40+ Printable Sewing Patterns for Beginners


40+ Printable Sewing Patterns for Beginners

From designer accessories to adorable baby bibs, this collection of free printable sewing patterns has a tutorial for every beginner sewist.

40 Printable Sewing Patterns for Beginners

When you’re starting out as a sewist, it’s easy to be overwhelmed. With so many advanced, complex, and frankly nonsensical patterns out there, it may seem like there’s no way for you to safely practice your skill.

Good news: you never have to agonize over difficult patterns again! Simplify your sewing world with this ingenious collection of 40+ Printable Sewing Patterns for Beginners, and you’ll be sewing up a storm in seconds!

There’s no need to get out a sewing term glossary when you’re working from these beginner sewing patterns. All of these free tutorials are simple enough for a novice to breeze through, requiring nothing except basic sewing skills.

That’s not the best part, though. Not only is this collection beginner-friendly, but it’s also 100% printable! You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get premium sewing patterns here. With these free PDF patterns and your home printer, you could transform your home into a beginner sewist’s paradise! 

There’s nothing like sewing from the safety of a pre-printed pattern, and now you have all of the printable sewing patterns for beginners you could ever dream of!

Whether you’re looking to sew some stunning DIY throw pillows or a dress-up costume for your little one, this list has a pattern for you.

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First! Printable Sewing Practice Sheets

Sewing Mad Libs Printable PDF

If you're a beginner, then you might need a little extra practice. We've got you! In this section, find hand sewing practice sheets involving shapes and letters that will help you focus on precision and get comfortable with the movements of hand sewing. We also have sewing machine practice sheets for straight lines and curves, which will help you speed up your machine sewing with far fewer errors, just like the pros.

Plus, how about a no-sew printable that will still spark your inspiration and creativity? Play this Sewing Mad Libs Printable PDF (shown) to start your next sewing adventure on the right foot.

Hand Sewing Practice Sheets PDFs (Printable!)

Instead of wasting fabric, using paper to practice is the best way to perfect your methods and movements. Our hand sewing practice sheets PDFs provide excellent hand stitching practice for beginners.

Alphabet and Lettering Sewing Practice Sheets PDF

This selection of pages includes a print alphabet, cursive alphabet, cross-stitch alphabet, and a blank lined practice sheet for whatever else you need to practice. These pages double as handwriting practice, too!

Christmas Shapes Printable Lacing Cards

Use these festive shapes as DIY ornaments, garlands, gift tags, and more. If you've been wanting to teach your child to sew, then these printable lacing cards are perfect.

Christmas Baubles Printable Lacing Card Ornaments

These free printable Christmas Baubles aren't just that. These printables double as lacing cards that both kids and adults can decorate for a fun wintertime activity!

Sewing Machine Paper Practice Sheets (Printable!)

The only way to improve skills is to practice, practice, practice! Sewing worksheets provide excellent sewing practice for beginners and this set of PDFs has several different designs.

Sewing Machine Practice Printables

If you are just learning to sew or teaching someone to sew, these Printable Sewing Machine Practice Sheets are a great way to practice stitching without wasting too much fabric or thread.

Home Sewing Projects for Beginners

Easy Dove Christmas Ornament

You don't have to be an expert sewist to have a house that looks straight out of a Crate & Barrel display. Even beginner sewists can use these printable patterns to give their homes a style update, from the living room sofa to the bedroom walls.

Decorating your home for the holidays? There are patterns for that, too! Sew up the jolliest Christmas decor you've ever seen with this simple list. Deck the halls in everything from DIY stockings to Christmas ornaments, like the Easy Dove Christmas Ornament (shown), that will have your Christmas party guests in stitches.

Blossom Pillow Sewing Pattern

We guarantee that no one has a pillow like this brightening up their home! With an intriguing texture, playful center appliques, and a mod circular shape, this Blossom Pillow will be your new go-to spring decor.

Happy Doughnut Embroidery Design

Want a darling embroidery design to hang in the bedroom? Both you and your kids will fawn over this piece of cake (or should I say "bite of donut"?) embroidery pattern. You'll love the beautiful script and even lovelier sentiment.

Sweet Tweeting Felt Bird Pattern

If you want your home to have a woodsy and whimsical vibe, then you should decorate with these felt birds! Put a flock in your houseplant, and your house will look alive with the spirit of nature.

Hogwarts House Ornament Pattern

Harry Potter fanatics adore this Hogwarts-inspired DIY Christmas ornament pattern! Take an online quiz to see which house you belong in, and you'll have endless fun sewing a matching set.

Fall Felt Leaf Garland

Fall-lovers agree that there is nothing more breathtaking than the colors of changing leaves. Now you can decorate your home with your favorite autumn palette without the mess of real leaves!

Fun Kids Christmas Stocking Pattern

It's not Christmas until you hang up your stockings from the chimney with care. Here's a simple printable pattern to help you deck the halls for the holidays, perfect for Christmas morning treats.

Felt Wine Glass Ornament

There's nothing better than winding down after a long day at work with a glass of cabernet and your favorite Netflix show. Celebrate your wine-and-dine nights in with these hilarious Felt Wine Glass Ornaments!

Sweet Dreams Pillow Pattern

People always say that when they sleep well, it's like sleeping on a cloud. Now you actually can sleep on a cloud with this fluffy, light, and quirky Sweet Dreams Pillow Pattern. The neutral grey goes with any decor.

Cupid's Arrow Pillow Pattern

Have you been struck by Cupid's arrow? Decorate your sofas, beds, and chairs for Valentine's Day with this boho-vibe Cupid's Arrow Pillow Pattern, and you'll always be reminded of the people you love.

Mother's Day DIY Hoop Art

Whether it's for Mother's Day or just a thinking-of-you gift, this floral embroidery hoop is sure to show all of your love for your mom! She won't be able to resist hanging this lovely decor on her wall.

Modern Heart Sachet Pattern

Keep your whole house smelling fresh with this adorable DIY sachet! Tuck this heart-shaped pattern in your sock drawer or hang it from a window with ribbon, and your home will feel like a fresh breeze.

Hit the Open Road Pillow Tutorial

Does your family love to travel? Let your decor show your wanderlust spirit with this colorful, cute, and cozy patchwork pillow! With an all-fabric design, this DIY throw pillow is comfy enough to snuggle.

Felt Cactus Embroidery Hoop Wall Art

BONUS! With our exclusive tutorial, you can make your own Felt Cactus Embroidery Hoop Wall Art that you'll love displaying in any room of your home. Embroidery hoop art is easy to make, works well in small spaces, and can utilize the supplies you have in your studio.

Printable Clothing Patterns

Stunning DIY Lace Shorts

When you began sewing, there's a good chance you did so in the hopes that you'd one day be able to sew your own wardrobe. You don't have to have years of sewing practice to whip up couture pieces.

Be the most stylish guest at any summer potluck, beach bash, or friendly hang-out with these printable clothing patterns. Rather than being at the mercy of department store trends and ill-fitting sizes, you can have a personalized fit for every item of clothing when you make it yourself.

These patterns don't even require you to go out and buy yards of new fabric, either! Ingenious tutorials, like the Stunning DIY Lace Shorts (shown), refashion clothes you already have to give your existing wardrobe vogue vibes.

Basic Tank Top Pattern

When the weather heats up, show off your skin in a comfortable, simple, and stylish way with this Basic Tank Top Pattern! Every woman on-the-go needs one of these must-have pieces in her closet.

DIY Garden Apron

When you're outside planting your spring bulbs, you should protect your clothes in style with this DIY Garden Apron! This handy design even has pockets to hold all of your garden tools.

Marc Jacobs-Inspired Daisy Appliques

When you make your own clothes, there's no need to start from scratch! You can transform any sweater, skirt, or top into a unique and playful statement piece with these DIY Daisy Appliques.

Snazzy DIY Beach Cover Up

You'll look just as good getting to the beach as you do on it when you're dressed up in this feisty, boho beach cover up! Lightweight and flowy, this stylish piece will make you look hot even while keeping you cool.

The Two Piece Top Pattern

You only need 1/2 yard of fabric and 30 minutes to sew up this ultra-comfy basic tee. Fill your closet with this simple printable design. You'll love it so much that you'll want to sew one in every color!

One Shoulder Top Pattern

Is there any cut more fierce, sexy, and chic than one-shoulder tops? If you’re looking for a pattern that you can dance the night away in, then you need to sew this beginner-friendly, modern top immediately.

Sewing Patterns Accessories

Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Pattern

No wardrobe is complete without the proper accessories, but you don't have to pay through the nose to have tasteful accouterments. With these free accessory printable patterns, you can have farmer's market-ready totes, road trip sunglasses cases, and even a lip balm carrier that will eliminate all bag-packing frustration!

Accessories don't just have to have an aesthetic purpose, either. In this cozy collection, you can even sew spa day accessories that will have you in the lap of luxury in your own home! Make a sleep mask, like the Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Pattern (shown), and you'll have the best beauty sleep of your life.

No matter whether you're sewing up these DIY accessories as a gift for your BFF or to treat yourself, you'll have a blast sewing them. Stress-free, gorgeous, and oh-so-fun, these accessory patterns will be your favorite sewing projects this season.

Cute Bow DIY Bracelet

Couture jewelry doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars. Give any ensemble a subtle, feminine flair with this Cute Bow DIY Bracelet. Since it's fabric, this DIY bracelet is guaranteed to be comfortable.

I'm a Cool Mom Tote Tutorial

Wear your favorite Mean Girls quote with pride when you follow this I'm a Cool Mom Tote Tutorial. You'll be the hippest mom at soccer practice with this stylish striped tote in hand.

Polar Bear Applique Tote

Why can't your accessories be as cute as you are? Your bags have never looked more adorable than with this printable Polar Bear Applique. People will stop and ask where you got such a lovable tote!

30 Minute Sleep Mask Pattern

Unwind after a draining day by treating yourself to the best sleep you've ever had. This spa-grade accessory only takes 30 minutes to sew and you can customize it with your favorite fabric pattern!

5 Minute Lip Balm Carrier

Everyone has had the experience of digging through the bottom of their purse for minutes on end trying to find their lip balm. Struggle no more with disorganized bags when you have this easy-to-find, clippable lip balm carrier!

Fleece Ear Warmer Headband Pattern

Keep your ears warm this winter season without the bulk of a winter hat with this Fleece Ear Warmer Headband Pattern! This sleek design is perfect for anyone who likes to stay active in the cold weather.

DIY Sunglass Case

Sew a case for your sunglasses that is as chic as they are with this DIY fabric sleeve. Travel with ease with this packing-friendly design. You'll never have to worry about scratching your lenses again!

Four Step Leather Tote Tutorial

You won't believe what a cinch it is to make this designer-inspired leather tote, and your friends won't believe that you made it yourself! Give your accessories a sophisticated update with this DIY bag.

How To Make a Fleece Neck Warmer

Just because it gets chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your chic style! Keep your neck toasty without the bulk of a thick scarf with these ingenious reversible fleece neck warmers.

Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Kids

Knotted High-Low DIY Dress

Every budget-conscious mom knows how expensive buying kids' clothes can be. With little guys seeming to shoot up inches overnight, buying clothes can seem like a constant chore. Cut your clothing expenses in half with these free, printable kids' sewing patterns!

Your kids will call you Super Mom when they see all of the treats you sew up for them. They'll have the coolest back-to-school look when you sew up trendy pieces, like the Knotted High-Low DIY Dress (shown), and you won't have to pay department store prices.

Not only does this collection include regular kids' clothes, but it also has a few dress-up patterns, too! Your little ones will have endless fun playing as superheroes, princesses, and butterflies in these DIY costumes.

If you want, these sewing patterns are so simple that even your kids can join in on the fun! Let your kiddos try a spin on the sewing machine with these beginner patterns, and they'll fall in love with the craft as much as you have.

Free Superhero Cape and Printable Appliques

Every little boy dreams of saving the day. After watching his favorite superhero movies, it's no wonder why! Help your little man save the town with this Free Superhero Cape Pattern and Printable Appliques.

Little Birdie Girl's DIY Apron

If your kids love helping mommy in the kitchen, then they should have the gear to do so! Protect your sous chef's clothes from kitchen spills and flour spatters with this Little Birdie Girl's DIY Apron.

Secret Cinderella Simple Blouse Pattern

Fall fashion has never looked so sweet! This autumn striped tunic will look precious on your daughter, and she'll love how comfy it is. She'll want to wear it to school every day from September to November.

Open Shoulder Top

When it gets hot outside, the last thing your daughter wants to do is to wear more layers! Let her shoulders breathe with this super stylish Open Shoulder Top, and your little fashionista will be the talk of the town.

Easy Butterfly Costume

Does your little girl dream of being a fairy princess? Then she'll love trying out her colorful wings with this Easy Butterfly Costume! Customize this design to include all of your daughter's favorite colors.

The Best Earwarmer Headband for Kids

When your little ones want to play in the snow, make sure they're protected against frostbite with The Best Earwarmer Headband for Kids. This ultra soft design won't slip off even after hours of snowy shenanigans.

Summer Breeze Nightgown Pattern

For a darling, girlish pattern that will keep your little girl cool on hot summer nights, this Summer Breeze Nightgown Pattern is just what you need. Your daughter will feel like a princess snoozing in this design.

Easy Baby Sewing Patterns

Cuddly Cute Baby Pants Pattern

When you already have to pay for diapers, binkies, and baby food, the last thing you want to do is spend a fortune on baby clothes. Plus, when you buy pieces for your baby, you can't give them with the same amount of cutesy personalization as you can when you make them yourself.

Show how much you love your little ones by sewing them clothes and bibs that they're guaranteed to like! Sew up clothes that your baby can wiggle in all day long, like the Cuddly Cute Baby Pants Pattern (shown), or bibs that will keep clothes clean even after a run-in with SpaghettiOs.

You don't have to leave your baby's comfort and safety to the chance of big-name store products. Sew pieces with fabrics, cuts, and materials you trust. You don't have to worry about whether pieces are safe for your little miracle when you make them yourself! 

One Yard Baby Tunic

Baby clothes patterns are easy and quick sewing projects that never take up too much fabric. Skip buying baby duds at the store and make the One Yard Baby Tunic.

Cute Christmas Baby Bib Patterns

Let your little bundle of joy join in on the holiday fun with these Cute Christmas Baby Bib Patterns! Your baby will look absolutely darling dressed in Christmas characters, like Frosty and Rudolph.

Friday Floral DIY Jumper

Get your little girl fashion-ready for her first day of school in less than an hour of sewing with this Friday Floral DIY Jumper. She'll love twirling around in this autumnal A-line crisscross jumper.

Reversible Stay-On Bib Pattern

You won't have to worry about your bib falling off your little one during dinnertime with this clever Stay-On Bib Pattern! Elastic under-arm bands and a Velcro fasten ensure that no amount of crawling will loosen this design.

Plush Rattle Sewing Pattern

You only need scrap fabric and a single hour to sew up this perfect baby shower gift! This Plush Rattle Sewing Pattern is soft enough to be safe for Baby while also providing hours of whimsical fun.

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#NationalSewingMonth...I had to start sewing about the age of five out of necessity to have clothes to wear to school.. I became a master of hand stitching. Sewing machines overwhelm me still. But I have hand made quilts for every person I've known having a child in my life. Quite accomplished for nearly no use of a machine.

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#National Sewing Month I started sewing after I had my daughter 48 years ago.

#National Sewing Month Started sewing at 13. My mom got me a belated birthday present of a sewing machine when they forgot my birthday.

Thanks to #National Sewing Month for all these patterns. I started sewing 60 years ago, but I am always up for new ideas.


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