46+ Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Accessories


46+ Free Doll Clothes Patterns & Accessories

Treat your granddaughter to some free doll dress patterns, along with every other piece of clothing, and accessories too!


46 Free Doll Clothes Patterns

Dolls are extremely important for girls (and boys!) to have when they're growing up. Teaching them valuable lessons about empathy, responsibility, and caring for others, dolls are an integral part of child education.

Not only are dolls good for child development, but they're also fun to have around! Your kids will always have a best friend to talk to and dress up when they have a favorite doll.

However, buying clothes and accessories for dolls can be expensive. That's where our collection of 46+ Free Doll Clothes Patterns and DIY Accessories comes in!

These doll clothes patterns are easy to make and can make up an entire wardrobe for your dolls or your child's dolls. DIY accessories, like backpacks and sleeping bags, will enhance your child's imagination but cost you next to nothing! In fact, most of these patterns can be made with whatever scraps you have lying around the house.

Whether your child has an 18-inch doll like an American Girl Doll, a baby doll, or a Barbie doll, there are free doll clothes patterns for all of them below.

Dress up your child's dolls for Halloween, slumber parties, or for just a regular day on the town with these darling doll clothes patterns.

You'll have a blast sewing these clothes for your little one's little one. Even better, these clothes and accessories make fantastic gifts for loved ones with dolls of any kind! Be sure to keep these patterns in mind for future holidays and events.

With these free doll clothes patterns, you can learn how to sew blankets, how to sew doll carriers, and how to make a ton of other fun stuff to accessorize and stylize your little one's favorite companion.

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Doll Dress Patterns

Fun, frilly, flouncy, and free, dresses are just what little girls need to be active and look adorable. Now you can sew DIY doll dresses so that your daughter's doll can join in on the frolicking shenanigans whether they're enjoying the spring weather or out to dinner.

No matter the occasion, there's a doll dress pattern for it! No matter how old you are, it's always fun to play dress-up, and these free American Girl doll clothes patterns provide stunning and unique outfits every little girl will love.

Lacy Dress DIY Doll Clothes

The delicate eyelet pattern is a sweetheart detail your daughter will fall in love with at first sight! Intricate and feminine, this dress will make your daughter's doll look like a springtime fashion model.

Sweet Summery Doll Dress Pattern

The ribbon halter of this dress is positively stunning, and it makes getting the garment on and off a breeze. This shift dress will be your doll's go-to piece for every sunny day.

Swoon-Worthy DIY Doll Clothes

With a floral flounce and feminine tank top design, this dress is exactly what your doll needs to turn heads! There's no better sundress for gorgeous spring days.

Glamorous Gown Doll Dress Pattern

When your daughter and her doll are invited to an upscale event, dress them to the nines using this stunning pattern! Weddings, dinners, and nights out are no match for this high fashion.

Kit's Sweater Dress

Featuring a sleek, stretchy sweater fit, this dress is positively darling on any doll. Make it as long as your daughter desires for a cozy and couture style your doll will rock anywhere from playdates to a trip to the park!

Super Versatile Doll Dress Pattern

From pajamas to a cute day dress, you can use this design to whip up several original outfits for your little one's favorite companion. You'll only need one doll sewing pattern after finding this pattern!

Doll Pillowcase Dress

You won't need any brand-new fabric to make this free doll clothes pattern, as it shows you how to make a pillowcase dress for a doll. This is designed especially to be an American Girl Doll Clothes pattern, but you could easily size it down for a smaller doll.

Easy Doll Dress Tutorial

Learning how to make doll clothes is a great way to use up scraps, because they are small projects with big impacts! Your girl is going to love when you make this free doll clothes pattern for her.

Doll Shirt Patterns

Shirts are the ideal accessory for anyone (or any doll!) who wants to look stylish while on the go. Your daughter will love mixing and matching these DIY doll tops and practicing her fashion skill. Soon enough, she'll be choosing her own outfits to look just as trendy as her small best friend!

After all, it's no secret that doll clothes can get expensive, so there's no reason to spend a ton of money on store-bought 18-inch doll clothes when you can use these tutorials to learn how to make doll clothes that as beautiful as those purchased from the store.

Baby Doll Clothes Tutorial

If your child's favorite little friend is looking dingy, consider giving it a makeover with some brand-new doll clothes patterns. This smart and fun tutorial shows you how to make clothing to fit dolls of several sizes.

Doll Button Tunic

With a two-buttoned collar and breezy tank top design, this DIY top goes with any outfit! This sweet summertime piece is something your daughter will want for herself.

Romper Doll Clothes Pattern

The frilly flounce on this doll romper makes this top positively precious! Two ribbon ties on either shoulder make getting it on and off a piece of cake.

Doll Tank Top and Shorts

Doll clothes aren't just for girls! If your little boy wants to dress up his dolls in handsome tanks, then this simple personalizable pattern is just what your sewing list needs.

American Girl Doll Knit Shirt

This printable pattern makes it easy to create a cute shirt for any 18-inch doll. The shirt can be any color or pattern to match the rest of the doll's wardrobe.

Doll Pants Patterns & Doll Skirt Patterns

Whether you're dressing for the office or want to turn heads at an evening party, this collection of doll pants tutorials and skirt patterns will have your doll looking couture in no time! You don't have to choose between sleek trousers and laid-back jeans.

Sew one of each for a complete doll wardrobe your little girl will thank you for. Supplement your collection with these doll clothes patterns for pants, pajamas, and outfits. Making outfits for your doll is easier than you think, and a whole lot less expensive, too.

Work Pants DIY Doll Clothes

These sleek trousers are just what any career-focused little miss needs to rock a day at the office. When your daughter's doll is put to work, give her the elegant gear she needs. 

Boutique Doll Pants Pattern

Wide pant flares make this adorable pattern both cozy and funky. This piece can be made in less than an hour and with less than half a yard of fabric.

American Girl-Inspired Jeans and Skirt Pattern

Every girl needs her trusty pair of jeans! These classic pants can be dressed up with a frilly blouse or dressed down with a graphic tee.

Lacy DIY Doll Clothes

This glamorous lace skirt is made from an old doily, so you don't have to spend a single cent on new fabric! Your daughter's doll can look couture at almost no cost.

Mini, Midi, Maxi Skirt Pattern for American 18 Inch Doll

This is an American doll skirt sewing pattern, with directions to sew it as a mini, midi or maxi skirt. This is an easy project, which can be tried by a beginner sewist. 

Doll Jacket Patterns

When the weather gets chilly outside, it's important to stay warm. However, this doesn't mean you have to look like a marshmallow from October to March! These sweet and cozy DIY doll jacket tutorials will have your doll snug as can be while also looking stylish.

For little girls, few things are more magical than playing with their favorite companions when they're all dressed up in cute doll outfits, especially if they're on the move and their doll needs a jacket or bouncing their way through playtime.

Medieval Doll Cape Free Sewing Pattern

If your daughter's doll is as much of a princess as she is, then she should show it! This pattern will have her looking like royalty in no time.

Fat Quarter DIY Doll Clothes

To finish off a professional look, your doll is going to need an equally sleek jacket. This simple fat quarter jacket will use up all of your pesky scraps while looking like it costs a fortune.

Doll Cardigan Sewing Pattern

Whether your doll is off to yoga class or trying to get cozy on chilly days, this cardigan is exactly what she needs! You can whip up this chill pattern in minutes.

Sporty Doll Clothing Patterns

Building a healthy, active lifestyle is something every little girl should practice from the get-go. Help her build confidence in every sport she wants to try by giving her friend a matching ensemble!

From the ice rink to the pool, your daughter and her doll will be ready to move and shake. This list of tutorials is chock full of fun, fabulous, and inexpensive free doll clothes patterns but we really love these unique sports outfits that are sure to light up your little girl's eyes.

Karate Doll Clothes Pattern

From white-belts to black-belts, this karate pattern is just the thing for any doll looking to practice her kung fu skill. You don't have to be a sewing sensei to master this simple project.

American Girl Ice Skating Uniform Sewing Pattern

Your doll will skate circles around the competition when she's decked in this chill-glam ice skating uniform. First, to the sewing machine; next stop: the Olympics!

Doll Bikini Sewing Pattern

From backstroke to butterfly, these bikinis will have your doll making a splash at the beach this summer. Hitting the waves has never been so stylish!

Beachy American Girl Doll Clothes

This adorable project helps you sew up a hooded towel for an American Girl Doll and is easily customized with different towel colors and ribbons.

Darling DIY Doll Swimsuit and Leotard

Let your daughter’s doll join in on swim class or gymnastics practice with this doll swimsuit. Stretchable and easy to put on, this free pattern doesn’t require any zippers, buttons, or Velcro.

Free Doll Apron Patterns

If your daughter is your favorite mealtime sous chef, then she'll love bringing her doll to join in the cooking fun. These darling apron designs will keep her doll spotless no matter how many splatters or spills happen.

Like other quick and easy sewing projects, these tutorials offer free doll apron patterns that are perfect to take on when you've got a few spare minutes. The beauty of these projects, too, is they don't require much fabric, either! Scrapbusters for sure.

Free Apron Pattern for a Doll

The sweet scalloped edge of this free apron pattern will have your doll looking like the sweetest star chef there ever was! The best part? This pattern only takes 15 minutes to sew.

Itty Bitty Apron Sewing Pattern

Your daughter's doll will whip up cookbook-worthy, 5-star meals when dressed in this apron. A girly flared trim ensures that this apron design takes the cake.

Doll Sleeping Bags, Nightgowns, & More

There's no better way to ensure that you have a stellar day than by starting it off with a good night's sleep. Whether your daughter is snug in her own room or spending the night at a friend's, her doll will be prepared.

Make sure she and her doll get much-needed shut-eye with these cozy sleeping patterns. Make homemade doll clothes for bedtime along with everything they need for a restful evening. It's so incredible that this many unique doll patterns are available for free!

Dollar Store Doll Clothes Patterns

If your daughter is bringing her doll along for slumber parties, she should be dressed for the occasion! This dollar store dress is made from a scrap piece of fleece and is ridiculously comfortable to wear.

Lua Sleep Sack for Dolls

Your little girl's baby doll will sleep straight through the night when tucked in this snug sleep sack. Since it's printable, this pattern is a breeze to sew!

Sleep Tight Barbie Bed

Your doll will be able to sleep soundly wherever she goes, from car rides to resorts, when she's tucked in this Barbie bed. It even rolls up for easy storage when sleeping time is over.

American Girl DIY Doll Blanket

There's nothing better than being tucked in tight before a deep night's sleep. Now your daughter's doll can sleep cozily with this pom pom-trimmed reversible bed comforter, perfect for beginner sewists!

Quilted Doll Quilt Pattern

Not only will this Doll Quilt keep your daughter's doll snug all night long, but it will also give your daughter's bedroom a decor update! When's the last time your kids' toys did that for your home decor?

Doll Patchwork Quilt Pattern

Feeding her, rocking her, and putting her to sleep — your daughter tends to her doll's every need. Now you can make your little girl an accessory that will help her take care of her baby with this quilt pattern!

AG-Inspired Doll Sleeping Bag

American Girl can be expensive, so this fun doll accessory is a budget-friendly way to treat your little one. You can even make a full-sized sleeping bag so that she can match her favorite doll. Pick out a pretty print and get ready to start sewing with this DIY doll project.

Doll Costume Patterns

It doesn't matter if it's Halloween or impromptu dress-up time; when your little girl wants to deck herself in kooky, clever, or cute costumes, her doll should be able to dress up, too. With this adorable collection of DIY doll costumes, your little girl can play make-believe anywhere from the doctor's office to wizarding school!

Get your child's best friend ready to go on a hike or get ready to relax for a luxurious spa day! There are vintage designs, too, which is always fun when playing dress-up. She'll be ready for Halloween or any playdate that includes costumes or a fancy dress theme.

Harry Potter-Inspired Doll Sewing Pattern

Whether your daughter is an avid Harry Potter reader or a fan of the movies, she'll adore this Hogwarts student costume for her doll. There's never been a costume that's more magical!

Scout's Honor Doll Clothes Pattern

Now your daughter can share her Girl Scout activities (and badges!) with her best friend with this pattern! You'll find the perfect outfit whether your daughter is a Daisy, Brownie, or Cadette.

Scrubs Doll Clothes Patterns

If your daughter has dreams of becoming a doctor when she grows up, then she'll love exploring her interests with this doll scrubs pattern. Saving lives has never looked so good.

Anna-Inspired Doll Dress Pattern

Your little girl will love dressing her doll up as her favorite Disney princess using this free Frozen-inspired doll dress pattern. There doesn't have to be a snowstorm outside for this Anna dress pattern to keep your daughter's doll looking cool.

American Girl Inspired Colonial Doll Outfit

This colonial outfit is perfect for American Girl fans, especially if they can't get enough of Felicity, and it comes with instructions for making the skirt, apron, mop cap, and more. This doll clothes tutorial is a fantastic way to make some designer inspired doll clothes for a fraction of the cost.

Prima Ballerina Doll Ballet Outfit

This DIY doll clothes tutorial shows you how to create a leotard, tutu, and leg warmers for your doll, meaning she'll be completely prepared to hit the ballet studio in style.

Girlie Spa Wrap for Dolls

The Girlie Spa Wrap for Dolls is identical to the Girlie Spa Wrap by this designer, but it allows a pampered little girl to give the same treatment to her doll! This is one of those easy sewing projects that will last as long as the doll does.

Doll Bag Patterns

If your daughter brings her doll wherever she goes, then they should both have a DIY purse to tote around. Your daughter will love accessorizing with these handy and cute school-ready bags, perfect to carry everything from homework to books to a drawing pad.

Obviously it's tough for kids to go back to school after summer vacation or winter break but when their doll is all prepared and excited to go back, your child will be, too! It won't really matter if the doll stays for "homeschooling" or gets to go with.

Mini Messenger Bag Sewing Pattern

Perfect for back-to-school season, this pattern is a cute and handy accessory that only takes minutes to make! Customize the pattern to match your doll's first-day outfit, and she'll be at the top of the class in no time.

How to Make a Doll Backpack

Your doll will never forget her homework when it's packed in this darling backpack design! You only need a few scraps to get top marks on this simple pattern.

Make a Doll Sized Shopping Bag

Learn to make a doll-sized shopping bag from felt, jute, and thread. This post features a free pattern and an 8-step tutorial to teach you how to make this fun accessory.

Doll Accessories to Make

You have all of the doll essentials, from insanely cute ensembles to slumber party equipment, but there's still more doll sewing tutorials to explore! No doll collection is complete without these handy patterns. Your daughter will love taking her doll around the neighborhood after you sew these fun sewn accessories.

Learn how to make doll clothes accessories that are short, sweet, and super easy. After all, our designs don't simply stop at free doll clothes patterns - you can fashion a fashionable way for your little munchkin to carry her doll with her anywhere she goes with these tutorials. Learn how to sew doll carriers as well as how to sew doll blankets and many other fun additions to the plethora of doll accessories. 

How to Make Doll Socks

Whether she's getting cozy at home or wants to add schoolgirl flair to her outfit, these simple doll socks are just what your doll needs! You can have these precious booties in less than five minutes.

Baby Doll Carrier for Toddlers

You'll never have to worry about your daughter dropping or leaving her favorite doll behind when it's strapped to her body in this adorable doll carrier. Hands-free and comfy, this accessory is a must-have for any little girl.

Darling Doll Stroller Liner

When your little girl wants to bring her doll with her wherever she goes, make it easy on her with this stroller liner! Your daughter will love pushing her baby doll around town in this handy (and cute!) pattern.

American Girl DIY Infinity Scarf

This American Girl DIY Infinity Scarf is a simple tutorial that shows you how to use your fabric scraps to create a one-of-a-kind scarf that's a great project for beginners.

How to Make a Doll Carrier

Learn how to make a DIY doll pattern accessory when you check out this adorable sewn toy pattern. This is a great gift for a kiddo who has a favorite doll or even a stuffed animal that they cannot put down.

How to Sew a Neck Band for Doll Clothes

This tip will help your doll clothes look neat, flawless, and professional. Plus, it will save you time and won't cause you frustration. Your little girl will love the way her doll's clothes look if you try this nifty technique.

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