50+ Purse Sewing Patterns


50+ Purse Sewing Patterns

Learn how to make a bag with these free patterns to sew purses that you're sure to love!


50 Purse Sewing Patterns

Of all things to sew, making purses is truly rewarding. Why? Because you can use them every day!

Not to mention, when you're out and about wearing your newly sewn masterpiece, people will take notice. That's why you need this amazing collection of 50+ Purse Sewing Patterns (Free).

Be the envy of all your friends with any of these patterns to sew purses. It's so much fun to design your own handbags that you'll constantly be working on your next great purse project.

If you've never made one before, you've come to the right place because these awesome patterns will teach you how to sew a purse.

If you're searching for a beginner sewing pattern, try making a handbag from a pillowcase with the tutorial found below. It would make for a wonderful grocery tote. You could also try this all-purpose One Hour Bag. For all the great reasons to sew your own purse, here are some of the best free purse patterns to sew!

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Clutch Purse Patterns (Free)

DIY Clutches are the smallest yet most convenient of all the patterns to sew purses. They're typically quick to make, but have fun details like buttons, beading, or leather trim, that make them work perfectly as simple and chic accessories like evening bags. You'll be able to fit your money, keys, and some lipstick in these small bags for a night out. Clutch purses are lightweight unlike regular shoulder bags but are still large enough to hold all of your necessities.

You'll use these purses when you don't want to carry a bunch of stuff with you. While small purses have been popular for centuries with women, the modern clutch first became popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood in the 1920s and 30s (You can learn more about the history of the modern clutch with this article from Fashionta.com). Embrace your inner Hollywood goddess with these free DIY clutch patterns.

Lilly Pulitzer-Inspired Clutch

Get the designer look for less with an adorable DIY clutch that's perfect for channeling your inner East Coast prep. This Lilly Pulitzer-Inspired Clutch is the best way to create your own designer-inspired bag without spending a fortune.

Placemat Clutch Tutorial

Use old placemats to make an adorable, little clutch. This Placemat Clutch Tutorial is rustic and chic. Plus, it will take you less than an hour to create!

Pleated Pouch

Sometimes you just need a cute, little bag to throw a few things in. The Pleated Pouch is a cute option. With a zippered top and a body small enough to fit inside a larger bag, you'll find this accessory works for everyday life.

Lined Sequin Clutch

Dress up a regular outfit by making this Lined Sequin Clutch. With materials such as stretchy sequined fabric, lining fabric, and a zipper, you can whip up a clutch that you'll be proud to show off. The instructions not only teach you how to make a clutch handbag but also how to make a lined bag.

Patchwork DIY Bag Patterns

Learn how to make a bag that is perfect for storing your crafting supplies, makeup, art supplies, and any other small items. This gorgeous free bag pattern shows you how to use up scraps in order to create a cute and quick sewing project. Complete with how to add a zipper and homemade label tutorials, the step by step instructions for the Patchwork DIY Bag Patterns are expertly crafted and easy to follow.

Beaded Clutch Tutorial

Maybe it is Friday night again and you are ready to go out on the town or you are preparing for a special New Years Eve Party. Keep all your valuables close by and your ensemble classy when you make this Beaded Clutch Tutorial. This how to make a clutch project is going to show you exactly how to use two fat quarters to make one gorgeous piece!

Table Runner DIY Clutch

Create a designer-inspired purse that's chic and elegant without spending a fortune with this Table Runner DIY Clutch. This incredibly fun and budget-friendly refashioning project teaches you how to create a stylish clutch from a thrift store table runner.

Gathered Clutch

This free purse sewing pattern is a new take on the traditional clutch. The Gathered Clutch features gorgeous gathered details that produce a lovely girly look. Every girl knows that a purse with pockets is so much better than a purse without.

Clutches for the Ladies

Looking for a special gift for your bridesmaids? Make these Clutches for the Ladies. Whether you need gifts for your bridesmaids or gifts for any lovely ladies in your life, these clutches will be so well received.

Easy Foldover Clutch Tutorial

Get out your prettiest fat eighths and fat quarters to create a feminine clutch that combines luxurious faux leather with printed cotton. This Easy Foldover Clutch Tutorial shows you how to design a cute DIY bag that's delicate and dainty while still being large enough to hold all of your essentials.

The Awesome Denim Clutch

At long last, the bag of your dreams is here. Take a look at these instructions on how to make a clutch purse and try to deny that The Awesome Denim Clutch is everything you've ever wanted and more.

Two Tone Clutch Purse

This free clutch pattern shows you how to combine two fabric prints you adore to make a simple and sleek clutch you can use for just about anything. The Two-Tone Clutch Purse pattern is simple to make and sturdy to use. 

Easy Colorblock Clutch Tutorial

Stop searching for the perfect clutch and make one of your own with this Easy Colorblock Clutch Tutorial. With this free sewing tutorial, you can create a fashion-forward bag in no time at all. This easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial lets you use trendy color-blocking techniques to make a standout bag that's perfect for any time of year.

Pixie Hexie Wallet Pattern

If you've been saving up your charm packs for the perfect project, then you'll love this Pixie Hexie Wallet Pattern. With this free purse pattern and tutorial, you can create an adorable wallet or clutch using easy quilting techniques.

Button Clutch Bag

Turn a plain old clutch bag into something special by covering it with buttons. This is a really simple makeover, but so effective. It will take a long time; this is definitely not a quick project, but the results are so pretty and such a talking point.

Free Medium-Sized Purse Patterns

If your favorite day-to-day purse is falling apart from wear, why not treat yourself to a brand new bag with one these free sewing patterns? These are your standard handbags, not the ones that are huge black holes for all of your belongings.

These DIY purses are perfect for your everyday activities like school runs or shopping, but are lightweight and have enough room for your essentials plus a book or water bottle. You'll be able to fit a wallet and some makeup in these DIY purses, and their fashionable designs are sure to be the envy of all of your friends.

Happy Trails Tote Pattern

There's nothing better than a quick and easy purse that's roomy and lightweight and looks great with any outfit. If you've been searching for the perfect purse pattern, look no further than this Happy Trails Tote Pattern.

Buttercup Bag

With this free purse pattern, sew your own Buttercup Bag. This purse is stylish and the perfect size for a day of shopping. If you love floral patterns as much as I do, this bag is a must-make!

Hobo Dance Bag

This is an easy way to make a stylish bag. The Hobo Dance Bag can be decorated as seen here, or for a more adult version use a different logo or go without. The messenger bag will look great and be very useful.

One Hour Bag

Learn how to make a purse in one hour with this stunning free purse pattern for sewing. The One Hour Bag will honestly only take you one hour to create, and you will get hours and hours of use out of this simple and convenient bag.

Darling Drawstring Backpack

Check out this full printable pattern to sew a purse that's hands-free and fashionable.

The Day Trip Purse

Before you head out the door on a day adventure, grab The Day Trip Purse. It's got the room and the style you need for your day bag. Learn how to sew a purse with this pretty pattern.

Blossom Shoulder Bag

With multiple pockets in the main compartment and a sleek, stylish design, the Blossom Shoulder Bag is every girl's dream bag. Learn how to sew a purse with this fabulous and functional bag pattern.

Burlap Purse With Shabby Rose

You'd be surprised to hear that you can make a lovely purse like the Burlap Purse With Shabby Rose for around $5! Similar bags could set you back close to $100. Use this free purse pattern to be both smart and stylish.

Traditional Japanese Rice Bag

If you're in the neighborhood for free patterns for purses to sew, this Traditional Japanese Rice Bag may be just what you're looking for. Do something different and try learning how to sew a bag that embodies ancient Japanese tradition.

30 Minute Reversible Bag

Stop spending a ton of time sewing purses and make the perfect go-to bag in hardly any time at all with this 30 Minute Reversible Bag. You can create an adorable purse that's lightweight yet still large enough to hold all of your essentials with this free purse tutorial.

Your Dream Bag

No, you're not still asleep, Your Dream Bag is just here. Finally, the wait is over. Explore this full purse pattern tutorial to find out how you can achieve the DIY bag you want for a fraction of the in-store price.

Fat Quarter Bag Sewing Pattern

The Fat Quarter Bag sewing pattern is a reader favorite! This big bag can carry a lot and it is super easy to make. Check it out.

How to Make a Bag in One Hour

If you have an hour to spare, why not take that time to create something useful and adorable? This How to Make a Bag in One Hour tutorial shows you how to make a quick and simple tote bag. This fabulous bag is sturdy and a breeze to make.

The Wonder Mom Free Purse Pattern

Moms always have everything they could possibly need in their purse. If you have a wonder mom in your life, make her a bag to fit all that stuff with The Wonder Mom Free Purse Pattern. This big and beautiful bag can carry just about anything and the sturdy straps mean she can carry it all comfortably.

Free Tote Bag Patterns

If you're always on the go, then tote bags are a total must. DIY tote bags will fit everything you need for a certain event, whether you're going to the beach, library, or gym. They'll fit towels, a change of clothes, books, or even items for a baby.

If you like traveling, this is one of the patterns to sew purses that you'll want to make first, because tote bags are super roomy but fold or roll-up easily for storage. Plus, most tote bags can also double as grocery sacks. Take some stress of traveling by making one of these free tote bag patterns.

Leather Bottom Tote Bag

This summer, treat yourself to a chic and easy-to-sew bag that's totally on trend by following this Leather Bottom Tote Bag tutorial. This DIY bag tutorial is the perfect way to add a touch of class to any outfit, from jeans and a tee to a cute maxi dress.

5 Step Market Tote

Learn how to make a tote bag in just five easy steps when you explore this grocery bag pattern idea. The 5 Step Market Tote is made out of a pillowcase, meaning it is an insanely cheap way to make an adorable sewn bag pattern.

Canvas Beach Bag

Break out the sunscreen and sunglasses because it's almost summer! When you hit up the beach, you'll need a place to store all of your belongings while you're in the water. Make the Canvas Beach Bag to tote your beachy belongings from point A to point B.

T Shirt Tote Bag

Use these patterns to sew purses from a t-shirt! The T-shirt tote bag is an easy way to learn how to sew a purse on the cheap.

Twenty Minute Tote

This tote bag pattern is one of our most popular projects and it is easy to see why! You can carry anything in the Twenty Minute Tote, and you can make a dozen of them since it sews up so quickly! Use this sewing tutorial to learn how to sew your own purse in whatever fabric you want.

A Handibag From A Pillowcase

Learn how to make a tote bag perfect for running errands in just 5 easy steps! Turn a simple pillow case with into a DIY tote bag with this free sewing pattern. The Handibag From A Pillowcase folds up small so you can carry it anywhere.

The Piano Shoulder Bag

Learn how to make a shoulder bag that tears it up in terms of style. The Piano Shoulder Bag is an instant classic. Both playful and functional, you can add this to your list of DIY purses that transform an outfit from tame to wild.

Dotty Embroidered Tote

Give a plain old bag a brand new look by doing a little crafting. This Dotty Embroidered Tote is a budget-friendly way to give yourself a stylish bag to use while also having some fun. Grab your needle and thread and follow along with this simple embroidery tutorial to learn how to decorate a DIY tote you'll love.

A Fine Day T-Shirt Tote

When the sun and temperatures beckon you and your little ones to the market, you'll be glad to have A Fine Day T-Shirt Tote. Store your fresh fruits and veggies in this DIY tote, made from old t-shirts.

Your Favorite Beach Bag

Going to the beach would be all the lovelier if you stored your suit and sunscreen in Your Favorite Beach Bag. As far as free tote bag patterns go, this will certainly become one of your go-to purse patterns.

Classy Striped Tote Bag

Make your next stylish bag a fun DIY experience. Check out this tote bag tutorial to learn how make this Classy Striped Tote Bag. This is a great project to channel your creativity into something completely fabulous.

Remona's Reversible Tote Bag

Make a versatile tote bag pattern that you can take anywhere you would like when you learn how to make a tote bag that is reversible and roomy with this free sewing pattern. Remona's Reversible Tote Bag makes a great reusable grocery bag pattern, library tote, or even a homemade purse pattern.

Tote Full of Pockets

There is a reason tote bags are so popular. They are too cute, too practical, and too easy to make. If you are on the hunt for your next purse, consider crafting this Tote Full of Pockets.

Fabulous Farmer's Market Tote

Join the reusable grocery bag craze by sewing this Fabulous Farmer's Market Tote. This simple tote bag pattern is well worth the little time you need to make it. Sew sturdy and lengthy straps, a lining, and eye-catching exterior fabric onto this tote.

Tee to Tote Bag

Have an old shirt you love, but can't wear anymore? Don't throw it out; transform it with this guide for a Tee to Tote Bag. See how to make a tote bag that's never going to be in stores.

Easily Maintained Market Totes

What is it that makes these Easily Maintained Market Totes so user-friendly? For one thing, these DIY bags are reusable, meaning that you won't have to compromise with excessive paper or plastic bags in your home after your trip to the store.

Sweatshirt Tote Tutorial

Transform an old sweatshirt into your favorite new tote. With just a few stitches and some braid work, you've got a comfy tote to hold your personal belongings. This free purse pattern is so quick and easy, you can make several in one sitting.

Tri-Color Ten-Step Tote Bag Pattern

Learn how to make a tote bag in just ten easy-to-follow steps with this gorgeous free tote bag pattern. This gorgeous, free purse pattern looks just like a tote bag you can buy at the store. Impress your friends and add some style to your accessorizing when you make the Tri-Color Ten-Step Tote Bag Pattern.

Cornishware DIY Tote Bag

The next time you receive a boring, promotional tote bag, use this DIY sewing project to transform that dud into something you will love. The Cornishware DIY Tote Bag shows you how to makeover a tote by adding some pretty ruffles.

Coin Purse Sewing Patterns (Free)

If you're looking for a great way to clear out your fabric stash, then you can't go wrong with a simple coin purse. These tiny DIY purses will fit some change and maybe some cash. They're also perfect for holding small objects like contacts, lipstick, or mints.

If you're traveling in a country that uses a lot of coins like in the UK or Europe, you'll want to make one of these coin purse patterns to make and carry with you. These easy sewing projects make fantastic DIY gift ideas or stocking stuffers, and let you show off your favorite printed fabric and bright colors.

Coin Purse Key Chain

Never lose your keys again with this Coin Purse Key Chain! This cute coin purse pattern has a zippered pocket for your money or credit cards as well as a key fob. Stay organized with this free coin purse sewing pattern.

Cute Japanese Coin Purse

The Cute Japanese Coin Purse is useful and easy to make. You'll love the traditional look of this sewing project. Make it easy on yourself to find the change you need with this coin purse.

Macaron Coin Purse Pattern

Parisians are known for their sense of style and fabulous pastries, so why not combine both with this super sweet coin purse tutorial? This adorable Macaron Coin Purse Pattern looks good enough to eat!

Ball Clasp Pear Coin Purse

Look no farther than this printable pattern for a sweet way to store your coins. You can make a Ball Clasp Pear Coin Purse following this easy sewing tutorial. Free coin purse patterns like this show you how to make a pouch for your loose change that you will love to show off.

Patchwork Vintage Coin Purse Pattern

This DIY coin purse is no different. Looking adorable in a pastel color scheme reminiscent of the sewing accessories of the 50s, the Patchwork Vintage Coin Purse is a unique and triangular three-dimensional shape that makes carrying coins enjoyable!

Foxy DIY Coin Purse

Keep your extra coins tucked away in this adorable Foxy DIY Coin Purse. This precious and printable sewing pattern. Made to look like the cutest little fox you have ever seen, this little purse would be the perfect piece to make for a daughter that is moving off to college.

Grogu Double Zipper Coin Purse Tutorial

Learn how to make a DIY coin purse with zipper pockets and featuring adorable "Baby Yoda" fabric. This DIY coin purse is a creative project that can be made by most sewists. The design is much more exciting than a standard coin purse, too.

Want More?

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What's your favorite style of purse?
Let us know below in the comments!

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I love the variety of patterns that you offer on your site, but, I hate all of the pop up advertising that is irritating and slow down the site to get to a particular bag that is of interest.

There is a bag called "Bionic" or "Mother Lode". Do you have anything similar?

Hi, my name is Samal and I am an English teacher at KSTU and i live in Kazakhstan. I am going to start sewing because i think i am able to make my family happy

Denim purses

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These bags totes purses are fantastic,the variety is great,you can have one for every day of the year.They are beautiful some easy to make.

I'd love to make the Amy Butler Blossom Bag, but unable to download and print the pattern /

I would love to make the Amy Butler shoulder bag.... but no matter what I do, the photos will not download. I get the yellow pages with text, but no pictures, no pattern pages.

I use a canvas shoulder bag. I love big bags.

i love hobo bags

I love these patterns. They are well written and are attractive. I am looking forward to making some of these.

where i can download this pattern ? i can not see

I usually use large handbags which I can carry around a lot of stuff because I am a fashion designing student and have taje a lot of stuff to my class every day. So I made myself a pleated tote and something I saw from one of a youtube video. So yah! I like huge spacious bags.

I quit carrying a purse a long time ago. Now I use a small zippered pouch that will fit into my jean's front pocket. It holds my driver's license, credit card and a few folded up bills. This is the most secure I have found. I really don't need all of that junk that I used to carry around, and now I have 2 hands free and my back doesn't hurt from carrying around all that weight on my shoulder. If we are traveling through an airport, then I will carry the biggest tote that will fit under the seat or in the overhead bin.

A big orange shoulder bag.

I'm using a shoulder bag of my own design. Grey wool blend with asymmetrical flap and pocket on the outside and a wild purple, teal and grey print lining.

I use a leather shoulder purse with out side zippers and pockets inside.

Hi judy 8484785, Congrats! You have won our comment contest. We will be in touch shortly. Thank you so much for being a loyal reader. Kaylee, Editor of AllFreeSewing.com

Denim bag I made, has cross over strap.

Most of the time I use a small wallet style purse with a shoulder strap for easy caring while shopping.

For some reason my comment isn't showing up! Will try again. I usually carry a 2 pocket purse that I love to make. However after the last one wore out, I haven't found new fabrics that catch my eye. So am currently carrying a store bought one. Gasp!

I usually carry a 2pocket purse that I make, but after the last one wore out, I have been at a loss to find new fabric combos that catch my attention. So I am currently carrying a store bought purse. Gasp!

I made a tote purse from blue jeans legs with a carhart pocket t-shirt liner. Fast, easy, and shabby-chic.

a big zippered tote bag especially if I'm carrying a lot of stuff

a not too big felted wool crossbody messenger bag

a not too big felted wool crossbody messenger bag

I use a leather shoulder bag with zipper pockets inside and out.

I use a regular leather purse with a strap that goes across my body. It has enough compartments to hold all I need for the day.

Every day my go to is a clutch purse, but when I want to zazzle up an outfit I use my very sparkles drawstring purse =)

Some days I use a tote that my daughter made me, but for work I use a regular ol' purse.

Leather. ALWAYS leather.... -)

I'm using the "Classy Striped Tote Bag" that I made with the pattern on this site. Love, love, love it.

I love using structured totes!

Mine is a bucket type that I made

I currently have a leather crossbody. But i typically use a purse or bag that I have made. I love designing and making bags and tote. Pretty much a bag lady. Annie Wiederstein

Mine is a large, brown hobo style with a strap that is long enough to carry over my shoulder.

My everyday is a shoulder bag in which I put a couple of extra sections. I don't like a purse that is just one hole, everything goes to the bottom and is unorganized.

I use a large zippered tote which I designed and made myself. It is black vinyl with a tan band around the center. The band has an embroidered NFL Saints logo on it and is wide enough to form outside pockets. The inside has a zippered pocket and also 2 card pockets. The straps are sewn from the bottom of the bag to the top and have a drop of about 20 inches.

Honestly, I only use a 2.5 x 3 wallet that fits in my pocket. But, since my friends and family love and use all sizes and shapes of purses and totes, I have a large collection of patterns that I make as gifts. I like making grocery totes for personal use and cutting down on plastic grocery bags.

In all honesty, I use a 2.5" x 3" wallet that fits in my pocket. All of my friends and family love every size and shape of purses possible so as a result, I have a large collection of patterns that I use as custom gifts. My personal favorites are grocery/shopping totes to use in place of plastic grocery bags.

I have a medium sized double strap shoulder bag. There is a small snapped pocket on the side, where I keep my keys. The purse is packed to the max. )

I use a nice leather shoulder bag. It holds my kindle and all basic necessities and still looks good.

I will make the coin purses! I have lots of FREE fabric to sew make them! I obtained the "free" fabric from local upholstery shops. Instead of throwing their discontinued sample books in the trash, they give them to me!

I would make the pleated pouch. I printed this pattern quite a while ago and it's still on my to do list. I think I'll move it up as I really do love the design.

Love the one hour bag....that is my kind of project!

I would like to try the Classy Striped Tote Bag!

I have made lots of these bags and purses. I love the t-shirt to sling bag and lots of the totes. Love this site to get these ideals from. Thank you.

I LOVE all kinds of bags and would make several of these shown. But I have to say I would definitely make the Mini Backpack Coin Purse and Key Chain - it is adorable and could be very handy...

Japanese Rice Bag

I would make the buttercup purse and it is just the perfect size for the coin purse keychain (which I have made as gifts for family for Christmas) to make up in the same fabric to go with it!!!

I would make the Buttercup Purse. Looks just my size.

I have made the buttercup one; it came out very nice.

I would make the 1hour bag. Who wouldn't want a purse in an hour.

I would make the burlap purse with shabby rose. Very trendy!

Love the gathered clutch!

which of these 33 purse patterns I would make: The Gathered Clutch! Just darling.

Blossom Shoulder Bag love it

I would probably say the one hour bag. I'm making some purses to sell for some extra cash and this one looks easy enough.

Hobo Dance Bag

I have made the gathered clutch and the buttercup bag. Love them!

I love the pear coin purse!

I have made the gathered clutch and the buttercup bags. Love them!

I have made handbags of varying degrees I would like to try the Classy Striped Tote Bag

The placemat clutch just gave me some great ideas - I've already made a small bag from some woven placemats that I added a magnet and really like.

I make bags all the time , but would love to try the dotty embroidered tote!!! They all look like fun.

I would make the clutch since it's almost time for some formal wear it's the easiest to match with :)

I would make them ALL! Of course it would take a little time. I love them all!

I would make the Hobo Dance bag! My granddaughter needs a new one and this looks like the perfect size! Thanks for the chance to win this great book!

I have made the Blossom Bag before and would make it again! I love your site for getting purse, bag, and tote patterns. You are the best!

Hi, I love all the purse patterns I have seen here but the one that I would love to make first is the #1 shown, The med. one in the light green frabic. I have never made a purse yet so please let this one be my first. Thank you

how can a girl pick just 1 bag to make???

I can't wait to make the Classy Striped Tote Bag!!!!! :)

I love bags...do I have to choose just one to make??

The Blossom Shoulder Bag

I would make the pleated tote, I love it.

I have made over half dozen of the pleated pouch, only I made it deeper and wider. I love making bags. I have ideas for making a piano bag with the fabric I have on hand.

I would make the pleated pouch bag.

The Burlap Bag with Shabby Rose has been on my To-Do list forever! I have seen similar bags at high end stores for $$$$$ !

I would make the Adorable Fabric Purse. It's cute and simple. thanks

I would make the 5 Step Market Tote. It would be handy for everything

I would make the pleated pouch.

I would make the piano shoulder bag :) Very cute pattern....and I would use it to put my sheet music in! :)

Adorable fabric purse

I love the little pear coin purse. It is so cute!

I have made the one hour bag and it certainly is. I would like to make the bag in the upper right corner.

The Adorable Fabric Bag, would be pretty in many different colors and such a nice handy size.

I have made several gathered clutches. Everyone seems to like them. The Noodlehead tutorial is awesome. I would like to make the buttercup bag next.

Adorable Fabric Purse is my choice to make.

20 minute tote

I would love to try make Dotty Embroidered Tote.

I think I would like to start out doing one of the tote bags as my experience is not that high yet on general sewing. Would be nice to start with something simple!

I like the Blossom Shoulder bag.

I'll likely make the 20 minute tote to start.

I would definitely sew the 5 step market tote it looks nice and roomy and multifunctional.I think it would also be great to make for gifts for my friends.

I would make the Blossom Shoulder Bag. It looks like a challenge and a nice bag!

I would make the One Hour Bag! Looks so easy!

I like them all. I would probably start out with the one hour bag.

Love the One hour Bag!!! (But I just may try them all!

I would love to make the Coin Purse Pattern, I like unusual purses and bags of all styles.

Pleated tote. It's lovely!

So many to like. But I would choose the Canvas Beach Bag. In fact, I've already made 2!

Hobo Dance Bag sounds like this weekend's project!

Really hard to choose-I like so many. The Buttercup bag is very cute

Lined sequin clutch or the pear coin purse

Todos son muy lindos.

I can't rate it, I can't even download it.


Love the buttercup Bag.

I could not the e-book to download,,,no matter what I tried, kandie

I love making pursss. I also enjoy making baby stuff.

I love making totes and hand bags thanks

What a wonderful website! Thanks Jen of Reanna Lily Designs for sharing .

I just found your web site today and found a kitchen witch pattern I had been trying to find for a few weeks. Thank you for having such a large variety.

i found a site yesterday; cant find today. La Madison Reid site; she had some beautiful purses; can you please forward me how to find her?

The site is http://lamaisonreid.blogspot.com Some really great projects there!

Can't wait to get to sewing some of these projects I have saved.

@ Crafter 5196069, Go to the page and highlight the text, then right-click on it. You'll get a window that gives you the option to "copy." Do that, and then paste the text into a word document. You should be able print that document that way. --Editors of AllFreeSewing

how do I print the sewing machine cover, I want to look at it when I cut it out, hugs vivian

I love this website I have never seen anything like it can't wait to get started I'm retired with nothing to do but with your wedsite I will be working for days and some evenings. I just love it Thank you , thank you, very very much.. doris

@gandf 6839390, We suggest contacting the advertising company for assistance purchasing their products. --Editor of AllFreeSewing

Tried to order product from one of your advertisers, unsuccessful-what am I doing wrong?

@lcotton00194 0723673, Which pattern is it that you are trying to download? All of these patterns on this site can be viewed by clicking on the name of the item, and from there, click on the link that says "click here for sewing pattern." A new window should open up that takes you directly to the original designer's site. I hope this helps! --Editor of AllFreeSewing


these is really awsome!!


I really enjoy this website

Great designs

They are all wonderful

all the purses are adorable


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