30+ Fabric Flower Patterns


30+ Fabric Flower Patterns

Learn how to sew flowers! Spring is always in the air with these easy ideas for fabric flower patterns and tutorials!


30 Fabric Flower Patterns

Ribbon flowers, silk flowers, fabric roses - they all make great sewing projects! Fabric flowers are fun to make and can be used in many different ways. Just take a fabric you like and turn it into a sewn fabric flower. You can create a stylish hair piece or pin.

If you're new to making fabric flowers, just check out any of these projects. You'll learn how to make fabric flowers in no time. Making fabric flowers is an activity all sewists can enjoy, no matter the skill level. With these 30+ Fabric Flower Patterns, you'll be hooked on making fabric flowers.

Once you know how to sew flowers from fabric, you'll love making all kinds of fabric flowers for yourself and as gifts. You can even dress up your outfit or home with fabric flowers!

Free sewing project ideas like these stunning DIY fabric flowers make fabulous embellishments, awesome stash busters, and fantastic quick and easy sewing patterns.

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Plus! If you've never made fabric flowers before, don't miss our easy-to-follow video for no-sew fabric flowers from Mary Beth Temple!

How to Make Fabric Flowers: Variety of Pretty Patterns

Big Daisy Fabric Flower Pin Tutorial

Fabric flowers are perfect for all occasions and our collection of fabric flower tutorials is no exception. Within this list of DIY fabric flowers, you'll find home decor projects, DIY hair accessories, and other easy sewing ideas.

Find a fabric flower pattern you will love, like the Big Daisy Fabric Flower Pin Tutorial shown. All of the fabric flowers in the list below are easy enough for sewing beginners and can be made with leftover fabric, ribbon, or other notions you have in your sewing space.

Whether you are looking for a fabric flower pattern to wear with your favorite outfit or to use to decorate your home, you will have lots of luck here. Find your favorite flower and get to sewing!

Tattered Flowers for Embellishment

These DIY fabric flowers can be added to bags, headbands, shirts, or even skirts. You can even make several and turn them into a springtime DIY home decor piece. 

Ribbon Flower Pin

Creating fabric flowers has never been easier than with this ribbon flower pin pattern. If you've got five minutes to spare, you've got a new, homemade accessory!

Felt Flower Tutorial

You can use these lovely flowers to spruce up tons of projects. Use them to make a decorative pillow or a wreath (like the one shown) for a holiday craft.

Bias Fabric Flowers Tutorial

Do you have a lot of old scraps laying around from old projects? If so, this tutorial is for you. Use those old scraps to create these beautiful sewn fabric flowers.

Plush Flowers in Pots

Whether you need a fabulous new centerpiece for your kitchen table or you'd like one more item adorning your mantel, this spring home decor project is a perfect fit. Select the perfect colors and patterns of fabric to match your spring decorating theme.

Patriotic Ric Rac Flowers

Here's a great holiday craft idea--make a fabric flower accessory out of leftover ric rac to use in your 4th of July celebration. With these fabric flowers patterns, you can wear them, use them as napkin rings, and much more!

Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers

With an assortment of fabrics and a special arrangement, these easy fabric flowers are sure to put a smile on your face. Learn how to make fabric flowers that will bloom year-round when you sew up these DIY fabric flowers. These flowers would look great as a centerpiece, on your nightstand, or adorning your entryway.

Ruffled Flower Pin

Use these fabric flowers patterns to make your own ruffled flower pin! This is a great project for using up leftover fabric or getting rid of some of those scraps. Plus, you can use your favorite fabrics and buttons to match your style. It will make any outfits of yours stand out even more, in a good way!

Easy Christmas Poinsettia Headband

This Christmas Poinsettia Headband is the perfect homemade Christmas gift for girls of any age. Though poinsettias are traditionally a Christmas flower, this DIY headband adds an elegant touch to any outfit at any time of the year.

Combined Crafts DIY Fabric Flower

Use your skills from all across the crafting world to create this Combined Crafts DIY Fabric Flower. This cute, little fabric flower tutorial would be the perfect addition to your spring coat, a headband, or would even look fab worn as a bracelet.

Denim Flower Corsage

Learn how to make a flower out of fabric that is different from any other fabric flower patterns you've made. This Denim Flower Corsage is unique because you can make it from old jeans.

Flower Embellishment Tutorial

The pictures accompanying these instructions will make it virtually impossible for you to fail in your floral endeavors. Add these DIY flowers to a shirt, a bag, or anything you want to spruce up.

Ruched Fabric Flower

Learn how to sew a fabric flower that will add essential style elements to your DIY home decor or wardrobe. Part of what's so attractive about this ruched flower is its versatility. This would make a great party decoration, too!

Really Easy Flowers

If you want to make Really Easy Flowers, follow this simple sewing tutorial. These gems are made of ric rac fabric, which is extremely inexpensive. You can wear them in your hair, give them as party favors, or put them on pins to add a feminine touch to your tees.

Ruffly Flower Tutorial

Adorn your 'do and your dress with one or two cute and creative homemade fabric flowers. If you are looking for a creative prom idea, consider learning how to make fabric flowers that you can turn into a DIY boutonniere.

Scrappy Fabric Flower

These flowers can be sewn onto anything to add a quick embellishment. This DIY sewing project is the perfect way liven up a headband, a pair of shoes, or a shirt. No matter how you use these scrappy flowers, they're sure to put a smile on your face.

Easy Fabric Flower

If you have ever struggled to make flowers out of fabric this tutorial is a great place to start. The denim is just one example of the multiple types of fabric you can use for your DIY fabric flowers. These flowers will be a great sew-on-accessory to any outfit.

Scrunched Fabric Flower

When it comes to sewing, the best projects to make are the ones that you can use over and over again however you want. This Scrunched Fabric Flower is the perfect project to sew because it is versatile and it can be used for any number of purposes because of its 2D yet textured charm and style.

Memory Lane Poppy Bouquet

This bountiful bouquet contains tall stems with fully open blossoms, revealing bead-embellished felt and fabric centers, as well as gracefully arching smaller stems with sculpted fabric buds. All your friends will notice these in your home for sure!

Modern Vintage Felt Flowers

Learn how to make a fabric flower today and add some hippy-dippy style with an edge to your wardrobe when you whip up this fabric flower tutorial. These gorgeous easy fabric flowers can be made in any size. Combine classic and modern styles with this free fabric flower pattern.

Fabric Flower Headband Pattern

Create a fun, springy accessory with this Fabric Flower Headband Pattern. There is no need to worry about lack of sewing experience holding you back because this accessory is one of those simple no-sew projects that does not require needles, thread, or years of sewing experience.

Hexi Fabric Flower Pattern

Learn how to make a fabric flower that is unique, cute, and the perfect way to use up scraps with this pretty little idea. The Hexi Fabric Flower Pattern is made up of several smaller scraps of fabric and makes an excellent accent for any of your projects that might need just a little bit of flair.

Statement DIY Fabric Flowers

Whether you choose sparkly fabric or go rustic in burlap with your new sewn flowers, these Statement DIY Fabric Flowers will add elegance no matter where they go. Plus, you can use them to add a stain, a messy hem, or an unsightly rip!

Pretty Posy Pincushion

This Pretty Posy Pincushion is an easy sewing project that will bring a smile to your face every time you sit down at your sewing machine. Even if it's frigid outside, creating fabric flower patterns like this cute pincushion will add warmth to your craft room.

Flower Shaped Pillow

Accessorize your little darling's room with this adorable Flower Shaped Pillow. This beginner-friendly tutorial will show you how to sew a pillow that's perfect for any girly girl's living space. It's a creative and beautiful design that you won't find in stores.

Simple Upcycled Tulle Flowers

These sweet and colorful flowers are super quick and easy to make from repurposed party favor wrappings or scraps of tulle. There are all sorts of options to make different types of flowers of different shapes and sizes, with rigid or flexible stems, and stamen.

Ruffly Fabric Flower Tutorial

A charming way to use up your fabric scraps, this beginner sewing tutorial shows you how to make your own fabric flowers using scraps, ribbon, lace, or even binding. This fabric flower tutorial is completely beginner friendly, and is a fantastic way to practice your hand sewing skills.

Upcycled T-Shirt Flowers (No-Sew)

Once you learn how to make t shirt roses, you won't want to stop. With this fun project, you can still remember the shirt but put it to good use, either as decor or attached to a new piece of clothing or accessory. This idea for how to use old t-shirts will have you making a forest of flowers.

PLUS! Free Boutonniere Tutorial

No Sew DIY Boutonniere

Is your young man headed to the prom? Skip the expense and frustrating trip to the flower store with the No Sew DIY Boutonniere. Made from felt, this DIY prom boutonniere will last forever and can be reused for more formal occasions like weddings.

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30+ Fabric Flower Patterns

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What's your all-time favorite flower?
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I love roses with perfume

The flower I can't make, a hydrangia

need patterns for caps for teen cancer patients.. .girls Flo/California

Violets have been my favorite flower since I was very young. Stunning but demure.

Violets have been my favorite flower since I was very young. Stunning but demure.

I love African Violets. They are so beautiful with their variety of color combinations.

I like orchids!

I Adore sunflowers, they are big, bold ,bright feed both animals people

I Adore sunflowers, they are big, bold ,bright feed both animals people

I Adore sunflowers, they are big, bold ,bright feed both animals people

My favorite has always been calla lilies. They just seem so perfect and elegant..

I love morning glories!

my favorite flower is Carnations.

There is just something about yellow roses that I always gravitate towards, whether I'm in a grocery store and just walking by the floral department, or I see them growing in someone's garden. I recently received some that started sprouting leaves afterwards I'm now crossing my fingers and hoping that they will turn into full blown roses again!

Love Lilacs!

If vines and a plants that flower are not true flowers, I choose wildflowers because Shasta Daisies and California Poppies are in that group.

I think sweet woodruff is a plant so my favorite choise of flower is another sweet smelling flower--honeysuckle--it may be a vine that flowers.

I like the smell of sweet woodruff mini flowers.

I absolutely love Lillie. There's just something about the simplicity and shape

my favourite flower is the Marigold.

I love a lot of flowers. Sunflowers,gardenias,jasmine and magnolias are my favorite. I absolutely love these fabric flowers and they can be used on many different things. I want to make some in red,white and blue to go on a headband for my grand daughter for her fourth or July outfit. I am glad to see this video so I can make some and love that all you need to do is cut strips of fabric. Thanks for this project.

Hydrangeas and wisteria are my favorite!

I adore gardenias and hibiscus flowers. I just love tropical plants in general!

I love snapdragons!

I ADORE orchids!

So love the ruffle fabric flowers as well as this site, it is my happy place site!

Love all the flowers but I like the ribbon flowers best.

silk and ribbon flowers are my favorite . I sell them at craft shows. Love this tutorial!

I love bluebells and lilacs! Bluebells are pictured - I just love the way they cover the hills in the spring.

I love gardenias! The creamy color is highlighted by its heady aroma and it just intoxicates all around!

My favorite flowers are hydrangeas, peonies, and garden roses!

I absolutely love peonies with hydrangea coming in a close second. For me, the fuller the flower, the better!

Oooh, I've recently developed a love for plants. I have a few succulents, I'm growing basil, peppers, tomatoes, and rosemary in my apartment. I love orchids, sunflowers, daisies, and tulips!

I love poppies!!!! Orange poppies are my favorite, especially fields of them! Please see the attached photo for reference.

My apartment is full of succulents, so naturally I love them, but I would probably say my favorite flower is daisies!

I love these flowers. They are perfect for me to use as embellishments on bags! I am not the greatest sewer, but these are easy to do, and are great for me to use to spice up the few bags I am able to make. Thank you for posting this resource for me to use!

I love love these fabric flowers. All different kinds for so many different projects from hair bows to purses to clothing for flip flop decorations,scrapbooking,to spice up drapes,for bathrooms,kitchen to bedrooms. The list goes on. Thank you for letting us know that there is many different flowers to make so we do not have to do same one over and over. Flowers are awesome.

Thank you for all these great suggestions. I have made yo-yo flowers for wearable pins, hair barrettes and embellishment on pillows and little girls' dresses. These new ideas are just what I need to change up my flower creations! With all the fabric scraps Imhave, I can see using these designs with a button or little jewel center. So many neat designs, I can't wait to try some of these out!

Fabric flowers are so easy to make out of scrap fabric and are so charming as they can adorn a ladies jacket or coat lapel as a stylish accent appropriate for any season, a little girl's headband, any tote or fabric purse, or gathered together as a charming wall decoration. Arrange seasonal fabric flowers around a hand lettered sign announcing the coming winter, spring, summer or fall and use as a wall hanging. These flower instructions are so useful!

The vase of fabric flowers is so shabby chic! I love it! What a great use for scraps of those little bundles of quilting fabric I look at longingly! Now I have an excuse...I mean use...for them! lol

I found at least 6 flowers that can make cute hair clips anddecorations for the little girls in my life and some terrific ideas for clothing and home dec embellishment

That's a great idea! I have a granddaughter, 1.5 years, who would look cute with a fabric flower on a soft headband--she doesn't have much hair yet, so needs a flower! lol

i absolutely love fabric flower! Honestly, I think a simple little blue silk fabric flower pin was the first thing I ever made for my Chelsea Ezell. Love Her Always.

Love this tutorial!

Yes, they are perfect to sew all kind of projects. The flowers are lovely and a great embelishment.

Fabric flowers are better because you can put colors together that don't occur naturally in nature. Especially if you dye your own fabrics.

Fabric flowers are better, they last longer and you can coordinate colors with your home decor!

Fabric flowers are awesome, it's a great way to use up some of the smaller scraps and also match your decor.

Yes they are a good substitute because you can look at the pretty colors year round!

I love flowers and gardening in the summer. There is nothing like stopping to smell the roses I grew. I also love the whimsical and stylish look of fabric flowers. I can take them with me on my coat or my purse to enjoy where ever I go. They both have great appeal and I wouldn't want to substitute one for the other.

Both have their place, but for year round beauty, fabric flowers are great!

I think fabric flowers are great. They never die and they are always in bloom.;) spritz them with floral perfume and they smell great too.

Even better in most cases! They would LAST -- and you could make them any color or pattern you wanted. And, it's an inexpensive way to give them to yourself!! :)

Yes they definitely are for me. I am allergic to most flowers and chemicals and much prefer to see real flowers outside where they look normal. Plus you can do so many more things with fabric flowers.

Today? Absolutely! My allergies are killing me. Bring on the sewn flowers, PLEASE! :)

I love fabric flowers. I even made fabric roses for my wedding dress.

Love this idea of sewn flowers last forever and washable. Thank you for sharing

I love real flowers. The scent and feel cannot be duplicated.

Fabric flowers are great! They can be made out of any fabric, color or texture and last longer than real flowers. And they aren't too hard to make!

I love both. But nothing beats a real flower. The smell, feel...

Yes, I think sewn flower are better. First, they never die. Second, there are some many things you can do with them. It is fun making them. Then you can use them in your projects. Like, using them as fillers on cards, canvases, mixed media, jewelry, head bands. You can put them in vases. The possibilities are endless. But, there isn't nothing like a fresh bouquet of flower on your kitchen table. But, yes sewn flowers are better because you can do so much more with them and have them last forever.

They are not a substitute - but they are wonderful!!! I think real and fabric, flowers are fantastic!

Fabric flowers last longer than real ones so are a great substitue, plus you can get them in whatever color you want!

Sewn fabric flowers are an excellent choice for any craft or sewing project that you want to keep for a long time. Real flowers don't have a very long shelf life once they are cut.

I think sewn flowers are as good as real ones! They don't die, they hold their color, they can be used over and over in different projects!

Fabric flowers will never die and last forever. Even though I love real flowers I believe that fabric flowers is a keepsake. I can always look at my fabric flowers and remember where and who I received them from.

Yes and No. They work great on garments and books and quilts, etc. That said I want the real thing on my kitchen table sometimes.

I love fabric flowers. Done right they are very pretty and make great conversation pieces. Fabric flowers are perfect for those of us who have severe allergies and breathing problems.

Sewn flowers just don't have the "scent" that can take you away to a garden.

Yes they are and they last longer.

I love all flowers, real or fabric. And certainly fabric flowers are fabulous on quilts or sewn items. Love your free fabric flowers. Thank you for the give away.

Besides being a quilter/sewer, I am a gardener. Though I love fabric flowers on quilts, clothes, and bags, there is nothing like real flowers. Their smell alone sets them above anything I am able to create myself!

Fabric flowers are made with love. That makes them even better than real ones.

Sure if you are allergic to the real ones.

Sewn flowers are great for bags, totes, or garments. I would not use them in decorating projects though.

Yes great for little girls hats!

Yes they are a good substitute. Fabrics come in just as many if not more colors than real flowers. The only thing missing is the scent.

I don't think that sewn fabric flowers are a good substitute for real ones in every situation, but they are good for adding flowers to garments, decor and other items where real ones would not be practical or long lasting.

Absolutely love fabric flowers on quilts, purses and clothing just to name a few. Sew much better than real ones. They last virtually forever!

yes, sewn flowers are the best. And these look great

Sewn fabric flowers definitely outlast real ones and do not cause my allergies to flare up like real ones can, so yes, I think they are a good substitute for real ones.

HELLO, yes in many instances they areespecially at laundry time! Thanks for sharing a neat giveaway!

Very cute and last longer then real flowers. And no allergens coming from a person who has trouble being around real flowers

I love real flowers...but during the colder months, I would love to have a houseful of beautiful flowers to admire. I also love that they do not have to be watered! LOL

Fabric flowers are a great substitute...they can bring a splash of color in the midst of the long winter!!

Yes! Fabric flowers can be a splash of color at any time of the year....could've used them this winter in Michigan!!

It is hard to beat a dozen roses from your sweetheart, but fabric flowers are fun to make too!

I love making fabric flowers! I put them on everything... purses, tees, picture frames. I only know how to make 2 styles, would love to make more.

I love fabric flowers, they can be made to match ANY outfit, either by color or by design style.

sure they are just as beautiful and are great for peoples with allergies and they will last forever

Yes, sewn fabric flowers are better than real ones.

Love being able to make artificial flowers that will last a lot longer than what you would need them for. Easy to make and lots of ideas and ways to use them. Plus it not only dresses up any project, but make and be creative and put them in any room for that special decorating idea that people will be sure to always comment on.

they are cute, easy to make and fabric choices can match or coordinate with place mats, table runners etc. and they last a lot longer, too.

The many different ways to make flowers and the shapes out do the flowers in nature make them a wonderful substitute for flower decorating indoors.

I think that fabric flowers make a nice alternative to real flowers because they can be whimsical or lifelike, plus they last longer. :-) Tough to toss a real flower into the washer. ;-)

What a lovely addition to any project to dress it up! Thanks so much :) HennaLadyKim

I would love to look at your book on fabric flowers. I am disabled and am always looking for things I can do while either sitting or in bed. It has to be something with very little or no cost because I don't have the money to spend. I'm 72 years and have always sewed and been good with my hands, but I'm afraid arthritis my be trying to set in but I will us my hands as long as possible.


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