45+ Pin Cushion Patterns


45+ Pin Cushion Patterns

You'll be inspired to learn how to make a pincushion when you see these adorable patterns!


45 Pin Cushion Patterns

Do you love to sew? Of course you do! That is how you know that every good sewist needs a great pincushion by his or her side. There is no better way to get your hands on a pincushion than to sew it yourself. (Sewing your own pincushion is pretty meta, huh?)

With this collection of 45+ Pin Cushion Patterns at your fingertips, you'll be inspired to create a beautiful and functional sewing craft that will help you stay organized — and keep those needles and pins in one place.

From animal patterns such as a porcupine to wearable accessories, including watches and rings, we have gathered the best and cutest pincushion patterns around. It won't be hard to find your needles when you make these adorable and unique designs!

Sewing pincushions is also a fun way to make a dent in your fabric stash, as the projects use only small amounts of fabric. These fun sewing projects would also make creative gift ideas for the sewists in your life.

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BONUS! Learn how to make a pincushion when you take a look at our free video on How to Sew a Quilted Pin Cushion. This easy sewing pattern is just what you need to create a colorful addition to your sewing gear.

Embroidered and Quilted Pin Cushion Patterns

If this will be your first time making a pincushion, then you can't go wrong with these patterns! More advanced sewists will also enjoy these projects, as the pincushions can be made in very little time and with minimal effort.

Creative as can be, these embroidered and quilted designs don't hold back when it comes to delightful appearances. You will be so proud to use these finished projects!

Simple Hexie Pincushion

This cute pincushion pattern uses English paper piecing, which is done by hand, and perfect for beginners. It only takes 17 hexies, so it's a perfect weekend project to try out EPP without making an entire quilt.

Strawberry Free Pincushion Patterns

 Learn how to embroider on a strawberry on this DIY pin cushion and then put it to good use. There's no reason not to display your sewing supplies when you have a cute way to do it!

Pom Pom Pincushion Pattern

This simple pincushion sewing tutorial will show you how to attach tiny pom pom trim to the edge of 4'' fabric squares, giving you the perfect surface to stick pins in when projects get sticky.

Embroidery Pin Cushion Pattern

This finished embroidered pin cushion will be the size of the needlework you are using. The pin cushion shown here is square, but it would be fun to make a rectangular or round pin cushion too!

Autumn Leaves Pincushion Tutorial

If you're a fall fanatic, then your sewing gear should show it! Give your equipment an adorable autumn update with this autumn-themed pincushion tutorial.

Hexi Pincushion Tutorial

This Hexi Pincushion Tutorial is a cute scrap-busting project and will look great in a variety of colors, so it's a good way to learn how to make a pincushion while using scraps.

Tiny Little Pincushion

This Tiny Little Pincushion does the same job as a regular rounded pincushion, but it's much smaller and is made to tie around your sewing machine.

Monday Afternoon Pincushion Pattern

Sometimes, Monday afternoon is when people are the most productive. You, too, can be productive with free pincushion patterns like this.

Blue Mini Biscornu

Here is a simple blackwork design that is worked in a variegated embroidery thread to make a mini biscornu. Once finished, your biscornu can be a pincushion, a scissor fob, or both.

DIY Emery Pincushion

Scraps and just an hour of your time can be combined to make your new favorite pincushion pattern. This pincushion shows you how to make a pin holder that is perfect for sewing. 

Upcycled Pin Cushion Patterns

Hello, scrapbusters! Use what you already have in your home to make upcycled and repurposed DIY pin cushions! From a scrap-busting design to a tiny bottlecap pincushion pattern, these projects are perfect for those who are new to sewing, budget-conscious or want to think outside of the box.

Your level of imagination is your only limit when it comes to upcycling fabric and embellishments to make any of these free pin cushion patterns. Use these for inspiration or follow the tutorials and patterns to a T to improve your sewing room.

Easy to Make Pin Cushion

This is a classic tomato style made from an old shirt or scrap fabric. You can make this project in very little time, too!

Five Point Pincushion

Use scraps from your favorite fabrics to make this cute and simple pincushion. This is definitely one project to try.

Teensy Bottlecap Pin Cushion Pattern

Pincushion patterns don't get much easier than this adorable miniature bottlecap pin holder. See if you can abstain from giving this simple design a try.

Thimble Pin Cushion

If you've got some old thimbles lying around the house, try this adorable project. This tiny pin cushion is pierced with a jump ring, so you can wear it like a necklace while you sew.

Pretty Pincushion Jar

Do you spend more time working on projects outside of your sewing room than not? Then this adorable pincushion jar is just what you need! The all-in-one jar is perfect for taking your projects on the road.

Scrappy Denim Free Pincushion Pattern

If you have an old pair of jeans and some thread, then you're well on your way to making this pattern! Take upcycling to the next level when you make this pincushion.

A Lovely Pincushion from a Mayonnaise Jar Lid

Transform a jar lid into an essential sewing item with this project! This clever and resourceful pattern is perfect for sewists of all skill levels.

Make a Pin Cushion Egg Cup

Make a Pin Cushion Egg Cup with this quick little tutorial. Unlike many other pin cushions that can roll away or get misplaced, this pretty pin cushion lives inside an egg cup.

Ladylike Teacup DIY Pincushion

Made with a delicate and dainty teacup, this DIY pincushion is an easy no-sew project that you can make in under an hour and is the perfect DIY gift idea for any sewist.

Little Teapot Pincushion Tutorial

Transform an old thrift store teapot into a whimsical pincushion with this unique no-sew craft project. This sewing organizer is an adorable way to organize and stow your sewing pins.

Novelty Pin Cushion Patterns

What can be cuter than a pincushion in the shape of a strawberry, a porcupine, or even a zombie? If you want to add an adorable accessory to your sewing gear, then these pincushion projects are for you.

From food to animals and even the more obscure, you'll find just the right pattern that will fit both your personality and your own style. These whimsical designs are almost too cute to use and will make wonderful gift ideas for the holidays, birthdays, and even weddings.

Porcupine Pin Cushion

This pincushion might the cutest thing ever and works perfectly because the pins are the quills on the porcupine's back. It's certainly a whimsical design.

Zombies, Cupcakes, and Turtles Pin Cushions

These pincushion patterns are both adorable and extremely creative. You can easily create these projects in an afternoon.

Over(ly) Easy Pincushion

Do you like your sewing patterns to be overly easy? If so, then this punny egg pattern is for you. It's cute and made with inexpensive felt - could not be simpler!

Strawberry Pincushion

We love these mini cushions! The pattern to make these petite berries is perfect for marking your tools. You'll love keeping these pincushions at hand.

DIY Desert Cactus Pincushion

Keep your sewing room organized with an adorable DIY pincushion that's inspired by the bright and beautiful plant life of the American Southwest. This cactus is as much an art piece as a handy sewing aid.

Soft Pretzel DIY Pincushion

Add some sweetness to your next sewing project with this whimsical pattern that we can't get enough of! This pretzel pincushion is a charming way to add a little fun and organization to your sewing room.

Make This Flower Pincushion

Learn how to make this gorgeous flower with a step-by-step tutorial. This flower pincushion is made out of felt, so it's easy to cut and sew.

Mod Lil Animal Pincushions

These adorable little animals are incredibly easy to make and the perfect size for pincushions. The printable pattern makes it easy. Plus, you'll love adorable these pincushions look.

Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion

This Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion isn't just the cutest pincushion pattern ever, it'll also be the best piece of sewing room decor you'll ever own, period! It makes a great gift as well.

How to Make A Pincushion Pumpkin

Love spooky patterns? Get ready for Halloween when you create this pincushion! The pumpkin can even double as a decoration when it's not in use, so it's versatile for anyone into October festivities.

Ring and Wrist Pin Cushions

It's one thing to make a pincushion that is ready for use. But keeping that pincushion nearby while you're in the midst of a project? Now that's another story. These pincushion accessories are perfect for the sewist on the go, as they can be worn on your wrist, your fingers, or even attached to your sewing machine.

You'll find what you need in no time with these projects! If you don't want to waste time searching for your needles every time you start a project, then these pincushion patterns need to be on your radar.

Wrist Watch Pincushion

Time to sew? Yes! With this creative cushion that you can wear just like a wrist watch, time will fly by as you go. When you have this fun and creative pincushion by your side, sewing could not be more fun. The design is easy to make, too.

Magnetic Wrist Pincushion

Maybe you know how to make a pincushion, maybe you don't. However, with this Magnetic Wrist Pincushion, all bets are off. This innovative project gets rid of the bulk and keeps those needles within reach.

Ring Pincushion

This Ring Pincushion is a fantastic spin on an old sewing necessity. It's perfect for use while making smaller projects and looks cool to boot!

Sew Stylish Pincushion

This pincushion fits around your wrist like a corsage. It looks great, it is comfortable to wear, and it is extremely practical.

Bottlecap Pincushion

Can you believe you'll use bottlecaps for this project? Adding a ring grip makes it portable and clever. This fun and whimsical design has to be seen to be believed.

Thumb Pincushion

Pincushion patterns don't get much more unique than this one. Based off of a thumb ring, the pattern will give you access to your sewing needles throughout your project.

Wrist Pincushion

This may be the most gorgeous wearable pin cushion we've seen. Clever as can be, this pincushion can slide on like a bracelet. Make one for your best friend, then make a second one for you!

Perfect Pin Cushion Cuff

Truly, this design makes the perfect pincushion accessory. The on-trend design is sleek and stylish, too. Wear it on your wrist to keep your pins close at hand. Literally!

Cupcake Wrist Pincushion

You are so sweet and there is no better way to prove it than with this adorable Cupcake Wrist Pincushion. This yummy and elegant project is sure to make any sewist smile!

Toadstool Wrist Pincushion Tutorial

Add some pop culture fun to your sewing gear with this! This classic mushroom pattern is also reminiscent of a character from Nintendo games.

Vintage Style Pin Cushions and Accessories

These cute pincushion ideas may be in more classic styles but that doesn't mean they aren't fun, colorful, or creative. These pretty pin holders will look amazing in your sewing room.

Reach in your scrap fabric stash and get sewing with these projects. This section also features pin cushion combo accessory projects. From thread catchers to organizers, these projects are fun and interesting takes on the traditional pincushion.

Vintage Trimmed Pin Cushions

Love that vintage doily look? Incorporate some throwback style in your sewing gear with this pincushion. This colorful and retro design is too good to miss, so get started right away!

Grandma's Pincushion Thread Catcher Tutorial

If you prefer to sew sitting in your armchair, you will love this fun accessory. It's convenient and comfy, and super helpful. Scrap thread and fabric can be added anytime.

Hexie Caddy Pincushion

Use this free printable pincushion pattern to make much more than just a cushion! The hexie caddy pincushion also functions as a sewing supplies caddy, so you'll never wonder where your scissors have gone.

Scrappy Armrest Pincushion Tutorial

Get organized with this Scrappy Armrest Pincushion Tutorial. This great sewing room design idea is one of many pincushion patterns that will allow you to sew from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Darling Doily DIY Pincushion

As you're sewing away on your sewing machine, do you ever find yourself misplacing pins or searching all over for your pincushion?

Doily Pin Cushion

If you're on the lookout for classic designs, then this easy sewing project is just what you need. Elegant as can be, this pattern is one to try.

Pumpkin Trio Pincushion Tutorial

A classic yet modern tiered pin cushion pattern that anyone would appreciate in their sewing room. We love how many different fabric combinations you could use to create this pretty yet practical cushion.

Jewelry Box Sewing Kit

Using some basic crafting tools and even some pretty fabric for a pincushion top, you can transform an old jewelry box into the ultimate sewing kit perfect for storing your sewing supplies like seam rippers and measuring tape.

Wedding Cake Pincushion

Gift this wedding cake to a newly engaged seamstress; she'll undoubtedly treasure and admire this pincushion pattern. The tiered look of the pattern makes it truly unique.

Simple Sewing Box

Make a cute little box for all your sewing needs in just a few simple steps. Use measured fabric, pins, beads, and a small wooden block for the top of the box.

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