74+ Free Printable Sewing Patterns


74+ Free Printable Sewing Patterns

Don't break your budget on expensive sewing patterns and print off one of these free sewing patterns PDF downloads today! From accessories to clothing for kids to adults, this page has it all.

74 Free Printable Sewing Patterns

Tired of finding patterns or tutorials you absolutely love and want to try, only to find out that the blog post is simply a tutorial or a blurb about a project?

Do you often find projects you yearn to make and become increasingly frustrated with sewing ideas that don't come with free printable sewing patterns?

Well, you’re in luck, because we have started to collect all of our printable sewing patterns into one place. With this huge list of free sewing patterns pdf available for download, you'll be all set and ready to sew!

There are plenty of free printable sewing patterns for beginners, too, on this page of 74+ Free Printable Sewing Patterns. We have found the best sewing patterns and tutorial PDFs that you can easily download and get sewing.

I love printable patterns in all sorts of crafting, and for many reasons. A printable page doesn't have to be printed. Most of these projects come with PDFs that can be downloaded and pulled up whenever you need it.

However, if you want to print, you're good to go. A printable format means less paper and ink because it's condensed and handy for when you are ready to work.

Skip the store-bought ideas, save some money, and delight in the best DIY ideas out there. There are a ton of printable sewing patterns below, and we promise to keep adding more! Our page full of free patterns to download is sure to contain your next project.

All of the projects linked here come with downloadable sewing patterns that you can print out and use to create stunning pieces. Patterns from the store can be expensive! You're only a few clicks away from viewing the sewing pattern printable PDF options or printable tutorials here.

These bloggers and sewing pattern designers are pros and have made it even easier for you to access their patterns. Whether they offer a PDF or simply have a print button that lets you create a copy without the extra elements on a webpage is much more useful.

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PLUS: If you need a little help reading your new printable sewing patterns, check out the video below! Our friend and sewing expert, Angel Hickman Peterson from Fleece Fun, will walk you through how to read a sewing pattern.

Tips for Downloadable Sewing Patterns

How can I print a pattern or PDF?

  1. Before checking out these printable sewing patterns, it's important to understand how to use downloadable sewing patterns. Obviously, most people don't have a printer at home capable of printing large pattern pieces like the patterns you purchase in the store.
  2. Technology is an awesome solution to save money, but if you use it wrong, your sewing projects can turn out less than impressive.
  3. The biggest tip for successfully sewing with printable sewing patterns is to follow the directions. Each pattern will tell you how to enlarge a pattern and to what degree in order to make it the correct size.
  4. You can do this by downloading a PDF and doing it yourself or—if you are uncomfortable or confused—you can easily visit a print shop or office supply store and have them do it for you.
For more information, read our guide, How to Print PDF Sewing Patterns.

Where can I download a pattern for free?
When on a sewing pattern or tutorial page, it's helpful to search for the word "print" or "PDF" because that might help you locate the link or button to print or download. On AllFreeSewing, click the "More" button below the page title and byline area and then search for the printer icon. If the page is printable, it will be visible and clickable.

Can you sell items made from free patterns?
This is designer-specific. Visit their FAQ section, review the notes on the pattern page or PDF, or email the designer to ask. Some are copyrighted, so keep that in mind. However, many will allow a maker to sell finished products made by their pattern (though you may have to make it known that you did not design it). To learn more, read our guide, 50+ Sewing Crafts That Sell Well.

How can I make my own sewing pattern?
It's helpful to have your measurements ready. To DIY a body form at home, watch our video tutorial on How to Make a Body Form. To learn how to create a pattern yourself, read How to Make a Sewing Pattern. For more, check out 3 Simple Grading Methods and How to Grade Patterns for Plus Size.

How do I make a pattern from something I own?
We have several helpful tutorials to show you how to make a pattern from an existing item. Read our guides, How to Make a Dress Without a PatternHow to Draft a Sweater Dress Pattern, and How to Make a Sewing Pattern From an Existing Article of Clothing.

Printable Patterns for the Home

Meet your new favorite printable sewing projects for around the house. In this section, find printable patterns and tutorials for all over your home. Find the perfect kitchen towel pattern, free of course, along with coasters, potholders, and other kitchen and dining accessories you'll love. Moving to other rooms, you won't want to miss pillows, blankets, and other creative makes to make any house a home.

How to Make a Quilted Potholder (Video)

Making potholders is simple with our video tutorial and step-by-step instructions. This easy sewing project is perfect for sewists looking for a quick pattern that is actually useful. These DIY pot holders contain insulation so they can withstand heat.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Hanging Kitchen Towel Pattern (+ Video Tutorial)

Learn how to make a hanging kitchen towel with our simple tutorial. These hanging dish towels look cute and are made using actual dish towels. If you've found the perfect dishtowels but cannot hang them, this is the ideal project for you.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Reusable Sponge Sewing Tutorial

This DIY reusable sponge page shows you step-by-step how to make kitchen sponges that can be washed and reused over and over again. You don't even need any odd materials. See for yourself with this printable sponge pattern and tutorial page.

View the Free Printable Pattern

10-Minute Folded Fabric Coasters

You can make tons of these folded fabric coasters in just one hour that are great for using anywhere in your house. Not only can you use up your fabric scraps for these coasters but you can add extra absorbent cotton batting to make these extra helpful.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Bath Mat with Pockets

Make bath time fun for both you and your child with this padded DIY bathroom mat. This free sewing project will not only give knees a comfy place to rest, but it's also easy storage for bath supplies or water-friendly toys.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Reusable Dryer Sheets

Have you ever thought to DIY dryer sheets? Now you can! Learn how to make homemade dryer sheets without vinegar and with essential oils. This printable page shows you how to make reusable sheets with or without sewing.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Magic Pillowcase Directions (Video Tutorial)

Learn how to sew a pillowcase using this simple "magic" style. This super easy DIY pillowcase works up fast and makes a great gift for kids or for charity. It makes a unique gift for just about anyone!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Scandinavian Flowers Cushion Pattern

If you have a hoard of fabric leftover from other projects, you might well find that you don't even need to buy anything. I actually can't remember the last time I bought fabric to make a cushion or pillow.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Mesa Mini Quilt

The quilt shown here uses a gorgeous, chaotic mixture of sky blue, red, and navy fabrics. If the idea of sewing a full-sized quilt intimidates you, a decorative mini quilt like this one can be the perfect place to start. So what are you waiting for? 

View the Free Printable Pattern

How to Make a Soft Baby Blanket (Video)

You will fall in love with this handmade blanket because you can make it so quickly that it is a great, inexpensive last-minute present. Plus, who doesn't love a plush cuddly blanket (especially when printable)? 

View the Free Printable Pattern

Free Sewing Patterns for Tops

Learn how to make a t-shirt or sweatshirt with one of these tops to sew. You'll find a cute raglan sleeve uniform top pattern, like the one shown, along with blazers, t-shirts, vintage, and modern designs. By the way, if you're wondering how to make a pattern from an existing shirt, dress, or another piece of clothing, then read How to Make a Sewing Pattern From an Existing Article of Clothing.

Summer Raglan Tee Pattern

Treat yourself to the ideal top with this printable pattern that's great for showing off gorg summer prints. This project is an easy way to update your warm-weather wardrobe, and it comes with a printable pattern for size L.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Pattern

Make a basic long sleeve t-shirt pattern that will be a great staple to add to your wardrobe when you learn how to sew a shirt like this comfy idea. This is the kind of shirt that you will want to make several times in different fabrics.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Long Sleeve T-Shirt Pattern for Women

Here's a classic that doesn't disappoint. This is such an easy DIY pattern printable that will help you create dozens of new tops with just a few modifications. Think about this pattern as an easy-to-use template for short- or long-sleeved knit tops, shift dresses, and more!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Heather Sewn Top Pattern

This is a printable sewing pattern that comes in several sizes. This stylish shirt project features a flared short sleeve and an A-line top. These features combine to create a casual, comfy top that's perfect for lazy days or entertaining nights out. No matter your plan, it's ready!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Jackie O. Jacket

Who doesn't love the impeccable style of Jackie O? Now you can make a jacket inspired by this fashion icon. You'll be looking stunningly chic in a timeless piece. The striking shawl collar coupled with three-quarter length sleeves makes this an elegant piece you need.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Open Shoulder Blouse Tutorial

Transition from warm summer weather to cooler autumn days with this fashion-forward sewing tutorial. This three-yards-or-less sewing project is a wonderful way to make a top that's custom-fit for your body. This beauty also shows a little skin without being too revealing.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Summery Free T-Shirt Pattern

Welcome the summer sun with open (and bare) arms. It's time to tuck away your sweaters and long-sleeved tees and be comfy cool in summer tops to sew. This pattern comes with a downloadable PDF that allows you to make a t-shirt in sizes XS-XL, making it the perfect fit for any body shape.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Open Back Top Vintage Sewing Pattern

This neat retro top hangs beautifully on any body type and comes complete with a built-in panel, ensuring that you do not have to wear too many layers underneath. This free downloadable sewing pattern is vintage chic perfection. Plus, it will take only one afternoon to create.

View the Free Printable Pattern

30 Minute Kimono Top Printable Pattern

This easy beginner 30-minute kimono top is a perfect wardrobe staple for the fall season. It's an easy piece to make and even easier to wear! The PDF printable sewing pattern is available in sizes from 4 to 22 and includes a helpful step-by-step beginner sewing tutorial to follow.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Simple T-Shirt Pattern

This fab yet simple shirt pattern includes an easy knit top with short sleeves and a crew neckline for a comfortable look. It also has a soft waist curved for a better fitting. Plus, of course, you can download this pattern for free.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Women's 'Boyfriend' Tee

This loose-fit women's tee is a great wardrobe staple. It fits as if you borrowed it from your boyfriend or husband's drawer, but is styled perfectly for women. There are also two neckline options and two sleeve lengths.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Printable Free Skirt Patterns and Dresses

PDF dress patterns are the best! There’s no reason to run out and buy an expensive dress pattern when we have printable sewing patterns right here on AllFreeSewing for you to check out. Our most popular type of free sewing patterns, skirts, and dresses! Download these free skirt patterns and dress patterns for sewing and create wearables you will actually want to wear.

Simply Audrey Skirt Pattern

There's no argument that the classic circle skirt is flattering on every body, as it makes the waist look smaller and hits right above the knee. Inspired by classic '50s silhouettes, this is the perfect skirt pattern to wear all year.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Lazy Day Free Skirt Pattern

If you're looking for a wardrobe piece to help you beat the summer heat while you spend a lazy day at the local craft fair or even just when casual and staying in for the day, this pattern is the wearable and sewing make for you!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Fit and Flare Free Dress Pattern

How flattering is this comfy-looking frock? Fitting tightly at the bust and flaring at the hips, this tutorial for how to sew a dress comes complete with a downloadable PDF pattern as well as a helpful video that will make sewing it easy peasy.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Good Vibrations Circle Skirt Pattern

Whether it's summer or fall, this skirt pattern is just the thing you need to add some punch to your outfit. Follow along with this circle skirt tutorial to start building an outfit that will capture everyone's attention and turn so many heads.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Bohemian Rhapsody Wrap Dress Pattern

The wrap dress silhouette of this dress sewing pattern is universally flattering to all body shapes, and the skirt length is the perfect way to create a romantic bohemian look without showing a lot of skin.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Fiona Dress Pattern

This is an easy beginner dress project with a lovely outcome. The Fiona Dress has a fitted, knee-length bodice with a bust flounce to make it more feminine. The free dress pattern is downloadable for sizes 4 to 22.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Boat Club Dress Pattern

Design a gorgeous lightweight summer dress that doubles as a swimsuit coverup for those warm days spent at the beach with this free sewing pattern. This is the ultimate way to go from the beach to dinner, and it comes with a free printable pattern for sizes small to large.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Raglan Free Dress Pattern

Turn a raglan shirt pattern into this cute dress with a few simple changes to the pattern. This will show you exactly how to sew a girl's dress pattern that she's going to love. This kid's clothing pattern is charming, comfy, and great for a school party or most outings.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Comfy and Carefree Skirt Pattern

Are you ready to upgrade your wardrobe to include warmer pieces? Look no further than this cozy, free skirt pattern. Made out of snuggly fabric and looking extra cute, this skirt proves that your winter wardrobe doesn't have to be bulky to work for winter.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Scarlet O'Hara Inspired Dress Pattern

This DIY dress pattern could be considered either sweet or sexy, so choose what you think it should be named based on what you think. Learn how to make this for a special date with your special someone or even for a night out in the city with your girlfriends.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Striped T-Shirt Dress Pattern

The t-shirt dress is the easiest outfit for summer. It's also the comfiest! Use this tutorial to make your own dress out of just two yards of knit fabric. Plus, there is a free printable PDF pattern for a size large dress.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Perfect Little Black Dress Pattern

There's no piece of clothing as essential to every woman's wardrobe as the LBD, aka little black dress. Make a dress perfect for every occasion that fits your body like a dream with this perfect pattern.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Perfect Beach Dress Pattern

This is an A-line dress meant to be worn over your swimsuit. This will become your go-to dress for when you come back from the beach and need to stop by the store or for a quick dinner before going home.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Bow Back Dress Pattern

With warm summer weather, everyone's searching for the perfect summer sundress that looks hot and keeps them cool. Make a stunning summer dress full of charm with this dress pattern. It's incredibly versatile, too!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Anne Dress Pattern

This dress is a fitted princess seam dress with a below-the-knee, gathered skirt option. This pattern will work well with light and medium-weight woven fabric. The downloadable pattern PDF goes up to a US size 8.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Tiered Maxi Skirt Pattern

This marvelous maxi skirt pattern has 3 tiers and the option to have the bottom tier with horizontal or vertical stripes. If you are looking to add an elegant long skirt to your summer wardrobe, this would work perfectly.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Lightweight Tank Dress Pattern

When the summer sun is shining down bright and hot, you are definitely going to need something to wear that keeps you cool and covered. This pattern comes with a free printable PDF for most sizes and is flattering for all.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Printable DIY Maxi Dress Pattern and Tutorial

Create a fabulous day-to-night dress with this tutorial! The best part about this sewing pattern is that you can print out the directions in order to draft your dress and follow the sewing tutorial.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Easy Printable Caftan Sewing Pattern

This cute little printable sewing pattern results in a versatile, upcycled caftan dress. This caftan pattern makes a perfect as a swimsuit cover-up, flowy summer dress, or even pajamas. It's comfy yet trendy; a great combo. However you want to wear it, you can!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Trapeze Dress Printable Pattern & Tutorial

This is the perfect fun and cute yet comfortable dress that you can sew without taking a full weekend to make it. Plus you can choose some cute fabric to go with any occasion you like. You can never have too many summer or spring dresses, right?

View the Free Printable Pattern

Downloadable Sewing Patterns for Kids

Sewing for kids is much cheaper than buying for kids! Use up smaller scraps of fabric and make baby sewing patterns and wearables for kids. These printable sewing patterns are perfect for little ones!

Isabella's Free Skirt Pattern

Learn how to sew a beautifully banded skirt for your girl when you sew up free skirt patterns like this too-cute girl's skirt pattern. This pattern shows you how to sew up adorable kid's clothes patterns in very little time.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Kid-Friendly Felt Monster Patterns

Kids can make their own sewn DIY monster friend! Not only will you find monster pattern printables but a how-to for sewing them up! Felt projects are ideal for kids because it is a material that's thrifty and easy to work with.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Summer Breeze Nightgown Pattern

Treat your little princess to a comfortable and lightweight nightgown that she'll love wearing to bed with this pattern. Made using less than two yards of knit fabric, this sewing pattern for girls is excellent for warm summer nights and will keep kids cool while sleeping.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Lua Sleep Sack for Dolls

Let your child tuck their baby doll in for the night with this doll-sized sleeping bag. This free printable pattern and detailed tutorial will help you create a sleep sack for dolls up to 22 inches tall. These instructions provide many options for customizing your DIY sleep sack.

View the Free Printable Pattern

The Bigger and Better Bib

Simply print out the PDF of the pattern and follow the tutorial steps to complete your fantastic new DIY baby bib. These baby bibs make a great present for an expecting family because they are practical and yet also beautiful.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Printable Kids Shorts Patterns

When the sun comes out and the weather gets warm, you find yourself scrambling to find a pair of shorts that they can sport on sunny days. These shorts come in a variety of sizes and are easily customized to fit your kid's style.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Fleece Pants Pattern

If you've been sewing for kids and need some new ideas, try these comfy pants. This pattern is a great way to make your own clothes that fit the needs of your growing kids. DIY, save a ton of money, and make sure the pants fit perfectly.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Printable Girls Peplum Top

Looking for a new and stylish look for your girl? If so, check out this top! This trendy little pattern is printable, easy to make, and entirely unique. Some trends for adults look absolutely silly on little ones, but this one is just too cute!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Free Superhero Cape and Printable Appliques

Learn how to make a superhero cape with this easy sewing project for beginners. Including several free applique designs to complete the look, the pattern uses under one yard of fabric and can be created in one afternoon.

View the Free Printable Pattern

One Yard Baby Tunic

Baby clothes patterns are easy, quick sewing projects that never take up too much fabric. Skip buying baby duds at the store and make this tunic instead. This adorable little top to sew is easy-to-make, a great baby shower gift, and far too cute to pass up.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Nap Mat with Pillow (for Kids)

Does your child have a lot of sleepovers? Or maybe they like to sleep anywhere besides their bed. If so, you're going to love this life-changing sewing project. With this, your child can sleep wherever and still be comfortable.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Peekaboo Plush Turtle

Learn how to make a stuffed animal with this adorable little shelled friend. This turtle is too precious to pass up. Complete with instructions for how to make the turtle body and the shell, this DIY stuffed animal is as cute to make as it is to look at.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Adjustable Free Apron Patterns

These free pdf-patterns help you make an adjustable kitchen apron for kids and adults. These Adjustable Free Apron Patterns are quick and easy to create, but most of all, they are super handy. All materials and instructions are described in detail in the tutorial.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Made to Love Vintage Doll Tutorial

Learn how to make a doll that looks like the one you played with as a youngin' when you make this adorable DIY doll pattern. Complete with free doll clothes patterns that fit the doll perfectly, this sweet little project is one you are going to want to make again and again.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Free Printable Sewing Patterns for Bags and Purses

DIY bags and purses will last you much longer and can be even more stylish than the ones you pay a pretty penny for in the store. These printable patterns are easy to follow and will make it easier for you to pick back up again if you sew one of these bags over the course of a few weeks.

The Lauren Bag Pattern

You can never have enough bags in your handmade collection! Add this to your next project list. Made with sturdy canvas and fleece interfacing, this bag is sure to be your favorite go-to accessory for nearly every season.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Winter Garden Purse Pattern

Make a purse that'll add some green to the gray skies and cold snowy days of winter this season. This charming printable purse pattern shows you how to make a jumbo purse that's easy to organize and extra sturdy.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Fabulous Fringe Bag Pattern

Perfect for a weekend of crafting, this bag is a texture-lover's dream. Adding this free purse pattern to your wardrobe will quickly add a DIY bag that can add some seriously wonderful wow factor to your accessorizing.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Summer Satchel Free Bag Pattern

Learn how to make a bag you'll want to carry all summer when you make this easy DIY bag idea. The best thing about free bag patterns is that they come in all different sizes. This particular bag is a big one.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Upcycled Pink Pocket Purse

Make this cute spring purse with tied handles and lined front and back pockets! Learn how to make a scrapbusting handbag with this pattern, which includes printable templates to help you cut fabric to the proper size and shape.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Check Me Out Library Tote Pattern

This free tote bag pattern uses a half yard of fabric to create a quick and simple bag that's great for running to the library or for a stop at your local farmer's market. This classic and roomy tote bag that's perfect for hauling books!

View the Free Printable Pattern

Fat Quarter Wallet Pattern

Learn how to sew a wallet that pleases. With wallet patterns like this, you don’t need to rack your brain for what to gift anyone. Simply use this wallet pattern to create a handmade trinket and tuck a favorite gift card inside.

View the Free Printable Pattern

How to Sew a Messenger Bag (Easy!)

You will not believe how quickly you can make a messenger bag when you follow our fantastic written and video tutorials. Make a cute messenger bag you'll love. This is an easy and super quick sewing project, too.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Grogu Double Zipper Coin Purse Tutorial

This fun zippered coin purse tutorial features two pockets and a keychain holder. Plus, Baby Yoda (aka Grogu) fabric makes this the cutest DIY coin purse ever! The design is much more exciting than a standard coin purse, too.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Small Crossbody Bag

With our free printable pattern and step-by-step instructions, this could be you. The crossbody bag is quilted and perfect for keeping your cell phone safe, plus other essentials, like a credit card and lipstick. 

View the Free Printable Pattern

Downloadable Patterns for Travel and Accessories

When it comes to accessories, these are better than most because you can print the pattern and keep it wherever you're going. We're combining our love of travel with the beauty and theme of this page. Small sewing projects are fast, easy, and fun to make. Whether you need something simple to make after work to wind down or you want to make a lot of stuff for your next craft fair, then take a look at the options below!

Zip Open Fleece Mitten Sewing Pattern

This free fleece mitten pattern is available in any size you need! That's right, you can make fleece mittens for toddlers, adults, and everyone in between. Plus, it takes under an hour to make a pair (really).

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Phone Case Stand

Typical iPod covers or phone cases and stands won't make the cut after you see this DIY Phone Case Stand. Prop up your iPod, iPhone, or Android phone with this DIY gadget cover. It's padded for protection and even snaps like a wallet.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Upcycled T-Shirt Flowers (No-Sew)

So—you’ve got a whole bunch of old T-shirts in your closet. Once you learn how to make t-shirt roses, you won't want to stop. With this fun project, you can still remember the shirt but put it to good use.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Refashion Scarf Headband

If you've found a headband that you're not so sure about the look of, revamp it with this DIY Refashion Scarf Headband pattern! Within no time, you'll have a new retro accessory that will be a great addition to any outfit.

View the Free Printable Pattern

How to Make a Scrunchie - Easy!

Scrunchies are one of the first sewing projects I learned how to make as a kid, and they are trendy again. Scrunchies are so fun, fast, and easy to create for beginners and make great gifts for kids and grandkids. Print this one and go retro and modern at once.

View the Free Printable Pattern

5 Minute Lip Balm Carrier

You've seen these 'lip balm key chain thingies' before, but here is a 5-minute version that will cost just pennies to make. Use any sort of material that will not fray - a laminate, leather or faux leather, or ribbon - and you can churn out a dozen of these in an hour.

View the Free Printable Pattern

DIY Embroidered Hexagon Necklace

This printable DIY fabric necklace embroiders a smiling jar of jam onto a 1-inch canvas hexagon that you can tie onto whatever chain or ribbon you want. Customize where you want this comfortable and stylish statement piece to fall on your chest for a design that's entirely yours.

View the Free Printable Pattern

Space-Saving Travel Organizer

This insanely clever pattern shows you have to make a travel organizer that packs perfectly. This little tray can be stored in the bedroom or on the dresser of your hotel and used to store all of the little things like rings, keys, money, or keycards you might otherwise misplace in an unfamiliar environment.

View the Free Printable Pattern

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