What Size Am I? & Other Sizing Woes Solved


What Size Am I? & Other Sizing Woes Solved

Learn how to take your measurements and other helpful techniques with the printable guide every woman should have.

What Size Am I and Other Sizing Woes Solved
What Size Am I and Other Sizing Woes Solved

Stepping into a store and trying on clothes can be confusing and mind-boggling. Sizing is a science that no one can truly master, especially since stores and pattern makers all have very different ideas about what each size looks like.

In some stores, you might wear size 12 while in other stores you might slip into a 10 or struggle to pull on a 14. It can leave you wondering time and time again “What size am I?”

The answer is probably one you won’t love.

You are several different sizes. While standards exist in the US for sizes, they are extremely loose. This is true for sewing patterns, as well. While I cannot personally answer the question, “what size am I?” for myself and certainly do not know what size you are, I can offer some tips and tricks, helpful charts, and tutorials to help you find a way to make your clothes fit just right.

With handy information on how to take your measurements and things to look out for during the clothes-buying process, this printable guide is a must-have for every woman, sewist or not. What Size Am I? & Other Sizing Woes Solved is here to help you wade through the jungle of getting your clothes to fit perfectly!

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Table of Contents

5 Quick Tips and Tricks
What Size Am I?: How to Find Out
International Sizing
More Clothing Sewing Tutorials

5 Quick Tips and Tricks

Before you dive into the know-how of learning how to measure yourself, it's important to keep a few things in mind. These five quick tips will give you indispensable insight into sewing clothes, sizing types, selecting sizes in stores, and online clothes shopping. With these handy tricks in mind, you'll be selecting perfectly sized pieces in no time!

  1. Remember that sizing changes from store to store. Many stores use sizing as a ploy to get you to buy clothing. They will label larger sizes as smaller, trying to trick you into a confidence-boosting shopping spree. This is called vanity sizing and it has been going on since the 1930s.

  2. When you are ordering online, many clothing stores have sizing charts. Be sure to use them to measure yourself before purchasing anything.

  3. Everyone has found that Cinderella pair of pants, dress, shirt, or skirt that fits them just perfectly. If you like to sew for yourself, use this piece as a guide. You can easily trace shirts and even jeans to create your very own pattern.

  4. Take into account that sizes come in many different varieties. They are differentiated between Juniors, Misses, Womens, Tall, Petite, etc. All of these factors play into what “size” a manufacturer deems a piece.

  5. In a lot of stores, you can easily ask the staff “What size am I?” and they can help you figure it out. They know the clothing very well. It is their job, and their expertise can be life-changing for your style.

What Size Am I?: How to Find Out

Use these helpful charts to help determine exactly what size you are in accordance to standards around the world. Keep in mind that vanity sizing, or size inflation, means that these charts may not be entirely accurate for every store.

  1. How to Take Your Own Measurements

    Remember: When you are taking your measurements, let the tape measure hang loosely against your body. You do not want all your clothes fitting skintight. Plus, don’t suck in your stomach and try to relax. You want the measurements to be as relaxed and natural as possible. Use the handy chart below to learn how to take your own measurements.

    Download the measurement infographic below by right-clicking on the image or right here.

  2. What Size Am I? Look Below!

    Use the measurements you acquired above and the clothing size charts below to determine your proper clothing size.

    Download the U.S. measurements infographic below by right-clicking on the image or right here.

International Sizing

If you are going on vacation anytime soon or just love ordering from international shops, you absolutely need to know how to convert your size before even considering buying a piece. Knowing these measurements can save you so much time and alleviate a lot of shopping stress. Use the international sizing chart below to determine your what size you are all over the world!

Remember: If you need help figuring out your size, many stores offer sizing charts specific to their wearables on their websites. You can always ask shop attendants, as well.

Download the international measurements infographic below by right-clicking on the image or right here.

More Clothing Sewing Tutorials

Now that you've learned how to size yourself in stores and for sewing patterns, it's time to extend your sewing skill by learning even more about how to sew clothes! Whether you're looking to make your own pattern, read someone else's, or care for your own closet, there's a tutorial here for you. Here are the clothing sewing tips every sewist should know.

How to Make a Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a sewing pattern using the dimensions of clothes you already own. This way, you're guaranteed a perfect fit every time, and you'll save hundreds by avoiding expensive clothing stores.

How to Resize a Bra

Whether you gain weight, lose weight, or simply need to give a much-needed update to an ill-fitting bra, this simple tutorial has everything you need! There's no need to go out on a shopping haul every time you need a readjustment.

How to Read a Sewing Pattern

If you want to give your closet a completely unique, handmade touch, then you need to learn how to sew your own clothes. Follow ultra-chic clothing patterns with ease once you look over this user-friendly guide on How to Read a Sewing Pattern.

23+ Beginner Sewing Videos and Tutorials

Want to learn how to sew your own clothes like a professional designer but don't know where to start? Never fear! This collection has every beginner sewing tutorial you could need to begin your sewing escapades in style.

Clean, Smooth, and Crisp: How to Unwrinkle Clothes

Having clothes that fit correctly is only half the battle of being well-dressed. If you want to give your ensemble that extra professional edge, learn how to unwrinkle clothes with or without an iron. You'll never have to look disheveled after digging through your closet ever again.

Which Body Shape Am I? Quick Tips for the Perfect Fit

While shape names can be intuitive, it is difficult to discern how to determine if you are one shape over another. The truth is: you can actually be multiple shapes and women often fluctuate from one shape to the next. This guide will help you determine which shape you fit most.

Quick Tips: How to Dress for Your Body Type

Learning how to dress for your body type is one of the essential fashion know-hows that can be tricky, especially dressing for your body type while still incorporating your style. This guide will provide quick sewing tips on how to create easy sewing projects that help you dress for your body type.

Beautiful Beginner DIY Dresses: 24 Easy Dress Patterns

Looking for the perfect summer or winter dress? These easy dress patterns are sure to bring a smile to your face. Use these free tutorials to find and make a dress that's ideal for your body. Plus, dresses are flattering AND comfortable so you'll be ready to take on any day.

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How rude to stop sizes at 1X! Don't larger women deserve the same advice? Too much EXTRA work to include us?

I can actually answer tis with some knowledge from the pattern designers that DO go beyond X I asked what prompts pattern designers to stop at the sizes they do stop I asked this in The Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook group Many if not all of the independent Plus Size pattern designers are in that group The short answer is it has nothing to do with rudeness but everything to do with time and cash outlay When one is sizing for the Average body the sizes and fit issues do not vary a great deal in general However plus sizing is more unique The sizing issues vary a great deal and many of them address that Super Plus is an even harder find in patterns BUT it is being addressed It just takes time If you are not already a member of the Curvy Sewing Collective on FB you may findRead More benefits in joining If you have no wish to join a FB group CSC also has a website with links to patterns free and paid tons of fitting advice and help etc www curvysewingcollective com

We have now included larger sizes! We hope this helps. - Krista, Editor

A comment concerning pattern sizing that should be addressed. If you enjoy searching for vintage patterns be aware the sizing charts on the back of those patterns are totally different than today's norm. For instance, I am looking at a Butterick dress pattern from the early 1970's by "young designer Betsey Johnson of Alley Cat". I bought the pattern in a size 10, which still fits me correctly today. (size 10 Bust 32.5, Waist 24, Hip 34.5 and back waist length 16.) The catch is in today's sizings I wear an xs, 00 or 0. The smallest size this pattern came in was a Junior 5 Misses 6. Before purchasing vintage patterns remember the sizes are not consistent with todays.


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