How to Make Clothes: 500+ Tutorials for Making Your Own Clothes


How to Make Clothes: 500+ Tutorials for Making Your Own Clothes

Learn how to make your own clothes! This has all of our free clothes sewing patterns on one convenient page.

How to Make Clothes 500 Tutorials for Making Your Own Clothes

One of the main reasons sewists turn to this exciting and rewarding hobby is that they want to learn how to make clothes. When you learn how to make your own clothes, you have the kind of control over your wardrobe and style that no one else does.

Here at AllFreeSewing, we have HUNDREDS of free sewing patterns for making your own clothes. You could easily learn how to make clothes to fill your entire wardrobe with these gorgeous ideas.

How to Make Clothes: 500+ Tutorials for Making Your Own Clothes has any tutorial you will ever want. While the rest of the world wears the skirts and dresses they bought at the same ten to twelve stores, you get to twirl in unique free dress patterns.

But where will you start? Lucky for you, the editors have decided to round up all of our how to make clothing patterns into one magnificent list.

Whether you need patterns for making your own clothes, want to know how to sew clothes for your baby, or even want a pair of pants for your man, we have the free sewing patterns you have been seeking out!

Scroll down to find hundreds of collections and tutorials that will ensure that making your own clothes is easy, fun, and comes with fabulous results.

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Shirt Sewing Patterns

We're starting from the top (literally) with this massive list of how to make clothes tutorials. While DIY dress patterns are fun for special occasions or even day-to-day wear, sometimes you just want to wear separates.

This list of our favorite shirt sewing collections contains everything from DIY hoodies for fall and winter to comfy and stylish tank tops and tees from warmer weather.

When you are making your own clothes, these are some of the first free sewing patterns you are going to want to check out! Take a look at these gorgeous and easy how to sew clothes tutorials for DIY tops, tanks, sweatshirts, and more.

DIY Sweatshirt Ideas: 36 Sweatshirt Patterns

Learn how to make a hoodie to keep you warm all winter and how to make sweatshirts that make great spring and fall jackets. You are going to love making your own clothes when they are this comfy.

28+ Summer Top Sewing Patterns

Show off those arms with these how to sew shirts tutorials. Whether you're packing for a tropical getaway or sewing a date night top, this collection has a summer top for you! When the sun shines, you will be grateful that you have learned how to make clothes that show some skin.

40+ Free Jacket Sewing Patterns

We know that buying can be expensive, especially for kids who seem to grow out of them every year. Use free sewing patterns to make jackets for your whole family. There’s no need to spend a ton of money to make sure you keep warm!

34 Free Tunic Sewing Patterns

Tunics are a great way to learn how to make clothes because they are simple to sew and always fashionable. Timeless, comfy, and oh-so-vogue, these patterns will not go out of style.

33 Fab Free Shirt Sewing Patterns

Find even more free shirt patterns in this collection of tops to sew. Look stunning in everything from bell sleeved beauties to terrific tank tops when you sew through this adorable collection. You will love wearing these!

How to Sew Shorts and Pants

In addition to making your own clothes with t-shirt and top patterns, you are going to want to learn how to sew bottoms, too! From summer shorts patterns that are perfect for hot weather to ways to sew and take in pants, these DIY bottom patterns are your solution to designing chic and fashion-forward shorts and pants.

We've even thrown in a few kids' patterns as well! Learn how to make clothes like DIY pants and DIY shorts with these tutorials. Making your own clothes is a beneficial skill for the whole family, especially perfectly-tailored bottoms.

40+ Free Shorts Patterns (to Sew)

Make your own clothes for summer with these smart shorts ideas. Whether you are making the perfect pair of cut-offs or learning how to sew full patterns like Bermuda shorts, you will love these free shorts sewing patterns.

38 Free Sewing Patterns for Pants

If you are not into showing some leg, you can learn how to sew pants instead. From denim jeans to office-friendly trousers, this collection has every pant style you could want. You can't learn to make your own clothes without sewing some pants!

Free Dress Patterns (and Skirts)

There's nothing as elegant as a beautifully fitted dress that makes you feel as confident as you look. Free skirt patterns and patterns for sewing dresses are some of our most popular sewing patterns.

Our readers cannot get enough of learning how to make clothes that are feminine and fancy. Learn how to sew your own clothes for any event when you make one of these DIY skirts or DIY dresses.

From summer maxi dress patterns to free skirt patterns that are perfect for the office or dinner out, these fashionable sewing patterns have classic, modern, and eclectic vibes, so that you can easily find a dress or skirt that matches your own personal style.

35+ Free Skirt Sewing Patterns

With everything from flirtatious, frilly skirts to sleek pencil skirts, this massive list of free skirt patterns is sure to hold your next sewing project. With so many chic options, you won't be able to pick just one! Sew as many as you want.

30+ Maxi Dress Patterns + Maxi Skirts to Sew

Hello, sunshine! And hello, brand new skirt or dress. Breathable, light, and positively gorgeous, these flowing free dress patterns and free skirt patterns are perfect for warm weather. Want something convertible? Many of them are great for cooler days too!

75+ Free Dress Patterns for Sewing

Our readers are obsessed with this page and you can see why. It is dresses as far as the eye can see. This is one of our biggest collections of dresses to sew.

17+ Pencil Skirt Patterns

Making your own clothes can mean learning how to sew your own clothes for interviews and fancier events. Pencil skirts are perfect for important occasions.

Specialty Women's Sewing Patterns

In addition to skirt and dress patterns, learning how to make your own clothes includes some other miscellaneous patterns. Find the prettiest DIY maternity clothes to sew 

We've also compiled our list of stylish DIY maternity clothes for fashion-forward mommies-to-be, as well as our reader favorite list of figure-flattering sewing patterns, so that you can stylish no matter what you wear. Check out these how to sew clothes for women that you might need one day.

23 Maternity Clothes Sewing Patterns

If you are an expecting mommy, none of your old clothes are going to fit. Learn how to make your own clothes while you wait for your precious bundle of joy, and you can still be a trendsetter for all 9 months of your pregnancy.

25+ Fabulous Free Plus Size Sewing Patterns

Don't settle for the small selection of clothes at the mall and design some stunning pieces for your wardrobe with our list of free plus size clothing patterns. We love the following patterns because even if they aren't necessarily modeled or made for plus sizes, they have the ability to be made larger without losing the effect they were designed to achieve.

Vintage Clothing Patterns to Sew

When you learn how to create your own clothes, vintage designs are sure to be on most people's minds. There's something about that retro look and feel of clothing that many sewists want to learn and wear again. With all of these collections featuring tutorials for making your own clothes with vintage touches, you're going to find what you're looking for.

Whether you're on the hunt for a Halloween costume for yourself, your partner, children, or friends or you simply have affection for eras past, all of these free vintage sewing patterns will help you out. There's even a free eBook to download with 11 PDFs in one place. 

11 Vintage Patterns: How to Sew Retro-Inspired Clothing for Ladies Free eBook

If you love vintage sewing patterns, then there's no question: you need to download this free sewing eBook. You will look straight out of the Swinging Sixties when you learn how to make your own clothes with vintage ideas.

17 Free Victorian Sewing Patterns

Lovely lace, delicate trims, faux fur, and elegant home decor make this collection of Victorian sewing projects irresistible for the vintage-loving sewist. Bring the sophistication of the 1800s to your clothing and home with these debonair patterns.

30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love

The Roaring Twenties are a fashion era that has never lost its style. If you’re still obsessed with flapper dresses, sequins, feathers, and dapper male fashions, then you need to check out this classic collection!

20 Free 1930s Sewing Patterns

The 1930s may be marked by the Great Depression, but there’s nothing depressing about these cozy, nostalgic, and budget-friendly sewing tutorial! Learn all about ‘30s fashion trends in the comprehensive guide historians adore.

28 1940s Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

If you love vintage fashion, then you'll fall in love with this collection of DIY clothing inspired by the 1940s. Dress up in the clothes of Hollywood's Golden Age, as well as fun pin-up inspired looks and WWII military-style fashion.

32 1970s Free Sewing Patterns

Relaxed, far-out, and filled with flower power, the 1970s was an era of fashion every boho-lover wants to relive. Give your wardrobe an earthy, colorful, and playful update with these ‘70s-inspired sewing patterns. You’ll find everything from maxi dresses to bell sleeve tops in this collection.

45+ Free Vintage Sewing Patterns

Are you a vintage vixen? Then you’ll adore this list of vintage sewing patterns! Deck yourself from head to toe in timeless patterns that will have you looking like a retro fashion model. You won’t have to spend hours thrifting for a classic look.

How to Make Clothes for Babies and Kids

Babies and kids need clothes too! If your little ones go through new clothes constantly, then you're in the right place. Learn how to make your own clothes for the whole family when you check out these free baby sewing patterns and homemade clothes for kids ideas.

We've included some fun and girly patterns that your little princess is guaranteed to love, as well as easy sewing projects for boys and babies. Kid’s clothing can be expensive. Save some money by making your own.

18 Baby Onesie Sewing Patterns That are the Cutest Ever

Nothing is more important to a baby’s wardrobe than onesies. Comfortable, flexible, and snuggle-friendly, onesies fulfill all of your baby's needs while still keeping him cozy. Learn how to make a onesie with this adorable list.

50+ Free Girl Clothes Patterns for Sewing

Does your little girl like to pretend that she's a princess? If so, then she probably loves swirly twirly dresses, and this list of free clothing patterns for girls has plenty of those! From tank tops to tutus, this pattern list has everything.

Sewing for Boys: 17+ DIY Clothing Ideas That He'll Love

When you're looking to give your kids a closet update, don’t forget about your dapper little man! Learn how to sew clothes for the little dude in your life with this collection, and he'll be fashionable from the playground to Grandma's house.

18+ DIY Baby Clothes to Sew

Looking for even more DIY clothes ideas to keep your little bundle of joy bundled in joy? With free baby skirt patterns, sweater tutorials, and onesie walk-throughs, this list of baby clothes ideas has a piece to sew for each of your little ones.

Unique How to Make Clothes Ideas

And we have even more! These collections of how to sew clothes tutorials show you how to make your own clothes in a variety of ways. From how to make underwear ideas (we have a ton!) to pajama patterns, these exciting and unique lists will help you fill in any gap you might have in your own wardrobe.

We've also included lists of some hard to find patterns, such as DIY swimwear for the whole family, and special occasion sewing projects for prom and wedding season, so that no matter where you are, you'll always look good.

Make Your Own Lingerie: How to Make Underwear + Bras

Learn how to make clothes you wear every day by making your own undergarments. From fixing bras to free underwear patterns, this collection is a must-have.

19+ Vest Sewing Patterns

Love to layer? Learn how to do it right with these sleek, stylish, and stunning vest ideas for the entire family. There's nothing like slipping on a cozy vest on a crisp autumn morning!

15+ Free Bathing Suit Sewing Patterns & Cover-Ups

If it is time to hit the beach or the pool, you are going to need a swimsuit. Why not look like a beach babe wherever you go without having to spend hours trying on bikinis? Learn how to make a summer-ready swimsuit with these ideas.

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I love using sheets for sewing my own clothing. There is plenty of fabric, its soft, preshrunk, and just move the pattern around areas that are spotted or torn, and place in best areas of the sheet. Great for sewing nightgowns, tops to wear around the house, even make pillowcases, kids clothes, stuffed animals, and the lace can be taken off and used on pillowcases, girls dresses, etc . The best part is no sizing or formaldehyde on the fabric to get rid of before sewing. Upcycle, recycle, love cotton sheets.

Love to see my daughters face light up when I have made her a dress or outfit just like one she saw in a store or online and wanted.

I love sewing my own clothes because I know they will fit perfectly and are unique!

I know my outfit will be one of a kind!

Individuality and perfect fit

seeing a project through from the first find of the item, finding the perfect material and then working through the project..... is very self fulfilling

Being able to get a perfect fit.

This is my new favorite website because it gives me so many options to make my own bags and clothes. I love having unique pieces in the patterns I love.

Have the clothing of the right size and be comfortable wearing it. It's a big deal for me since I am back doing sewing after about 15 years of hiatus.

When I make my own clothes, I have the advantage to customise a pattern so that what I make is unique and one of a kind.

I sew my own clothes because I get exactly what I want and the fit is perfect.

I like sewing my own clothes because I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that I can accomplish making something different than others have.

I like sewing my own clothes because I can make them one of a kind. No one has the same as I do. I can alter a pattern to the way that I like it, add to it or take away from it. That is the fabulous part about sewing. The dress that you see me wearing in the pic here, I made. It was a Halloween costume.

Thanks for sharing such amazing information about sewing clothes and saving money. It really helps me because I'm thinking about sewing clothes for my family.

What a great collection of ideas for making your own clothes. Budget friendly is always the best way to go when you're trying to save some money. This list has some of the coolest refashioning, making your own patterns and reusing some pieces like pillows to get fabric.

Growing up my mother sewed and made some of her clothes to save money. I am so thankful she taught me some of her trick to help me now that I am making some of my own clothes

Since I started making clothes for my dolls at a young age I've always dreamed of making my own. Fast forward to now and I have just landed on a collection that includes almost every clothing item. Thanks for making this, all I need is just one click away. I hope you could make one of these for fabrics.

Wow! awesome stuff and i already understood schooll. Anyway, what do you think for the image gallery about Indonesian batik fabrics are very beautiful http// . Thankiss

Hi I want to learn stitching.I don't know .Please help me.How can i start

I recommend checking out some tutorials on youtube. Those can be really helpful since you can SEE how to do it. I know AllFreeSewing has a great youtube channel here. Maybe start there? https//

http// == 53P1433390336926.jpg........ would your please help me to make this and other shirts

My mother is passing on her talents in sewing to me and teaching me t alter patterns so I can create my own style

Fit...Fit...Fit...It is all about the fit! Fit is paramount and I love my clothes to fit me well. I love to design a well-fitted garment that will make me look and feel like a million bucks - and that is priceless!

Oh I agree so much. Store bought clothes never fit me. It's like... why even bother LOL!

Pairing a beautiful fabric/pattern with a beautiful pattern made just for you, is a very personal choice that speaks volumes about the person sewing and wearing his/her creation.

My favorite part of making my own clothes is that they actually FIT. No gaping buttons, no awkward pulling anywhere...the tailoring is perfectly to me )

My favorite thing about making my own clothes is having something unique. Whether it is an applique, or a detail of my own, or an interesting fabric, it is a one-of-a-kind creation.

My favorite part of making my own clothes is designing them. I can have a modest length and fit and not have to wear what someone else decides is popular.

Being able to make changes to the pattern so it is uniquely mine.

The only clothes I have every loved are those that I have made myself.

I want to learn how may own cloths. I can never find the right size for my body

My favorite part of making my own clothes is making a one of kind garment that is unique and a reflection of my style!

My favorite part is being able to have the exact color and pattern that I want in my clothes.

Not having to try it on in store!

My favorite part of making my own clothes is looking for and finding that perfect material that suits my style.

Everything offered is so helpful. Such a great assortment of items to make and the simplicity of making them. Nice to have items that fit and look so professional. Videos are helpful and enlightening.

My favorite part is being able to make it fit. With ready made clothes, the sleeves are too tight and long and with a tank the arm holes are too small if the bust fits.

Proper fitting plus size. That's a reason for me.

I love selecting the fabrics and colors, along with patterns that reflect my personal taste and style.

I love being able to adjust different parts of a pattern to fit like it should.

You can make the clothes fit your body.

I love the videos and tips, very helpful and useful! Thank you!

My favourite part about sewing my own clothes is the FIT. I can customize the size to fit me and feel comfortable in my clothes.

Very useful. I love the idea of making your own pattern.

Amazing tips! Thanks for sharing these.

These tutorials are so helpful and fun! Thank you so much for sharing!

Thank you for the lovely shout out! These are fun to sew up!


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