30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love


30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love

If you love vintage fashion, then you'll love these 1920s style sewing patterns!


30 Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love

This page, 30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Loveis a collection that highlights the best of the best vintage patterns, from daring new unmentionables to the ever-popular flapper dress.

In this round-up, you'll find tutorials on everything from how to sew a dress or a skirt to easy DIY suspenders.

The 1920s were an exciting time for sartorialists all over the world, and now you can learn how to sew your own clothes using the amazing innovations brought about by such greats as Elsa Schiaparelli, Jean Patou, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Coco Chanel.

As the great Coco Chanel herself once said, "Fashion fades - only style remains the same." These amazing retro sewing patterns go to show just how right she was.

We have a lot to thank the 1920s for: boxers, modern neckties, jersey, and—of course—the Little Black Dress.

1920s style shattered many of the fashion standards and norms of the early 1900s and late 1800s. Elegance, straight lines, and a less restricted fit characterized garments of the day.

 If this era intrigues you, then you are going to love these 1920s patterns to sew up and wear in our modern times. Channel your inner Gatsby partygoers and embrace the past while making your mark in the current world. People will be rubbernecking every time you walk by.

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(Shhh!): Learn to Sew Retro DIY Underwear

When it comes to 1920s sewing patterns, undergarments are a big deal! Did you know that boxers were invented in 1925? Or that 1920s style saw a drastic shortening of ladies' bloomers?

As outerwear fashion shifted to value distinct new silhouettes and straighter lines, underwear fashion in the 1920s was adapted to fit more flatteringly and comfortably with the new styles. If you truly want to rock some 1920s style, you have to work from the bottom up! Be sure to try making your own DIY underwear with the following 1920s patterns.

Not only are these fun to sew and wear but they will also make you appreciate modern clothing in its own ways. But what fan of the roaring '20s could resist wearing some bloomers like those shown if they had the chance?

Madeleine Mini Bloomers

Let this bloomers sewing tutorial show you how to make Madeleine Mini Bloomers. This fun project includes a bloomers sewing pattern, free of charge. You'll feel feminine and beautiful in this handmade sewn undergarment. With a shirred and elastic waistband and leg openings, this pair of DIY shorts adjusts with your size and movements.

Ruby Red Slip Pattern

Create custom lingerie that perfectly fits your body with this Ruby Red Slip Pattern. This free lingerie sewing pattern is a fantastic way to make a slip that's demure without showing a lot of skin and is a wonderful way to show off your curves in confidence.

The Timeless Bloomers

Take a trip through this sewing tutorial and add The Timeless Bloomers to your closet. Learn the art of refashioning while simultaneously figuring out how to make bloomers for women. Depending on what size shorts you decide to transform, these bloomers can be for yourself or for baby.

Ohh La La: Vintage Sewing Patterns for Men

Women weren't the only ones who experienced radical sartorial changes during the '20s. Pioneers like Coco Chanel also made big jumps in popular 1920s men's fashion, implementing the use of jersey in everyday luxury wear.

1920s style also played with the traditional necktie, updating the look for added length and more interesting designs.

Sadly, it was the last great decade of suspenders as a staple of menswear, but there's no reason the stylish accessory can't make a comeback. Try making DIY suspenders and other sewing projects for men with the 1920s patterns below!

Super Speedy Suspenders

You can add a little pizazz to your man's outfit in a snap. These Super Speedy Suspenders can be made in less than ten minutes. This is a great sewing project for beginners who are looking to make crafts for men. DIY suspenders are simple to produce and take very few materials.

DIY Bow Tie Pattern

With wedding season approaching, make sure your man looks dapper for his upcoming nuptials, prom, or other special occasion with this DIY Bow Tie Pattern. A great DIY gift idea for Father's Day, this sewing pattern for men comes with a printable template for creating your bow tie, and can be made with quilting cotton or more luxurious fabrics like satin, silk, or linen

Father and Son Ties

Sew matching father and son ties for the men in your life using this free sewing craft pattern. This sewing tutorial even shows you how to draft your own 1920s tie pattern.

Father's Day Tie

Make a Father's Day tie with this sewing pattern for men. Homemade gifts mean so much more than store bought, so try this free, easy sewing pattern today!

Handsome Rob Necktie

Neckties are absurdly expensive. Avoid spending a fortune on menswear by making your own with this awesome, easy-as-pie tutorial for a DIY mens' tie! The Handsome Rob Necktie is a snap to make, takes no time at all, and turns just about any Regular Joe into a Handsome Rob.

How to Sew a Bowtie

Bowties are the perfect accessory for that person in your life who loves to add a little flair to their outfits! They are a small way to add personality to your style without going all out. They can be made from almost any cotton or satin fabric!"​​​​​​

Ladies' Night: 1920s Clothing Patterns for Women

Flappers are probably the most famous aspect of 1920s style and for good reason! The drop-waist style completely took over 1920s' women's fashion. Ladies favored a loose, layered look that had a lot of movement.

That's why we had to include some 1920s flapper dress patterns. Though the era is particularly notable for its straight lines, women also favored drop-waist flare skirt and of course the LBD — called the garçonne, or "little boy look."

To make your own vintage and inspired by Coco Chanel dress patterns, check out the tutorials below!

The New Woman's Flapper Dress

If you want to enter a new, personal, fashion era, make The New Woman's Flapper Dress. Chic and cutting edge, you can sew an easy dress that completely revitalizes your wardrobe. Flouncy tiers on this DIY dress add extra movement, while stylish straps reveal just the right amount of skin.

Polka Dot Skirt

This Polka Dot Skirt is a chic addition to any closet! This stylish skirt sewing pattern is flowly, sits higher on the waist and is belted with a bow. It's shape and polka dot print has a vintage fashion feel.

Enchanting Tulle Skirt

Make a skirt that has elegance and a timeless design with this Enchanting Tulle Skirt. As the title suggests, this skirt's tutorial relies on tulle as the primary material. Apart from tulle, however, you'll also learn how to sew a skirt with a satin lining.

Fit for Pemberley Dress

What is it about the Fit for Pemberley Dress that makes it so romantic? It could be the tri-layer skirt or empire waist that this DIY dress sports. Inspired by J.Crew, this homemade dress maintains all the sophistication of professional design without the heavy price tag.

Simple Dress with Tank

Even if you're bored of a top, you can jazz it up to get some extra wear from it. The Simple Dress with Tank Top is a great way to learn how to make your own clothes. Use this sewing tutorial to make a stylish new look. This upcycling method shows you a free easy sewing pattern that will save you a few dollars.

DIY Leather Bow Cuff

By following just a few easy steps, you can create this stylish DIY Leather Bow Cuff. Once you know how to make bracelets, give this cuff a chance to switch things up. It's a great accessory for sprucing up an outfit.

Vintage DIY Cardigan

Get the chic Chanel look for half the price. This Vintage DIY Cardigan craft is crazy easy and simple to create. The final project looks absolutely professional, too. Whether you are looking for a sweater to wear out for the night or something to sport in the office, this short little cardigan can be worn just about anywhere.

Sassy Secretary Upcycled Skirt

This Sassy Secretary Upcycled Skirt is the perfect way to dress office-appropriate with just a little bit of flair. By showing you how to alter a skirt by adding buttons to a plain khaki skirt, this cute piece will stand out. Looking vintage and modern at the same time, this skirt will help you channel your inner Peggy Olson or Joan Holloway.

Versatile Little Black Dress

There's nothing more classic than the LBD. Make the Versatile Little Black Dress and you can rest assured that your outfit will stand out in the crowd. These instructions on how to sew a dress including step-by-step directions. Wear it out for a night on the town or dress it down for a work-appropriate ensemble.

From Head to Toe: DIY Hair Accessories

Headbands had their moment to shine in the 1920s when the suntan became a sign of leisure. Wide-brimmed hats fell out of fashion and these darling headbands became all the rage.

Bring back the look with these adorable DIY hair accessories. Hats are some of the most searched for 1920 fashion patterns because there are so many popular styles.

Birdcage veils, fedoras, headbands, and cloche hats, there's no excuse to leave the house without some sort of accessory atop your noggin.

Flapper Feather Headband

Learn how to make vintage accessories by trying your hand at this Flapper Feather Headband. Done up with feathers and flowers, this DIY headband recalls styles from yesteryear that are still fashionable. Those flappers really knew the tricks behind show-stopping pieces.

Birdcage Veil Tutorial

This classy Birdcage Veil Tutorial will teach you how to make a circular wedding veil. Beautiful and understated, this handmade veil is perfect for brides or anyone sporting a classic look.

Little Gatsby Hat

At the next social gathering when your son walks in donning this Little Gatsby Hat, you'll thank yourself for giving this easy hat pattern a try. For those of you who love to accessorize but don't quite know how to with boys, you might consider learning how to sew a hat like this one.

1920s Cloche Hat Pattern

It’s hard not to love all things vintage, which is why this 1920s Cloche Hat Pattern is just so cute! Learn how to sew a hat that fits tight against your head and comes down low towards the eyebrows – just like they wore them in the Roaring Twenties.

1920s Hearth & Home: DIY Home Decor

These projects are some of the cutest homemade heart-and-home DIY accessories in classic 1920s style. Here are just a few examples of everyday items and garments you'd find in the home of a 1920s fashionista.

This set of 1920s sewing patterns includes doily sewing projects, kitchen crafts, and more. You will love decorating your home in this vintage style.

Plus, it's helpful when you're pinching those pennies. We all know how ridiculously expensive real vintage decor can be, which is why we like to DIY.

These projects are some of the cutest homemade heart-and-home <a href="https://www.allfreesewing.com/Accessories-to-Sew" target="_blank">DIY accessories</a> in classic 1920s style. Here are just a few examples of everyday items and garments you&#39;d find

Doilies are elegant and classic, perfect for 1920s style. Next time you are at an estate sale or resale shop, look for vintage doilies. Then you can make this beautiful artwork for any room in your home. 

Simple Vintage Apron

Not quite a decoration but still perfect for home life. For a look that says chic and sweet, use this apron sewing pattern to make a Simple Vintage Apron. See how to make an apron that looks just like what was worn in the 40s and 50s with your favorite materials and patterns.

Vintage Kitchen Towel Tutorial

Give your modern kitchen a charming vintage twist with this simple tutorial for how to sew a kitchen towel. With this Vintage Kitchen Towel Tutorial, you can create a hanging dish towel using dollar store dish towels and pretty lace and floral trim.

DIY Lace and Tulle Rosettes Tutorial

This is a super easy weekend project for you if you were planning on being crafty. What I want to show you are two fairly easy techniques to make lace and tulle rosettes. As you can see from the pictures, I used these cute rosettes to make rings.

Doily Covered Lamp Shade Tutorial

Create a vintage-inspired piece of home decor that's sure to remind you of simpler days with this refashioning project. This project is a great way to lighten up your living space, and is the perfect country touch to your home, whether you're a farm girl or a city slicker. 

Doily Pin Cushion

This is a great project for beginner sewers. Make the Doily Pin Cushion to use during your sewing adventures. Add some vintage pieces to the cushion to personalize the project. Use these in your sewing room or think outside the box by setting them around the home.

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