Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets (Printable!)


Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets (Printable!)

Print out our sewing lines on paper PDFs and get better at sewing with a machine. Our free sewing machine worksheets provide lots of lines and shapes to sew.

Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets

The only way to improve skills is to practice, practice, practice!

Sewing worksheets provide excellent sewing practice for beginners. Though, these sheets are also helpful for sewists of any skill level who might be out of practice with a machine.

Instead of wasting fabric, using paper is a brilliant way to perfect your methods and movements. Looking for hand sewing practice? Check out our Hand Sewing Practice Sheets PDFs.

Sewing machines make fast work of projects but without patience and steady hands, you won't have the kind of stitching you're looking to produce.

It's similar to "measure twice, cut once." Although you can always unpick stitches, that's unpleasant, time-consuming, and sometimes ruins your fabric. It's best to get it right the first time. That's where these printable sewing practice worksheets come in handy!

No ruining or wasting fabric. These free six sheets have all sorts of lines and designs to help you perfect your machine skills.

There are beginner-friendly lines, curves, and angles along with more advanced lines and curves for those who want a challenge.

Note: Some of the curved lines will be easier to sew with a foot attachment. A walking foot or something similar will help you achieve those quickly curving lines.

Image shows a sewn practice sheet with three spools of thread to the right of the sheet.

Free Sewing Machine Worksheets: Overview

Before you download, let's discuss what you're getting! We wanted this set of paper sewing practice sheets to have as many details as possible so that, as soon as you perfect your practice, you are ready to sew fabric. That's why there are six unique pages!

Sheet 1: This is an advanced sheet that includes smaller, more difficult practice designs. You'll find advanced lines, advanced angles, and advanced curves to practice. A foot attachment is recommended.

Sheet 2: This is a beginner sheet that has simple lines that are evenly spaced.

Sheet 3: This is a beginner sheet that has simple beginner angles with both corners and V shapes, both of which are important to master.

Sheet 4: This is a beginner sheet for angles that has a shape within a shape. The larger shape is a simple star. Inside the star, a simple triangle. Both of these shapes will help you practice sharp V turns.

Sheet 5: This is a beginner sheet for curves. Again, a shape within a shape but for this page, it's a large circle with a smaller circle inside. This will help you sew curves with more and less space. A foot attachment is recommended.

Sheet 6: This is another beginner sheet for curves. With five curved shapes, these range from simple curvy lines to more advanced loops that involve turning. A foot attachment is recommended.

You can see the preview of all the sheets right below.

Images shows the six machine practice sheets.

How to Print the PDFs

Printing is easy for these PDFs! If you're not familiar with printing PDFs, here's the step-by-step, along with a few tips.

  1. Click the red button in the next section that says, "Click to Download Sewing Machine Practice Sheets!" P.S. Make sure you know the location of your download.
  2. Find and open the PDF.
  3. Click the "Print File" button, choose the printer, choose how many copies you want, make any additional adjustments needed for personal preference, and click the "Print" button.
  4. Set up your machine.
  5. Place the sheets under your machine presser foot and start sewing!
  -  If you want to print only one or a few of the sheets, adjust your printer settings. Under "Pages to Print" you will want to select "Pages" and put the specific page number(s) you want to print.

  -  Using a slightly thicker paper type will help the stability of these practice sheets. Cardstock or resume paper are both great choices. Keep in mind the thickness that your printer can handle.

  -  The default printer settings do not need to be adjusted unless desired. It should print the same in "Fit" or "Actual Size".

  -  No need to use color inks for this! Print in grayscale to save ink.

  -   For larger shapes, adjust the "Custom Scale" size. Note that doing this may leave some cut off.

  -   Alternatively, for larger designs, feel free to use a cropping tool to cut out certain shapes/lines and then print separately and at the size you want.

Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets

Image shows a sewing machine practice sheet.

Want More?

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How did you first learn to sew on a sewing machine?
If just learning, what do you want to make first?
Let us know in the comments!

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Thank you for the FREE printables. I look forward to using the sheets to guide my not yet existent FMQ skills.

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