60+ Leather Sewing Projects


60+ Leather Sewing Projects

Learn how to sew with leather and faux leather! Get that luxurious look for less with these free leather sewing patterns.

60 Leather Sewing Projects

Whether you are wearing it as an article of clothing, sporting it as an accessory, or displaying it in your home as a piece of decor, leather is the one material that can instantly make you feel luxurious and elegant.

Sadly, leather goods from high-end stores like Kate Spade, Coach, or Anthropologie can come with a hefty price tag, which is why we've compiled this collection of 60+ Leather Sewing Projects for bags, accessories, and more.

All these free leather project patterns are guaranteed to up the glam factor in your life without draining your bank account.

From leather bag sewing patterns, to leather clothing patterns, to tutorials on how to sew leather accessories and even home decor, this compilation has something for everyone.

Each of these tutorials goes into detail on how to sew with leather (or faux leather, if you prefer to be more animal-friendly), so sewing with leather has never been easier. Your new leather goods will look so professional that no one will believe you when you say they're actually handmade!

You'll finally be living the luxe life with the brand-new leather bag, clutch, skirt, or necklace you'll be proud to say you made yourself. Your wallet will surely thank you for skipping the mall and heading to the craft store instead.

All you need to make these gorgeous leather sewing projects are the necessary raw materials and these great tutorials for how to sew leather.

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Leather Bag Sewing Patterns

We're starting with what is perhaps the most coveted of all accessories: the leather bag. It just gives people that elegant, luxurious, celebrity vibe whenever they carry one. But you don't have to be Kim Kardashian to own one.

After all, you are a sewist, which means you don't have to drop a couple hundred of your hard-earned dollars at the mall—you can just sew up your own leather purse pattern for a fraction of the price! Peruse the bag patterns below for tons of leather project ideas that you'll be dying to add to your purse collection.

Easy Colorblock Clutch Tutorial

This easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial lets you use trendy colorblocking techniques to make a standout bag that's perfect for any time of year. This easy purse tutorial is an excellent choice if you're new to working with leather, and it's simple enough for sewing beginners.

Mixed-Up Market Bag Sewing Pattern

This bag is handy and durable enough to become your go-to bag for your daily errands, but it's fashionable enough to take with you on lunch dates or to a night on the town. The champagne-colored leather adds a luxe feel to the sweet fabric stripes.

Leather Bottom Tote Bag

This DIY bag tutorial is the perfect way to add a touch of class to any outfit, from jeans and a tee to a cute maxi dress. This incredibly easy handbag tutorial can be made with real leather or pleather, and it's a wonderful scrap buster idea.

The Dainty Leather Clutch

If you love sewing with leather, this funky and fun little clutch is the project for you. With this easy free purse pattern, you can create a super-cute leather clutch with a statement button that's great for a night out.

Luxurious Leather Tote Bag Tutorial

This DIY leather bag is trendy and chic, but also versatile and practical. It's the perfect size to carry a laptop, books, and many other essentials while you're on the go.

Cad-a-Log Firewood Carrier

Learn how to sew a bag that holds more than just your cosmetic mirror and lip gloss! Made from faux leather and canvas, you can rely on strong support from this DIY caddy.

DIY Faux Leather Tote Bag

Create a super chic (and super cheap!) accessory that looks good in any wardrobe. From your favorite cocktail bar to the movies to concerts, this edgy pattern is a stunning addition to your nightlife getup.

Leather Bow Free Purse Patterns

Make sure you can carry the essentials while ditching your big everyday purse when you sew up this little purse. Pair this cute, free purse pattern with other chic free sewing patterns and hit the town while you sport a gorgeous DIY chic look.

Champagne Leather Clutch Pattern

This compact cutie is designed like a wallet, making it easy to locate your cash and cards. Just big enough for essentials like your phone, makeup, and money, this is the perfect free sewing pattern for a night on the town.

The Little Belt Bag

If you've outgrown a belt or just have a particular one that you'd love to feature more, use it on this! This bag tutorial walks you through the steps to creating a sturdy, go-to purse for any season.

Champagne Supernova DIY Tote Bag

This tote bag looks and feels so luxurious that no one will guess it's not designer. The inside features three storage compartments, so it doesn't just look good—it's practical, too!

No Sew Leather Clutch

It's no-sew! By following this pattern, you'll end up with a gorgeous leather DIY key holder, to which you could add card slots or a small pocket to hold other items.

Rock 'n' Roll Tote Bag Pattern

Add a little edge to your everyday look with this tote bag pattern. Go edgy with black or brown leather, or use brightly colored leather for a chic, trendy vibe few can resist.

Quilted Leather Clutch Tutorial

If you only need a few things and don't want to lug a larger bag, this is your pick. Perfect for a night out, this quilted clutch is so easy to sew. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through exactly how to make this chic accessory.

Hands-Free Hip Bag Tutorial

Forget about fanny packs from the '90s and turn a thrift store purse into a chic hip bag with this sewing project. Fanny packs are bulky and outdated, but this trendy DIY hip bag has a classic vibe, making traveling in style easy.

Stylish Leather Tote Bag

This leather tote bag has pockets on the inside and outside, as well as corded handles for comfort. The final project is the perfect size for carrying shopping, books, and groceries, or for using as a purse.

Fashionable Travel Bag

This travel bag pattern will show you how to make a simple bag that's strong and spacious enough for all your travel necessities. You'll love taking this bag with you on any vacation or business trip.

DIY Faux Leather Tote Bag

With this project, quickly and easily make a tote bag that checks all the right boxes. The pattern won't take you long to make, it will look stylish and chic with just about any outfit, and the bag's dimensions are large enough to hold everything.

Citrus Slice Purse Sewing Pattern

This creative purse is a fun novelty accessory that you'll want to carry to as many places as possible! It's sure to catch eyes and turn heads wherever you take it, especially in summer. Orange you glad we shared this one with you? Tee hee!

Four Step Leather Tote Tutorial

Create a sleek and stylish bag that's roomy enough to hold all of your essentials and can even double as a laptop case. This DIY laptop case is less bulky than most, meaning you don't have to haul around a huge bag, and this free sewing pattern can be made with faux or real leather.

Textured Leather Clutch Tutorial

Made using brightly colored leather, this designer-inspired DIY clutch looks complicated but can be made in a single afternoon. This clutch tutorial is a great option to carry on its own or in a larger purse, and is a whimsical choice to hold all of your bag essentials.

Kate Spade-Inspired Bow Tote Tutorial

Made with trendy prints and luxe leather accents, this DIY tote bag is the flirty and functional accessory that your wardrobe's been missing. Learn to stitch together an elegant and feminine tote bag that screams luxury in just one afternoon.

Boho Fringe Bag Pattern

Design a stylish new bag that looks fresh off the runway without the designer price tag. Made with faux leather, this oversized and pretty purse pattern embodies everything bohemian (so much fringe!), and it's large enough to store all of your necessities. What beats that?

Easy Foldover Clutch Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to design a cute DIY bag that's delicate and dainty while still being large enough to hold all your essentials. The girly aesthetic brings to mind vintage bags from the 1950s. So, make the Grace Kelly-approved clutch you've always wanted.

One Yard Leather Bag

Only one yard? Yes, please! Choose your favorite fall color in real or faux leather and create a roomy, trendy bag that looks expensive but won't break the bank. This free sewing tutorial is easy and quick and shows you how to create the perfect bag for fall weather.

Celine Oversized Bag Pattern

This designer-inspired bag pattern is the perfect way to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank. This bag pattern is large enough to hold all of your essentials and takes only a few hours to make.

DIY Coach Leather Tote Pattern

Treat yourself to the designer look for less with a sleek and trendy bag that looks straight off the runway. This DIY tote bag tutorial provides step-by-step images for creating your purse, plus tips and tricks for sewing with leather.

Stela Coin Purse Pattern and Tutorial

This little coin purse is small enough to hang on your purse straps, yet big enough to hold all your essentials. Try giving it as a gif, embellishment, or decorate your Christmas tree as a pretty and unique ornament.

Leather and Fabric Handbag Free Pattern

This handbag is the perfect project for those who are starting to sew with leather or board with one material makes. You can make this with a normal sewing machine, so don't be afraid to give it a try!

Leather Clothing Patterns

Leather is so versatile within the wardrobe: just a little of it can add an elegant touch to any article of clothing, or a bit more of it can add a rock-and-roll vibe to an entire outfit. It all depends on your personal style!

Whatever route you choose, you'll fall in love with these leather clothing patterns. From full leather skirt patterns to dresses with just a few leather accents, there's a few leather projects for every closet here.

20 Minute DIY Skirt

This pattern will make even the most novice sewer feel like a Paris fashion designer. This tutorial shows you how to make a skirt that is essential for anyone who enjoys DIY fashion.

Leather Accents Free Dress Pattern

With this free tutorial, you can learn how to sew a dress that's equal parts classy and edgy. Create a sweater dress with impeccable leather accents that's perfect for cocktail parties, a dinner with friends, or an evening on the town.

Leather Remix Dress Idea

If you have a free dress pattern you sewed up or even a dress you bought at the store that's just too boring to wear, you're going to absolutely love this tutorial for how to upcycle a dress. All you need to make a dress brand new and extra stylish is a little bit of leather (or pleather!).

Quilted Midi Skirt Tutorial

This sewing tutorial is a fantastic way to design a simple and figure-flattering skirt with some cute details. This midi skirt uses rich, luxurious fabrics like faux leather and traditional quilting techniques to upgrade this A-line skirt to simply stunning.

How to Sew Leather Accessories

We are all about these leather sewing patterns for accessories for your closet and home! Need a cool new piece of jewelry? There are more than a couple in this list. Need a stylish way to protect your laptop or tablet? We've got you covered.

Looking for a way to organize your credit cards, sewing needles, sunglasses, chargers, and more? There's a free leather pattern for all of those things! Just start scrolling through our extensive list of leather craft ideas—you never know what you might end up needing!

DIY Vintage Faux Leather Bow Belt

This vintage sewing tutorial will show you how to make a vintage-inspired bow belt that looks adorable when paired with skirts, tops, or dresses. This belt hits right at your natural waist, making it a fantastic way to accentuate your figure and highlight your curves.

Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer

Keep your ear buds, chargers, and USB cords safe from dangerous tangles and bends. This quick sewing project looks professional and will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to transporting your iPad, laptop, phone and other electronics.

DIY Leather Bow Cuff

Create a stylish leather cuff in just a few steps! It's a great accessory for sprucing up an outfit.

Amazing DIY Wire Taco

This is a unique invention that will help keep your wires from your headphones and chargers from getting knotted and tangled. Having many electronic devices creates a problem with cords and wires, but this sewing project will make sure that you never have that issue again!

Glitz and Glam iPad Sleeve

This DIY tablet or computer case is easy to sew and fun to show off.  You can use this case to keep your tablet free of smudges and scratches while you carry it in your backpack or briefcase.

DIY Belt with Lace

Add a unique touch to any outfit with this leather belt. This belt tutorial is a cute sewing project with lace and beaded details, and you'll absolutely love wearing it.

Leather Laptop Case

Make a laptop case that you'll love to show off on your walks to class, work, or the library. This one is easy to make, and it's budget-friendly too.

Gentleman's iPhone Case

This sturdy DIY iPhone case is constructed to keep your phone safe and snug with the help of thick thread and sturdy leather. This is a great DIY gift that will protect one of his most valued possessions: his iPhone.

Dandy DIY Thimble

Sometimes, the cheap thimbles just aren’t good enough, which is why you can rely on easy sewing projects like this to create your own. Leather or faux leather is the new trend for thimbles, so climb aboard and make this one!

Leather Wrapped Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Create a wearable your little boy or husband will look absolutely adorable in. Create this leather-accented accessory for your boys to sport during all seasons.

Leather Hair Bow Tutorial

You can add some attitude to your hair accessories with this tutorial, which mixes sweet and girly with tough and edgy. This DIY accessory tutorial is perfect for beginners and especially great for those new to sewing projects with leather.

Vintage DIY Belt

For that classic Audrey Hepburn look, try adding this belt to any little black dress. The leather bow gives the belt a classic, timeless look that you'll love showing off anywhere you are. If you love leather but hate the price, little free sewing patterns like this one will help you save money and get your leather on at the same time.

Faux Leather Glasses Case Tutorial

The faux leather used in this project will hold up better than other fabrics to keep your glasses safer. This sewing tutorial adds a pop of color with some cotton fabric as decoration.

No Sew Leather Heart Ring Pattern

These DIY rings are easy to make for and by people of all ages and don’t require any sewing. You can even choose your own leather—from a vibrant hue to a shining metallic finish to a classic neutral shade—to ensure that each ring is perfectly suited for its wearer.

Pretty Floral DIY Earbud Case

Featuring a super-pretty print and some metallic leather for a hint of sparkle, this DIY earbud pouch would also make a great business card holder or coin purse. Never lose your earbuds again (or get them so tangled they're practically unusable!) with this adorable earbud pouch.

DIY Sunglass Case

This tutorial comes with two free templates and can be sewn in just a few minutes, and it's great for using up scrap pieces of faux leather. It looks like something you would buy in a high end boutique, and because it's such a small project, it's inexpensive to make!

Professional Leather DIY Card Holder

Have you ever needed to show someone your business or credit cards but couldn't find them because you just threw your cards in your bag? Now you can make your own professional leather DIY card holder and you'll never have to rummage around in the bottom of your bag again!

Easy DIY Designer-Inspired Leather Key Chain

Make your own designer-inspired leather key chain in just five minutes! Using a small piece of scrap leather, brads, and a permanent marker, you can make a simple, chic key chain that's quirky and fun while still being practical.

DIY Faux Leather Purse Charms

These simple purse charms add fun flavor to any bag and are cheap to make. Feature a few simple letters or numbers like an area code, city abbreviation, or university nickname to show off your favorite places and things.

90s Daisy Chain DIY Choker

Head back to the 90s with this gorgeous DIY choker. A simple DIY jewelry-making craft, this sewing project is a great way to get comfortable working with materials like leather or vinyl, and it's sure to be a huge hit with your teen.

DIY Faux Leather Statement Necklace

This necklace was inspired by a designer piece costing hundreds of dollars. Save your money and make it yourself easily in about an hour!

Home Decor Leather Projects

Last but not least, learn how to sew leather pieces of home decor with these fine tutorials. Leather has the ability to instantly add warmth and elegance to any home. Leather is one of the most beautiful, desirable, and durable materials to use in the home.

Whether it's a chic pillow or a sleek organizer, it'll match almost everything, impress your guests, and generally improve the look of your living room, den, or bedroom. There is style and sophistication in simplicity, which is why you should sew these gorgeous leather projects for your home.

Minimalist DIY Magazine Holder

For those who like DIY storage ideas without the frills, this is the perfect solution. Tuck your favorite magazines away in these hanging wall pockets to declutter the coffee table and add some chic flair to your home.

Leather Aztec DIY Pillows

If you want to add some Southwest flair to your living space, this bohemian idea shows you how to make a pillow with leather and geometric designs. Easy to make and surprisingly no-sew, these pillows are a great afternoon craft and would be a great way to salvage a stained or worn-out throw pillow.

No-Sew Polka Dot DIY Pillow

The contrast of dark leather and a light-colored pillowcase makes this piece of DIY home decor extra chic, while the polka dot design gives it a fun twist. These no-sew pillow covers are so easy that you could create a whole collection for your bed or as gifts for friends.

DIY Leather Catchall

Sleek, rugged, useful, and rustic, this DIY leather desk organizer is something your dad or husband won't be able to live without. Sewn from thick leather, this piece holds its shape well, even when filled with loose change, car keys, and reading glasses.

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