50+ Organizer Sewing Patterns


50+ Organizer Sewing Patterns

Looking for the perfect sewing organizer pattern to make sure everything is in its place? Then check out these ideas!


50 Organizer Sewing Patterns

From closet organizers to DIY jewelry organizers to travel organizer pattern ideas and more, this guide is the perfect way to get your clutter back in order. Find all sorts of inspiration in this collection of 50+ Sewing Organizer Pattern Ideas.

Be ready for any occasion and tidy up with this amazing list of handmade organizer patterns, including closet organizers, purse pouches, jewelry cases, car caddies, and a special video tutorial for a bedside organizer.

So many free sewing tutorials and patterns for organizers to use around your home or in your sewing room.

It's easy to straighten up when you learn how to make a fabric box that can store anything from books to kids' toys. These fabric box tutorials will show you how to make these useful boxes, which are much more stylish than a cardboard box. Once you learn how to make fabric storage baskets and other containers, you'll be set!

You'll always know where everything is once you learn how to organize all your belongings with these handy DIY storage containers. If you're tired of never being able to find your sewing supplies then a sewing caddy is perfect.

These projects are helpful if you have home offices or when the kids do homework after school, too.

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Featured! How to Make a Bedside Organizer

Take a look at this brilliant video from Maureen Wilson from Made by Marzipan. With this video, you can learn how to make do it yourself bedroom organizers for kids and adults alike.

These book storage pouches are the perfect accessories for your children’s beds because they can simply reach down, select a few books, and slide them back in when they have finished reading! Sewing organizer patterns like this one are versatile; it could be a bed skirt, shoe organizer, or a toy organizer too!

Click here to read the full instructions on How to Make a Bedside Organizer!

Fabric Basket Patterns

It's not hard to learn how to organize when you have the help of these useful DIY fabric boxes. Upcycle some old denim or leftover fabric to make the simple sewing projects featured first below and that will make organizing a breeze.

If you are short on space the hanging baskets are perfect because they attach to the wall and free up counter space. For something really cute, fun, and modern, the Stash Buckets (shown below) are the perfect project. Use your favorite designs, scrap fabric, and create a couple of great upcycled baskets.

Stash Buckets

Make these adorable Stash Buckets to store your extra fabric, notions, or sewing accessories in an organized fashion.

Denim Fabric Basket Tutorial

Stop throwing away your old denim and use all those outgrown jeans in this denim basket.

Gathered Round Basket

Grab some of your favorite leftover fabric and create a Gathered Round Basket or several.

Scrappy Fabric Baskets

Use scrap fabric to store scrap fabric! These Scrappy Fabric Baskets are a thrifty way to utilize leftovers.

Sewn Stash Baskets

Here's a good sewing room design idea: make these Sewn Stash Baskets to organize your thread, notions, fabric supply, and whatever else you need.

Fabric Basket Tutorial

Need a way to organize your kids' rooms? Learn how to sew a basket with this Fabric Basket Tutorial. They make great baby shower gifts!

Fabric Storage Boxes

Use this pretty decorative fabric box to organize children's toys, your sewing supplies or other clutter around the house.

Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Organizers

These Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Organizers will brighten up all your sewing room shelves and keep things looking neat.

DIY Closet Organizers

The ideas for closet organizers and home organization in this section make will help you simplify your lifestyle by cleaning up unwanted clutter and sorting the mess of socks, shoes, and clothes scattered across your floor. Maybe you're looking for a purse organizer DIY for your closet - we've got ideas for that, too.

For the living room, try the sofa caddy and the French Desk Set Basket Liner for tasteful cleanliness when company arrives. These craft organizer patterns are the best way to ensure that this year will be completely stress-free.

Door Organizer

Keep items neatly in one place so you don't forget them on the way out the door!

Mail Organizer Tutorial

Sort your mail into important bills and fun cards or any sort of order that works for you!

French Desk Set Basket Liner

A classy way to stay organized anywhere in the home with this easy-to-sew basket design.

Sofa Caddy

The remote will never be lost again when you have this sofa/armchair sewing caddy pattern free on hand.

Handy Dandy Organizer

Learn how to make an organizer that will help you store just about anything! Give it a shot in any room of your home.

Craft Storage Case

It's time for you to finally get organized, and exploring craft organizer patterns is just the way to clean up that craft clutter.

Creative Mug DIY Organizer

Even your mugs can be organized with this cute little DIY organizer. Perfect for little things!

DIY Cord Organizer

Raise your hand if you have a bunch of loose cords in any room of your house. Me too...until I made this.

Hanging Makeup Roll

If you love interesting sewing projects, you’ll love this DIY makeup organizer. It’s easy to make and completely convenient.

Magnificent Magnetic Pockets

For sewing organization patterns that keep your pins and needles out of harm’s way, this is your project.

Sewing Organizer Patterns for the Home

Learning how to organize your stuff is a breeze with these simple sewing projects. Never lose or scratch your sunglasses again with the clever DIY Sunglasses Holder. Save space by making these wall organizers that can hold a calendar or to-do list.

It has handy pockets to store your scissors, thread, and fabric. It also makes it easy to bring your sewing projects with you wherever you go. The Bedside Pocket Organizer Tutorial (shown below) will be so helpful, especially if you're short on space in your bedroom. If you don't have a nightstand, then this can hold your phone, reading materials, tablets, and more. For kids, it can hold toys and books.

Bedside Pocket Organizer Tutorial

Made with a few yards of fabric, this DIY organizer is great for adult or kids' bedrooms. It can store small toys, books, and even cell phones.

DIY Sunglasses Holder

Do you have more pairs of sunglasses than you know what to do with? Organize those stylish shades with this DIY Sunglasses Holder.

Wall Organizer Tutorial

Make and hang this awesome organizer on the wall so you can finally de-clutter your home! It's a cute and creative way to organize your belongings. 

Crazy Quilt Hanging Organizer

You can use this beautiful and functional hanging bag to store just about anything, from clothespins to sewing notions.

Wall Pocket Organizer

You'll be surprised how easily you can get organized. All it takes is a project like the Wall Pocket Organizer to set you in the right direction.

Denim DIY Door Organizer

The durable denim fabric looks right at home in a dorm room or small apartment. It's great storage while still keeping the area around the door clear.

Magnificent Magnetic Pockets

Do-it-yourself home decorating doesn't have to be complicated, make these pockets in minutes and hang them anywhere you like.

Neat and Tidy DIY Charging Station

Anybody with a cellphone would agree that a DIY phone charger holder like this is a perfect solution for tangled cords and general clutter.

Fancy DIY Mail Organizer

If you have a hard time organizing all this paper and have nowhere to store those all too important and easily lost pieces of mail, check out the Fancy DIY Mail Organizer.

Chair Back Bag

Make this chair back sack too keep books or papers off the table during dinner, or perhaps to keep baby supplies on hand for that newborn.

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Nothing is quite so frustrating as finding your favorite necklace tangled up in a huge knot of jewelry. End that irritation by making a DIY jewelry organizer. These sewing organizer patterns are perfect for your bathroom or for travel.

The jewelry roll ideas in this section are especially perfect for travel because you can toss all of your favorite accessories in your suitcase without worrying about tangling and breakage. Learn how to make a travel jewelry case for your next trip so that you can look fabulous everywhere you go! You can even make some fabric jewelry to take, too!

DIY Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Avoid cluttering your countertops with this cute hanging jewelry organizer, which hangs beautifully on the wall.

Hanging Jewelry Holder

This lovely hanging holder is big enough that you can see every piece of jewelry without having to open any drawers!

Jewelry Roll Tutorial

Roll this up and toss it in your suitcase. It's stylish and useful for any girl on the go.

Weekend in the City Jewelry Roll

This is perfect for a weekend vacation in the glamorous city lights.

Almost No Sew Ring Display Case

With a name that involves “no sew”, you know this simple sewing project is easy.

How to Make a Travel Jewelry Case

Bring your favorite accessories with you on your next vacation and keep them safe.

Thrifty Gifty DIY Drawstring Bag

Learn how to make a drawstring bag that is perfect for small gift giving or storing your jewelry.

Travel Jewelry Organizer

Fabulous and functional, this jewelry organizer rolls easily and perfectly to securely hold your jewelry while traveling.

Vera Bradley-Inspired Jewelry Organizer

Treat yourself to the designer look for less with this fun DIY organizer for any of your accessories!

Travel Earring Organizer

Easily find the pair of earrings you're looking for and ditch the plastic bag you usually throw them in.

Patterns for Purse Organizer Inserts (and Bags)

Whether you’re just running to the grocery store or taking a whole day for some retail therapy, the sewing organizer patterns in this section are essential for any shopping goddess. You’ll find organizers for make-up, a handy coupon organizer, and a DIY coin purse that will transform your next shopping trip into a relaxing leisure activity.

It's honestly a life changer when you have a purse with compartments. So, stay organized and on track without worrying about digging around for your money, phone, or makeup as you shop. These free patterns for purse organizers will become your go-to gifts and handy helpers.

5 Minute Lip Balm Carrier

You'll never lose your lip balm in the far corner of your purse with this great organizer.

The Triplet Tote

Sew a bag that can separate your tablet, loose papers, and pens with two clever dividers.

Coin Purse Tutorial

Don't go digging for change; pull out this coin purse and be prepared.

Colorful Card Holder

Don't hold up the grocery line any more looking for your credit cards, try this simple sewing pattern.

Roll-Up Shopping Bag

This grocery bag is crazy easy to store when not in use, so there's no excuse for not going green.

Purse Organizer Insert

The prettiest, most convenient purse insert sewing pattern ever! We love this sewing idea.

Felt Cell Phone Envelope

Don’t worry about losing or scratching your cell phone with this holder.

DIY Grocery Cart Liner

BONUS! Make a liner for your grocery cart and keep your groceries safe. There's a video tutorial, too!

School Organization DIYs

Getting your kids ready to go back to school is a great opportunity to teach them how to organize. There are many ways to stay organized in school and at home. Make sure they can find everything in their locker easily with these locker organizers. It's a cool way to utilize the smaller space in the locker.

They'll never be without a pencil again with the useful Binder Pouch Tutorial (shown below) that fits conveniently in their binder. The hanging homework tray is a great way to store homework so it doesn't get thrown away or lost in their desks. These back to school projects will help them have a successful and organized school year.

Binder Pouch Tutorial

It's time to go back to school. If you're the student, make this colorful sewn project to hold your school supplies in order.

Locker Organizer

When you pop open your locker, the last thing you need to see is tons of unruly papers, pencils and supplies.

School Supplies Felt Organizer

Grab some felt, get your sewing machine, and prepare to contain your clutter and get your life back in order with this DIY organizer.

Hanging Homework Tray

Keep your kids or yourself organized with this Hanging Homework Tray. It's a clever but simple sewing project that hangs from any shelf.

Denim Organizer

Use the pant legs of old jeans for this cute, recycling sewing project to keep your teen neat and organized. This Denim Organizer is perfect for just about any space.

Sewing Room Organization

Now, we all know the sewing room is the most important space in the entire house. That being said, this room also requires the most organization. Whether you need to organize fabrics, needles and thread, or even pin cushions, we've got you covered.

Follow any of these easy tutorials to get inspired with some sewing room ideas. How cute is the Storybook Needle Case that's shown below? It's the most adorable way to keep your sewing notions sorted. It also makes a wonderful gift for fellow seamstresses in your life.

Storybook Needle Case

A little needle case like this makes for easy travel and a nice organized sewing room. Never lose another pin again!

Sewing Room Filing Pockets

This is a great way to organize your sewing tools, like rulers and scissors, but has enough space to hold anything from seam rippers to fat quarters.

Child's Sewing Kit

Keep your child's sewing supplies in one place with this Child's Sewing Kit! This is a great DIY organization project to start good habits early on.

Totally Travel Sewing Case Tutorial

This zipper bag is great for DIY organization, whether you're storing your sewing stash in the car or just trying to keep your sewing room neat.

Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial

Figuring out where and how to store your needles is one of the hardest parts of organizing a sewing room. This is by far the cutest solution you'll find.

Embroidery Hoop Organizer (Video Tutorial)

You can never have too many organizers, especially if you are an avid crafter. This DIY sewing organizer is all you need when it comes to organizing your sewing supplies.

Convenient Sewing Machine Mat

This Convenient Sewing Machine Mat is going to transform your day to day sewing. Complete with smart pockets, this DIY sewing machine craft will help you keep organized while sewing.

BONUS! Free Travel Bag Patterns to Sew

Family trips are such a hassle, and the car ends up being a wreck afterward. Indeed, kids in the back seat are a recipe for disaster. With the craft organizer patterns listed here, you can sew a car organizer for kids and keep them occupied throughout long car trips.

Learn how to make a car organizer like the Travel Activity Packs below and prevent frustrating repetitions of “Are we there yet?” and the constant bickering between siblings. Plus, the travel sewing case allows you to bring along some entertaining projects for yourself. Leave boredom in the dust with these great car organizer tutorials!

Sewing Kit or Jewelry Bag Tutorial

This is the go-to travel tote for any sewing enthusiast!

Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest

Strap this to the back of any seat in the car for some serious entertainment.

Travel Activity Packs

Occupy your kids for hours with these amazing travel activity packs. They'll help you stay organized too!

Car Caddy

Everything has its place, even in the car. Put books, toys, and games in these to avoid clutter.

Space-Saving Travel Organizer

Perfectly petite and ready to roll. This cute, creative, and convenient holder is a must-make.

Car Craft Caddy

Instead of having your kids rely on digital games, store some activities in this craft organizer.

Cosmetic Bag

Add this cosmetic bag to your list of travel organizer pattern ideas. It's truly versatile!

Crayon Storage Roll-Up

No need to worry about those crayons all over the car thanks to this DIY organizer.

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