No Sew Fabric Flowers Tutorial


No Sew Fabric Flowers Tutorial

This fabric flower tutorial is super easy and doesn't require getting out your needle and thread.

No-Sew Fabric Flowers Tutorial

You will not believe how truly easy it is to make these No Sew Fabric Flowers.

You can add these gorgeous DIY fabric flowers to a homemade quilt or any sewing project you see fit.

Learning how to make a fabric flower is a really great technique to have on hand and these flowers can be incorporated into a ton of different sewing projects that you might want to do in the future.

We love videos for learning visually. However, if videos aren't enough for you, scroll down for our written and photo tutorials to accompany the video.

You'll also find the material list and more. We personally like combining both video and written tutorials for a complete package.

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No Sew Fabric Flowers Video Tutorial

Watch this sewing video tutorial to see exactly how you can make these no-sew flowers without having to grab any needles and thread! Mary Beth shows you exactly how to make fabric flowers with no sewing. It can be done in minutes and is a fun way to bust your stash.

Materials List
  • Assorted 2" strips of fabric
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pinking sheers (optional)
  • Pin back or alligator clip (optional)

Skill Level: Beginner
Project Type: Make a Project
Time to Complete: Under an Hour
Sewn By: No-Sew

How to Make No Sew Fabric Flowers:

Check out the video above or follow along with the instructions below to make this super simple no-sew fabric flower that can be used in so many different ways and in combination with so many projects.

  1. Prepare fabric by selecting the width, and if desired prep edges by pinking or folding.

    For example, when using 2" strips:
      • A small flower will require one 2" strip, folded in half longways (so it shows 1" in length when folded) and pressed.
      • A medium flower will require two 2" strips, trimmed to approximately 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" wide. You can leave the edge raw or use pinking sheers to add decorative cut edges.
      • A larger flower can use two 2" strips as is or you can use even wider strips. Again, you can leave the edge raw or use pinking sheers to add decorative cut edges.

    Tip: When making a medium or large flower, feel free to experiment with two different fabric patterns (as is shown in the second image below).

  1. With your strip, fold one short edge into a triangle shape with a point facing up, glue to secure.

  1. Hold the center and the fabric you're twisting. Twist the fabric 90 degrees about every 2" to 4" and, working in a spiral pattern, fold the fabric around the center, gluing every 3" to 4" or as often as necessary to secure the folds.

    Tip: Hold the glued fabric for a few seconds to secure before moving on in order to avoid pulling off hot glue.

  1. Continue until the flower is the desired size. Leave approximately 1-1/2" to cover the back, trim off excess fabric.

  1. Use that strip to hide the back folds of the flower. Glue to the back to the folded flower. Add glue if needed to keep the folder flower in the shape you want.

  1. Glue the pin back into place if desired.

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I sew or crochet a lot of bags and these gorgeous No Sew Fabric Flowers are going to make wonderful accent pieces to pin on to a bag. I'm sure that they only take mere minutes to make which means I can make a bunch of them and use them as I need to. It's a great idea - thank you for the free tutorial!!

Gorgeous! I love how you can get creative with the petals and non-perfection is preferred.

Just about any type of fabric would be great to use to make these no sew flowers. I wonder however if burlap would be an acceptable fabric the kind that comes on a roll. The raw edges of the burlap might be charming on a fall wreath made of autumn colors. I love the no-sew idea to make these pretty flowers.

These are so cute and they don't look that difficult! I am trying to think of projects the pretty flowers could be used on. Has anyone made these and if so, how do you utilize them? I think they'd be adorable on a gift box for someone. They would also make nice 3D applique if you could secure it to a background of a wall hanging. I'm eager to try these out! Thanks for a great idea.

I have not made any yet .Have you? I want to make headbands for my grand daughter. I can see it as a brooch,on a card,on a wreath on sandals or even shoes. They can be used as a bracelet with some lace and elastic. Anywhere you can think of. This is a great project and nice video.

The video keeps stopping at the halfway mark, and won't buffer or continue to play no matter how long I wait

I have learned so many different ways to make DIY flowers, so I'm really excited to see how making fabric flowers go! This is a super helpful video!

Wow! I never realized these flowers were so easy to make so I went everywhere looking for the right one when all I had to do was use a little fabric out of stash,thread and a button and I would have had just the flower I wanted. You can even add on a jewel or any embellishment. So very easy and so fast that you can make on to put on hairclip,use as brooch or scarf or headband in minutes. So why buy them. Make your own. Super video.

Wow, never knew it could be that easy! Great quick easy tutorial. )

Awesome tutorial, thank you!! Great job!

Thank you very much this saved me from going around looking for sequence flowers for a dress. I used the opposite side of the fabric like you did. Thanks again

i think this is just quick and easy to make.instrutor is very pleasent to listen glad i found this :) :)

Those are very cute and easy flowers to make to embellish everything. The tutorial was easy to follow and understand. Good job!

I have just started "upcycling" my t-shirts. I am all for easy projects at this point, and I feel I have done enough ruffles. This method of making fabric flowers really cuts down on the time needed to complete a I have sooooo many buttons and waaaaay too much fabric. I am going to have so much fun with this. Thanks!

excellent video. Easy and quick project with multiple uses.

I loved this tutorial as it showed that you don't have to be an accomplished sewer to be able to make pretty things and embellishments. I have two granddaughters that I could make flowers for and use in so many different ways. Thanks so much for sharing this with all of us here.

I was so glad to find this. I have been looking for a good fabric flower & I love the way emi explained how to make it. What a great job. Hope she does more videos Kathy

this is great..wish I had this when I was figuring out stuff when I was sewing all my crafts several yrs ago..this is easy for the first time sewer and even the older sewer who doesn't deviate from patterns..good job!!

Really cute flowers. I liked seeing the different button choices, and fabrics. Clear instructions, well presented. However, I'd appreciate a shorter video. I often skip videos because I don't want to take the time to watch them, especially if I'm not going to make the item right away. Often I'm only tucking ideas away in my head. The flower is simple and the process intuitive. I don't need really detailed instructions. A slideshow might have conveyed the process much more quickly. Save the videos for more complicated projects. Maybe skip the repetitive parts, like sewing the whole length of fabric. Would rather see video of variations in fabric, size, folded vs not folded, embellishment ideas.

Well I'll be Emi. I have been trying every fabric flower I could fine for at least six months . Some have turned out ok but none the way they looked when an expert made them. I tried yours ,after watching you and low and behold it looks great. Thank you so much. I,m going to put them on everything.

Love these! I think using striped fabric would be wonderful--put the stripes going across the short side of fabric so when it is gathered, they fan out from the center.

They turned out quite nice, one could find many places to use them for embellishment.


Thanks for the tutorial!! You make it look so to rummage through scrap material now! I have an idea that made in smaller sizes these flowers would be fantastic on scrapbook pages and even on greeting cards!!!

visual is so much better than a flat photo.

Loved the tutorial. It's easier to see a project made than it is to read directions. And you can never go wrong with flowers! They will go on LOTS of things. And big girls or little girls love flowers. You could even have a little person do this project with supervision.

What a great tutorial! This would be awesome for a kids project. I could make a bunch of these and attach some wire and make a vase of flowers! Thank you so much. I loved it.

Easy to follow tutorial and so pretty. Thank you.

A realy cute and easy craft for the pre teen/ teens. Lots of ways to use is. I can think of ways to use larger sizes as well. Excellent!

I really liked the tutorial. It really looked easy to make. I can think of a lot of ways to use the flower. I am actually going to make some. Thank you for a great web site. It is one of my favorite.

Thanks for this tutorial! I have several patterns but they don't "click" in my brain as well as SEEING someone actually sew out the ruffled flower!! VERY helpful!! Thanks a bunch (of flowers?), Marcia

This is a great tut! Great way to use scraps too. I made a couple including some with 3 tier and added some furry yarn. They look great.

Thank you for a great tutorial! Everything seems easier to make once you can see "how it's made". And this is one of those things. Thanks again for posting.


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