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Simple Sewing Projects: 16 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

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  1. Bedding Make your own bedding with sewing tutorials that will teach you how to make a duvet cover. For the DIY home decor style, check out the best sewing patterns on the web.
  2. Sewn Pillows Use these free pillow patterns to decorate your home the thrifty way. Learn how to sew pillows and pillow covers that will look great both inside and outside your home.
  3. Sewn Wall Decor Decorate your walls with free sewing tutorials. Sewn wall decorations are unique and trendy.
  4. Window Treatments Learn how to sew curtains and find tutorials for home made curtains. You'll find great instructions on how to make curtains and more of the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  5. Baby Blankets Baby blankets make great gifts. You can learn how to sew a blanket with the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  6. Bibs and Burp Cloths Looking for tips on how to make baby's bib? With these free baby bib patterns you'll be confident in making them.
  7. Nursery Decor Decorating the nursery can be very exciting. Use some DIY ideas to create nursery bedding and nursery decor.
  8. Sewn Baby Clothes These free tutorials will show you how to make homemade baby clothes, including ideas for baby pants and free baby dress patterns. With these free sewing projects, you'll have the best-dressed baby in town.
  9. Sewn Hair Accessories Sew for hair with ideas for sewn hair accessories. Learn how to make a headband and more.
  10. Christmas Gifts Looking for great craft ideas for Christmas gifts? Check out the Christmas craft sewing patterns found here. For fun Christmas craft ideas, these ones can't be beat.
  11. Christmas Home Dec It's time to decorate your home for Christmas! Use the free Christmas sewing patterns found here to really spruce up the place for the holidays. Christmas sewing projects are festive and fun.
  12. Sewn Ornaments Make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree using these free tutorials. You and your family will love making Christmas decorations to hang on your tree.
  13. Sewn Stockings If you've always wondered how to sew Christmas stockings, check out these free sewing projects and make your own Christmas stocking.
  14. Tree Skirts Sew a Christmas tree skirt pattern this holiday season and you'll be ready to put up your tree.
  15. Wearables Make clothes you can wear for Christmas this year. Check out the easy DIY Christmas crafts we offer here.
  16. 4th of July Projects Make great 4th of July projects with any of these holiday sewing patterns. If you're looking for holiday crafts you'll love these simple holiday craft ideas.
  17. Easter Projects Find easter projects to sew with these free patterns for sewn easter projects. Easter sewing projects are fun and simple. Find the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  18. Halloween Projects Find Halloween craft ideas from all over the web, from homemade Halloween decorations to DIY costumes. These craft ideas for Halloween are just what you need to get in the spooky spirit.
  19. Jewish Holiday Projects Give your latkes, matzo, and kneidlach a crafty touch with these Jewish holiday crafts. Find ideas for Hanukkah crafts, Passover crafts, and more from all over the web.
  20. St. Patrick's Day Projects Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with holiday sewing patterns.
  21. Thanksgiving Projects Thanskgiving crafts are just what you need to get your family in the spirit of showing gratitude. Learn how to sew a Thanksgiving table decoration and other crafty projects.
  22. Valentine's Day Projects Spread the love on Valentine's Day by sewing. Check out these free tutorials for Valentine's Day crafts, including ideas for gifts and decorations.
  23. Fall Projects Fall projects are fun and festive. Find the best fall craft ideas on the web.
  24. Spring Projects Find great sewing ideas including spring crafts, sewing ideas for spring garments, easy spring crafts and more.
  25. Summer Projects Find free summer projects to sew including summer crafts for girls, summer fun crafts and summer craft ideas.
  26. Winter Projects Find free winter projects to sew including easy winter crafts, fun winter crafts for kids and more. Follow these free sewing patterns for great instruction and successful sewing.
  27. Chair Slipcovers Instead of paying for expensive furniture, use your sewing skills. The chair slipcover patterns and sofa slipcover patterns found here can help.
  28. Sewn Placemats and Napkins Set your table with these easy sewing projects. Learn how to sew napkins and placemats for any occasion. You'll find ideas for holiday table settings as well as tutorials for everyday needs.
  29. Sewn Table Runners Find free table runner patterns here including quilt table runner patterns, Christmas table runner patterns and more. Learn how to make table runners with some of the best ideas out there.
  30. Sewn Tablecloths
  31. Book Reviews Popular craft books reviewed.
  32. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  33. Hand Embroidery Patterns Learn how to hand embroider with these free hand embroidery patterns. Find hand stitch embroidery patterns you can make and personalize.
  34. Machine Embroidery Patterns Use these free machine embroidery patterns to create lovely one-of-a-kind projects. Find embroidery machine tips and machine embroidery projects you'll love.


  1. 1 Yard Scalloped Edge Skirt Give yourself the designer look for less by creating a playful skirt that brings to mind designers like Kate Spade or Cynthia Rowley. This 1 Yard Scalloped Edge Skirt is the perfect way to create a ladylike skirt that injects some playfulness into yo
  2. 1-Meter Madonna Skirt It truly is possible to make a skirt with only one meter of fabric, and the 1-Meter Madonna Skirt tutorial will show you how. This simple tutorial will show you the steps to take to transform one meter of fabric into a skirt.
  3. 15 Minute Lace Skirt Are you looking for a super simple skirt tutorial? Well, you've found it! Try sewing this 15 Minute Lace Skirt for an instant boost to your wardrobe!
  4. 15 Minute Maxi Skirt If you want to wear comfortable clothing while looking stylish, you should try making this 15 Minute Maxi Skirt. Sew this DIY maxi skirt with a stretchy knit jersey fabric in your favorite pattern or color, or in a neutral tone.
  5. 15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt This 15 Minute Tuxedo Skirt is sleek and modern. It is the perfect look for an interview or important office meeting. You will look the part of the fierce girl-in-charge, acing whatever challenge comes your way.
  6. 2 Yard Pleated Skirt Tutorial If you've been searching for the perfect lightweight skirt for spring or summer, then you'll fall in love with this 2 Yard Pleated Skirt Tutorial. Made using 2 yards of gingham, this DIY skirt tutorial has a classic 1950s silhouette and can easily be
  7. 20 Minute DIY Skirt The 20 Minute DIY Skirt will make even the most novice sewer feel like a Paris fashion designer. This tutorial shows you how to make a skirt that is essential for anyone who enjoys DIY fashion. All you need to do is cut a circle in a piece of vegan l
  8. 3-in-1 Simple Skirt Pattern Try this 3-in-1 Simple Skirt Pattern and put a personal touch on your wardrobe. Sewing your own clothes is a great way to update your closet without spending a lot of money. Make a simple skirt in the design of your choice.
  9. 35 Free Skirt Sewing Patterns: How to Make a Skirt Out of Jeans & More The 24 free skirt sewing patterns you'll find in this collection offer DIY ideas for how to make skirts that are not only inexpensive, but are fun to make and stylish. The results will have you smiling and others complimenting your crafty abilities!
  10. 46+ Free Skirt Patterns Learn how to sew your new favorite skirt with the stunning designs and simple tutorials found in this impressive collection of lovely and free skirt patterns. Your wardrobe will thank you!
  11. 5 Minute Skirt It takes only 5 minutes to make the 5 Minute Skirt, a free, easy sewing pattern for beginners. Whether you're in a hurry to get somewhere or you don't have time for a huge project, the 5 Minute Skirt is the perfect solution.
  12. 6 Step Skirt See how fast you can whip up this 6 Step Skirt. Easy sewing projects like these are a definite bargain. Not only do you add a new piece to your wardrobe, you save time doing it. This simple skirt pattern yields a relaxed fit skirt.
  13. Amazing Asymmetrical Skirt Skirts are supposed to be unique and fun, but sometimes they all start to look the same. This Amazing Asymmetrical Skirt shows you how to jazz up your wardrobe without spending an arm and a leg at the store.
  14. Amy Skirt Pattern "This easy 6 paneled knit skirt is the ideal fall and/or winter project. The pattern comes in sizes from 4 to 22 and it can be customized with an elastic waist for better fit."
  15. Angel Cloud Convertible Dress Tutorial You will be walking on air with this Angel Cloud Convertible Dress Tutorial made with ruffles and a touch of heavenly bliss. This skirt tutorial will show you how to sew a skirt that flatters any body type.
  16. Anthropologie Maxi Skirt This Anthropologie Maxi Skirt is nice and long to keep out the cold as the temperature drops. Maxi skirts are the perfect winter compromise between pants and dresses. They bring a great bohemian feel to any outfit.
  17. Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial Skirts are necessities for spring and summer, so make a skirt that is completely unique and totally you! The Anthropologie Ruffled Skirt Tutorial is a beautiful project that will look good on any body type.
  18. Anthropologie Work Skirt The Anthropologie Work Skirt is ready to be worn in the office. Learn how to make a skirt with this absolutely beautiful project. When you make this classy sewn project, you'll save money by not buying more expensive clothes for work.
  19. Any Day Free Skirt Pattern If you sew a reversible skirt pattern, you packed two skirts in the space it takes up for one. Before your next big trip, you absolutely need to sew up the Any Day Free Skirt Pattern.
  20. Back to School Pleated Skirt Tutorial Learn how to make a pleated skirt with this Back to School Pleated Skirt Tutorial. This skirt is a great sewing project for girls, and the fleece is soft and comfortable.
  21. Back to School Skirt for Girls It's that time of year again. When the kids are gearing up for back to school, whip out the sewing machine and create a few new looks for them. Once you learn how to sew a skirt, this simple pattern will be a breeze.
  22. Bali the Reversible Skirt Pattern Skirts are perfect to wear in warm weather, and this Bali the Reversible Skirt Pattern will become your favorite wardrobe staple. The fabric used in this DIY skirt is tropical themed and has two different patterns on both sides...
  23. Ballet Chic: 8 How to Make a Tutu Tutorials The possibilities are endless when it comes to learning how to make a tutu. This is probably why they are so popular! If you have an extra hour, there is no reason NOT to make one of the free sewing patterns provided in Ballet Chic: 8 How to Make a T
  24. Blue Bells Lace Skirt Nothing says spring quite like this beautiful and delicate Blue Bells Lace Skirt. This easy sew pencil skirt is the perfect skirt for any girl's wardrobe.
  25. Boho Dreams Skirt Tutorial Hop on one of the hottest trends for spring and summer and design a boho chic skirt that's perfect for a night out or a trip to the beach. This Boho Dreams Skirt Tutorial shows you how to create a trendy high-low skirt that looks timeless and brings
  26. Boys Skinny Cuffed Trousers Learn how to make pants for your boy that are vintage-inspired. These Boys Skinny Cuffed Trousers will make a great dress pant for your boy. The design is a simple pants pattern with a few alterations to achieve a retro look.
  27. Boys' Mock Fly and Pockets Pants These Boys' Mock Fly and Pockets Pants deliver exactly what the title promises. Easy-to-make clothing like these pants allows you to avoid sewing on a zipper and dealing with pockets.
  28. Brooklyn DIY Tulle Skirt Forget overpriced designer skirts. The Brooklyn DIY tulle skirt will look just as good as any store-bought garment for a third of the price. Bring some of that hipster New York style to any wardrobe with this DIY skirt.
  29. Business On Bottom Straight Skirt When it comes to skirt patterns, free ones are the best. This Business On Bottom Straight Skirt tutorial is all about logical decisions. From the free skirts tutorial and pattern to the versatile piece they yield, this project isn't messing around.
  30. Cable Knit DIY Pencil Skirt If you are a die hard fan of cable knit sweaters, then you will love this Cable Knit DIY Pencil Skirt. Who says that you can only wear cable knit sweaters as a top? Learn how to make a pencil skirt from a sweater with this fun sewing project.
  31. Chalk Lines Mini Skirt Step into fall weather in style with this easy sewing tutorial for the Chalk Lines Mini Skirt. You don't have to hide your fabulous legs in long clothes just because cooler weather's moving in.
  32. Cheap Bubble Skirt Pattern This Cheap Bubble Skirt Pattern shows you how to turn a men's sweater into a flattering skirt. Sweater skirts are a huge trend during the fall. If you make this free bubble skirt pattern, you will easily be the trendiest skirt-wearer on the block.
  33. Chevron DIY Maxi Skirt Combine the chic, new trend of chevron and the comfy feel of a maxi skirt with this lovely Chevron DIY Maxi Skirt. This fantastic project will be your new go-to skirt once you create it.
  34. Child's Skirt for the Market Check out this skirts tutorial to make this adorable Child's Skirt for the Market. Made from primarily cotton, this skirt is lightweight and perfect for a day at the market as the weather heats up.
  35. Chromatic Vintage Ribbon Skirt Update your wardrobe with this Chromatic Vintage Ribbon Skirt! Add ribbons to a plain garment you already have, or make a new one from scratch. Either way, you'll end up with one of the cutest vintage patterns out there.
  36. Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial No Zipper "Do you love the look of those twirly circle skirts? Heres how to make a circle skirt for yourself or your little girl, without having to insert a zipper."
  37. Classic Polka Dot DIY Skirt This Classic Polka Dot DIY Skirt will be your new favorite item in your wardrobe. You can easily wear this versatile DIY midi skirt to work, around town, to brunch, to dinner, and so on.
  38. Classy Elastic Skirt Tutorial One of the best things about DIY skirt patterns is that they are usually extremely comfortable and simple to wear.
  39. Color Block DIY Pants This fierce and fabulous knock-off craft is based on some lovely pants that were designed by Michael Kors. These Color Block DIY Pants give you a chic runway look without the runway price.
  40. Comfy and Carefree Skirt Pattern The cold weather is here and you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe to include warmer pieces. Look no further than this cozy, free skirt pattern for winter. Made out of snuggly fabric and looking extra cute, the Comfy and Carefree Skirt Pattern prove
  41. Comfy and Quick DIY Leggings These Quick and Comfy Leggings will only take you an evening to complete and you will absolutely wear them out. They can created to be just about any length.
  42. Comfy Day Free Skirt Pattern If you are a fan of comfortable skirts, you are going to be drooling over the Comfy Day Free Skirt pattern. Wear this wonder once a week and you will see what we mean.
  43. Comfy Pajama Pants Pattern Treat yourself with the Comfy Pajama Pants Pattern. If you make these DIY pants in a comfy fabric, you are never going to want to take them off.
  44. Converted Maternity Pants Tutorial Once your belly starts to grow you're going to need some comfy pants to live in. Make your own with the Converted Maternity Pants Tutorial. No need to buy new pants, just adjust the ones you already have a bit.
  45. Cool Blue DIY Maxi Skirt If you want to stand out at the next special occasion, use this maxi skirt tutorial to create a Cool Blue DIY Maxi Skirt. Whether its a charity ball or a school fundraiser, learning how to sew a maxi skirt is a great way to get you ready for night.
  46. Coral Three Tiered Skirt Say hello to your new favorite skirt pattern when you check out this tutorial on how to make a long skirt.
  47. Cotton Candy Pleated Skirt Tutorial Look chic and cute after following this Cotton Candy Pleated Skirt Tutorial. This lovely pink skirt is easy to make, classy, professional, and extra trendy.
  48. Cuffed Shorts This free sewing pattern will teach you how to make cuffed shorts that are runway inspired and very comfy.
  49. Culottes Free Sewing Pattern "Culottes are flared pants or shorts that can often look like a skirt or a dress when you're wearing them. Build a warm weather wardrobe that is both easy and practical --and that is easy to make."
  50. Date Night Circle Skirt Make a flirty and fun DIY tulle skirt that's perfect for a date night out at your favorite hot spots with this Date Night Circle Skirt. Not only does this beginner sewing tutorial only take an afternoon to make, it also shows you how to create your o
  51. Deep Pockets Skirt Try your hand at this lightweight, cotton Deep Pockets Skirt for a casual look as the weather heats up. Sew skirts which are fashionable and functional by learning how to include pockets that can hold anything from spare change to a small clutch.
  52. Dirndl Skirt Learn how to make your own clothes with this free beginner sewing project for a dirndl skirt. This project features a gathered mini-skirt that is inspired by a traditional German costume.
  53. Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial Transform a couple of pretty printed dish towels into a trendy A-line skirt that's soft and durable with this beginner sewing tutorial. This Dish Towel Skirt Tutorial uses three long tea towels to create a skirt that looks expensive without breaking
  54. DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts Make your own DIY Cut Off Jean Shorts with this great tutorial. This is a great way to repurpose a ratty pair of jeans into homemade jean shorts. You can learn to make jean shorts of any length from your favorite old pair of jeans.
  55. DIY Denim Skirt This DIY Denim Skirt might bring you back to the wild 70s era, when the free-flowing clothes were as grungy as the music. Jeans are expensive, but they last a very long time. As fashions change, so do jean cuts. Fortunately, you can refashion old jea
  56. DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial Learn how to make tights into a fabulous expression of yourself! This DIY Embellished Tights Tutorial will teach you how to make your own leggings more exciting by adding embellishments like lace.
  57. DIY Lace Skirt Lace skirts are trendy right now but we'll never get behind the heavy price tags. Instead, check out this DIY Lace Skirt. It's a free skirt pattern that will help you create a lovely piece for your spring or summer wardrobe.
  58. DIY Lanvin Ruched Beach Skirt Make a designer-inspired skirt for your summer wardrobe that also doubles as a bathing suit cover-up with this DIY Lanvin Ruched Beach Skirt. An essential for summer, this DIY cover-up is made with a little less than a yard of swimwear fabric.
  59. DIY Maxi Skirt Take material you already have and simply dress it up into something new! Follow this simple tutorial and you can create a DIY Maxi Skirt, all the rage this season. Once you know how to make a straight skirt the outfit possibilities are endless.
  60. DIY Pleated Shorts Make this summer your most stylish one yet with these DIY Pleated Shorts. An adorable bow makes this shorts sewing pattern irresistible. Stay cool in these chic shorts!
  61. DIY Tulle Skirt with Stripes This DIY Tulle Skirt with Stripes is a beautiful addition to any woman's wardrobe. If you're looking for a dressy piece to wear to work or on a nice night out, this free skirt pattern is for you.
  62. Double Layer Skirt This Double Layer Skirt is perfect for people who want to learn how to make a tiered skirt. Sew a simple skirt that is sure to catch everyone's attention. DIY crafts like this let you put a personal touch on your wardrobe.
  63. Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt Maxi skirts are forever fashionable and incredibly versatile. Wear them when it's hot out without suffocating in fabric, and wear them in the cold and feel properly covered. The Easiest DIY Maxi Skirt tutorial is perfect for a beginner.
  64. Easiest Lace Skirt Ever It's elegant, it's trendy, and it's simple. To put it concisely, the Easiest Lace Skirt Ever is everything you want it to be. Even if you've never made one before you won't be at a loss on how to sew skirts.
  65. Easy DIY Knit Pants Tutorial Treat yourself to an expensive-looking pair of slacks that are as comfortable as your favorite sweatpants with this easy sewing tutorial. This Easy DIY Knit Pants Tutorial shows you how to design a pattern from your favorite pair of sweatpants and cr
  66. Easy Fishtail DIY Circle Skirt Give the traditional circle skirt a dramatic twist with this sewing project that has us dreaming of summer. This Easy Fishtail DIY Circle Skirt is a simple sewing project that combines the newest fashion trends with breezy bohemian style.
  67. Easy Half Circle Skirt Don't spend time stressing over complicated sewing projects and design a simple and chic skirt that's perfect for spring with this sewing tutorial. This Easy Half Circle Skirt is a great sewing tutorial that teaches you how to draft a skirt pattern.
  68. Easy Knit Half Circle Skirt "Put together an amazing skirt that will fit you just perfectly with this easy half circle skirt tutorial! No zipper involved, ready in no time! All you need is some knit, a piece of elastic, and some free time, not a lot though. And the best part is
  69. Easy Leggings "Features of the leggings: this is an easy, two piece ankle length legging pattern. The pattern has a negative ease of -5 inches to create stretchy pants. Activewear fabric or a four way stretch knit fabric is recommended for this project. "
  70. Easy Peasy Summer Skirt If you're sewing for the ultimate girly girl, make this Easy Peasy Summer Skirt. They can run, play and twirl in this lightweight skirt that's great for the warmer seasons. Skirt patterns like this one will help make up an adorable wardrobe for your
  71. Easy Women's Skirt Tutorial "If youre looking for a simple yet comfortable and flattering skirt, this easy womens skirt tutorial is it! This tutorial will teach you how to make your own skirt, made for your own body shape and measurements and that will fit you perfectly."
  72. Elastic Waistband Skirt High-waisted skirts are becoming more and more stylish, and we'd venture to guess it's because they look adorable on everyone. Make your own high-waisted skirt with this Elastic Waistband Skirt tutorial!
  73. Elle Pencil Skirt Tutorial with Bow Detail Design a feminine pencil skirt that's full of attitude and turn heads with this tutorial for sewing with knit fabric. This Elle Pencil Skirt Tutorial with Bow Detail is the perfect balance of business appropriate length and fun and girly details.
  74. Enchanted Dream Ruffle Skirt Tutorial Is store bought blandness cramping your style? Get creative with this upcycled Enchanted Dream Ruffle Skirt Tutorial and learn how to sew your own skirt. Skirt patterns like these will keep you chic regardless of your budget.
  75. Enchanted Layered Chiffon Maxi Skirt Tutorial "Sew your own layered chiffon maxi skirt with a new twist. In this maxi skirt video tutorial I show you how to make a layered chiffon skirt."
  76. Enchanting Tulle Skirt Make a skirt that has elegance and a timeless design with this Enchanting Tulle Skirt. As the title suggests, this skirt's tutorial relies on tulle and satin as the primary materials. It's never been so rewarding to learn to make clothes.
  77. Extra-Long DIY Maxi Skirt Long skirts just do not get enough attention. This lovely, Extra-Long DIY Maxi Skirt is easy to accessorize. Super comfy, this dress is surprisingly warm.
  78. Fall Maxi Skirt Who says maxi skirts should only be worn in the summer? Check out this DIY maxi skirt pattern for a garment perfect for fall. You can learn how to make a maxi skirt and create a wardrobe full of long skirt patterns for the new season.
  79. Fanned Skirt This free-flowing Fanned Skirt is an excellent DIY gift idea for the little one you adore.
  80. Fast and Lazy Linen Shorts Make some DIY shorts that are easy and cheap to make. This Fast and Lazy Linen Shorts tutorial tells you how to gather scraps to sew shorts for your little girl. Since these are made out of linen, they are lightweight and perfect for hot days.
  81. Fat Quarter Long Wrap Skirt Try sewing a Fat Quarter Long Wrap Skirt that will be light. This is an easy skirt to sew that will look perfect under the sun. Fat quarter projects like this are great. If you want to learn how to sew a skirt, this tutorial is a great .
  82. Fiesta Wrap Skirt Tutorial This Fiesta Wrap Skirt Tutorial will inspire you to get out and party. Be a little bolder than usual and create this DIY wrap skirt to wear the next time you go out to a pool party or summer barbeque.
  83. Flared Neoprene DIY Skirt Create the perfect addition to your wardrobe with the Flared Neoprene DIY Skirt tutorial. You can draft the pattern with your own measurements so you know it'll fit you correctly. This flared skirt will flatter most figures...
  84. Flattering Upcycled DIY Skirt If you've gone through your wardrobe recently and noticed how many skirts are no longer in fashion, perhaps you should use one to make this Flattering Upcycled DIY Skirt. Upcycling clothes is a great solution to fabric shopping.
  85. Flora and Fauna Skirt Tutorial Break out your prettiest prints for spring and design a gorgeous a-line skirt that's quick, easy, and figure-flattering. This Flora and Fauna Skirt Tutorial shows you how to create a chic a-line skirt from start to finish, including pattern drafting,
  86. Fluffy Chiffon Skirt How much fun is it to twirl in a little tutu like skirt? Make this cute Fluffy Chiffon Skirt for the little girl in your life. It will be a special gift they'll definitely enjoy.
  87. Fred Astaire Pants Modification Channel your inner classic movie star with this Fred Astaire Pants Modification. These short and cuffed pants are the perfect pair to wear during a spring day. They look crazy chic with a pair of heels and could be paired with some gladiator sandals,
  88. Fringe Skirt The Fringe Skirt is fun to wear and move in. Channel your inner 20s with this DIY sewing project. Follow these instructions to make this trendy Fringe Skirt.
  89. Fun and Flirty Fall Skirt This Fun and Flirty Fall Skirt is an essential addition to any career gal's wardrobe. The high waist design allows you to wear this adorable DIY skirt anywhere. The step-by-step tutorial is so clear and easy to follow.
  90. Gathered Pencil Skirt Tutorial Learn how to transform your favorite pencil skirt pattern into a piece that has a little more flair with this gorgeous sewing pattern. You'll have a flattering and feminine piece in no time.
  91. Ginger's Ruffled Skirt Ginger's Ruffled Skirt moves when you do. A cleverly crafted high-low design, this skirt's tutorial also includes instructions on making ruffles along the hem and a flirty inset.
  92. Good Vibrations Circle Skirt Pattern Whether it's summer or whether it's fall, this Good Vibrations Circle Skirt Pattern is just the thing you need to add some punch to your outfit. Follow along with this circle skirt tutorial to start building an outfit that will capture attention.
  93. Great Gathered Skirt It's always skirt season. Whether you dress them up, down, wear them with leggings or show off your gams, learning how to sew skirts is a valued skill. Try out this Great Gathered Skirt for a sewing lesson on how to make clothing.
  94. Gypsy Skirt Pattern The gypsy skirt pattern offers a fresh take on a traditional sewing project. Learn how to sew a circle skirt that combines two fabric shades to create a fun skirt your little girl will love twirling around in. It won't take you more than an hour to c
  95. Half Circle Skirt Tutorial From Camelot Fabrics comes the Half Circle Skirt Tutorial. This easy skirt sewing project walks you through putting together an amazing DIY skirt that will fit adorably into your wardrobe.
  96. Half Hour Free Skirt Pattern This free skirt pattern is so quick and easy that you are going to impressed with yourself when you finish the Half Hour Free Skirt Pattern. In less than an hour, you can create this flattering and cute skirt.
  97. Handmade Reversible Colorblock Skirt If you have more than one favorite color, the Handmade Reversible Colorblock Skirt is just what you want. In this simple skirt pattern, you can choose three colors to feature instead of one print.
  98. How to Alter Sweatpants Tutorial Love the feeling of sweatpants, but hate the baggy look? Then this How to Alter Sweatpants Tutorial is for you. With just a few simple steps, you are able to take in saggy sweats and turn them into stylish pants you love to lounge around in. Even bet
  99. How to Line a Skirt Sometimes learning how to line a skirt can be frustrating. Fortunately, these simple skirt lining ideas are here to make things easier. Once you master the art of skirt lining, you'll find out that it can be fun as well as rewarding.
  100. How to Make a Pencil Skirt Fit Whether you have recently lost some weight or just found a pencil skirt that you love that is a few sizes too big, your problems will be quickly solved by this How to Make a Pencil Skirt Fit tutorial.
  101. How to Make a Pencil Skirt: 11 Free Skirt Patterns Go vintage or go trendy with one of these free skirt patterns. How to Make a Pencil Skirt: 11 Free Skirt Patterns is going to show you exactly how to add some professional pep to your wardrobe.
  102. How to Make A Pillowcase Skirt Pillowcases and bed sheets can sport the cutest fabric designs. There are so many cute sheet sets out there that would just make adorable skirts. Now you can make that dream come true. This How to Make A Pillowcase Skirt shows you exactly how to conv
  103. How to Make a Scalloped Front Skirt Making your own scalloped skirt is easy with this free sewing pattern. You'll be the talk of the party with this fancy skirt. People won't believe that you made it yourself!
  104. How to Make a Skater Skirt This How to Make a Skater Skirt tutorial shows you exactly how to create one of these trendy skirts. The pattern provided is a bit longer than most skater skirts, making it comfy and appropriate for a work environment.
  105. How to Make a Skirt Fit If you have an old skirt pattern at home that just does not fit quite right, this How to Make a Skirt Fit tutorial is your solution. Using simple pinning techniques, this easy skirt tutorial provides detailed and easy-to-follow instructions.
  106. How to Make a Skirt Fit for a Sailor Harken back to the 1960s with this free sewing pattern that teaches you How to Make a Skirt Fit for a Sailor.
  107. How to Make a Skirt from A Button-Up If your man has a lot of old button-up shirts laying around and going to waste, use this easy How to Make a Skirt From a Button-Up tutorial to give them new life.
  108. How to Make a Skirt from a Shower Curtain You can learn How to Make a Skirt from a Shower Curtain in no time! Plus, since most shower curtain fabrics are durable and cute, this skirt might even last you a few years.
  109. How to Make a Skirt Longer Learn how to make any skirt or dress you have tucked away in your wardrobe longer with this easy and modern tutorial. Using fashion-forward color-blocking, this How to Make a Skirt Longer tutorial will help you create a brand new piece.
  110. How to Make a Wrap Skirt No matter how you wear the skirt after you explore this How to Make a Wrap Skirt tutorial, you are sure to absolutely love it. You can easily adjust this pattern to make it as short or as long as you would like.
  111. How to Make Bell-Bottom Jeans The 70s are back with this How to Make Bell-Bottom Jeans sewing tutorial. This retro pattern and tutorial will have you daydreaming of the past and all you have to do is grab a pair of jeans and a table runner those of which youre willing to cut up.
  112. How to Make Perfect Fitting Pajama Bottoms Are you tired of trying to find pajama pants that fit? Use this free sewing pattern to make your own! It's so easy you can make a different pair for every day of the week.
  113. How to Recycle Your Prom Dress Lucky for you, this How to Recycle Your Prom Dress tutorial is here to help. In just a few simple steps, you can learn how to create a fun and funky skirt out of your old prom dress.
  114. How to Sew a Circular Skirt Once you know How to Make a Circular Skirt, you can make a handful of other free skirt patterns with ease. Add this bohemian touch to your wardrobe this summer or make it in a warmer fabric for the fall or winter.
  115. How to Sew a Stretchy Knit Skirt A basic, simple skirt is the perfect go-to once the weather is warm enough. This tutorial will show you How to Sew a Stretchy Knit Skirt out of any knit fabric you may have.
  116. How to Sew Pajama Pants It's easy to learn How to Sew Pajama Pants with this simple sewing tutorial. These pajama pants are so comfy and cozy you won't want to take them off. Best of all, you can customize them to get a perfect fit. Sweet dreams!
  117. How to Sew Pants "It's easy to sew a simple pair of pants. This video shows you step by step how you can start sewing your kids pants. Even adult lounge pants with elastic waist can be sewn this way. Hope you enjoy!"
  118. How to Sew Pants: 31 DIY Pants for Comfort and Style How to Sew Pants: 31 DIY Pants for Comfort and Style offers several choices for the casual adult in need of coverage to the newborn. Not only does learning how to sew pants save you store-wrought stress, it saves you money.
  119. How to Sew Shorts If you have a pair of pants that are too short, stained on one leg, just plain ruined, or in need of a serious make-over, this How to Sew Shorts tutorial is for you.
  120. How to Sew Shorts: 40+ Free Shorts Patterns Rather than buy new clothes every year when the temperatures start to rise, try some DIY shorts instead. Learn How to Sew Shorts: 40+ Free Shorts Patterns. Everyone will be excited to bust out their homemade shorts.
  121. I Heart Sleep Shorts You can already tell that these I Heart Sleep Shorts are perfect for you. After all, few people dislike sleep. Learn how to make pajamas by reading this tutorial on DIY shorts. Not only is it easy to make pajamas like these,it will save you money.
  122. Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial Treat yourself (and your wardrobe) to a winter sewing project in rich, luxurious fabrics like velvet with this quick and easy skater skirt. This Ice Skater Skirt Tutorial teaches you how to make a figure-flattering skater skirt in warm winter fabrics
  123. Insanely Easy Skirt Pattern Use an old dress to create an Insanely Easy Skirt Pattern that fits you just perfectly. This upcycled craft would be an amazing way to repurpose a dress that does not quite fit your bust or has a rip or a stain up top.
  124. J. Crew Inspired Classic Skirt If you've ventured this far to learn how to sew a skirt, make it one that you like. The J Crew Inspired Classic Skirt has everything you need to achieve a timeless and sophisticated look.
  125. Jelly Roll Twirl Skirt Sewing long skirt patterns like this Jelly Roll Twirl Skirt can be so much fun! Once it's done, twirl around and show off your handiwork!
  126. Kate Spade-Inspired Midi Skirt Create a dreamy fall skirt that looks stunning with flats or heels with this Kate Spade-Inspired Midi Skirt. Simple and easy, this free sewing tutorial is the best way to make a designer inspired look of your own for a fraction of the cost.
  127. Knit DIY Pencil Skirt This Knit DIY Pencil Skirt will quickly become one of your go-to wardrobe pieces. Sewn to fit like a glove, this skirt is sexy and surprisingly comfy. This skirt is a versatile piece and you can wear it just about anywhere.
  128. Laser Cut Midi Skirt Tutorial Design a gorgeous skirt for spring and summer, and show off your favorite fabrics in the process with this beautiful Laser Cut Midi Skirt Tutorial. Made with 1 and a half yards of heavy knit fabric, this DIY midi skirt tutorial is completely on trend
  129. Layers and Lace Halloween Skirt Halloween's only one day a year, but there are still 30 other days in October that need some livening up. This Layers and Lace Halloween Skirt will really get you into the spirit. You'll love the look of this skirt pattern.
  130. Lazy Day Free Skirt Pattern If you are looking for a wardrobe piece to help you beat the summer heat while you spend a lazy day at the local craft fair or even just stay in for the day, the Lazy Day Free Skirt Pattern is the wearable for you!
  131. Lazy Minute Striped Shorts Don't look any farther for kidswear. These Lazy Minute Striped Shorts are just what you need for a foolproof DIY shorts pattern. Read the tutorial on how to make boys' clothes and your son, nephew, or brother will have a fresh pair of shorts.
  132. Leggings 101 This Leggings 101 tutorial is your new go-to for tips on how to make your own clothes. The steps are so clear and easy to follow, and you'll get great results every time. You won't find a better DIY leggings tutorial than this!
  133. Letting Out Pants If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist.
  134. Lined Half Circle Skirt with Zipper Tutorial "Making a half circle skirt is insanely easy! With this simple half circle skirt tutorial, you wont need a pattern to make one that fits you perfectly! I love the idea of a half circle skirt instead of a full circle one for adults, because this skirt
  135. Lined Pencil Skirt Tutorial Make an easy pencil skirt that's warm enough to wear on cold winter days with this Lined Pencil Skirt Tutorial. Made using two yards of knit fabric, this tutorial for how to sew a skirt shows you how to design a fashionable pencil skirt that has warm
  136. Little Black Skirt Tutorial Designing a chic and elegant fall skirt has never been so easy than with this utterly gorgeous Little Black Skirt Tutorial. Made using a classic circle skirt shape, this free skirt tutorial shows you how to create a sophisticated skirt that pairs cha
  137. Little Darling DIY Skirt You might be surprised to discover that this Little Darling DIY Skirt is completely reversible, which makes it feel like you have two skirts instead of just one. Sewing projects like this one are exciting to make, and you will learn a lot.
  138. Long Patterned Peasant Skirt Make this Long Patterned Peasant Skirt to dress modestly. Check out the tutorial to see how to sew a simple skirt. Sewing your own clothes can be a snap with projects like this. The provided pattern will show you how.
  139. Lounge Pants PDF Pattern "Looking for comfortable pants to wear around the house or as pj pants this fall/winter? Look no further, this free pattern has you covered! In sizes XXS-XXL, this free sewing pattern will work for many women. The soft knit waistband and the pockets
  140. Love that Lace Skirt This Love that Lace Skirt is one of those easy do-it-yourself projects that you'll fall in love with. If this is a first attempt at making a skirt, the odds are for you, thanks to these craft instructions. Your fashion dreams are at your fingertips.
  141. Lovely Lace Skirt Tutorial Lace is a timeless fabric that is always chic and pretty. This Lovey Lace Skirt Tutorial will show you how to make a skirt that is stylish, versatile, and feminine.
  142. Maternity Pants Tutorial With a few adjustments, you can make pants that you'll be comfortable in throughout your pregnancy. Let the Maternity Pants Tutorial show you how to make your pants fit just right.
  143. Maternity Skirt Tutorial It's hard to find skirts that are both cute and comfy to wear while you're pregnant. Since you're handy with needle and thread you can make your own skirt. Follow the Maternity Skirt Tutorial to learn how.
  144. Meadowlands Wrap Skirt Tutorial Add some lovely prairie skirt style to your wardrobe with this simple Meadowlands Wrap Skirt Tutorial. This long and flowing floral number is easy to make and adds a touch of the bohemian to your wardrobe without being too out there.
  145. Mellow Yellow Free Skirt Pattern Free skirt patterns will a vintage feel are probably some of the most stylish finds you can come across on the net. This Mellow Yellow Free Skirt Pattern is no exception.
  146. Micro Mini Simple Skirt Pattern This adorable Micro Mini Simple Skirt Pattern is absolutely stunning, comfy, and perfect for warm summer weather. The wool makes it extremely unique. Plus, the fringe on the edges truly gives it a beach babe vibe.
  147. Modest Maternity Mini Skirt Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you want to be completely covered up. You can still wear fun clothing like the Modest Maternity Mini Skirt. It's both appropriate and fun to wear during your pregnancy.
  148. Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt Make your own clothes or alter thrift store finds with free sewing craft patterns like this one! The Mulberry Style Paperbag Skirt is easy to make, and it's universally flattering to boot.
  149. Murphy's Layered Skirt The Murphy's Layered Skirt has ruffled tiers in bright colors that cascade down to your knees. Try this free sewing project and before long you'll be able to make your own clothes.
  150. Number One Pencil Skirt You were probably told to use a number two pencil for math and tests in school. Well, this Number One Pencil Skirt defies all odds.
  151. Old Dress Into a Maxi Skirt Dying to learn how to make a maxi skirt? We'll do you one better. Follow this free sewing tutorial and refashion an old dress into a maxi skirt. It's such a lovely garment, you can wear it all year long. Maxi skirts are trendy and flattering.
  152. Old Jeans Free Skirt Pattern Learn how to make this unique and stylish skirt when you check out the Old Jeans Free Skirt Pattern. This dual-toned wonder will look fantastic with any combination of pants. You can even use some old khakis instead!
  153. On Cloud 9 Lounge Pants There's nothing we love more than comfy casual clothes, and these On Cloud 9 Lounge Pants are the perfect project to lounge around the house in. These DIY pajama pants are roomy and comfortable.
  154. One Hour High Waist Lace Lay Over Skirt In just under 60 minutes you can complete this one seam lace lay over skirt. By simply sewing the lace to the fabric before creating the skirt, this project is finished in just a few easy steps. Then, step out in your new stylish skirt!
  155. One Hour Sophisticated Summer Shorts Are you looking for a new addition to your wardrobe? Are you trying to find your next summer sewing project? We have a solution! Try sewing these One Hour Sophisticated Summer Shorts.
  156. Panel Party Skirt The Panel Party Skirt is a fun, flirty garment fit for any season. The flowing pattern of this DIY skirt is loose and comfortable, perfect to wear over leggings if it's cold (or on its own if the weather is warm).
  157. Pants Turned Maxi Skirt If you have old pants that you don't wear anymore then this Pants Turned Maxi Skirt tutorial is for you. This super fun and easy-to-follow tutorial shows you how to sew a maxi skirt from pants you already own.
  158. Pants-to-Skirt Refashion The best way to upcycle a pair of pants is to make it into a skirt. With this Pants-to-Skirt Refashion, you can take an old pair of pants or dress slacks and remake them into something that you can wear over and over again.
  159. Patriotic Stars and Stripes Shorts Be festive this Independence Day with these Patriotic Stars and Stripes Shorts. This tutorial will teach you how to make shorts with step-by-step instructions and pictures.
  160. Peeking Tulle Skirt The Peeking Tulle Skirt is perfect for your child or for you! They'll have fun playing dress up in this adorable skirt and so will you. It's easy to make so follow these instructions and make one tonight.
  161. Peggy Carter-Inspired Upcycled Skirt If you're into thrifting or just have an old skirt that's too long, then you can work your own vintage magic by re-creating this Peggy Carter-Inspired Upcycled Skirt. This upcycled idea works is a perfect skirt for transitioning from fall to winter.
  162. Perfect Fit Custom Leggings It's so hard to find the right size leggings. They're always too tight or too loose - or both at the same time. Solve that shopping headache with these Perfect Fit Custom Leggings.
  163. Perfect Fit Yoga Skirt Well, unlike other free skirt patterns, this Perfect Fit Yoga Skirt comes with a calculator that helps you determine the exact size of the pattern you will need. You have to see it to believe it.
  164. Petticoat Follow this free sewing project to make a petticoat, which can be used to add volume under another skirt or worn by itself. The ruffles make a major fashion statement!
  165. Pinwheel DIY Shorts Pattern Are you ready for summer? You're not yet because you haven't made the Pinwheel DIY Shorts Pattern. In the season of tank tops and walking barefoot, you'll want to be comfortable in your skin and these DIY shorts are what you need.
  166. Pleated High Waist Skirt Sew this Pleated High Waist Skirt that will fit perfectly to your body. Check out the tutorial to see how to make a pleated skirt that you will absolutely love. It's easy to sew a simple skirt that will keep you up on fashion.
  167. Pleated Maxi Skirt Tutorial Learn how to make a lovely and long maxi skirt with this Pleated Maxi Skirt Tutorial. It looks absolutely elegant and chic when sewn out of a lovely fabric and paired with a funky, leather belt.
  168. Pleated Midi Skirt Pattern Say hello to the grown up maxi skirt pattern. The Pleated Midi Skirt Pattern features a flattering fit and fits just like a maxi skirt.
  169. Polka Dot Skirt This Polka Dot Skirt is a chic addition to any closet! This stylish skirt sewing pattern is flowly, sits higher on the waist and is belted with a bow. Its shape and polka dot print has a vintage fashion feel.
  170. Pretty Cheeky Boyshorts Tutorial Stop throwing away your scraps of knit fabric and create some adorable undies with this Pretty Cheeky Boyshorts Tutorial. This easy lingerie tutorial comes with a free sewing pattern and is the best way to create custom underwear that perfectly fits
  171. Pretty High Waisted Skirt Tutorial This Pretty High Waisted Skirt Tutorial gives a classic look that is easy and fun to make, without complicated belt loops.
  172. Pretty Pockets Gathered Skirt Tutorial This skirt is as easy to create as it is cute. The Pretty Pockets Gathered Skirt Tutorial shows you exactly how to create a DIY gathered skirt that will fit you perfectly. This is the perfect pattern for a brand new sewist.
  173. Pretty Woman DIY Maxi Skirt You'll feel like a whole new person wearing this Pretty Woman DIY Maxi Skirt. Free sewing patterns like this come in handy when you want to learn not only how to sew a maxi skirt, but also how to sew pleats.
  174. Prom Dress Princess Skirt Refashion Forget about spending a fortune on an expensive skirt for holiday parties and prepare to hit up your local thrift stores with this Prom Dress Princess Skirt Refashion. We've all passed racks of old prom and bridesmaids dresses at thrift stores and ga
  175. Quickie Flat Front Pants If you're in the neighborhood for pants sewing patterns, check out this simple sewing tutorial. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to whip up these Quickie Flat Front Pants.
  176. Quilted Midi Skirt Tutorial Add the perfect chic skirt to your fall wardrobe with this Quilted Midi Skirt Tutorial. This sewing tutorial is a fantastic way to design a simple and figure-flattering skirt with some cute details.
  177. Rachel Skirt Pattern "Easy knit summer skirt with ruched side seams. The skirt is a great summer project and ideal for beginners. You can make it in sizes 4 to 22 and the PDF file can be downloaded for A4 and letter format paper."
  178. Rad and Ruffled DIY Leggings These adorable Rad and Ruffled DIY Leggings are the perfect project to create while you get ready for spring. When the sun shines, you will absolutely want to be throwing on these funky accessories.
  179. Rayon Pants with Perfect Fit Rayon is wonderful to wear and not difficult to sew (with a couple of tricks), so make these Rayon Pants with Perfect Fit your next sewing project!
  180. Really Simple Rhinestone Skirt Sewing DIY projects might seem intimidating, but a Really Simple Rhinestone Skirt is a simple sewing project that is sure to get done in under an hour.
  181. Refashioned Boys Shorts From this sewing tutorial you'll learn how to make boys' clothes out of older pieces from your closet. By creating these Refashioned Boy Shorts you don't have to worry about subjecting to wear or tear.
  182. Reversible Wrap Skirt Use this free printable sewing pattern to make your own Charlotte Russe inspired reversible wrap skirt. The design is both flattering and trendy.
  183. Romantic Box Pleated Skirt After you take the time to make the Romantic Box Pleated Skirt, you'll feel utterly enchanted. While its polished look suggests a difficult process, nothing could be easier to understand than this pleated skirt pattern.
  184. Ruffle Dream Skirt Whether you're looking for something to wear on a night out or just a way to add a little cute fun to your wardrobe, the Ruffle Dream Skirt is just what your fashion closet needs. Design and make your own clothes with this pattern as a start.
  185. Ruffle Hem DIY Skirt Add some flair to your work wardrobe with the Ruffle Hem DIY Skirt. This pencil skirt is made out of knit fabric, so it is comfortable, but it needed something extra, which is where the ruffle hem comes in.
  186. Ruffled DIY Maxi Skirt The Ruffled DIY Maxi Skirt is one of the most unique maxi skirts you will find. Fitting comfy and as flattering as other maxi skirt patterns, this funky idea puts a twist on an old favorite.
  187. Ruffled Hem DIY Wrap Skirt Channel your inner Laura Ingalls Wilder by sewing this Ruffled Hem DIY Wrap Skirt. With this easy wrap skirt tutorial, you can turn a classic gingham pattern into a chic contemporary look.
  188. Ruffled Pencil Skirt Pattern The Ruffled Pencil Skirt Pattern is a flattering and fun piece that you are going to love wearing. Sewn from lovely floral fabric and easily made to fit most body types, this free skirt pattern looks absolutely stunning.
  189. Ruffled Peplum Skirt Tutorial For an adorable, feminine skirt, follow the instructions of the Ruffled Peplum Skirt Tutorial. You'll end up with a straight legged skirt and a detachable belt. It's cute for dressing up or for the office.
  190. Salwar DIY Pants Tutorial The Salwar DIY Pants Tutorial is a very versatile sewing pattern that shows you how tostitch plain Salwar pants and their variations like Patiala, Dhoti pants, and Parallel bottoms. These are different pants worn with Indian dress...
  191. Sassy Aztec Skirt Aztec sweaters can be seen everywhere these days. The big cuddly sweaters are ideal for cold weather. With spring and summer so near, will you have to give up this funky trend? Not if you create this Sassy Aztec Skirt.
  192. Sassy Secretary Upcycled Skirt This Sassy Secretary Upcycled Skirt is the perfect way to dress office-appropriate with just a little bit of flair. By showing you how to alter a skirt by adding buttons to a plain khaki skirt, this cute piece will stand out.
  193. Sassy Simple Skirt Pattern Spring is in the air and this Sassy Simple Skirt Pattern is your ticket to being the trendiest girl on your block. Created with a dark, floral pattern, this funky skirt is crazy simple to make.
  194. Scrappy Floral Skirt Are wondering what to make with scrap fabric? Then you should check out this beautiful Scrappy Floral Skirt. This skirt sewing pattern will show you how to us spare fabric to create colorful mosaic flower embellishments.
  195. Scrappy Spring Skirt This Scrappy Spring Skirt is great for two reasons. First, the handy instructions in this tutorial show how to make a skirt. Second, the body of the skirt only calls for fabric scraps.
  196. Seaside Living DIY Pants What makes these Seaside Living DIY Pants the perfect capris to bring on vacation is the fun and ruffled bottoms. Sewing projects like this will make you smile every time you go to put them on. You will love strolling along the beach with these.
  197. Sequined Mini Skirt Learn how to make skirts that sparkle with this Sequined Mini Skirt tutorial. Don't be afraid of trying out a sequined project, the instructions in this tutorial advise you on what kind of fabric to buy that will stretch and fit.
  198. Seriously So Easy Gathered Skirt Use the larger pieces of fabric you have lying around to make this simple skirt. The Seriously So Easy Gathered Skirt will take little time and become one of your go-to pieces. Make your own clothes to truly personalize your look.
  199. Sharp Pencil Skirt The perfect Sharp Pencil Skirt has arrived with this excellent tutorial. Craft instructions don't get clearer than this. By skimming through these easy sewing project instructions, you'll find out that it's not too hard to learn how to make clothes.
  200. Silver Quilted Mini Skirt You would never know that this fashionable skirt is actually made from ironing board fabric! If you've seen these stylish quilted skirts in stores, you know that the extra padding with cost you. Instead, make this sporty and comfy DIY skirt.
  201. Simple 15 Minute Skirt If you want a new piece in your wardrobe and have a half-hour to spare, there's no reason not to try this Simple 15 Minute Skirt. True to the name, it will only take you a fraction of an hour to make a skirt this cute.
  202. Simple Circle Skirt in Minutes Sew this Simple Circle Skirt in Minutes by following this easy sewing tutorial. Follow the pictures to learn how to sew a circle skirt you're going to love. This is a great project if you're interested in sewing your own clothes.
  203. Simple Garter Skirt This free sewing pattern makes a great summer accessory. It's easy to sew and can be paired with a number of tops. You'll probably want to make more than one!
  204. Simple Jersey Skirt Learn how to make a straight skirt with this step-by-step tutorial. The Simple Jersey Skirt requires little fabric and can be made in a snap. This garment makes for a comfy choice any time of year.
  205. Simple Layered Skirt Tutorial The Simple Layered Skirt Tutorial is a quick and easy beginning to an adorable outfit! This girls' skirt pattern tutorial is light and airy, perfect for a summer day. Wear it year round with some cute tights!
  206. Simple Pajama Shorts If you make your own clothes, why not make your own pajamas? Use this free sewing pattern to make your own simple pajama shorts so you can be crafty around the clock.
  207. Simple Reversible Vintage Skirt Put an elegant spin on your little girl's wardrobe - or your own! - with this Simple Reversible Vintage Skirt. Quick, easy, and understated, you'll double the outfits you can make with this two-for-one reversible skirt tutorial.
  208. Simple Ruffle Skirt Long, flowing skirts are beautiful at any time of the year. In this Simple Ruffle Skirt, ruffles add texture to a classic look. Using a sewing needle, add an elastic waistband to the top of two measured pieces of ruffle fabric and attach it using a z
  209. Simple Shirred Waist Shorts If you're looking for some super comfy shorts, you've found the right project. Follow these easy steps and you'll love the results. You can lounge around or sleep in the Simple Shirred Waist Shorts.
  210. Simple Summer Pleated Skirt Pattern The Simple Summer Pleated Skirt Pattern is quick and easy-to-sew with a cool and casual fit. Wearing free skirt patterns in the summer sun has never been so tempting!
  211. Simply Audrey Skirt Pattern There's no argument that the classic circle skirt is flattering on every body type, as it makes the waist look smaller and hits right above the knee. Inspired by classic 50s silhouettes, this Simply Audrey Skirt Pattern is the perfect skirt pattern t
  212. Simply Summer DIY Wrap Skirt Journey to the French countryside with this gorgeous Simply Summer DIY Wrap Skirt! Imagine walking along the beach shore picking up shells, or going on a picnic in a garden while wearing this lovely, pastel skirt!
  213. Sinfully Simple Miniskirt This Sinfully Simple Miniskirt pattern will only take you a matter of minutes. It is the ultimate last-minute project if you are looking to create something brand new for your wardrobe before a night out on the town.
  214. Sleek Pencil Skirt This Sleek Pencil Skirt is the perfect way to add something new to your closet, and it won't cost you any money. Check out the tutorial on sewing to learn how to make a pencil skirt that you will love to show off.
  215. Sleek Sewn Skirt in Minutes Use this sewing tutorial to make a Sleek Sewn Skirt in Minutes. You can learn how to sew a pencil skirt. A simple sewing project like this leaves you with a sleek look that you will love to show off. It's so easy to make.
  216. Stretch Knit Pregnancy Band Tutorial Every pregnant woman needs the same thing when it comes to their wardrobe: comfortable pants! Follow the Stretch Knit Pregnancy Band Tutorial and learn how to make your pants comfy and fitting. It's an easy sewing project that will really make a diff
  217. Stretchy Pencil Skirt Pattern Learn how to create a cute skirt with a super comfy waistband with this Stretchy Pencil Skirt Pattern. The beauty of this tutorial is it is incredibly easy to follow, so beginners and veterans alike will have no problem conquering it quickly.
  218. Stripe Play Maxi Dress The Stripe Play Maxi Dress is a DIY maxi dress project that combines fun patterns and colors. It's a trendy little number for summer parties. Use this DIY maxi dress tutorial to make a super cute garment that's comfy and simple to make.
  219. Striped DIY Maxi Skirt This Striped DIY Maxi Skirt is cheap to make. You will be looking stylish and chic in no time without breaking the budget. This skirt would look adorable paired with a lacy tank and some flip flops for a sassy summer look.
  220. Stunning DIY Lace Shorts With just a bit of lace, any pair of shorts can become simply adorable. Create these Stunning DIY Lace Shorts if you are longing for sewing projects that are simple and require minimal supplies. In no time at all, you will have your very own shorts.
  221. Stunning Socialite DIY Skirt For your next day out on the yacht or a day out in the country club, wear this Stunning Socialite DIY Skirt. Even if you dont go yachting or go to country clubs, you can still make this comfortable yet stylish skirt to wear out and about.
  222. Stylish Sequined Skirt Add some shimmer and shine to your outfit. Sew this Stylish Sequined Skirt to wear with any solid-colored top. Check out the tutorial to learn how to sew a simple skirt. This DIY sewing project is perfect if you sew your own clothes.
  223. Summer Boy Shorts Learn how to make clothing for your little ones with this excellent tutorial. These Summer Boy Shorts are a lightweight clothing design of a Scandinavian style. Do-it-yourself projects like this one are a definite find.
  224. Summer Safari Free Skirt Pattern Just because you do not live anywhere near a jungle does not mean that you have to keep your wardrobe dull and boring. Go wild this skirt pattern and add some animal prints to your warm weather wardrobe.
  225. Super Easy Apron Skirt If you're just learning how to sew a skirt check out this Super Easy Apron Skirt! It is not only easy to make, but it looks great too!
  226. Super Simple DIY Skirt Learn how to sew this Super Simple DIY Skirt that comes with a sewing tutorial meant for beginners. Making your own clothes is so thrifty and you know these DIY clothes will fit you according to your measurements.
  227. Super Sweet Circle Skirt Sew this Super Sweet Circle Skirt to add some ruffly fun to your closet. Follow the tutorial to learn how to sew a circle skirt that will grab everyone's attention. It only takes a few materials to make a simple skirt you can wear for any occasion.
  228. Swimtime DIY Kids' Shorts Give your kid some summer fun for their wardrobe by creating these Swimtime DIY Kids' Shorts. This kids shorts pattern is easy-to-follow and perfect for some beach or pool time fun. These shorts could easily double as a DIY swimsuit with the right fa
  229. Tablecloth Lace Skirt Tutorial Use an old tablecloth to create a lovely skirt for summer. The Tablecloth Lace Skirt Tutorial will show you how to make a lace skirt that's trendy and stylish. It's one lace skirt tutorial that truly delivers the easy, breezy look you're going for.
  230. Tailoring Pants Tutorial Have pants that are too big? Then check out the Tailoring Pants Tutorial and learn how to alter pants.
  231. That 70s Suede DIY Skirt Suede skirts like this one have popping up all over the runway, so treat yourself to the designer look for less by creating this gorgeous DIY A-line skirt. This tutorial for That 70s Suede DIY Skirt is the best way to create an expensive-looking skir
  232. That's a Wrap DIY Maxi Skirt You will stun everyone you pass by like a movie star in the That's a Wrap DIY Maxi Skirt. This DIY wrap skirt is both flattering and comfortable for the spring and summer months. You will need 2 1/2 yards of fabric, a measuring tape, and sewing tools
  233. The Boy Shorts The Boy Shorts will become a fast staple in your son's wardrobe. Learn how to make boys' clothes from this simple tutorial. If you're new to making kidswear, this tutorial will guide you when it comes to accounting for the width of the leg.
  234. The Cupcake Skirt For a romantic feeling garment, make The Cupcake Skirt. This pretty skirt will look good on any body type. It's great for the girly girl in you.
  235. The Domesticated Skirt Make the perfect new project for around the house with The Domesticated Skirt. This is one of those skirt patterns for sewing that will amaze you with its simplicity. This project is so easy to make, and it's perfect if you run a household.
  236. The Jersey Skirt You'll have a hard time finding anything more comfortable than The Jersey Skirt. It's also one of the easiest skirts to make! This simple sewing project makes for a great skirt for spring and summer.
  237. The Ominous Pencil Skirt Don't be daunted by complicated pencil skirt patterns. The Ominous Pencil Skirt will teach you everything you need to know about getting that professional fashion staple to look sharp and fabulous!
  238. The Paper Bag Skirt Make The Paper Bag Skirt and pair with a simple T-shirt for an effortlessly cute outfit. When you make your own clothes you can express your personality and dress comfortably. This fall, try this easy trend.
  239. The Perfect Maxi Skirt Tutorial Learning how to make a maxi skirt is easy, but don't be deceived by the seemingly basic shape. Many sewists struggle to get a sleek, flattering fit without restricting movement. The Perfect Maxi Skirt Tutorial will help you find the ideal balance.
  240. The Perfect Peggy Skirt Learn how to sew a skirt that has a vintage flair to it. The Perfect Peggy Skirt is the perfect complement to an ensemble for any day in any season. Dress it up or down, with or without tights, with a tucked in shirt or a belt.
  241. The Pinwheel Skirt The Pinwheel Skirt looks fancy and store bought. Instead, impress everyone with your sewing skills and make this beautiful skirt yourself. Learn how to sew a pencil skirt with some flair. It's a great sewing project for spring.
  242. The Ultimate Circle Skirt Tutorial You may have seen other sewing tutorials for the DIY circle skirt, but this is The Ultimate Circle Skirt Tutorial! This skirt tutorial includes sizes for newborns all the way up to women's XXL, which means you can make a DIY skirt for everyone...
  243. The Under Skirt The Under Skirt is designed to be worn on it's own or under another skirt. It's a very simple skirt to sew and with these easy instructions you'll be able to sew this skirt together in no time.
  244. Tiered Maxi Skirt Pattern This maxi skirt pattern has 3 tiers and the option to have the bottom tier with horizontal or vertical stripes. The comfy elastic waist on this DIY maxi skirt adds plenty of volume for swishing about.
  245. Tip Top Tutu If you find yourself nostalgic for your ballerina days, try making this Tip Top Tutu. It resembles those posh tutus you see the runway models wearing, but it is so much more satisfying to make a tutu for you.
  246. Totally Tulip DIY Skirt Accentuate your feminine curves with the Totally Tulip DIY Skirt. The combination of a curve cut on the bias and two sets of pleats near the hips form the gorgeous tulip shape of this skirt. Tulip skirts are wonderful to wear for business...
  247. Trendy DIY Circle Skirt If you're looking for a fall sewing project, try this Trendy DIY Circle Skirt that will be your new favorite autumn wardrobe addition. This easy skirt tutorial is made using a classic, flattering form and a popular color - mustard yellow.
  248. Tulle Snowball Skirt For the novice sewist who can't find her way around a sewing machine, this project is most definitely for you. The Tulle Snowball Skirt tutorial will show you how to sew a simple elastic skirt.
  249. Twirly Skirt Tutorial This Twirly Skirt Tutorial is positively the best skirt for twirling in a nice autumn breeze. Make girls skirt patterns like this for every day of the week; It's the perfect skirt for casual days and dressy occasions!
  250. Unstoppable Pencil Skirt You'll feel like a million bucks when you wear this Unstoppable Pencil Skirt. If you're going to learn how to sew a skirt, it might as well make you feel great. This project will make a pro seamstress out of you.
  251. Upcycled Bandana Gaucho Pants This adorable free pants pattern will be a hit with your kids! These Upcycled Bandana Gaucho Pants are cute enough for everyday wear, comfortable enough for pajamas, and kitschy enough to work as a costume.
  252. Upcycled Football Shorts Don't just throw out your old elastic waistband shorts when they do not fit anymore, use them to make these Upcycled Football Shorts. This project shows you how to take a pair of old, worn out athletic shorts and recycle them.
  253. Upcycled Tee Skirt Sew this Upcycled Tee Skirt using any t-shirts you no longer wear. Sewing your own clothes is a great way to update your closet. Check out the sewing tutorial to learn how to sew a skirt you'll love to show off.
  254. Varsity Blues Jogging Shorts Pattern Get ready to get in shape this year with this athletic sewing pattern that's cute and comfy, and shows off your fabulous legs. This Varsity Blues Jogging Shorts Pattern is the best way to get in shape while staying stylish.
  255. Versatile A-Line Skirt You can wear an a-line skirt anywhere, which is why you are minutes away from being obsessed with this Versatile A-Line Skirt. This gorgeous how to make an a-line skirt tutorial shows you how to take one pattern and make several skirts.
  256. Versatile Corduroy Maxi Skirt This Corduroy Maxi Skirt is perfect for little girls who like to run and play as much as they like to dress up! This is the kind of garment your daughter could wear to a fancy ceremony and then run around on the playground in afterward.
  257. Versatile Voluminous Skirt If you're looking to learn how to make skirts, this is one sewing pattern that will deliver in full, so to speak. The Versatile Voluminous Skirt tutorial offers both easy instructions on how to sew a skirt and a fabulous final product.
  258. Very Retro Christmas Skirt Turn back time and celebrate Christmas in true 1950s style with this incredibly fun Very Retro Christmas Skirt. You can create a gorgeous vintage-inspired circle skirt with charming holiday details with this easy sewing tutorial.
  259. Victoria's Secret Inspired DIY Skirt Victoria's Secret has such cute, fashionable items, but their prices can just be too much to handle. This Victoria's Secret Inspired DIY Skirt has all of the cuteness and none of the pain of shelling out for full-priced clothes.
  260. Vintage Colorblock Skirt Tutorial Make a sweet and simple skirt that looks fabulous in any season with this Vintage Colorblock Skirt Tutorial. Inspired by classic 50s silhouettes, this perfectly pretty skirt looks stunning in summer with bare legs and ballet flats or elegant with a s
  261. Vintage DIY Skirt Make your friends jealous at your next lunch date by wearing this adorable Vintage DIY Skirt. Youll feel so flirty and fun that wearing this skirt will instantly brighten your mood. Learning how to sew a skirt like this is half the fun.
  262. Vintage Tablecloth Skirt Pattern Upcycling fabrics is always extra rewarding with projects like the Vintage Tablecloth Skirt Pattern. Use this free tutorial to learn how to sew a skirt that looks cute, fabulous, and adorably old-school.
  263. Waistband Bow Skirt Heading into Spring you're going to need comfy skirts. Instead of shelling out money for skirts, make the Waistband Bow Skirt. It can be dressed up or down and will always be a go-to option.
  264. Walk in the Park Kids Leggings The time has come to enjoy the warmer weather. Take advantage of the balmy breeze with this Walk in the Park Kids Leggings tutorial.
  265. What Free Sewing Pattern Should You Make Next? The life of a sewist can be a tough one. One of the hardest parts? Picking a free sewing pattern to make! Thats why we are going to do that for you.
  266. What's Your Sewn Skirt Pattern Style? We know our readers love free skirt patterns. You search for them. You comment on them. You will never stop clicking on them! Take this quiz to find out how to sew a skirt that fits your personality. What's Your Sewn Skirt Pattern Style? is going to
  267. Winter Chic Sweatpants Tutorial Get ready to snuggle up in some cozy and cute lounge pants that are perfect for winter days spent indoors with this free sewing tutorial. This Winter Chic Sweatpants Tutorial takes only 1 yard of fabric to create some comfy and stylish lounge pants t
  268. Women's Leggings Free Pattern "Have you joined the leggings craze? They are expensive to buy, so I've created a free pattern for you in size XS-XXL and have given you tips for the best fabric to use for the perfect soft leggings."
  269. Women's PJ Shorts Free Pattern "Women's pj or lounge shorts with elastic/drawstring waist. sizes xxs-xxl with two inseam lengths. Free printable pdf pattern for this cute shorts pattern. Make some for sleeping and some for comfy everyday wear!"
  270. Womens Knit Joggers Pattern "You won't ever want to take these joggers off! Make with sweatshirt knit, fleece, french Terry, or other knit. It needs at least 2-way stretch to work, but the result is so so comfy!! I've made 2 so far and need to make lots more. Elastic and drawst
  271. Woven Jogger Pants Tutorial Design a pair of pants that are trendy, chic, and comfortable with this tutorial for how to make jogger pants. This Woven Jogger Pants Tutorial shows you how to draft your own pants pattern using your favorite pajamas.
  272. XOX Skirt This free sewing pattern helps you learn how to design and make your own clothes, specifically the XOX Skirt, a tiered, ruffled skirt.
  273. Yoga Pants You'll never want to take these comfortable Yoga Pants off. This DIY clothing pattern is cheaper than buying those expensive pants in the store. Follow this yoga pants tutorial and you'll be in downward dog in no time.
  274. Zooey Circle Skirt Tutorial Brighten up your spring wardrobe with a pop of color by designing a quick and easy circle skirt with this Zooey Circle Skirt Tutorial. Made using 2 yards of gorgeous polyester fabric, this sweet and simple circle skirt is a great project choice for a
  275. Zoot Alors If you're in the market for a pair of voluminous zoot suit pants, then you're in luck! This free sewing pattern for zoot alors pants is a great way to work on pleating and play with proportions.

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