50+ Quick and Easy Sewing Projects


50+ Quick and Easy Sewing Projects

Short on time? Then these quick sewing patterns are just what you need!


50 Quick and Easy Sewing Projects

Love to sew but short on time? You won't believe how little time it takes to make these simple but professional-looking simple sewing projects. Beginner-friendly, easy, and quick, this collection of sewing tutorials will have your friends jealous of your sewing skills in no time!

From country home decor to sleek organizational tools to high-fashion statement pieces, this list of 50+ Quick and Easy Sewing Projects has everything you could dream of sewing. You've never truly understood how relaxing sewing could be until you've tried out some of these DIY designs.

If you're a last-minute gift-giver, you'll find the perfect present for anyone in your life. From bookworms to film lovers to fashionistas, these homemade gift ideas can be whipped up in less than an hour! No one will guess that you didn't spend a fortune on being so thoughtful.

You don't even have to give away these sewn marvels for them to be worth your (very short) while. Sew a bundle of decorative pillows for every cozy cushion in the house or give your wardrobe a vogue update with budget-friendly refashioning projects.

Regardless of how you choose to treat yourself, there's no surer way to stitch some happiness into your day than by trying out some of these beginner sewing patterns.

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Home Decor Sewing Projects

These quick and easy sewing projects will transform your home from drab to fab in no time! Whether your living room needs an organizational overhaul or your lackluster sofa needs a brilliant color embellishment, you'll find a pattern among these home decor sewing patterns.

It doesn't even matter what style of decor you're looking for; this handy collection can fit with anything from sleek modern to homey country furnishings. Go big on style without spending a lot of time--all you need are these free sewing patterns and a few minutes.

Patterned Pillow Cover in Minutes

Avoid the retail cost of home decorating with sewing projects like this Patterned Pillow Cover in Minutes.

5 Minute Pillows

You can make this sewn pillow pattern during commercial breaks, while you're waiting for your coffee to brew, or even while you're on hold.

How to Make Cloth Napkins

This How to Make Cloth Napkins tutorial shows you exactly how to sew some stylish and cute cloth napkins for your next dinner party.

Add Pompoms to a Cushion or Pillow

This quick, easy-peasy technique will put a playful pop of color into any project, especially a handmade pillow like the one pictured here.

No Sew Pillow Cover Video

Learn how to make a pillow cover that's quick, easy, and low-maintenance.

Ruffled Lamp Shade

If you know how to sew ruffles, you know how to make this Ruffled Lamp Shade!

10 Minute Little Pillow

In just 10 minutes, you can decorate and sew up this fancy little piece and place it in your home. The 10 Minute Little Pillow is a great gift for the mom who loves knickknacks.

Upcycled Sweater Pillowcase

This DIY project will show you how to take your old cozy sweater and transform it into a unique pillowcase.

Vintage Button Kitchen Curtains

These Vintage Button Kitchen Curtains look great in a kitchen, or you can hang them from a bedroom window to add some quirky flair to your sleeping space.

Simple Lace and Burlap Table Runner

If you want to learn how to make a table runner, this is a great place to begin! Sewing with burlap is a good way to add some character to your dining room table.

DIY Repurposed Sweater Knot Pillow

This unique project is a charming way to add a pop of color and unique shapes to your space. While this looks complicated, it's actually easy to create.

Pom Pom Blanket

This simple sewn blanket pattern is a great way to keep warm during cold winter months while still staying effortlessly stylish.

One Hour Sunflower Pillow

This super simple pillow tutorial uses an easy applique technique to create a cheerful flower pattern that will brighten up any room.

5 Minute Bread Bag

Make a simple bag for bread or to use as a gift bag with this easy beginner sewing project. The 5 Minute Bread Bag really does take only five minutes!

No Sew DIY Ironing Board

Tired of dragging your bulky ironing board into your sewing room just to press a few seams? Say hello to this No Sew DIY Ironing Board.

Framed Ruffly Heart

Put your fabric on your walls this Valentine's Day with this free, easy holiday craft. Make a Framed Ruffly Heart to hang up and decorate your home for the holiday, or even hang it all year round.

2 Yard Ruffle Pillow Sham

Using only two yards of fabric, you can give your bedding an instant upgrade with this easy sewing tutorial.

Vintage Sheet Shower Curtain

Forget boring shower curtains from the dollar store! Have fun transforming a pretty patterned sheet into a fully functional shower curtain with this project.

Star Folk Ornaments

Simple and sweet, these little stars make a darling addition to any Christmas tree. They could be nursery decor, too!

DIY Remote Caddy Tutorial

Organize your remotes and magazines in style without extra hassle with this easy sewing pattern!

Easy Refashioning Patterns

For years, the mantra of every conscious citizen has been "reduce, reuse, and recycle." Who knew that you could apply these planet-saving concepts to your personal fashion? Reusing, repurposing, recycling, upcycling, and refashioning are the new eco-friendly ways to help the environment that make you look like a fashion model while doing it! All of these DIY upcycling projects are quick, easy, and oh-so-clever.

Dust off the pieces that have been sitting in the back of your closet for years, and turn them into couture items your friends will be jealous of! Turn trash to treasure with one of these quick and easy sewing projects. Since you're working with pre-made items, half the work is already done for you! After one or two projects, you'll wonder why you haven't thought of these brilliant techniques before.

DIY Beanie and Infinity Scarf Refashion

Turn your beloved old sweater into a beautiful beanie and scarf set with this project!

Reusable T-Shirt Bag

Easy bags to make can be both affordable and space-saving, especially with this tutorial.

Comfortably Bold Shirt Refashion Pattern

This free sewing pattern only takes about an hour to complete and is one of those great projects that only requires one yard of fabric.

Ten Minute Pillowcase Apron

Learn how to make an apron that looks just like the vintage sewing patterns of old by creating this easy apron pattern out of an old-school print.

30 Minute Jeans Mending Tutorial

There's nothing worse than a rip in your favorite jeans. Save yourself the headache and the price tag with this 30 Minute Jeans Mending Tutorial.

30 Minute Ballet Shoes

Revamp those old flats into a beautiful pair of ballet slippers with this project!

Girly T-Shirt Refashion

You only need an old shirt and 15 minutes to create a whole new look!

Mom's Vintage Vendor Apron

Add some serious style to your next bake sale or garage sale with this easy tutorial for Mom's Vintage Vendor Apron.

Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial

Sturdy, durable denim makes this basket an organizational tool that can bear anything you put in it! From sewing notions to bathroom toiletries, this Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial can hold whatever you need it to.

20 Minute Spring Sweater Redo

Turn a bland sweater into a spectacular spring look with this simple refashioning project!

Simple Clothing Patterns

Forget about wasting time waiting in the line at your nearest department store. These quick and easy sewing projects are twice as fast as buying clothing and they look twice as good! You can look stylish and unique in as little as five minutes with these sewing patterns and tutorials.

Just follow the simple directions and you'll be able to dress yourself from head to toe in personalized, tailored, and trendy fashion while still having enough time to do everything else on your list!

Elastic Waistband Skirt

Make your own high-waisted skirt with this Elastic Waistband Skirt tutorial!

5 Minute Skirt

Whether you're in a hurry to get somewhere or you don't have time for a huge project, this 5 Minute Skirt is the perfect solution for you.

Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt

The Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt tutorial is so easy to make that even a beginner could tackle this project.

Quick Change Corsage Necklace

Make a Quick Change Corsage Necklace using a fabric flower that you can sew yourself!

30 Minute J Crew Inspired Tank

It might seem impossible, but you really can learn how to sew a tank that looks just like a top from your favorite store for less than half the price!

Scrapbuster Hair Bow Tutorial

This free sewing tutorial teaches you how to make a hair bow out of small scraps of fabric so you can dress up your bun for any occasion!

Simple Sewn Infinity Scarf

This infinity scarf pattern takes minutes to make, and it is ideal for staying cozy and warm. Make it in a solid color or go fall fab with a plaid print.

Simple 15 Minute Skirt

This simply lovely skirt is so easy to make and would make a great addition to your wardrobe!

Clothing Patterns for Kids

One frustrating thing about kids is that they grow out of their clothes so quickly. Every season seems to wreak havoc on your expenses when you find that last year's clothing just won't do. Now you can cut down on the astronomical costs of kiddie couture with these simple DIY children's clothing tutorials!

Not only are these darling patterns good on the wallet, but they're also a cinch to make. Even children can have a thoughtfully homemade wardrobe in a flash! In fact, children are even quicker and easier to sew for because their clothing is smaller. Make some of these quick and easy sewing projects so you can dress your child in style without spending way more money!

Quick Baby Bonnet

Make an adorable bonnet for your child or grandchild with this free sewing pattern. Decorative and heirloom stitches make this bonnet a great project for intermediate level crafters.

No-Sew Aprons for Kids

This No-Sew Apron for Kids is your solution to your apron-less child dilemma.

How to Make Baby Leggings

Want to know How to Make Baby Leggings? Here's a free, printable pattern and tutorial for these adorable drop crotch style baby leggings.

Quick and Easy Two Tiered Skirt

Learn how to make a skirt in under an hour with this free girls skirt sewing pattern.

Ruffle Butt Onesie

This pattern will show you all you need to know about sewing baby clothes so you can make a ruffle butt onesie.

Bandana Bib Tutorial

These bibs are quick to make and can be made in as many fabrics and colors as you want.

Toddler Bow Headband Sewing Pattern

Learn how to make a precious accessory for your little one with this Toddler Bow Headband Sewing Pattern.

How to Make A Tutu Dress

Your daughter can live out her ballerina dreams in this dress that is so fast to make!

DIY Sewing Accessories

No outfit is complete without the correct accessories. Whether it's a scarf to bring out the colors of your blouse or a high-fashion tote to carry around all of your necessities, it's impossible to resist adorning your ensemble with a little something extra. That's why we have this list of super-cute DIY accessories to sew!

One of the best types of quick DIY sewing projects is accessories! They're a fast and simple way to update your wardrobe in no time. From trendy tools to beginner-friendly bags you can make in under an hour, give your wardrobe an easy makeover with these accessory sewing patterns.

Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial

This Chicken Feed Bag Tutorial is super easy and takes less than an hour to make. If you're looking for recycled craft ideas, you'll love this simple bag.

Pride and Prejudice Infinity Scarf Pattern

Take your all-time favorite, beloved classic with you wherever you go with this Pride and Prejudice Infinity Scarf Pattern.

Denim Flower DIY Necklace

This Denim Flower DIY Necklace is a perfectly charming way to recycle old jeans, and it shows you how to create delicate denim blossoms that are a fabulous addition to your jewelry collection.

Multi-Way Kita Scarf

The Multi-Way Kita Scarf is perfect for all occasions. You can wear it in so many different ways, and it will look like a new garment every time.

Lightweight Infinity Scarf

If you want to learn how to sew a scarf that will stay in-season all year, check out this great fashion scarf pattern.

One Hour Bag

Learn how to make a purse in one hour with this stunning free purse pattern for sewing.

Simple Summer Tote

Learn how to sew your own purse with this tutorial, it's perfect for beginners!

Hair Scrunchie Tutorial

All you need to make this darling hair accessory is a fat quarter, elastic, and matching thread.

Easy Laminated Shower Cap

Made with laminated cotton, this beginner sewing project is great for those new to sewing and is a fantastic quick DIY gift idea or easy stocking stuffer.

One Step No-Sew Quilting Gloves

What no one tells you when you first start machine quilting is just how tired your hands can get. Make your life just a little easier with these One Step No-Sew Quilting Gloves.

DIY Kate Spade Key Fob

Live your best trendy life without spending a crazy amount of money with this fun key fob project!

Homemade Gift Ideas

We know you can't get enough quick and easy sewing projects, so we're throwing in a bunch more! The quick crafts in this section all make fantastic gifts to sew for Christmas, birthdays, house warmings, and more. There are projects that are sewing for beginners, but even advanced sewists can appreciate these free sewing patterns.

Everyone can fall in love with spa-ready gear, like fabulous sleep masks, or bookmarks that will make any bookworm jump for joy. Whether you make these simple sewing patterns as a gift for someone you love or for yourself, you won't regret a single stitch!

Twenty Minute Tote

This tote bag pattern is one of our most popular projects and it is easy to see why!

DIY Makeup Brush Roll

Keep your makeup brushes organized and clean with this simple sewing project that's the perfect gift idea for women, teens, and tweens.

5 Minute DIY Bookmark

If you need a quick gift for anyone, the 5 Minute DIY Bookmark is the perfect way to show someone you care without spending a ton of time or money on a gift.

Coloring Book Caddy

The coloring book caddy tutorial uses three fat quarters and can fit four to six coloring books and pencils or pens. It's a great project for beginners and even to make with your kids!

Travel Shave Kit Sewing Pattern

From New York to Tokyo, this free sewing pattern is the perfect sewn accessory to take with you on your travels. With a basic zipper, this project is super easy to make, even if you're not the most experienced sewist.

One Hour Softie

With cute details, it's hard to believe you can make the One Hour Softie in such a short time.

How to Make a Lanyard

These handy accessories are so cute and will save you from being locked out of the car or the house.

Ahoy DIY Baby Toys

The Ahoy DIY Baby Toys pattern shows you how to make easy DIY baby shower gifts in under an hour. Little hands are going to love playing with this nautically themed free sewing for baby pattern.

Ladylike Teacup DIY Pincushion

Made with a delicate and dainty teacup, this DIY pincushion is an easy no-sew project that you can make in under an hour. It is the perfect DIY gift idea for any sewist!

2-for-1 Reversible Pouch

This free purse pattern is just the right size to carry easy-to-lose belongings like wallets and cell phones and adds a unique twist to any outfit.

15 Minute DIY Coffee Cozy

Created by using materials you can easily find in your stash or at the dollar store, this 15 Minute DIY Coffee Cozy is easy to personalize and entirely unique.

5 Minute Tissue Holder

An ideal gift to sew for your fave teacher! This easy peasy sewn tissue holder takes just 10 minutes to make and uses barely any fabric in the process.

30 Minute Sleep Mask Pattern

The sleeping mask sewing pattern and tutorial will take only 30 minutes to make! This is a great project when you have little time to sew and will give you untold hours of relaxation.

Dreaming Diva Sleep Mask Sewing Pattern

Beautiful and sassy, this sleep mask would be a perfect gift idea for anyone in your life!

BONUS! Best Beginner Quilt Pattern

Patchwork Picnic Blanket Tutorial

Spring weather means it's almost time for cookout season, so what better way to start off spring than by designing a gorgeous picnic blanket?

Perfect for beginners, this Patchwork Picnic Blanket Tutorial lets you transform three and a half yards of bright spring fabric into a simple picnic blanket that's perfect for family trips or church cookouts. This picnic blanket tutorial shows you how to combine simple patchwork with a budget-friendly vinyl tablecloth so that your blanket is spill-proof and protected from the elements.

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Some not so quick but all of them are easy! It is simply impossible to not find something in here that you will want to make and that can be made easily. The tutorials are great - very detailed and clear - and most of them have great visuals too so jump in and START SEWING!

This is a great collection of easy to make projects for the beginner, some of the designs are really quick to make when you are looking for a last minute homemade gift in a hurry. It is one of my saved pages and I often click on I think when I am looking for new ideas or need a pattern to use up my scrap fabric. Thanks for compiling a fab go to list of free patterns.

That plaid backpack looks perfect for school or just carrying around town!

Yes, I ran out of birthday wrapping paper, so I sewed up a gift bag from an old batiste curtain. I had a ribbon and used it for a tie. It wasn't very square, but it was pretty and it did the job.

No, but I had a student who constructed a dress to wear that evening with a hot glue gun!

Yes, I made a lace wrap for my daughter for picture day. Took less than 5 minutes for cutting a sewing!

Not yet, but I will this weekend! Can't find a blue skirt at goodwill, and my friend is actually having me make her a blue costume later this winter and has already gotten the fabric, so I'm going to make a quick pin-and-tuck skirt using all 4 yards of the fabric Should only take five minutes if I don't mess up.

NO! I WISH I could though!! Just think of the things you could make IF you could do projects within 5 minutes!

No, not a sewing project.

I grabbed leftover scraps snd made my daughter an infinity scarf for her costume. Whoa, crisis prevented!

Made a bandana for my granddaughter for her Halloween costume in about 5 minutes.

Yes - drawstring skirt for my daughter!

I repaired a bra in less than 5 minutes and made it to the job interview in time! And got the job!

I finished an infinity/nursing scarf in 5 min, but later decided to finish the edges....so initially 5 min, but with the edges later, probably more like 15.

YES! But it was a no-sew project that just involved a glue gun and burlap.

I don't ever remember doing a project in 5 minutes. But I do remember cutting out and sewing my daughter a swim suit in 45 minutes. I had been up all night and was waiting for my husband to load the car for our trip. I knew if I didn't do something I would fall asleep and would not want to get up. My daughter had to have a swim suit and I was not even sure where we would find one in time.

I don't think I've ever done a project in less than 10 minutes but I might have done a quick fix up or darning in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, i have made a cute bookmark in under 5 minutes and it doesnt fall out of the book!!! :-)

Not sure about 5 minutes, but I do remember my sister having a date and wanting to wear something new. Of course her date was to pick her up within the hour. So we got fabric from the stash, cut out, and sewed a pair of pants, with zipper before he got there. This was in the day when zigzag machines were new, where you sewed a seam, then zigzagged both sides, pressed open, then continued on.

No. My quickest project was a potholder in 15 min.

I agree with Beverly. Button sewing but not much else. I'm still a beginner so I try to take my time.

maybe sewing on a button....:)



I have not long found your site. I think it is great. my husband and I have been doing a lot of decorating in the house and I now have a room I can do craft and sewing in so I cannot wait to try some of these wonderful projects. !!

I've made several 5 minute projects. Pot holders, dog toys and a lot of repair work on my husbands jeans. Love projects that can be completed in a short amount of time!

Sewed pillow ticking for bed pillows.

Hello ltlb1t 4387479! You're our winner! One of our editors will be emailing you shortly with further information. Congrats! Kaylee, Editor of AllFreeSewing.com

My wedding veil.

Pin cushions made with recycled cat food can bases, obi belts made with two ties, and felt christmas ornaments are my favorite less-than-5-minute projects. It's nice to have instant results once in a while. (I love the men's shirt to skirt pattern and will make some in flannel for winter.)

I enjoy making travel size pillow cases for baby gifts. They take about 5 minutes to stitch together, so yes I've done a project in 5 minutes.

I have children. I can't get everything I need out in less then ten minutes

Yes, I changed a long sleeve blouse into a short sleeve blouse.

5 minutes? You are joking! 5 days maybe. Can't wait to try the lanyard key chains. Even if it takes longer than 5min. This will be a great stocking stuffer. Thanks.

No, I never finished a project in 5 minutes.

Oh my gosh! I love the pillow case apron! I have some of my mom's pillow cases that don't match anything and since she passed away, I have been trying to figure out what to do with them. Problem solved! Thank you SO much!

There are some cool ideas here. And yes! I have a couple of incredibly quick projects I can whip up for gifts!


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