1. Fuller thighs and hips
  2. A well-defined waist
  3. A smaller bust
  4. Shoulders are narrower than your hips

Wedge Body Shape

Wedge Body Shape

  1. Broad, defining shoulders
  2. Oftentimes full-busted
  3. Flat behind
  4. Longer legs, often very slender-hipped

Rectangle Shape Body

Rectangle Shape Body

  1. Very straight shoulders and ribcage
  2. Very straight hips and rear
  3. Little definition at the waist
  4. Usually wears the same size on top as on the bottom

Hourglass Shaped Body Type

Hourglass Shaped Body Type

  1. Wider on top and bottom, thinner middle
  2. Cleary defined-waist
  3. Shoulders and hips may be a similar size
  4. May have a fuller bust and thighs

Apple Shape Body Type

Apple Shape Body Type

  1. Rounder shoulder line
  2. Average to larger bust
  3. Full around the middle/tummy area
  4. Longer legs

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I really liked the part that explains how your body shape can fluctuate pretty regularly. A lot of similar articles I've read make it seem like body shape is fixed forever, so I liked the flexibility of this article!

I've always wondered what body shape I would be. Thanks for the tips!

Any suggestions on how to dress a person with very rounded shoulders, small bustline, round tummy? Higher waistlines make me look pregnant, and all I can see is my fat abdomen from the bustline down.

Hi! For some tips and tricks on how to dress for your body type, head on over to our How to Dress for Your Body Type article: http://www.allfreesewing.com/Sewing-Tips-and-Tricks/Quick-Tips-How-to-Dress-for-Your-Body-Type Hope that helps! Kaylee, Editor of AllFreeSewing

Well even with your very thorough explanation above, I am struggling to pick a body shape. Only because my shape is a half Wedge as in my shoulders are very broad (qualified carpenter) compared to waist & hips, but I do not have long legs I am not slender hipped & my short arms & legs are muscular . I would have liked to seen a 'Muscular ' shape representing myself & the many other muscular-naturally or due to work. I feel the body shapes above are very outdated. I realize it is just for clothing suggestions to match my shape however this is a very real very stressing problem I have encountered for all my nearly 42 years. Oh how I would love my clothing style to have matured with my Birthdays


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