How to Make Potholders: 25+ Hot Pad Patterns


How to Make Potholders: 25+ Hot Pad Patterns

Spruce up your kitchen in no time with these free potholder patterns! They're the ultimate easy sewing projects for beginners.


How to Make Potholders 25 Hot Pad Patterns

If you cook or bake, you need these crafty hot pads and pot holders in the kitchen. Once you learn how to make potholders, you'll find they are both easy and useful. Not to mention how they make great hostess gifts in a pinch.

In this How to Make Potholders: 25+ Hot Pad Patterns collection, you'll see how simple it is to make creative and crafty hot pads and pot holders.

If you never knew how to make a potholder before, these tutorials are truly helpful. Projects like the Scrapbuster Potholder will protect your hands from pots and pans too hot to touch.

If you're looking for how to make hot pads, check out the Scrappy Hot Pad project (below). Making potholders is not only fun but will allow you to safely enjoy cooking and baking your favorite dishes and treats.

No matter what style of potholder you're looking for, you're sure to find a tutorial that you love within this collection!

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PLUS! Don't miss our video on how to make adorable vintage pot holders! This video tutorial shows you how to make quilted potholders that you will absolutely love.

Everyday Potholder Tutorials

If you're new to sewing, one of the easiest and most useful projects you can make are DIY potholders. These free potholder patterns are meant to be used over and over again, and are the perfect way to use up any fabric scraps you have around the house.

If you've been searching for a pretty and practical sewing project that you can make in just a few hours, then these simple kitchen projects are just what you've been looking for!

Oval DIY Pot Holders

Pan lids are so large that it can often take a few potholders to hold them. If you create a handful of these ingenious sewn pot holders, however, hot lid worries will be a thing of the past.

Scrapbuster Potholder

You can use any leftover fabric you have to make fun, homemade DIY pot holders. Use this handy craft any time you are working in the kitchen to keep your countertops and hands safe.

Round Hot Pads Tutorial

These kitchen hot pads are just what you need to grab a cookie sheet out of the oven or a hot plate from the microwave. The rounded edges of these DIY potholders make them perfect for picking up plates, pots, and pans of all shapes and sizes.

Made for Grandma Pot Holders

If you grandma is constantly keeping your tummy happy, it's time to say thank you... and what better way to say thanks than with a gift she can use time and time again? She will absolutely love it!

Microwave Bowl Potholder

This pattern shows you how to make a potholder that actually goes into the microwave with the bowl. You can complete this project in an hour, so whip up one of these handy, microwaveable potholders and never burn yourself on a microwaveable dish again!

How to Sew a Simple Potholder

You can easily sew one of these potholders in an hour with your leftover fabric scraps. Make some pretty, modern potholders to replace your worn-out ones.

Scented Hot Pad

This homemade hot pad is not only a great place to rest your tea kettle, but it will also make the room smell fresh. Fill it with your favorite potpourri, and pick two different fabrics to make it double-sided.

Stripping Is Hot Pad Tutorial

This handmade home decor will breathe fresh air into your tabletop with its medley of prints aligned in strips side-by-side. An additional hoop at the corner of this square allows you to hang this sensational sewing project for display.

Polka Dot Pot Holders

A pattern as classic as polka dots is always trending, so why not add it to your home? Learn how to make a pot holder that always looks fresh and fun.

Dishtowel Potholder Tutorial

You can customize these potholders to any season or any kitchen depending on your choice of fabric and applique. The apple applique on this example is a perfect fruit for most kitchen decor.

Scrappy Hot Pad

Check out this sewing tutorial and you'll have a stylin' kitchen without having to visit the fabric store! This is one of the best ways to use up fabric scraps.

"Let's Eat" Potholder

All you need to make this free sewing pattern is some scrappy fabric and an hour of your time. Add some wow to your kitchen with this charming project.

Jean Pocket Pot Holder

Love that pair of jeans that no longer fits? This is a great alternative to throwing them away. Learn how to recycle jeans when you make these blue jean pot holders for your kitchen.

Rustic Upcycled Sweater Pot Holders

Give your kitchen that modern rustic look with stitched pot holders that are as useful as they are decorative. Just grab an old sweater that's too cozy to get rid of but too old to wear anymore and recycle the material.

Quilted DIY Pot Holder

The perfect DIY kitchen accessory, this easy potholder project is perfect for beginners and advanced sewists alike. This quick sewing pattern is a great DIY gift idea, as it has a fun pattern that can brighten anybody's home.

Double Trouble Potholder Tutorial

You'll be twice as protected against the overheated oven with this tutorial. Rather than digging frantically for two oven mitts, you'll have a handy two-in-one potholder to slide on both hands when you reach for your dish.

Fat Quarter Pot Holder

Learning how to make potholders like this one involves batting, patchwork, and of course, fat quarters. Once you've conquered your first, make another for a friend or neighbor!

Two-Handed Casserole DIY Pot Holder

This smart sewing project will ensure that your hands stay extra safe while pulling a casserole out of the oven or transporting it to the table. With two mitts on either side, this kitchen helper will not slide around like using two separate pot holders might.

Fun and Whimsical DIY Potholders

While practical potholders make great beginner sewing projects, why not add a splash of whimsy and charm to your kitchen too? These free potholder patterns are a great way to show off your personality and clear out your fabric stash in the process.

Plus, if you've just an upcoming housewarming party or bridal shower, these DIY kitchen projects are the perfect last-minute gifts. Sew a little personality into your next project with these free sewing patterns.

Fiesta Pot Holders Sewing Pattern

This potholder would make a great gift for a baker or home cook. It features a patchwork front pocket and is a fun project to showcase your retro 30s prints.

Strawberry DIY Pot Holder

These super sweet and fresh strawberries are going to look absolutely adorable in your kitchen. All you need to create these easy hot pads is half a yard of red fabric, green felt, and quilt batting.

Grandma's Secret Recipe Pot Holders

This tutorial will teach you how to make pot holders that will preserve the ingredients and instructions for all those precious cooking secrets forever. Functional and sweet, these handy kitchen accessories will be in the family for generations.

Vintage Dresden Potholder Pattern

This is a potholder pattern that you’ll want to leave out as a decoration all year long because it’s just so adorable! It’s also functional and will keep you from burning your hands while your cooking or baking.

Campy Pot Holder Pattern

This pattern shows you how to sew a potholder that looks just like a vintage camper! You'll feel like you are on the road in 1965 when you check out this surprisingly vintage sewing pattern.

You Are So Hot Pot Holder

Making practical projects doesn't mean they can't be quirky. If your best friend has a new home or if you love statement pieces, you're going to love making free pot holder patterns that are this flirty.

Adorable Apple Hot Pad

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and while this adorable hot pad won't improve your health, it will come in handy for chefs and bakers. This tutorial shows you how to make a potholder that is a great addition to your DIY kitchen decor.

Festive Potholder Patterns

Are you looking for festive potholder tutorials for the holidays? Any of the following DIY potholders would make for fun holiday sewing projects.

Perhaps try sewing this adorable Cherry Pie Potholder Tutorial for Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, or maybe make these lovely Heart Shaped Pot Holders for Valentine's Day!

Cherry Pie Potholder Tutorial

This whimsical kitchen sewing project is perfect as a DIY gift for the vintage lover in your life, and it reminds us of baking with Grandma in her kitchen. Made with budget-friendly felt, this DIY potholder can be customized for any season, so that you can have a pumpkin pie potholder for Thanksgiving or yummy blueberry pie potholder for summer cookouts.

Thanksgiving Turkey Pot Holder Pattern

The cute little gobber is sure to be a hit at your big family dinner as you pull your delicious Thanksgiving roast from the oven. The easy pot holder pattern features a free print-out design, so creating it is quick and simple.

Scrappy Christmas Pot Holders

This holiday-themed DIY potholder pattern will look absolutely adorable under your cozy casseroles and hot Christmas ham! Let your kitchen celebrate St. Nick's favorite time of year when you display these scrappy pot holders.

Heart Hot Pad

If you're looking for a homemade Valentine's Day gift, this hot pad is a great match. Decorate your heart with ric-rac trim and topstitching for a look you'll love. It's a perfect gift for someone who loves to cook!

Penguin Pot Holder Pattern

This absolutely adorable how to make a pot holder tutorial will have you sewing up a peppy penguin that makes a great sewing pal in no time. There are a ton of free pot holder pattern ideas out there, but this absolutely has to be the cutest of the cute!

Christmas Hot Pads

Making pot holders is easy! Just use our easy-to-follow kitchen craft tutorial to make your own Christmas hot pads to use during Christmas dinner.

Heart-Shaped Pot Holders

Learn how to make potholders that will help you cook some love into every single dish you make with this tutorial. Whether you are looking for a Valentine's Day gift for a special someone or simply sewing up a DIY hostess gift, these pot holders will certainly do the trick.

Hearty Pot Holders

These pot holders are all you need to add some love to your home. Undoubtedly, this pot holder will be distinguished among your others because of its shape and color, so you'll never be at a loss for where your heart is.

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I just viewed few of the potholder videos and I thought they were simple but clear instructions I think they are. GREAT .....THANK YOU

What a great book. It has them all in one place. I can just turn pages to find the ones I want. It down loads onto my iPad nicely. Now I can get started on gifts for the holidays and for the grand kids teachers. These are really great because no matter what religion they are, these will suit it.

Can,t find the pattern the lady is making

Where is the potholder pattern?

where is the pattern for the handy dandy potholder in the video?

I found them at https// == ingham-Pot-Holder-Craft-Video Same Video.

What am I missing? I can't find the paper pattern she uses in the video?

I want know free pot holder pattern and send me mail. Thanks Mary Kistner

Great work! Very helpful and easy to use.

I love the potholder ideas. I need a pattern for a mixer cover and a toaster cover.

Hello ... Ive made a toaster cover and its very easy!

Nice work

I seen a potholder that was square, shaped like a bowl, deeper in the middle ,on the side a little larger then most potholders. great for removing microwaved soup.

This pattern is from Whistepeg Creek Priductions called Hot Bowl Hot Pad a hot pad plus spatter guard . I got my at a quilt shop

has anyone had a problem with getting patterns,I keep getting run tim error

It was great to read all the wonderful memorable times. I enjoyed each one. I am now fairly on in years but I love all the traditional things families did together. Thanks everyone.

Once a year my mom's entire family would all meet at my grandma's house for dinner. Grandma would spend all day cooking a big pot of split pea soup and a big pot of oyster soup. The house smelled so good it was hard waiting to eat, lol. I also remember that she always had a different table cloth each year, my mom would give her some of our old clothes throughout the year and grandma would cut them up and so pieces together to make a tablecloth, it was so neat to see our clothes on the table like that.

Nice we say mzuri sana in kenya

I love all free sewing. There are so many different items to choose from that sometimes can't make up my mind!

when my baby brother and I were abandoned we lived with relatives, they gathered together for every holiday cooking a very traditional meal. being scandinavian we had to have plum pudding (we gathered plums during the summer and canned them)....there was a ritual: the pudding is wrapped in a cloth and Larry was always responsible to see that seven pins were strategically placed securing the pudding in the boiling pot. and then only he could remove the seven pins....that pudding with sauce over it has remained in the family for generations now...

forty years ago this summer, all my mother's grankids spent the summer with us so she could spend a little time with them, one at a time, every other day, as this would be her last summer; we, all the kids older than 6, in one capacity or another fixed dinner daily for 70 days ... we had the most fun!

When I was a young girl, I remember when my mom's folks would come to our house very early on Christmas day. Grandma worked at a company which would give all of their employees a turkey at Christmas, so Grandma would bring it along & we'd have it for Christmas dinner. Of course, the dog REALLY loved Grandma when the turkey came. He'd be under foot all the time. His nose was just a working. When it was time for dinner he'd sit between us and had his nose on someone's leg. He'd give your leg a little poke if he thought he'd been forgotten. He moved around the table and hit anyone that would give him a taste. I sure do miss those times.

So many years ago, but the memory is as fresh as yesterday. Each Christmas my mom & dad would pack up my brother & me and we'd travel from Houston to San Antonio. There we'd visit with our grandparents and my mother's 5 siblings & their families. Needless to say that house was so crowded. So filled with laughter & squeals from children & adults alike. The smells from the kitchen were irresistable as some of us children crowded into it to beg a tiny bit or so of granny's best homemade pies & cakes. But, of course, no such luck. After we finally got to eat , including the yummy desserts, everyone crowded into the living room. Two uncles grabbed their guitars, my mother began singing, & then everyone joined in, inluding us children, & sang old country songs & hymns. It was one of the happiest times of my life.

love the potholders. I loved it when my Dad moved in with me and I could cook for him

My favorite memory is my Father-in-Law baking and decorating his special gingerbread cookies with our daughters at Christmastime. I didn't contribute and sewn items, just my photography (and eating) skills!

The potholder you showed on fb is so CUTE. But these other ones are nice, too. I will be making some of these with my scraps.

Greatest memories are Sunday afternnons with card games with our grown up kids and their spouses followed by my spaghetti. Could make a large pot of sauce in the microwave, add a salad and french bread for a full meal. They looked forward to Sundays. Even brought along friends for a fun afternoon.

A memorable meal was the Christmas growing up when Mom had made a huge batch of her famous beefburger made with brown sugar and kidney beans. Just before we were going to eat lunch, the town's post office caught fire, so Dad had to go help fight the fire in frigid temps all afternoon. We helped Mom make burgers for the firemen out of our lunch, and she even made another batch, where we used up all our bread. We ended up eating soup later that afternoon, but that was okay, because as kids we learned a lesson in giving to others first and helping our small community in a crisis.

My favorite meal celebration would be one Thanksgiving mom was about to set the table for the family and there was a lot ice on the lines from a winter storm.Well out went the lights.Mom dug out candles and and had a couple of coil oil lights she lit those and we had to eat by those,it was kinda of funny to try and figure out exactly what dish we were holding whether we wanted or not.But it was very nice and enjoyable and would like to do it again.After we ate,of course the lights came back on.

Going to make some of these for Christmas gifts for ladies at church. Love them!

Every Christmas I would walk to my grandmother's & bring her back to our house & then my grandmother, my mom & myself would make all our christmas goodies together especially their famous cheese straws, sugar leaf cookies & "pecan" brittle which we pulled from the pan kind of like taffy so that it was thin & crispy & melted like butter in your mouth & the pecans are just so much more tasty than peanuts! After my grandmother passed away we didn't really do that much baking together anymore & I always wanted to start that tradition with my daughter but she's just not interested in it. Those are very special Christmas memories of my grandmother to me!

I grew up on a dairy farm. Every meal we had was homemade. We lived off the land and the farm. My Mom took extra care to make our birthdays very special and unique. We chose our dinner and our cake. The birthday I remember most was the year instead of asking for a specific cake I asked for a lemon merangue pie. That is what she made me, candles and all.

One year, when my children were small, everyone was going to be at our house for Thanksgiving; I made pumpkin placemats, coordinating napkins, even Thanksgiving themed potholders & hotpads. Was the first time my mother-in-law spoke a kind word to or about me! I loved making those items and still make potholders, mitts, etc. for showers.....That Thanksgiving was the last one before I lost my then 8 year old son...sweet memories!

i dont use facebook


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