50+ Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls

Treat your little princess to a brand new wardrobe with this collection of sewing patterns for girls.

By: Kirsten Kwon, Editor,
50 Free Clothing Sewing Patterns for Girls

If you spend any time looking through popular sewing blogs, you'll notice that free clothing sewing patterns for girls are everywhere! Making girly sewing patterns is a great way to learn how to sew and is always fun.

If you have a little girl to sew for, these free little girl dress patterns and other sewing patterns for girls' clothing will be of great use to you. While free clothing sewing patterns for girls are quite easy to come by, you won't find any THIS cute anywhere but right here! We've found quality girls' skirt patterns, little girl dress patterns, and much more that we think you'll love.

The 50 free clothing sewing patterns for girls you'll find in this collection are comfy and stylish, so your little girl can play and learn in a wonderful handmade wardrobe. To save money and give her a special wardrobe all her own, check out all the free children's sewing patterns in this collection. You won't want to miss out on any of the girls' sewing patterns we've rounded up for you!

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Everyday Skirt Patterns for Girls

10 Minute Skirt Tutorial

If your little one is incredibly active, then she needs some simple and basic skirts that can keep up with her busy schedule. These free skirt patterns and tutorials are perfect for girls on the go, and they're all quick and easy sewing projects perfect for beginners.

  • 10 Minute Skirt TutorialNeed a quick summer skirt that’s easy to make, comfortable to wear, and adorable? Make this easy 10-minute skirt!
  • Cute Cupcake Easy Skirt PatternThis adorable skirt will be the envy of every girl on the playground when you make it for that special girl in your life. Brightly colored and absolutely adorable, this is an amazing summer or spring skirt.
  • A Simple Skirt TutorialLearn a new way to make a skirt in this two-tiered style. True to its name, this skirt is simple to make!
  • 20 Minute DIY SkirtThis tutorial shows you how to make a skirt that is essential for anyone who enjoys DIY fashion. The quick pattern will make even the most novice sewist feel like a Paris fashion designer.
  • Nautical Elastic Waistband SkirtThis skirt is easy to sew and completely budget-friendly. With just two materials, you can sew your daughter a skirt she will adore.
  • Bluebell Reversible Scalloped SkirtEasy sewing projects that yield a two-in-one piece of clothing are definitely worth the work. Every time you see your girl wearing this scalloped skirt, you'll thank yourself for making it.
  • 3-in-1 Simple Skirt PatternThis is a great pattern for girls of all ages, and it's versatile, too! Sewing your own clothes is a great way to update your closet without spending a lot of money.
  • Jean Baby Free Skirt PatternUtilizing an old pair of jeans, this skirt pattern for girls is the ideal project for a mom who is looking to save some money. Add hearts, stars, buttons, and more to make your little lady stand out on the playground.
  • How to Make a Circle SkirtIn just one afternoon you can learn how to sew a circle skirt that you girl is sure to love wearing. This skirt is especially fun because it twirls and moves!
  • T-Shirt Tutu TutorialThis tutorial lets you recycle old t-shirts into an adorable tutu made out of soft cotton, so it's perfect for little ones. This easy refashioning project is incredibly budget-friendly and is wonderful for baby pictures and family photos.

Free Skirt Patterns for Girls

Spring Skirt for Girls Tutorial

If you're looking for a quick sewing project for your daughter or granddaughter, then you'll love this collection of free skirt patterns and tutorials. WIth these perfect projects for sewing beginners, we guarantee your little princess will love twirling in one of these skirt patterns for girls. These DIY skirts are great for girls of all ages, from toddlers to grade school girls, so that you're sure to find something your granddaughter will love.

  • Spring Skirt for Girls TutorialThis tutorial is crazy-easy to customize to fit any little lady. It can be made out of any scrap fabric you might have laying around.
  • Paperdoll SkirtRemember when you used to make paper doll chains? This adorable skirt is an easy sewing project modeled after the classic paper craft.
  • Fun and Frilly Jelly Roll Skirt TutorialThis tutorial is the epitome of fab. Help your little girl flounce and flaunt with this big, frilly girls' skirt pattern.
  • Ballet Ruffle SkirtTurn a woman's T-shirt into a ballet ruffle skirt for a little girl using this easy sewing project. (You can also alter the pattern to make an adult sized skirt!)
  • Ruffly Rhumba SkirtMake a fun, ruffly skirt for your daughter using this simple sewing project for kids. It even comes with a video tutorial for extra help!
  • Tablecloth Lace Skirt TutorialUse an old tablecloth to create a lovely skirt for summer. The tutorial will show you how to make a lace skirt that's trendy and stylish.
  • Irish Charm Ruffled SkirtLooking for a St. Patrick's Day outfit for your girls? Attire your little leprechauns in this adorable holiday skirt.
  • Pattern Full of Posies SkirtIf you've ever yearned to sew your own clothes, either out of a desire to be economically conscientious or simple envy of others' skill, this skirt is what you've been looking for! Use this girls' pattern to spruce up your little one's wardrobe in any season.
  • Simple Reversible Vintage SkirtQuick, easy, and understated, this two-for-one reversible skirt tutorial will double the outfits you can make. Mix and match fabrics to get just the right look.
  • Charm Pack Patchwork SkirtMake your daughter or granddaughter a skirt she won't be able to stop twirling in! This free sewing tutorial is a fantastic way to use your charm packs or fat quarters to create an adorable skirt that's perfect for fall.
  • How to Sew a T-Shirt SkirtTake a plain t-shirt and turn it into a fun and flirty skirt with this tutorial. This fun recycled sewing project is a great way to make over a boring tee into a trendy mini-skirt.
  • DIY Ruffle SkirtEvery girl looks adorable in ruffles, and this skirt is the cutest way to use them yet. This tutorial shows you how to make a skirt that is a fun, fashionable way to use up any ruffle scraps you have around. 

Simple Dress Patterns for Girls

The Tropisch Dress Pattern

We love basic dresses that can be worn anywhere, so these simple dress patterns for girls are great for the playground, school, or just playing at home. Beginner-approved, this list of DIY dresses is ideal for those new to sewing. Plus, they take no time at all to make!

  • The Tropisch Dress PatternA simple shirt-style dress should be a staple in any summer wardrobe. And the more “tropical” the print, the better!
  • Little Lady Braided Dress PatternGirls will love wearing this adorable summer dress, which looks great in light summer fabrics like cotton or seersucker. Girls won't want to stop wearing this quick and easy dress pattern that can be completed in just one afternoon!
  • Reversible Zen DressMake two dresses at once! If your child spills something on one side, just flip it inside out and you have a new, clean outfit ready to wear. Genius!
  • Upcycled Dress for GirlsYour husband's old dress shirt can be put to a stylish new use for your daughter. This is the perfect dress for your daughter to wear while she plays outside in spring and summer sunshine.
  • The Twirly Dress Free PatternWith raglan sleeves, a hood, and gathered skirt, this dress is as fun to make as it will be to wear.
  • Two Tee Shirt Summer DressUpcycle your old t-shirts into adorable summer sun dress patterns like this. This is perfect for summer fun in the sun for little girls.
  • Layered Dress for GirlsThis adorable dress is made up of feminine ruffles that will make her feel like a real princess. Use this free dress pattern this summer to make a sun dress, or have your girl pair it with some warm leggings and a sweater for a cute fall get-up.
  • Pocketful of Butterflies DressThis dress involves imagination with its winning combination of sewing and fabric painted embellishments. With this dress pattern tutorial, you'll get tips and tricks on how to sew a dress, pocket, and trim, as well as how to work in fabric paint.
  • Take old discarded t-shirts and turn them into something fabulous! 
  • One-Yard Sydney Dress PatternThis adorable dress pattern for girls is the perfect way for your little lady to keep cool and play in comfort. Make your granddaughter an adorable sundress that she won't be able to stop wearing.

Free Dress Patterns for Girls

Easy Girls Gathered Dress Pattern

When it comes to sewing patterns for girls, child dress patterns are a long-time favorite. These DIY dresses vary from special occasion dresses for girls to light and comfy sundresses that are easy to play and move in. These stylish and girly free dress patterns are great for back to school season, spring pictures, and holiday parties!

  • Easy Girls Gathered Dress PatternThis easy dress pattern is super roomy, so your girls can still run and play in comfort without being restricted in tight clothes. This dress for girls is a fun opportunity to mix and match patterns and prints, meaning you can dress it up or down.
  • Jolly Holiday Dress PatternWith this free dress pattern for girls, you can make an adorable dress that's perfect for a family dinners, holiday parties, and school programs! Don't be afraid to let your little princess shine with a beautiful dress she'll absolutely love.
  • DIY Chiffon Fairy CostumeGet ready for the cutest costume made with a lovely flowy chiffon! The idea came to me when I was scouting photography pictures on Pinterest. We love the soft, ethereal backlit look with sweet pink tones.
  • Knotted High-Low DIY DressSew your little girl this adorable dress for the summer months when all she wants to do is play outside. This dress tutorial has instructions for sizes 2T through 10, is beginner friendly, and only takes two to four hours to make.
  • Strawberry Vanilla DressThis dress is super-cute with either a halter neck or with crossing ties in the back. Let your little one run and play in this adorable, easy-to-make dress.
  • Flutter Sleeves Dress for GirlsThis dress tutorial will help you learn how to make a dress that is simple and adorable without being overly sweet. The flutter sleeves add a unique, girly touch.
  • Combined Crafts Sewn Crochet DressThis lovely little tunic-style girl's clothing pattern is a quick sewing project that your little lady will want to be wearing all summer. A great way to use up an old stash of yarn, this could even be created to just be a little bit shorter and double as a top to wear with some leggings.
  • Keyhole Neckline DressWith a unique collar and buttoned-up back, this DIY dress screams to be worn. Free little girl dress patterns like this one can help make up a lovely wardrobe for your little girl.
  • Frozen-Inspired Princess Anna CostumeThis Princess Anna costume is actually an apron, which means that it is easy, quick, and budget friendly. Plus, she won't grow out of it for a long time, so you won't have to make a new costume in a few months.
  • Fairy Light Princess DressWhether this is your daughter's first royal excursion or her umpteenth Halloween as a princess, this is one of the DIY Halloween costumes she will talk about well past her childhood. Stop searching for Halloween costume ideas at the storeand watch her light up the world as she twirls around in this magical ballgown.
  • Side Bow Sweater DressThis unbelievably chic dress is made by upscaling a men's sweater. All you have to do to refashion an oversized sweater is follow the tutorial on the page.
  • Easy Zipper Dress TutorialMake your little girl an adorable dress with the Easy Zipper Dress Tutorial and she won't want to take it off! This DIY dress is made with a knit top and a woven bottom, which makes it easy to sew.
  • How to Make A Tutu Dress Any pretty little princess will feel absolutely royal when she slips on this adorable little tutu dress. Crafted from pink tulle and a t-shirt, this little dress will keep moms and tots happy for days to come.
  • 2 Tee Tie-Back DressInstead of tossing out those old tee shirts, work them into a dress for your girl. This tutorial delivers an easy-to-make dress that not only upcycles your outgrown clothes, but gives you a versatile piece for every season.
  • Sweet Shirred Peasant Dress TutorialFollow this tutorial to learn how to make a dress that is adorable yet comfortable for playtime. The shirred top and buttons add extra embellishment that makes this dress look like it came from an expensive department store.

Fun DIY Accessories for Girls

30 Minute Butterfly Bow

If there's one thing girls love, it's bright and colorful accessories! From pretty hair bows to fun and playful jackets, these DIY accessories for girls are a whimsical finishing touch to any outfit.

  • 30 Minute Butterfly BowThese bows will put the finishing touches on any springtime ensemble and are a great way to use of scraps of fabric in a short amount of time. This tutorial is versatile, giving you the option of using either a hair clip or a hair band.
  • Sweet Little Girl's CardiganYou can take a sweater you already own and refashion it to become an adorable cardigan for a little girl. It's a great way to make the most of your material.
  • Fingerless GlovesThis sewing pattern comes in two different sizes so you can make a pair for you and your little girl. Learn how to make gloves that are as functional as they are fun when you make this mommy-and me-fingerless gloves pattern.
  • Goodnight Gown for GirlsTraveling is always exciting for kids, and it’s even more exciting when they have a new outfit or two to wear while on vacation. Wouldn’t it be fun for your daughter to wake up somewhere new and exciting and be wearing her very own nightgown?
  • Scrapbuster Hair Bow TutorialWith this fun scrapbuster project, you need less than one yard of fabric to create your giant bow! These DIY accessories are great for girls of all ages and make wonderful last-minute gift ideas.
  • A Little Princess Upcycled NightieNot only does this simple tutorial deliver a much loved nightgown to your daughter, it teaches you how to upcycle a man's shirt to reduce waste in your home. Ideas for upcycling like this one make dreams come true, both for the recipient of this nightie and the seamstress.
  • Madeline's Yellow JacketThis jacket has a vintage Parisian feel that is so cute, you'll have the other parents knocking on your door for the pattern! This easy-to-follow clothes sewing tutorial will teach you how to make a classic quilted winter coat that's as warm as it is beautiful.
  • How to Make a LeotardLet your little girl feel like a true ballerina and dancer when you make her this DIY leotard and easy tutu tutorial. This adorable sewing pattern for girls is perfect for a kiddo taking dance class or a little girl who just loves playing pretend.

Other Easy Sewing Projects for Girls

The Elsa Dress

If your daughter needs a new pair of pants, a romper, or a nightgown, then you've come to the right place! These free sewing patterns for girls are perfect for any occasion and are a great way to add a little something extra to her school wardrobe. Plus, there's a fun Disney-inspired dress tutorial for any tiny Frozen fans.

  • The Elsa DressThe Elsa Dress will undoubtedly be a huge hit if the recipient loves the movie that inspired it. Enjoy the gems that adorn the bodice and waistline of this dress, as well as the gorgeous tulle that acts as shoulder straps, then watch her as she whirls about in her new frock while belting out her favorite songs from the feature film.
  • Fleece Pants PatternIf you've been doing some sewing for kids and need some new ideas, try these comfy pants. The best thing about learning how to make pants for kids is that you can save a ton of money and make sure the pants fit perfectly.
  • The Sadie ShirtLearn how to make a precious shirt with this five-part sewing tutorial. This adorable top with buttons to match will look so cute on any child!
  • Boy's Button Up Into Girl's Top With TieSave all the button up shirts you have, because now they can be transformed into something special and new! This recycled sewing pattern is the perfect upcycling project to create for your child's wardrobe, as it will save you a ton of money.
  • Aladdin PantsPick a fun fabric and follow the tutorial to make these genie style pants. Now all they need is a magic carpet ride!
  • Romping Good Time RomperTutorials like this Romping Good Time Romper allow you to sew your own clothes without any anxiety. Light enough not to bring on a sweat and stretchable enough to allow for flexibility, these DIY pajamas promise a romping good time.
  • Ruffled Petti RomperRuffles and lace are just what you need to dress up your little girl the cutest way possible. You can make this adorable outfit in any color, and you might even want to make a whole rainbow of these little rompers.
  • Sew Girly Ruffle Shirt PatternWe guarantee your girls will love being the best dressed in their class with this trendy shirt. This charming sewing pattern for girls is quick to make and is a fantastic budget-friendly back-to-school option.
  • Printable Kids Shorts PatternsWhen the sun comes out and the weather gets warm, you might find yourself scrambling to find a pair of shorts for kids that they can sport on sunny days. These shorts come in a variety of sizes and are easily customized to fit your kids style.
  • Breezy Bandana PantsFollow this guide to learn how to make pants out of old bandanas, a great upcycled clothing sewing project. Choose bandanas of any color and pattern, or use any other fabric scraps you have.
  • Basic Knit DIY Tank TopLearn how to make a tank top that is comfortable, adorable, and perfect for the playground. Your little girl will want to wear her new versatile tank top all the time as she enjoys the summer sun.
  • How to Make Tutu PantsThese adorable pants can be made in less than 30 minutes using ready-made leggings and a dollar store tutu. Spend an afternoon making a few of these for all the children in your family!
  • Princess Print Kids PajamasThis sewing tutorial will show you how to make stylish pajamas from flannel-backed satin. Your kids will love the soft, cool feel of the satin used in these DIY pajamas, which are great for warm summer nights.

Best NEW Pattern!

Vintage Lady Dress Pattern
  • Vintage Lady Dress PatternLooking for a super-easy, beginner-friendly dress to sew for your little girl? This pattern comes in three sizes for your growing lady. It features a peter pan collar-accented bodice with a flare skirt. Within just two hours, you can whip up this dress for your little one. Have fun pairing the collar with your favorite cotton fabric for a classic design. This is the perfect dress to start learning how to sew clothes for your little lady.

What do you love to make for your granddaughter? Let us know below in the comments!

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thanks for sharing the fashion tips and tricks.

Even though I am nearing 88 years old I am still sewing for needy children around the world. I need dress patterns up to size 12.

Another fab collection of free patterns, my pattern library is bursting as there are so many lovely items that I would like to make. The majority of patterns are really easy to get to and follow but you need to fully read the websites as often you can miss download links to get the templates. I will be having a good sort out of wardrobes later as I have got so many ideas of upcycling old clothing from this and then I shall get my sewing machine out ready for some making.

I click on the desired free pattern and it takes me to another page to download, then another. What is going on? Where are the templates?

Hi sjbryan 4897180! To get to the patterns, click on the green link of the project on this page that you'd like to create. You'll be taken to a page with a photo and description of the project, and below the description there will be a link that says "Click Here for Sewing Pattern." Click on that link and you will be taken to the sewing template. Please let us know if you need additional help!

Thank you!

VERY USEFUL, THANK YOU! There are also great free sewing patterns here: == patterns

I click on the paper doll skirt and another dress ,but all I get is something totally different.

i did not understand am so sorry about i t 's a nice skirt could the pattern please again am so sorry thanks.All i saw very lovely.

I'm excited. Looks like great fun so thank you! But, I need a terrific jumper pattern suitable for Pendleton wool fabric size 8 and 10 girls. Can you help me? Louise

I have tried to get to the Paperdoll skirt over and over again but just can't get it. What am I doing wrong? Would appreciate any help. Joan

I'm not sure why the link takes you to that page, but here is the link to my tutorial for the paperdoll skirt: Hope that helps! xo Katy no big dill

I have clicked on "tank top ruffle dress" umpteen times and simply can't find it. What's the problem? Not a very friendly website, and I had such great expectations!

I think this collection is useful and fun. Making clothes for little girls like my niece is always a great way to practice my sewing and create something she'll love. My personal favorite is The Party Dress because it's perfect for both church or a backyard barbecue.


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