How to Find Your Bra Size: Charts and Tutorials


How to Find Your Bra Size: Charts and Tutorials

School is in session with this back to basics sewing guide on bra fitting 101!

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How to Find Your Bra Size

Perhaps the most essential piece of any woman's wardrobe is a bra that fits well, is comfortable to wear, and provides enough support. Finding your correct bra size can be extremely tricky and frustrating, as bra sizing varies with brand and style of bra, and some stores aren't able to always provide a proper bra fitting for customers.

Fret no more now that you have access to this guide: How to Find Your Bra Size: Charts and Tutorials.

Often, women find that they're wearing the incorrect band or cup size after a bra fitting, which can lead to bras that are too loose or tight and can even create back problems. You can breathe easy and go back to bra fitting 101 by learning how to find your bra measurement at home using our back to basics guide.

This free guide for how to find your bra size is perfect if you've lost or gained weight, aren't comfortable shopping for bras, or are just tired of improper fittings.

Check out our guide and charts below. Plus, we've also included some wonderful lingerie tutorials and patterns that are fantastic for creating your own custom lingerie that hugs your curves perfectly. Finding your bra size doesn't have to be a frustrating experience, so get ready to take notes because our class, Bra Fitting 101, is in session!

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How to Find Your Bra Size at Home

Our easy tutorial for how to find your bra size teaches you how to measure yourself and find your band and cup size at home, which is wonderful if you aren't able to find a lingerie boutique or fitting specialist close to you. We've also made sure to include tons of wonderful tips and tricks for bra shopping, including how to tell if a bra isn't fitting properly.

Materials List

  - Measuring Tape
  - Paper
  - Pen

Plus, if you want to make all of your clothes fit your body perfectly, be sure to check out our video, How to Make a Body Form! Simply click on the play button right below to watch.

Bra Fitting 101

Finding a properly fitting bra doesn't have to be a struggle with this quick and easy bra fitting guide. This free back to basics clothing tutorial is a great way to find your bra size at home, which is especially handy if you're ordering bras online or making your own.

Be sure to read our tips and tricks for bra shopping, as well as how to tell when your bra isn't fitting correctly. And if you've always wanted custom lingerie that fits your body, keep reading for free sewing patterns and sewing tutorials.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is a general bra fitting guide and does not cover specialty bras, such as nursing/maternity bras, etc. If you have any specific bra fitting questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or leave a message on our Facebook page.

How to Find Your Bra Size at Home & Charts

1. Before starting, it should be noted that to find an accurate measurement, you should take your measurements topless or with a tight-fitting tank top or camisole. Since bras lay directly against our skin, we want as accurate a measurement as possible.

2. Taking your measuring tape, wrap the tape under your bust and around your body where the band of your bra should sit. Make sure that the measuring tape lays flat against your body. This measurement should be tight but still breathable. Because most of the support from your bra comes from your band, not your straps, you want the band to fit tightly. Write down this measurement.

3. Taking your measuring tape, you will next measure your bust. To find the proper bust measurement, bend over so that your body is parallel to the floor. Doing this brings your breast tissue forward. You may need help with this step. Measure across your bust and around your body, keeping the tape flat against your body. This measurement should be slightly loose. Write down this measurement.

4. Taking your bust measurement, subtract the band measurement. The difference between the two will help you find your bra size. The following chart contains a guide for finding your US/UK bra size (*Note: these are standard measurements). Remember that bra sizes are measured in even numbers, so when finding a new bra, go with the size closest to your measurements.

how to find your bra size chart

How to Spot an Ill-Fitting Bra

1. The band of your bra should fit nice and snug against your body. If your band rides up, then your band may be too loose. 

2. The center of your bra between the cups, called the gore, should lay flat against your body. If the gore of your bra does not lay flat, your cup size may be too small.

3. If your breast tissue is spilling out of the sides of your bra or above the cups, the bra you are wearing is the incorrect size.

4. If you can lift your bra straps more than 1" above your shoulders, then your bra is fitting incorrectly.

Image below: Noelle Halter Bralette and Panty Pattern

Noelle Halter Bralette and Panty Pattern

Tips and Tricks for Measuring Your Bust and Finding a Bra

1. Be confident. You will probably have to try on several bras to find a style and size that best fits your body. If you feel overwhelmed or self-conscious, take a step back and embrace your curves. Remember that you are more than a size. Take friends with you and make lingerie shopping a fun experience. 

2. Your home measurements will probably be different from bras you are used to wearing. This is fine and normal. Be sure to try on several different bras, as band and cup sizes can also vary with different lingerie companies and bra styles. Make sure your bra fits comfortably and gives you the proper support.

3. When trying on bras, be sure to use the loosest hook on the band. Smaller hooks exist for when your bra begins to lose elasticity. 

4. If your breasts are uneven, fit your bra to the fuller bust. If you prefer, you can even up your fit with a small pad inserted into the bra.

5. If you are worried about skin overhanging your band, a wider band will help with this issue.

Image below: Runner's High Sports Bra Pattern

Runner's High Sports Bra Pattern

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