Sewing Through the Decades: 300+ Historical Sewing Patterns


Sewing Through the Decades: 300+ Historical Sewing Patterns

Decades of style patterns, projects, and tutorials in one place! These decade-inspired vintage sewing ideas feature clothing, decor, accessories, and more.

Sewing Through the Decades With 300 Historical Sewing Patterns

Throughout the history of AllFreeSewing, we've created many collections of vintage patterns. In fact, we've created round-ups featuring nearly every decade and popular fashion era.

From the quaint and classic to the fun and colorful, all of these pages include hit after hit.

To help you out, we're including them all here on this page of Sewing Through the Decades: 300+ Historical Sewing Patterns. That's right, there are over 300 sewing patterns, projects, and tutorials featuring all things retro.

Starting in the pioneer days and ending in the not-so-distant days of the 1990s, you can peruse specific decades or look through them all and see what time period speaks to you the most.

It's not just vintage fashion that you'll find in these pages but decor, accessories, costumes, and so much more. Essentially anything memorable from that era that can be sewn has been included. Most with a modern spin of course, so that you won't look like you've just walked out of a period piece drama (unless you want to!).

Start scrolling and travel through time as you do. It's an exciting experience to peruse the different styles and fashions of each decade and contemplate how much has changed and how much has remained the same over the years. What's to come?

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Free Pioneer Sewing Patterns

21 Sewing Patterns Inspired by Laura Ingalls

Journey back to the 1800s with patterns inspired by Little House on the Prairie. Nothing embodies all things vintage more than homespun country makes from America's western expansion.

That's why we love this collection of 21 Sewing Patterns Inspired by Laura Ingalls.

Inspired by famous pioneer Laura Ingalls, we're bringing you our best pioneer sewing patterns that are perfect for sewing enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

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Free Victorian Sewing Patterns

17 Free Victorian Sewing Patterns

These projects are the perfect combo of modern and vintage sewing. Named after the reign of Queen Victoria, this era brought styles like corsets into mainstream fashion.

Rich and luxurious fabrics like velvet and silk were used in upper-class homes. In the spirit of this, we've created a collection, 17 Free Victorian Sewing Patterns.

With these amazing sewing projects inspired by old-world royalty, time travel back to this era without leaving your sewing room!

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Free Downton Abbey Sewing Patterns

34 Downton Abbey Sewing Patterns

For Downton Abbey clothes patterns, find several designs to choose from, including dresses, undergarments, veils, and scarves.

Be vintage vogue with these Downton designs. If you're an avid follower of this popular period drama, you'll love these inspired designs.

Selected with characters from both upstairs and downstairs in mind, this collection of 34 Downton Abbey Sewing Patterns will inspire you to reconnect with key players of the show.

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Free 1920s Sewing Patterns

30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love

As the great Coco Chanel herself once said, "Fashion fades - only style remains the same." These amazing retro sewing patterns go to show just how right she was.

30+ Free 1920s Sewing Patterns Coco Chanel Would Love is a page that highlights the best '20s patterns, from daring unmentionables to the now classic flapper dresses.

In this round-up, you'll find tutorials on everything from how to sew a dress or a skirt to easy DIY suspenders.

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Free 1930s Sewing Patterns

20 1930s Sewing Patterns Free + Sewing and the Great Depression

Do you love vintage sewing ideas? Learn all about how the Great Depression affected everyday sewing in our newest article.

Affecting nearly every aspect of daily life, the Great Depression also deeply changed how fabric was bought, sold, and used in households across the country.

That's what's featured in this collection of 20 1930s Sewing Patterns Free + Sewing and the Great Depression. Learn more and get all the sewing patterns we could find on this page.

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Free 1940s Sewing Patterns

28 1940s Sewing Patterns and Tutorials

These 28 1940s Sewing Patterns and Tutorials seek to emulate must-loved fashion and a style that inevitably became the look of every woman.

Learn to sew clothes that accentuate your waist. Take a tip from vintage looks that flare over your hips for a classic hourglass shape.

Try sewing a top with extra body to it by adding ruffles or peplum for a feminine look. These DIY clothes will look so flattering once you piece them together.

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Free 1950s Sewing Patterns

Fashion of the 1950s: 41 Vintage Sewing Projects

Put a modern spin on classic vintage fashion with these free sewing patterns inspired by the 1950s. On an economic upswing, trailblazers of fashion weren't afraid to try new hemlines, waistlines, and fits.

50s' style was all about class, and this roundup of vintage sewing patterns proves that these designs were and still are timeless.

Fashion of the 1950s: 41 Vintage Sewing Projects celebrates one of the twentieth century's most momentous periods in fashion.

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Free 1960s Sewing Patterns

Fashion in the 1960s: 21 Vintage '60s Sewing Patterns for Today

Check out Fashion in the 1960s: 21 Vintage '60s Sewing Patterns for Today to find some vintage style dresses, 1960s fashion patterns, and other vintage sewing patterns that will fit right at home in your modern wardrobe.

From slim-fit jeans to mini-skirts, '60s fashion was a force to be reckoned with when it emerged and we're thankful for that.

With this collection, find out how you can use vintage sewing patterns to add some '60s fashion to your modern wardrobe.

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Free 1970s Sewing Patterns

32 1970s Free Sewing Patterns

The '70s were one of the most interesting and most complex fashion decades around, with popular looks ranging from sweet homespun skirts and dresses to glittery disco glam inspired by celebrities like Bowie and Cher.

That's why we've created this amazing collection of 32 1970s Free Sewing Patterns.

Colors like burnt orange, olive green, and dusty blue were all the rage in the 1970s, as were long and sleek silhouettes made popular by bell bottoms and maxi dresses.

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Free 1980s Sewing Patterns

Retro Fashion Patterns: 23+ '80s Sewing Patterns

We have some rad patterns for you! With this page, Retro Fashion Patterns: 23+ '80s Sewing Patterns for free, you'll be excited to go back in time, fashionwise.

Designers continuously experimented with a range of elements that included 1950s-inspired preppy clothing, unconventional looks, plus color palettes of both neutrals and neons!

This page of 1980s sewing patterns includes DIY accessories, easy skirts, shirt sewing projects, dress patterns, and fun jumpsuits.

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Free 1990s Sewing Patterns

Like, Totally Awesome: 26+ 1990s Sewing Patterns

We are totally buggin' for these 26+ 1990s Sewing Patterns. In our collection, you'll rediscover the styles of that unforgettable decade.

We've got everything '90s including clothes, jewelry, hair accessories, and even toys that were popular way back then. Plus more pop-culture-inspired patterns.

Whether you want to add a bit of grunge to your wardrobe or you're in search of retro ideas for a themed event, there is something for everyone.

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