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24 Handmade Craft Ideas from 2010: A Year of Free Crafts

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  1. Bedding Make your own bedding with sewing tutorials that will teach you how to make a duvet cover. For the DIY home decor style, check out the best sewing patterns on the web.
  2. Sewn Pillows Use these free pillow patterns to decorate your home the thrifty way. Learn how to sew pillows and pillow covers that will look great both inside and outside your home.
  3. Sewn Wall Decor Decorate your walls with free sewing tutorials. Sewn wall decorations are unique and trendy.
  4. Window Treatments Learn how to sew curtains and find tutorials for home made curtains. You'll find great instructions on how to make curtains and more of the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  5. Baby Blankets Baby blankets make great gifts. You can learn how to sew a blanket with the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  6. Bibs and Burp Cloths Looking for tips on how to make baby's bib? With these free baby bib patterns you'll be confident in making them.
  7. Nursery Decor Decorating the nursery can be very exciting. Use some DIY ideas to create nursery bedding and nursery decor.
  8. Sewn Baby Clothes These free tutorials will show you how to make homemade baby clothes, including ideas for baby pants and free baby dress patterns. With these free sewing projects, you'll have the best-dressed baby in town.
  9. Sewn Hair Accessories Sew for hair with ideas for sewn hair accessories. Learn how to make a headband and more.
  10. Christmas Gifts Looking for great craft ideas for Christmas gifts? Check out the Christmas craft sewing patterns found here. For fun Christmas craft ideas, these ones can't be beat.
  11. Christmas Home Dec It's time to decorate your home for Christmas! Use the free Christmas sewing patterns found here to really spruce up the place for the holidays. Christmas sewing projects are festive and fun.
  12. Sewn Ornaments Make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree using these free tutorials. You and your family will love making Christmas decorations to hang on your tree.
  13. Sewn Stockings If you've always wondered how to sew Christmas stockings, check out these free sewing projects and make your own Christmas stocking.
  14. Tree Skirts Sew a Christmas tree skirt pattern this holiday season and you'll be ready to put up your tree.
  15. Wearables Make clothes you can wear for Christmas this year. Check out the easy DIY Christmas crafts we offer here.
  16. 4th of July Projects Make great 4th of July projects with any of these holiday sewing patterns. If you're looking for holiday crafts you'll love these simple holiday craft ideas.
  17. Easter Projects Find easter projects to sew with these free patterns for sewn easter projects. Easter sewing projects are fun and simple. Find the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  18. Halloween Projects Find Halloween craft ideas from all over the web, from homemade Halloween decorations to DIY costumes. These craft ideas for Halloween are just what you need to get in the spooky spirit.
  19. Jewish Holiday Projects Give your latkes, matzo, and kneidlach a crafty touch with these Jewish holiday crafts. Find ideas for Hanukkah crafts, Passover crafts, and more from all over the web.
  20. St. Patrick's Day Projects Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with holiday sewing patterns.
  21. Thanksgiving Projects Thanskgiving crafts are just what you need to get your family in the spirit of showing gratitude. Learn how to sew a Thanksgiving table decoration and other crafty projects.
  22. Valentine's Day Projects Spread the love on Valentine's Day by sewing. Check out these free tutorials for Valentine's Day crafts, including ideas for gifts and decorations.
  23. Fall Projects Fall projects are fun and festive. Find the best fall craft ideas on the web.
  24. Spring Projects Find great sewing ideas including spring crafts, sewing ideas for spring garments, easy spring crafts and more.
  25. Summer Projects Find free summer projects to sew including summer crafts for girls, summer fun crafts and summer craft ideas.
  26. Winter Projects Find free winter projects to sew including easy winter crafts, fun winter crafts for kids and more. Follow these free sewing patterns for great instruction and successful sewing.
  27. Chair Slipcovers Instead of paying for expensive furniture, use your sewing skills. The chair slipcover patterns and sofa slipcover patterns found here can help.
  28. Sewn Placemats and Napkins Set your table with these easy sewing projects. Learn how to sew napkins and placemats for any occasion. You'll find ideas for holiday table settings as well as tutorials for everyday needs.
  29. Sewn Table Runners Find free table runner patterns here including quilt table runner patterns, Christmas table runner patterns and more. Learn how to make table runners with some of the best ideas out there.
  30. Sewn Tablecloths
  31. Book Reviews See our reviews of popular craft books.
  32. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  33. Hand Embroidery Patterns Learn how to hand embroider with these free hand embroidery patterns. Find hand stitch embroidery patterns you can make and personalize.
  34. Machine Embroidery Patterns Use these free machine embroidery patterns to create lovely one-of-a-kind projects. Find embroidery machine tips and machine embroidery projects you'll love.


  1. 100 Favorites: DIY Sewing Projects for Bags, Babies, and More From simple sewing projects to patterns for pros, AllFreeSewing saw an incredible response from our readers over these top 100 Favorites: DIY Sewing Projects for Bags, Babies, and More.
  2. 100 Free Sewing Tutorials: DIY Organizers, Patterns for Women's Dresses & More All year long we've provided different kinds of sewing projects, tutorials and ideas. Now we've rounded them all up to determine the most loved ideas of the year. Here are the projects readers like you chose as the top sewing tutorials of 2012.
  3. 100+ Free Sewing Patterns: Babies, Accessories, Decor, Dresses and More "Love" simply isn't strong enough a word when it comes to describing our readers' feelings toward these 100+ Free Sewing Patterns: Babies, Accessories, Decor, Dresses and More.
  4. 100+ Sewing Projects by the Yard If you are looking for DIY sewing projects with material you already have at home, check out these sewing project ideas and free sewing patterns by the yard.
  5. 11 Towel Craft Projects Towel crafts are both fun and useful. Of course we all have older towels laying around that we no longer use. Instead of tossing them, recycle them! In this collection you'll find tons of options to make projects with both new and old towels.
  6. 12 Garden Apron Patterns and Gardening Sewing Projects With the sun shining high in the sky, it is time to get outside and enjoy the warmth. If you're a sewist, then you're in luck because you can learn how to make an apron and other gardening sewing projects, like the ideas found in this collection. Keep your money reserved for new plants by DIYing!
  7. 13 Owl Craft Ideas Owls are known for being wise, mysterious creatures, but crafters everywhere have transformed owls into one of the cutest trends in DIY home decor and fashion.
  8. 15 House Slipper Sewing Patterns & Comfy Sewing Ideas Stay nice and cozy this winter with this list of house slipper sewing patterns! These DIY slippers are simple to sew and will keep you warm during cold weather. We've also included some of our favorite winter sewing projects, like snuggly blankets, DIY pajamas, and homemade rice bags.
  9. 15 Minute Basket Liner Have you ever come across a cute basket but hated the lining? When you know how to make a basket liner, you can simply change out the lining to something more to your liking. Use this basket liner pattern to make a quick 15 Minute Basket Liner.
  10. 15 Minute DIY Coffee Cozy Created by using materials you can easily find in your stash or at the dollar store, this 15 Minute DIY Coffee Cozy is easy to personalize and entirely unique.
  11. 15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest Take the next few minutes to make this useful resting pad. Your wrist will thank you for it! The 15 Minute Mouse Pad Wrist Rest is an easy and quick sewing project you can use daily. It also makes for a great beginner project!
  12. 15 Minute Tissue Box Cover If you want an easy sewing project then this 15 Minute Tissue Box Cover is perfect for you! Jazz up your tissue box in five simple steps. It's a great pattern for beginners.
  13. 15 Sewing Projects Inspired by the Victorian Era Nothing embodies the word 'vintage' more than the styles and decor of the Victorian Era, with its lush fabrics, delicate ribbon and lace accents, and feminine silhouettes. In the spirit of everything Victorian, we've created a collection of sewing pr
  14. 20 Minute Clothespin Bag If you have 20 minutes you can make this handy sewing project. Use the 20 Minute Clothespin Bag to hold your mail, car trash or of course, clothespins. Transform a white clothespin bag into something much prettier.
  15. 21 DIY Organization Ideas and Free Sewing Patterns for Hanging Organizers Sometimes, the floor and the drawers are the last places you want to put more things. When you need unique DIY storage ideas, these 21 DIY Organization Ideas and Free Sewing Patterns for Hanging Organizers will give you plenty of bang for your buck.
  16. 21 Projects To Show Your Teacher Appreciation: Homemade Gifts to Sew We've put together teacher appreciation week ideas that are sure to put a smile on your teachers face. Ditch the standard store bought gift and opt for handmade teacher appreciation gifts.
  17. 23 Vintage Sewing Projects and Patterns Vintage sewing patterns are a wonderful way to channel the style of another era. Use these 23 vintage sewing projects and patterns to update your wardrobe, accessorize your outfits and decorate your home. You'll love these DIY vintage style sewing pr
  18. 25 Hostess Sewing Gift Ideas That She'll Adore Finding gifts to sew just got a whole lot easier! These quick impressive hostess gifts will delight any lady of the hour who was generous to host a party. Not only are these sewing gift ideas creative and unique but they are super fast to make. It's the thought that counts but DIY is even better.
  19. 25+ Easy Fabric Flower Patterns Fabric flowers are fun to make and can be used in many different ways. If you're new to making fabric flowers, just check out any of these projects. You'll learn how to make fabric flowers in no time. Find a fabric flower pattern for your outfit or make a pretty bouquet for your home.
  20. 26 Downton Abbey Sewing Patterns: Vogue Sewing Patterns You Need Selected with characters from both upstairs and downstairs in mind, this collection of 26 Downton Abbey Sewing Patterns: Vogue Sewing Patterns You Need to Have will inspire you to reconnect with key players of the show.
  21. 26 One Yard Wonders: One Yard Free Sewing Patterns If you don't like going to the fabric store every time you want to sew something, you'll love these 26 One Yard Wonders: One Yard Free Sewing Patterns. You'll only need one yard of fabric to make any of these sewing projects!
  22. 3 Fat Quarters Sewing Machine Cover Avoid dust sewing bunnies by making this 3 Fat Quarter Sewing Machine Cover. Created with just three fat quarters, this DIY sewing machine cover is easy to create and easy to drape over your machine.
  23. 3 Ways to Embellish Your Scarf Here's a simple way to spice up an accessory. You can wear scarves all year round and with these easy ideas you'll be able to switch it up a bit. Learn 3 Ways to Embellish Your Scarf with this free sewing pattern.
  24. 30 Craft Organizers: Sewing Organizer Patterns for the New Year Start the New Year off right with the free patterns for purse organizers, closets, cars, jewelry and more in 18 Craft Organizers: Sewing Organizer Patterns for the New Year. This guide is the perfect way to achieve your New Year's resolutions.
  25. 30 Minute Knitting Needle Case This 30 Minute Knitting Needle Case is one of those easy sewing projects that will make your life so much easier once you create it. Quickly crafted in under an hour, this adorable, colorful case is the perfect way to transport and carry your needles
  26. 30 Minute Sleep Mask Pattern "Get access to this easy step-by-step picture sewing tutorial and free sewing template to make a super practical sleeping mask. The sleeping mask sewing pattern and tutorial wi
  27. 30 Simple Sewing Projects to Use Up Your Scraps These 30 projects are perfect for anyone who is looking for what to make with fabric scraps. If you're ready to get started putting your leftovers to use, check out these 30 Simple Sewing Projects to Use Up Your Scraps.
  28. 35 Free Doll Clothes Patterns and DIY Accessories Buying clothes and accessories for dolls can be expensive. That's when our collection 35 Free Doll Clothes Patterns and DIY Accessories comes in! These doll clothes patterns are easy to make and can make up an entire wardrobe for your dolls or your child. And the accessories are so useful for dolls!
  29. 37 Fat Quarter Sewing Projects 37 Fat Quarter Sewing Projects is a roundup of scrap fabric sewing ideas that involve that famous cut-down yard. Use these trusty tutorials to put that partial yardage to work.
  30. 4 Strip Pencil Sleeve What with all of the projects you have cooking, it probably slipped you mind that learning how to make a pencil case is an extremely useful project. For example, this 4 Strip Pencil Sleeve offers a place-holder for utensils of all sorts.
  31. 4 Ways to Get Organized: Craft Organization Tutorials To keep your sanity and craft room intact, check out some of these craft organization tips and tutorials. We've rounded up a few free sewing patterns that can help you keep your crafting space clean and orderly.
  32. 40 Free Lace Sewing Patterns These 40 Free Lace Sewing Patterns are a lovely way to add simple elegance to your life. Whether it's lace clothing, accessories or bridal gifts, these DIY lace projects are stylish and stunning. You won't want to miss these delicate lace designs.
  33. 40 Gadget Cases and Kindle Cover Sewing Patterns Protect your Kindle, iPod, cell phone, laptop, iPad, or other gadgets in style with these free sewing projects. Use a kindle cover sewing pattern, make a custom computer case, or design your own iPad covers!
  34. 40+ Scrap Fabric Projects: Clothing, Quilts, and More Use up all those fabric scraps you have by making any of these scrap fabric projects. When it comes to scrapbusting, everyone loves leftover fabric ideas. If you're looking for what to do with scraps of fabric, then this collection will be a brilliant resource for you and your sewing room.
  35. 4th of July Bunting The 4th of July Bunting will look festive and patriotic hanging in your home or at a backyard barbecue. This cute sewing project requires minimal sewing and it's so simple to make even the kids can help!
  36. 5 Minute DIY Bookmark If you need a quick gift for anyone, the 5 Minute DIY Bookmark is the perfect way to show someone you care without spending a ton of time or money on a gift. It's a great DIY gift for beginners or kids to make, especially for Father's Day...
  37. 5 Things to Make with Fat Quarters There are so many great uses for fat quarters! Try these free sewing projects to make a headband, a wine bottle holder, and more, with only a small amount of fabric!
  38. 50+ Quick and Easy Sewing Projects Love to sew but short on time? Try on of these quick and easy sewing projects. Make clothing and home decor accents quickly and easily with these beginner sewing projects.
  39. 54 Retro Free Vintage Sewing Patterns Say hello to nonstalgia with this extensive list of over 50 free vintage sewing patterns and retro sewing project ideas.
  40. 6 Step iPod Sleeve Whether youre looking for easy-to-make gifts, a simple sewing project, or just need an iPod case, this 6 Step iPod Sleeve will fit your needs perfectly. In less than ten sewing steps you can create your own DIY iPod case.
  41. 600+ Fabric-Specific DIY Sewing Projects No matter what type of fabric you have stashed in your collection, this list of sewing project ideas is sure to contain a project you can use.
  42. 8 Awesome DIY Organizers: Sewing Organizer Tutorials eBook If you'd like to see the end of over cluttered areas in your living space, turn to DIY organizers. They'll help you keep your things in places you can actually find them! We've put together this special new eBook, so you can create useful organizers.
  43. 8 Special Presents to Sew: Gift Ideas They'll Love Making sewn gifts is always rewarding. Whether you're looking to sew gifts, ideas for special presents or simply inspiration, this collection delivers it all. Find lovely DIY gift ideas and of course free sewing gift patterns.
  44. A Lovely Pincushion from a Mayonnaise Jar Lid "I am so in love with these pincushions! They are very simple - I like to cut out a bunch of the circles and strips at one time and put them together, and then do the embroidery part while watching Lil Miss play in the park. They are really a lot of
  45. Achoo Tissue Packet Suffering from allergies or a cold can be a difficult and disgusting endeavor. Make your sniffles just a little more stylish by creating this Achoo Tissue Packet.
  46. Adjustable Water Bottle Bag "How to make a useful and funky water bottle carrier with adjustable strap. Make use of an old pair of jeans to make it with or just use pretty fabric from your stash. An evening project for anyone with basic sewing skills."
  47. Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Organizers Are you tired of storing your scrap fabric in ugly, unwieldy Ziploc bags? These Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Organizers will brighten up all your sewing room shelves and keep things looking neat.
  48. Airplane Friendly Mini Sewing Kit It's very difficult to sew on an airplane because most scissors aren't allowed through security. With just a little creativity I was able to make this kit that
  49. Almost No Sew Ring Display Case This Almost No Sew Ring Display Case is the perfect project to improve your jewelry or craft organization. As the name implies, there is barely any sewing involved with this project.
  50. Amazing DIY Wire Taco You're probably wondering what exactly this Amazing DIY Wire Taco is, so we'll just say that it's a unique invention that will help keep your wires from your headphones and chargers from getting knotted and tangled.
  51. Apple a Day Pincushion Pattern Create a sweet and charming pincushion that's the ultimate way to keep your pins organized with this Apple a Day Pincushion Pattern. Made using budget-friendly felt, this DIY pincushion comes with a free printable pattern, so that you can create pict
  52. Arm Band Pouch If you're looking for an accessory that can hold necessary items so you're hands can take a break, make this arm band pouch. For running or walking, this colorful and stylish pouch can hold your ipod, cell phone or keys.
  53. Aromatherapy Eye Mask Pattern Whether you just like to relax, have a massive sinus headache, or are looking for a cure for insomnia, you can sew away your sleepy troubles with this Aromatherapy Eye Mask Pattern. This easy sewing pattern is a great gift to make for a sick friend o
  54. Aromatic Heat Pack with Belt Tutorial If you have back pain or just like to keep warm, consider sewing your own cute heat pack. Follow this aromatic heat pack with belt tutorial to create a stylish accessory to soothe an injured back.
  55. Art Deco Mug Rug Pattern and Sleeve With the Art Deco Mug Rug Pattern and Sleeve tutorial you will learn how to quilt a funky, little free mug rug pattern and how to sew up matching customized coffee sleeves each and every time.
  56. Bath Towel Spa Slippers With some old flip flops and a towel you can make your own Bath Towel Spa Slippers as comfy as the ones you'd find at the spa. Use this slipper pattern to create slippers you'll love to wear around the house.
  57. Battery Bandolier This Battery Bandolier would make Rambo proud. Organize all those spare batteries with this easy sewing project. A sewn elastic band conveniently keeps all your batteries in place. There's even a ring at the end so you can hang it on a door knob.
  58. Beaded Bedroom DIY Runner Add some dazzle to your bedroom with this Beaded Bedroom DIY Runner. This lovely piece of DIY home decor can be created to match the color scheme in just about any room.
  59. Beaded Bib Necklace Tutorial This beautiful necklace can truly make your outfit. And you can make this yourself! Follow the Beaded Bib Necklace Tutorial and end up with this stylish jewelry piece.
  60. Bed Pockets Tutorial Messy bedroom getting you down? Get organized with this Bed Pockets Tutorial, which provides neat organizational patterns for pockets to hang on your bed frame.
  61. Bedside Pocket Organizer Tutorial If you love keeping your home organized, then you'll fall head over heels for this Bedside Pocket Organizer Tutorial. Made with a few yards of fabric, this DIY organizer is great for adult or kids' bedrooms and stores small toys, books, and even your
  62. Best of National Sewing Month 2017 The end of September is also the end of National Sewing Month! We're bringing you our best sewing projects from National Sewing Month from our favorite bloggers
  63. Bias Fabric Flowers Tutorial Refashion any stray scraps hanging around and make the lovely flowers. Let the Bias Fabric Flowers Tutorial show you how it's done. Then turn your fabric flowers in hair pieces or pins.
  64. Bicycle Bucket A fabric bicycle bucket makes for a very cute sewing project to make for your kids or to give as a gift. The bucket stands in for a store-bought bike basket and allows your children to carry their favorite toys on the go!
  65. Binder Pouch Tutorial It's time to go back to school. If you're the student, make this colorful sewn project to hold your school supplies in order. If you're not a student, make this as the perfect back to school gift. It's a useful craft to keep things organized.
  66. Bitty Bug Pincushion Here's a simple idea for spring or summer. The Bitty Bug Pincushion will be useful for holding your pins but also makes for a great gift for a crafty friend. Pin cushion patterns this cute are hard to come by!
  67. Book Cover with Pockets "To make this book cover, please visit my web page to download the pattern and to see the step by step tutorials. It's free! Why not give it a try."
  68. Bottlecap Pincushion Sick of those tomato pincushion patterns? The Bottlecap Pincushion allows you to choose your own fabric--personalize your pincushion! And it's attached to your wrist through a thrifty idea. Sew away without the chaos of needles!
  69. Brr! Draft Blocker Keep out the cold winter chill with the Brr! Draft Blocker. This sewing pattern will show you how to make a stuffed fabric draft blocker that is perfect to place at the base of old doors to block out the cold.
  70. Buddy Holly DIY Glasses Case All you need to do to create the Buddy Holly DIY Sunglasses Case is find a funky fabric featuring some vintage glasses, print out the free printable pattern from the tutorial, and get your sewing on.
  71. Budget-Friendly Door Draft Stopper Despite how high-tech your heating system is at your house, cold wind will still find its way through the cracks. Skip expensive treatments and opt for this Budget-Friendly Door Draft Stopper to keep the temp inside comfortable.
  72. Button Bib Necklace These trendy bib necklaces are all the rage right now. Make one yourself to fit your personality! The Button Bib Necklace is stylish and is a great way to use up your favorite buttons.
  73. Cad-a-Log Firewood Carrier Learn how to sew a bag that holds more than just your cosmetic mirror and gloss. This Cad-a-Log Firewood Carrier from Fiskars means business. Made from faux leather, canvas and thread, you can rely on strong support from this DIY caddy.
  74. Camellia Fabric Flowers Tutorial If you learn how to make fabric flowers, you can easily create an embellishment that will transform a piece into a feminine wonder. The Camellia Fabric Flowers Tutorial looks great when added to a DIY headband.
  75. Camera Strap and Ipod Case Get two project ideas packed into one post with the Camera Strap and Ipod Case. Both are useful and easy sewing projects you can create within a night or weekend. For the gadget lover, make these simple sewing projects as useful and thoughtful gifts.
  76. Camera Strap Cover Tutorial Practice your photography in style with this useful craft. By following the Camera Strap Cover Tutorial, you'll have a colorful strap perfect for protection and giving your camera some personality.
  77. Candy-Storing Carrot If you are looking for a clever way to give away little snacks like jelly beans or m&ms, this Candy-Storing Carrot is the perfect quick project for your sweet treats.
  78. Car Caddy For anyone looking to make crafting on-the-go easier, look no further than this adorable car caddy. The car organizer holds all the crafting essentials, and can be customized for your particular tool set. Plus it fits nicely on the side of your car
  79. Car CD Holder Tutorial There's nothing better than cruising in the car and listening to your favorite tunes! Make it easier to keep your music together by following the Car CD Holder Tutorial. Then you'll always have easy access to your CDs.
  80. Car Craft Caddy If you enjoy crafting on the go, you'll love this car craft caddy! With a designated place for all of your tools, the car caddy is a must-have for any busy crafter. The pattern can also be modified for planes, so you can craft easily in the air and
  81. Car Visor DIY Organizer If you're tired of your car being a complete mess, then you'll love this DIY organizer that you can whip up in a single evening. This Car Visor DIY Organizer is the best way to clear the clutter from your car and uses a single fat quarter, making it
  82. Cart Caddy Tutorial How many times have you been at the grocery store and misplaced your coupons or other belongings? With the Cart Caddy Tutorial you'll learn how to make a useful tool you can use to make grocery shopping much more efficient.
  83. Celebrate National Sewing Month Celebrate National Sewing Month this year with new projects and tutorials all September long on AllFreeSewing. Don't miss our grand prize giveaway from BERNINA!
  84. Chapstick Sewn Key Chain If you love carrying chapstick with you but can never keep track of it, you are going to be obsessed with this Chapstick Sewn Key Chain.
  85. Cheap Fabric Box Tutorial This Cheap Fabric Box Tutorial is the best way to achieve this smart and stylish organizational endeavor. You will not believe how easy these boxes are to make!
  86. Check and Plaid Cross Stitch Bookmarks Make reading even cozier when you make these Check and Plaid Cross Stitch Bookmarks! This beginner sewing pattern is also a great gift idea for bookworms.
  87. Chic Fabric Envelope Gift Wrap Show a loved one how much they mean to you with this Chic Fabric Envelope Gift Wrap! The easy sewing project is perfect for holidays, birthdays, and more.
  88. Chic Little DIY IPhone Cases Stand out in that boring crowd by using one of these Chic Little DIY IPhone Cases. This easy sewing project will do an awesome job of protecting your phone.
  89. Chicken Fabric Weights "These chicken fabric weights are an adorable way to keep your sewing patterns or fabrics from moving! So easy to make and great scrap busters! These little weights are also wonderful to display around the house or you could drop some essential oils
  90. Child's Sewing Kit The first rule of Sewing Club is that sewing is messy! Keep your child's sewing supplies in one place with this Child's Sewing Kit! This is a great DIY organization project to start good habits early on.
  91. Circular Knitting Needle Case This awesome Circular Knitting Needle Case is a great option for sewing a portable knitting needle bag. The case functions as both storage and transportation for your favorite crafting supplies.
  92. Clever Beach Blanket Pattern The Clever Beach Blanket Pattern offers a brilliant beach hack that you have to see to believe. In just a few hours, you will create the only beach blanket you will ever need. Colorful, clever, and beach-approved, this is not a beach blanket pattern
  93. Cloth Laptop Case Sew up the Cloth Laptop Case for a usable accessory. This easy to make project will set your laptop protector apart from all the others so you can show off your individuality. The case would also make for a great gift.
  94. Clothespin Bag Tutorial Make a traditional clothespin bag with the Clothespin Bag Tutorial. Hang it wherever you need to hold dryer sheets or clothes pins. If you want to learn how to make a clothespin bag, let this tutorial be your guide.
  95. Coffee Cozy With Button Shield your hand from your hot coffee cup in style. Instead of using the disposable cozies, make this reusable Coffee Cozy With Button. It's a cute sewing project that you'll use everyday!
  96. Coffee Sleeve Printable Pattern Made entirely of scraps and adorned with charming accents, this DIY coffee sleeve is unlike other coffee sleeve patterns because it is truly unique. Skip the plain Jane patterns and make something that pops!
  97. Color Burst Key Cover Pattern Its not your fault that keys tend to blend into countertops and dark purses. Luckily, this Color Burst Key Cover Pattern should help them pop more and make you less likely to lose them. Easy sewing projects like this one are practical.
  98. Colorful Card Holder This Colorful Card Holder is a great DIY organizer that will help keep your purse clean and tidy. The great craft instructions provided tell you how to make one of these fanciful wallets easily.
  99. Colorful Laptop Sleeve Make this Colorful Laptop Sleeve as a wonderful gift or to keep for yourself. You'll need to protect your new gadget, why not do it in stylish way? The easy to follow tutorial will help you create this great project.
  100. Combined Crafts DIY Fabric Flower Use your skills from all across the crafting world to create this Combined Crafts DIY Fabric Flower. You will not believe how quick and easy this little craft is to create.
  101. Comfy and Secure Jogging Armband If you listen to music to make workouts go by more easily, learn how to sew a Comfy and Secure Jogging Armband. You can use your DIY armband to make all of your exercise hands free. Learn how to make an armband.
  102. Comfy Pillow DIY Bed What kid would not love lounging on top of a Comfy Pillow DIY Bed? Laying on a soft pillow bed definitely beats laying on a hardwood floor. Stow this DIY bed under the couch and drag it out when it is time for the kids' afternoon nap.
  103. Composition Book Cover You know how adorable those school supplies are, but the prices aren't so charming. Cover your notebooks with a pretty Composition Book Cover to make note-taking more fun.
  104. Convenient Business Card Holder Whether you are heading to a networking event or just planning on attending a conference, this Convenient Business Card Holder is the perfect tool to keep all your connections organized.
  105. Cool and Compact Lunch Bag Tutorial The Cool and Compact Lunch Bag Tutorial is a clever sewing pattern that can hold your whole lunch. Expertly designed with separate compartments and insulated to keep everything cool and safe.
  106. Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest Tired of all the clutter that piles up on the passenger seat of your car? This cool car caddy straps on to the headrest, providing easy access to all of your things. After you make this cute car organizer, driving will never be the same!
  107. Cosmetic Bag The last thing you want when trying to get beautiful is a mess! If your make-up is laying all over your counter top, teach yourself how to make a cosmetic bag. You can use this super cute Cosmetic Bag. Plus, it's great for traveling.
  108. Coupon Clutch After you spend time cutting out coupons with every intention of saving money, they get misplaced. Here's a simple (and cute!) solution: make the Coupon Clutch. You'll never miss out on a good deal again.
  109. Cozy Slippers Tutorial Keep your feet warm and toasty with these cute handmade slippers. They're easy to sew using this Cozy Slippers Tutorial. After you make a pair for yourself, sew a couple more. They make great gifts for Christmas or any time of the year.
  110. Craft Storage Case Chances are if you're an avid crafter, you have tons of supplies lying around. It's time to involve some craft organization into your life with this Craft Storage Case. DIY sewing projects don't get much more satisfying than this one.
  111. Crayon Storage Roll-Up No need to search any further for craft projects for girls or boys. This Crayon Storage Roll-Up is a great way to give a special child in your life the gift of organization. This is a homemade gift idea that can store crayons conveniently.
  112. Creative Mug DIY Organizer Grab a mug you are no longer using and convert it into a compact, cute, and impressively helpful free organizer pattern.
  113. Cuddly Critter Homemade Heating Pad Perfect for headaches and stomach cramps, this Cuddly Critter Homemade Heating Pad will warm your heart. Fill your unique friend with rice and put it in the microwave to bring this DIY heating pad to life. These little guys are a source of comfort.
  114. Cupcake Wrist Pincushion Pincushion sewing patterns are a fun way to express yourself. This Cupcake Wrist Pincushion is no different. It's adorable and attaches to your wrist assisting you in all your sewing endeavors.
  115. Customized Needle Book This Customized Needle Book will serve all your sewing storage needs. In just a few simple steps you will have a place to safely store your sewing needles.
  116. Cute Ruffled Needlecase You'll never lose track of your needles again if you have a Cute Ruffled Needlecase to hold them in. With a few standard materials and an adorable needle case pattern, you can easily make a functional, but fabulous little book to store your materials
  117. Dad's Tie to Gadget Case For a unique way to refashion a tie and create something new, make this easy gadget case. By using simple materials you'll find around your house you can create a personalized case to store a cell phone or an ipod. Great as a gift for dad!
  118. Dandy DIY Thimble With just a thin piece of leather or faux letter, you can create this Dandy DIY Thimble. If you have noticed that you've been poking yourself a lot lately, then free sewing patterns like this will really come in handy. Using a thimble is smart.
  119. Darling Denim Fabric Flower Tutorial DIY fabric flowers always bring a touch of beauty and joy. Follow this Darling Denim Fabric Flower Tutorial to make a gorgeous accessory for a key chain or bag charm.
  120. Darling Doily DIY Pincushion As you're sewing away on your sewing machine, do you ever find yourself misplacing pins or searching all over for your pincushion? Out of all the free pincushion patterns out there, this Handy DIY Pincushion is by far the cutest and tidiest.
  121. Darling Dragon Water Bottle Cover It can be hard to get your kids to remember to bring their water bottle out to play and even harder to get them to drink up. Hydrating is so important for all ages. Make sipping water fun for your kiddo by making this Darling Dragon Water Bottle Cove
  122. Decluttering Your Home: 26 Ideas to Sew DIY Organizers, Boxes, and More The time always comes when the mess takes over and you must sit down and clean. Learn about Decluttering Your Home with these 26 Ideas to Sew DIY Organizers, Boxes, and More.
  123. Denim DIY Door Organizer Combine the rustic and trendy look of denim with the convenience of a DIY organizer with this Denim DIY Door Organizer.
  124. Designer Knockoffs: 26 DIY Anthropologie Clothes & Decor Make your own impressive knock off clothing with the free patterns in our DIY Anthropologie Clothes and Decor collection. These are the coolest, hippest, and prettiest designs but at a fraction of the price. No need to spend tons of money when you can make clothes like Anthropologie yourself.
  125. Dirndl Clothespin Bag Let the Dirndl Clothespin Bagbecome your favorite chore accessory for all the times you're outside taking in the fresh air and drying your clean clothes. Learn how to make a clothespin bag with this helpful tutorial.
  126. DIY Bath Mat With Pockets Kneeling on the hard title floor while giving the kids a bath can do a number on your knees. Create the DIY Bath Mat with Pockets. This free sewing project will not only give knees a comfy place to rest, it's easy storage for bath supplies.
  127. DIY Beach Chair Pocket Soup up a beach chair with this DIY Beach Chair Pocket by crafting it up and attaching it while at the beach. You can even make it with a pillow to make your beach days even lazier.
  128. DIY Bike Bag Ride in style with this DIY Bike Bag. It's an easy sewing project that can fit your keys, wallet and phone on the handlebars of your bike. This homemade bike bag is a great scrap buster project and has a handy velcro closure.
  129. DIY Bike Basket If you do not want to wear a backpack while biking and having trouble holding a purse while pedaling down the streets, it is time to sew up this DIY Bike Basket.
  130. DIY Button and String Card Trick "Make your own simple string and button puzzle using fabric scraps. Simple to make and great to challenge your friends to solve!"
  131. DIY Car Sun Shade With the days of hot sunshine fast-approaching, now is the perfect time to start sewing up some easy sewing projects for the summer. This DIY Car Sun Shade is the perfect place to start.
  132. DIY Clothing Labels If you are getting ready to make the jump from hobby crafter to professional sewist, these DIY Clothing Labels are a must-have.
  133. DIY Craft Room Organizer With this project for the DIY Craft Room Organizer, you can keep some of your smaller sewing items within easy reach! Budget-friendly and easy to make, this sewing project would also make a great gift idea for your fellow sewists. You'll want to start this project today!
  134. DIY Desert Cactus Pincushion Keep your sewing room organized with an adorable DIY pincushion that's inspired by the bright and beautiful plant life of the American Southwest. This DIY Desert Cactus Pincushion is a quirky and playful gift that sewists everywhere will fall in love
  135. DIY Dryer Top Ironing Pad For those of you with limited space, or you know someone who is living in a small apartment, this DIY Dryertop Ironing Pad is just the thing you need for your home or to give as a gift!
  136. DIY Fabric Bookmarks with Felt Circles "Do you like totally easy, colorful sewing projects? Here is an easy-sew for you - how to sew a fabric bookmark with cute little felt circles. These are quick and easy DIY bookmarks anyone can do, and there's a free PDF template with additional cutou
  137. DIY Fabric Covered Buttons Buttons are a great way to add some last-minute flair to any sewing piece or adorn an old sweater with some extra pizazz. These DIY Fabric Covered Buttons are easy to make and super cute.
  138. DIY Fabric Gift Tags "This DIY scrap-busting project is easy, just right for beginners. Gift wrapping is so much fun. I love picking out bags, paper, tissue, ribbon, and then assembling all those things together to make a unique package that will excite the person receiv
  139. DIY Fabric Labels Give your projects a professional look with these DIY Fabric Labels! This beginner sewing project is also a great way to label clothing for children.
  140. DIY Fabric Planter Quick and easy to make, this DIY Fabric Planter is a great way to use up any scrap cotton canvas you may have on hand. This easy sewing project will add a pop of color to your home decor or even in your office. This planter can also be used as a basket for storing small items.
  141. DIY Fabric Storage Bins Organize your home in style with these DIY Fabric Storage Bins. This tutorial includes free printable patterns and instructions that will show you how to make fabric baskets in three useful sizes.
  142. DIY Hair Curlers Looking for the perfect sewing project for your gal pals? These DIY hair curlers are a fun homemade gift idea for friends, bridesmaids, or fans of vintage.
  143. DIY Hot and Cold Bags "Perfect in the heat and perfect in the cold hot and cold bags are useful year round! Use them cold for fevers or swelling. Use them hot for chills, and sore muscles. These DIY hot and cold bags are a must have for any house! Just microwave them or freeze them for instant relief."
  144. DIY Insulin Pump Band If you or someone you know has diabetes, this DIY Insulin Pump Band is a useful sewing project that will make life easier. This free sewing pattern will help you create a comfortable, less bulky way to carry an insulin pump.
  145. DIY iPad Stand This DIY iPad Stand is the perfect place to perch your iPad, e-reader, tablet, or even your favorite book. And with holidays and birthdays always around the corner, it also makes the perfect handmade gift.
  146. DIY Ipod Armband Case All ipod covers are not created equal. Make one that fits your needs. This DIY ipod armband case includes a pocket for your key, protection from wet weather and an adjustable strap for comfortable use while exercising.
  147. DIY Ironing Board Cover Whether you love ironing or hate it, it's something sewists have to do, so why not glam it up with a cute DIY Ironing Board Cover? This sewing tutorial will make ironing so much more fun and less of an annoyance.
  148. DIY Ironing Glove If you're tired of burning your fingers while ironing this is the project for you! This project is an easy DIY Ironing Glove using heat resistant material.
  149. DIY Makeup Brush Roll Keep your makeup brushes organized and clean with this simple sewing project that's the perfect gift idea for women, teens, and tweens. This DIY Makeup Brush Roll is a handy way to use a printed half yard of fabric.
  150. DIY Mousepad This DIY Mousepad is a easy sewing pattern that will liven up your computer space. Don't settle for a boring mousepad, make your own with this mousepad tutorial. Use bright fabric to make your mouse a cute home.
  151. DIY Neoprene Thumb Splint "This thumb splint uses neoprene to create it. It is designed to reduce pain by improving thumb stability which works particularly well for people with arthritis or hypermobility causing their thumb pain..."
  152. DIY Panty Liners "I never liked to wear panty liners. Iac! They just dont fit well! And they stick to the skin! Which is why I had do develop these ones, made with flannel and fleece and way more ergonomic!"
  153. DIY Phone Charger Holder If you have trouble keeping your phone charged during the day, sew a simple solution: the DIY Phone Charger Holder! This DIY holder cradles your phone and hangs from your charger when it's plugged into the wall.
  154. DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads "When we were staying in Provincetown way back in January, I noticed something at our hotel that blew my mind. It was a washcloth made just for makeup removal. It had two different sides one that was black (for mascara and eyeliner), and one that wa
  155. DIY Rice Heating Pad Sew a super simple DIY Rice Heating Pad with this tutorial. The dividers keep the rice evenly spread out in separate sections so it doesn't bunch at one end. If you've wondered how to make a heating pad with rice, these instructions will show you.
  156. DIY Ruffle Garland The DIY Ruffle Garland is lovely and feminine. Use it to decorate a woman's birthday party or a baby shower. Making garland from fabric is simple and this easy to make decoration will live through years of celebrations.
  157. DIY Sanitary Pads Using three different fabrics to make one smart sewing project, this idea is surprisingly comfortable compared to store-bought options. These homemade sanitary pads easily fold up, making them a great way to conspicuously carry last-minute protection
  158. DIY Shaving Cream Can Cozy Rid your shower of that annoying rust circle caused by your shaving cream can. The solution? This easy DIY Shaving Cream Can Cozy. Here's a simple way to keep your shower clean of rust stains. Give this free easy sewing pattern a try.
  159. DIY Wall Pocket Organizer Keep your sewing room, kids' room, or kitchen nice and tidy with this simple DIY Wall Pocket Organizer. A quick and simple sewing project you can finish in an afternoon, this DIY organizer is the solution to a messy craft studio.
  160. DIY Washable Duster Looking for ways to make a homemade swiffer duster? With just a few materials like fleece scraps and a dryer sheets, you can create a homemade feather duster. Keep your home nice and tidy with this useful sewn idea.
  161. DIY Water Bottle Sling Stay hydrated wherever you go with this DIY Water Bottle Sling! Whether youre walking around a theme park or going to hike some trails, you can have your water bottle with you without having to take a big bag.
  162. DIY Yoga Mat Why spend money on a yoga mat when you can make just make your own? This free sewing tutorial will show you how to make a yoga mat using quilting techniques. It also conveniently rolls up for easy transport and is washable.
  163. DIY-licious Pin Cushion Pattern No, you're not having a sweet dream. This pin cushion tutorial really will show you how to make a pin cushion in the shape of your favorite dessert. For a sewing experience that will always give you a sweet time, create this DIY-licious Pin Cushion.
  164. Doily Pin Cushion This is a great project for beginner sewers. Make the Doily Pin Cushion to use during your sewing adventures. Add some vintage pieces to the cushion to personalize the project.
  165. Door Organizer Running out the door and forgetting something can be annoying. Here's the solution! Make the Door Organizer and keep everything you need in one place. You won't have to think about where your keys and phone are - Just grab your stuff and go!
  166. Drawstring Mason Jar Crafts Mason Jar appliques are popular for a reason. They are super cute. If you are looking for fun scrap busting project, consider creating a few of these Mason Jar Drawstring Crafts.
  167. Drink Coaster Tutorial Always wanted to know how to make drink coasters? The Drink Coaster Tutorial will show you how to create cute and useable coasters. Add some life to your coffee table while also protecting the wood. These would also make for a simple gift in a pinch.
  168. Durable DIY Camera Strap Are you a shutterbug that loves your camera dearly? Then you absolutely need to check out this adorable Durable DIY Camera Strap.
  169. E-Reader Cover Covers for electronic reading devices can be expensive. Follow this free, easy sewing pattern to make the E-Reader Cover and customize your device. Beginner sewing projects like this let you put your own, special touch on your E-Reader.
  170. Easy Breezy Pattern Weights A growing trend among sewists is to avoid puncturing their projects' fabric by replacing pins with pattern weights. These Easy Breezy Pattern Weights are a great inexpensive way to avoid unwanted holes.
  171. Easy DIY Sleep Mask "Sew a simple eye mask. Slip it into a baby shower gift for a new mother,tuck it into a card for a sick friend or just sew one up for yourself."
  172. Easy Laminated Shower Cap There's nothing worse than getting ready for a night out on the town only to ruin your hair in the bath or shower while getting ready. Save your hair from humidity and water with this Easy Laminated Shower Cap that's perfect for everyone.
  173. Easy Pattern Weights "I've updated one of my older tutorials, an easy inexpensive scrap busting project to create great pattern weights! This project will take less than 10 minutes!"
  174. Easy Sew Pencil Pouch "Make an easy to sew pouch or pencil case to carry around pencils, biros, sharpies and pens. Follow the detailed, step by step instructions to make a simple, lined drawstring pencil pouch that will comfortably hold a set of twelve pencils."
  175. Easy Snack Bags Instead of buying expensive plastic bags, do something good for the earth and your wallet and make these reusable Easy Snack Bags. You can take them anywhere and instead of throwing them away, reuse them another time.
  176. Easy Soft Photo Album for Babies This Easy Soft Photo Album for Babies is a creative way for baby to learn all about her family! Keep this easy sewing pattern in mind for a baby shower gift.
  177. Easy to Make Pin Cushion This easy to make pin cushion is a necessity for any sewing kit. Use this free pincushion pattern to make a classic tomato pincushion to hold all of your spare pins.
  178. Edgy Girl Zipper Flowers Find some feminine edge with these Edgy Girl Zipper Flowers. This easy flower craft is feminine but the texture of the zipper gives it a rock and roll edge.
  179. Eiffel Tower Smart Phone Cover Thick felt provides good protection for your phone and is easy to work with so you can quickly create several covers to give away as gifts. Use this free gadget cover pattern to express your personality and style.
  180. Electronics Cozy Protect your iPod, cell phone, GPS, or other technology with this free sewing project to make an electronics cozy. It makes a great gift for a tech-loving friend too!
  181. Enchanting Chai Sachet Create a charming sachet that smells as lovely as it looks. The Enchanting Chai Sachet is a free sewing tutorial that can make a special gift. Use this free sewing pattern, then combine black tea leaves and spicy oils for a sweet sachet.
  182. Envelope It Keep notes, pens, and sticky notes organized with this adorable, little Envelope It craft. Easily store loose items in your purse or backpack by attaching this fabric envelope to a notebook, book, or textbook.
  183. Excellent iPhone Case Pattern Try out this Excellent iPhone Case Pattern to protect your phone while you use it. This colorful leather case features a cut-out for your iPhone screen, allowing you to use your cellular device without taking it out of its case.
  184. Exercise Pedometer Armband Follow the sewing tutorial to make the Exercise Pedometer Armband out of a cozy cup holder, and your exercise can be hands-free. This is a budget-friendly upcycling method that can cost as little as $1.00.
  185. Extended Key Fob Plus "Never lose your keys or gum in the bottom of a bag again! The Extended Key Fob Plus tutorial includes clear step-by-step directions to sew a loop-around fob easily hooked on to your favorite bag."
  186. Fabric Basket Tutorial Need a way to organize your kids' rooms? Learn how to sew a basket with this Fabric Basket Tutorial. They make great baby shower gifts!
  187. Fabric Book Cover This adorable fabric book cover helps you easily transport your bible or other favorite book. Follow these directions for making a fabric book cover and you'll have a personalized book tote in no time! Fabric book covers also make great gifts.
  188. Fabric Corner Bookmarks For anyone still reading actual books (e-readers don't count!), these Fabric Corner Bookmarks are a simple way to keep place in your book. These slide on bookmarks also make for quick, homemade teacher appreciation gifts.
  189. Fabric Document Envelope This Fabric Document Envelope is the perfect way to make sure your papers stay free of wrinkles, smudges, and tears. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make an envelope that will easily fit an important proposal or a term paper.
  190. Fabric Flower Holder Follow along with this tutorial to learn how to make a flower carrier that you can bring with on all your flower picking adventures. When it's not in use, you can roll this carrier up to stash inside your purse or hang it on a coat hook.
  191. Fabric Rose Pattern Headband Make your little girl stand out in the crowd with this Fabric Rose Pattern Headband. Delicate, lovely, and easy, this fabric flower pattern is absolutely stunning.
  192. Fabulous DIY Tissue Box Cover Say hello to the beginning of a stylish bathroom with this Fabulous DIY Tissue Box Cover. If you can set fifteen minutes aside, you can learn how to make a tissue box cover like this.
  193. Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers eBook There's no doubt about it, flowers are Mother Natures accessories, and now they can be yours too. AllFreeSewing is pleased to present, Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers just for you.
  194. Fancy DIY Fabric Flower DIY fabric flowers can be found by the dozens on the internet. There are a million ways to turn your scraps into blooming flowers. None of the other fabric flower tutorials will turn heads, however, quite like this lovely Fancy DIY Fabric Flower.
  195. Fat Quarter Fabric Basket Stop saving up your fat quarters and put them to good use with this Fat Quarter Fabric Basket that's a great way to keep your sewing room organized. You only need 2 fat quarters to create a mini fabric basket that's perfect for storing needles, threa
  196. Faux Leather Glasses Case Tutorial If you're always losing your glasses, keep better track of them with this Faux Leather Glasses Case Tutorial. This sewing project features faux leather or vegan leather, which is a relatively inexpensive material and looks fancy!
  197. Fave Fabric Book Cover You may have not realized that your favorite fabric scraps coupled with a favorite book can create DIY home decor you love. From this Fave Fabric Book Cover tutorial, you can create a DIY book cover that will protect your treasured reads in style.
  198. Felt & Fleece Laptop Sleeve You can keep your laptop and cords with you in this one simple sewing project. You will love this Felt & Fleece Laptop Sleeve to protect your electronics from getting damaged. With this homemade laptop case, you will be able to customize it.
  199. Felt Award Show Photo Props "Felt Award Show Photo Props Tutorial: If you are hosting an awards party, you are going to want to make some of these adorable photo props! Award season is almost here! Is anyone else an award show lover? I love to throw a party for all my friends a
  200. Felt Cell Phone Case This felt cell phone case is adorable and incredibly simple to make. It also makes a great beginner sewing project for the kids!
  201. Felt Cell Phone Envelope This Felt Cell Phone Envelope is right up your alley. Find out how to make DIY phone cases with this six-step picture tutorial. You'll love these accessible instructions because they are easy to follow.
  202. Felt Flower Tutorial Design beautiful felt roses to decorate your home all year with this simple felt flower tutorial. This tutorial for how to make fabric flowers includes directions for making a decorative pillow or a spring wreath.
  203. Felt Organizers Set There are four items in this organizer set- card holder, pen case, cord organizer and a keyring. It does involve machine sewing but you could hand sew or use the help of a local tailor.
  204. Felt Pencil Case Never lose another pencil when you use your felt pencil case! Follow this beginner sewing project to make your own and use it at school, at the office, or even at home.
  205. Feminine DIY iPhone Case Learn how to make a clutch for your most prized electronic and look adorable with doing it with the Feminine DIY iPhone Case. In just a few short steps, you are going to have a lovely way to keep your phone safe. Consider making one of these iPhone o
  206. Fine Fedora Hat Revive the style of the 1920s by following these instructions to make a fedora. This Fine Fedora Hat is the perfect excuse to branch out and try new sewing projects. Sew a hat that will become a much talked-about family treasure.
  207. Five Point Pincushion If you're looking for free pin cushion patterns, give this one a try! The Five Point Pincushion is different and you can use your scraps from your favorite fabrics. With its interesting shape, you'll love using this cute pincushion.
  208. Flat Pack Travel Tray Whether you're a jet-setter or just spend a lot of time on the road, this Flat Pack Travel Tray is what you need! The easy sewing project is great for gifts.
  209. Fold-Out Bow Box Make cleanup a breeze when you create this Fold-Out Bow Box! The beginner sewing project is perfect for any room in your home, so consider making duplicates.
  210. Fox Teepee, Baby Quilt with Pom Poms, Pillows Fox Playground is just the right mix of whimsical characters and modern prints to use for your little one's room decor, clothing and accessories. Make this TeePee, Quilt with Pom Poms and Pillow for anyone that loves foxes.
  211. Framed Office Supply Holder With this Framed Office Supply Holder, you'll never lose your scissors or pens again. This DIY organizer keeps your supplies safe and out of reach of children, but also adds a cute, whimsical touch to your DIY home decor.
  212. Free Knitting Needle Case If you have ever struggled to find a home for your knitting needles then the Free Knitting Needle Case is for you. This free pattern is the perfect portable knitting needle case.
  213. Free Photo Pocket Flag Bunting Tutorial This Free Photo Pocket Flag Bunting Tutorial provides a great way to celebrate special memories, or just to light up a room with quick easy holiday crafts. Use it for parties or simple decorations in any room!
  214. French Desk Set Basket Liner Instead of letting magazines and table books clutter your home, make this lovely French Desk Set Table Liner and neatly organize your reading materials and other belongings. Once you know how to make a basket lining you can redecorate all of your bas
  215. Fringed Heart Cushion "This two-toned fringed heart cushion aims to be simple and elegant, and might just make the perfect gift for kids to sew for mum, their grand mum or a special friend."
  216. Funky DIY Ironing Board Ironing boards are a must-have for every household. It can be impossible to keep things from wrinkling in your closets and drawers. Luckily, this cute little piece of DIY home decor is an amazing little project. Create it to match your home or apartm
  217. Garden Bucket Tool Belt If you're a gardener at a loss for how to organize your tools, or if you know someone who is, read this Garden Bucket Tool Belt tutorial.
  218. Gathered Round Basket Grab some of your favorite leftover fabric and create a Gathered Round Basket or several. Once you learn how to make a basket liner, you'll find these are quite addicting to make. They're reversible and useful for organizing craft supplies and everyd
  219. Giant Fabric Envelopes These Giant Fabric Envelopes are your ticket to fun if you're looking for craft projects for girls or boys. Through this tutorial, you'll learn how to make an envelope using fabric that can be used for playtime or home decor.
  220. Giant Fabric Storage Bins If you're tired of your little ones leaving their toys all over the floor, you can keep everything nice and tidy by designing one of these incredibly useful storage bins. This tutorial for Giant Fabric Storage Bins is the storage solution that you've
  221. Golden Retriever Dog Applique "Embellish a dish towel, pillowcase, t-shirt and so much more with this pretty Golden Retriever dog applique'. You can print it out in several sizes to fit your projects' needs. Show your love for dogs, especially for Golden Retrievers..."
  222. Grandma's Favorite DIY Sachets Bring back the days of sneaking into your grandmothers closet to peek at her clothes by learning how to make sachets like the ones you could smell tucked in her wardrobe. Grandma's Favorite DIY Sachets take a familiar object and adds fun.
  223. Grandma's Pincushion Thread Catcher Tutorial Forget simple, boring pincushions. Grandma's Pincushion Thread Catcher Tutorial is a must for your sewing table. Only the wisdom of a grandmother could have inspired such a brilliant sewing contraption.
  224. Grandma-Approved: 25 Sewing Patterns for Retirees Retirement is the perfect time to finally treat yourself to sewing projects that are just for you. That's why AllFreeSewing has compiled a list of our favorite sewing projects that are completely grandma-approved and are fantastic for celebrating you
  225. Granny Chic Slippers Dress up your comfy footwear with the stylish Granny Chic Slippers. You'll want to wear these pretty slippers everywhere. With a few girly additions, this easy sewing project can also make for a cheap gift.
  226. Granny Square DIY Pincushion "Make a mini granny square pincushion for your sewing swap and keep one for yourself! These are too cute to pass up."
  227. Hand Sanitizer Holder Keep your hands clean easily with the Hand Sanitizer Holder. You can attach it to your purse or diaper bag or you can hang it in the kitchen or bathroom. This free easy sewing pattern also makes for a great gift, especially for teachers.
  228. Hand-Quilted Aromatics If you are looking to learn how to hand quilt, this fun project is absolutely what you need. Showing you how to make little hand quilted gifts, these Hand-Quilted Aromatics are a quick project that will help you learn a technique along the way.
  229. Handmade Air Freshener Tired of your old car air freshener? Consider this sewing tutorial, which shows you how to make your own handmade air freshener. If you spend a lot of time in the car, you'll appreciate having something cute to look at... and smell!
  230. Handy Dandy DIY Makeup Organizer This Handy Dandy DIY Makeup Organizer will keep your cosmetics straightened and ready for use. The tutorial includes instructions on how to sew a sturdy, useful makeup bag, and also offers a detailed pattern for purchase.
  231. Hanging Cap Holder Free sewing projects that help us get organized are so helpful. The Hanging Cap Holder is great for hat fans. Keep all of your favorite hats and caps off the floor and put away. This cute accessory is great for kid's bedrooms too.
  232. Hanging Dust Cover You spend time cleaning your clothes, here's a way to make sure they stay clean. This hanging dust cover is extremely useful. Personalize it by adding your initials. Use this dust cover sewing pattern to learn how to sew a dust cover.
  233. Hanging Jewelry Holder Once you know how to make a hanging jewelry organizer there's no excuse to let your jewelry collection clutter up your bedroom. The Hanging Jewelry Holder is great for home and if you're looking for how to make a travel jewelry case, it's easily tran
  234. Hanging Makeup Roll If you're looking for instructions on how to make a makeup brush roll check out this free sewing project. Use the Hanging Makeup Roll when you're home and on the go. This makeup organizer is designed to keep your brushes within reach when you need th
  235. Hanging Tray Holder Tutorial
  236. Happy Cloud Heating Pad Tutorial Kids will love helping Mommy or Nana create clouds that fit in the palm of their hands with this easy Happy Cloud Heating Pad Tutorial. This quick and simple sewing project lets kids sketch out their own clouds that Mom can turn into DIY heating pads
  237. Happy Traveler DIY Luggage Tag Get ready for your big spring break vacation with this Happy Traveler DIY Luggage Tag. Even if you aren't planning on going anywhere this year, you can still indulge in small sewing projects like this to prepare for that emergency trip.
  238. Heart Shaped Pattern Weight Put the pins away and use these super cute Heart Shaped Pattern Weights to hold your pattern down. It's an easy scrapbuster project that also makes for a quick gift in a pinch. For all of your crafty friends, try this free easy sewing pattern.
  239. Heat Packs "A rice hot/cold pack is an easy, quick, and inexpensive DIY project. A nice, warm heat pack is soothing for a sore muscle. They make great gifts, especially at Christmas time!"
  240. Herb Garden Crafts Add a little touch of magic to your herb garden with these DIY herb garden labels. Made with durable vinyl, these outdoor sewing projects use embroidery to make them stand out.
  241. Hexagon Flower Pincushion Tutorial "This is a quick and easy tutorial on making a cute pincushion with 7 fun hexagons!"
  242. Hexi Fabric Flower Pattern Created in about half an hour, these beautiful, petite blooms would look fabulous attached to a DIY pillow, purse pattern, or even work as a pin. Spring sewing projects have never been simpler!
  243. Hexie Caddy Pincushion Use this free, printable pincushion pattern to make much more than just a pincushion! The hexie caddy pincushion also functions as a sewing supplies caddy, so you'll never wonder where your scissors have gone.
  244. Hexie Pincushion Create your own cute Hexie Pincushion to bring something colorful and practical into your sewing room or your work desk. This DIY pincushion is a great beginner sewing project that would be the perfect gift for a fellow sewist...
  245. Homemade Heating Pad This easy-to-sew Homemade Heating Pad is an amazing little invention. This pad is a relaxing way to help your family members who are not feeling top notch. Perfect for sore muscles or headaches, this easy DIY project will only take half an hour.
  246. Hot Piping For a heater to-go, make hot piping, a sack filled with rice to be heated in the microwave. These little bags are great for keeping hands and feet warm in the winter as well as soothing cramps, ear aches, and miscellaneous maladies.
  247. How to Make a Grocery Cart Liner Stop carrying all those groceries to and from the store. Instead, learn how to make a grocery cart liner perfect for a handy rolling cart. You could also use this as a laundry cart liner. Either way, this free sewing pattern is cute and useful!
  248. How to Make a Lanyard for Needles If you are looking to give a sewist or seamstress in your life a little gift, this How to Make a Lanyard for Needles is the perfect ideas as it is cute and convenient.
  249. How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder Learn How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Stash this plastic bag holder in your car or kitchen to keep organized while always having an impromptu trash bag on hand.
  250. How to Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag Teach yourself how to make a recycled clothespin bag with a little help from this tutorial. Everyone could use a bag like this even if they don't hang their laundry outdoors. A handmade clothespin bag can be used for other household reasons too!
  251. How to Make a Sleep Mask If you just can't seem to fall asleep at night, try this tutorial for How to Make a Sleep Mask. Get the most out of bedtime with this functional yet fashionable DIY sleeping masks.
  252. How to Make a Travel Scissor Case Every crafty person needs a craft apron to easily store tools and supplies. Use this craft apron pattern to learn how to make a travel scissor case. Safely store your scissors in a easily accessible place so you'll never to search for them while crea
  253. How to Make a Waterproof Picnic Blanket Tote Learn how to make a waterproof picnic blanket tote with this simple tutorial. With one project, you've got a picnic blanket pattern, a free tote pattern and basically everything you need for a lovely outdoor picnic!
  254. How to Make DIY Felt Flowers "A step-by-step tutorial for how to make rolled felt flowers. Rolled flowers are among the easiest decorations and you can make them out of felt scraps really quickly. All you need is a scrap piece of felt and 10 minutes of your time. You can make hu
  255. How to Make Windowpane Print Learn how to make windowpane print with this DIY designer sewing tutorial! It's the perfect way to create DIY J Crew without spending a fortune.
  256. How to Paper Stitch Whether you want to say "I love you" on Valentines Day or "You're the best mom ever!" on Mother's Day, this How to Paper Stitch is going to make you fall in love with sewing on paper.
  257. How to Quilt a Sewing Machine Cover If you are a quilter looking for a great way to cover your machine, create this cutie. The How to Quilt a Sewing Machine Cover tutorial shows you have to make a super fun cover for your machine. Sewing machine maintenance does not have to be boring.
  258. How to Sew a Bookmark "Sew a beautiful bookmark from Your choice of fabrics. They are easy to sew and take only minutes."
  259. How to Sew a Wine Tote If you're looking to learn How to Sew a Wine Tote, try this tutorial for size. Taking you through step-by-step instructions, you can sew a tote for any occasion. Use this reusable wine tote to give as a hostess or housewarming gift on its own or with
  260. How to Sew Gifts: 20 Handmade Present Ideas for the Family Learn how to sew gifts people will love to show off! These projects are DIY gift ideas for everyone you love. If you're ready to learn how to sew gifts, check out these handmade present ideas for the family.
  261. How to Sew Your Own Dice Pouch "Sew a little pouch, add dice, and you have a great game for Family Night. Dice games are educational, cheap, fun, and suitable for all ages."
  262. How to Wash Lingerie Safely Learn How to Wash Lingerie Safely by making this mesh bag. Now you can just toss your delicates in with the rest of your wash without worrying about tangled bra straps or ruined lace.
  263. How to Wrap a Mason Jar Their unique shape makes easy gift wrapping hard to figure out. This is why you need the How to Wrap a Mason Jar tutorial. This smart DIY bag is the perfect shape for mason jar crafts.
  264. I Heart Reading Bookmark If you or someone you know loves reading, then it's high time you learned how to create a bookmark that's totally adorable. The I Heart Reading Bookmark conveys your love of reading through its shape.
  265. In the Loop iCozy Tutorial Now you can even let the kids play with your favorite (and expensive) gadget. This iCozy fits around the back of the hand, giving the thumb freedom to use the device and protects you from dropping it.
  266. Insanely Compact DIY Ironing Pad Whether you are looking for a way to save space in your studio apartment or just want to be able to bring an ironing pad on the road with you, this Insanely Compact Ironing Pad is going to change your life.
  267. Insanely Easy Sewing Machine Cover Pattern Avoid cleaning your machine time and time again by making this Insanely Easy Sewing Machine Cover Pattern. After making this sewing machine cover in under an hour, just keep it atop your machine when you are not using it. You will not regret it.
  268. Insulated Container Cover Tutorial Beat the summer heat with this easy Insulated Container Cover Tutorial. This free sewing pattern is ideal for keeping your groceries safe and cool in your car to prevent spoilage.
  269. Ipad Case To keep your ipad's sleek look even when not in use, create this stylish ipad case. With this custom screen cover you'll keep the ipad protected with a unique look.
  270. iPad Headrest Holder For long car rides, make sure you've got the iPad Headrest Holder. It's the easiest way to keep the kids entertained. They can watch movies without fighting over the iPad. This iPad screen cover will improve the ride for everyone.
  271. Ipad Sleeve Three Ways This free sewing pattern will help you create a personalized ipad case. With three different patterns, you can choose the one that best fits your style.
  272. Ipad Slip Cover with Wrap Around Pocket To protect your ipad with a decorative sleeve follow this free easy sewing pattern. This ipad slip cover with wrap around pocket will give your ipad a creative look.
  273. iPod Keychain Case Tutorial For traveling or just running errands, this iPod Keychain Case is perfect for protecting your favorite gadget. You can use this homemade iPod case everyday and it only requires leftover fabric and a zipper.
  274. iPod or Gadget Cozy For a cute sewing project follow this free pattern and you'll have a cozy for your ipod or other gadget. By using a house held item you'll save money and recycle a colorful sock into a great new cover.
  275. iPod or iPhone Case Stand Typical iPad covers or iPad screen covers won't make the cut after you see this iPod or iPhone Case Stand. Prop up your iPod or iPhone on this D.I.Y gadget cover. It's padded for protection and even snaps like wallet!
  276. iPod Sleeve from Sample Scraps Make your own iPod case with this awesome iPod Sleeve from Sample Scraps! This upcycled homemade iPod case is fun and easy to fit to any portable electronic device. Learn how to make a leather iPod case today!
  277. Ironing Board DIY Organizer Whether or not you liking ironing, as a sewist, youll need this Ironing Board DIY Organizer to help your sewing projects go smoother. You dont want your scissors, pins, marking pens, and other sewing tools to be haphazardly strewn over your ironing b
  278. Jackie's Pill Box Hat Jackie's Pill Box Hat is a classic look for the books. By learning how to sew a hat like this one, you'll revive the style immortalized by an iconic American. Don this cap when you feel like dressing up your wardrobe for the day.
  279. Jazzed Up Sketchbook This Jazzed Up Sketchbook is the perfect blend of cute and practical. Cover up any sketchbook or journal with this fun and fancy quick quilting project. This would be a great way to use up your scraps.
  280. Jedi Master Star Wars Seat Cushion Watch and learn how to make a seat cushion fit for a Jedi Master. For major star war fans (and fans of comfortable seating) follow this helpful tutorial and learn how to make a chair cushion. It's both funny and comfy!
  281. Jelly Roll Cover Up Use beautiful fabric to make a cover for your sewing machine. How about fabric strips from a jelly roll? The Jelly Roll Cover Up is a fun way to both protect your machine and make an easy sewing project.
  282. Jewelry Box Sewing Kit Get ready to hit up your local thrift stores because this organization project is something every sewist needs in her studio. Transform an old jewelry box into an on-the-go sewing kit with this thrifty Jewelry Box Sewing Kit tutorial.
  283. Jewelry Roll Tutorial Instead of opening up your suitcases to a tangled mess of necklaces and bracelets, create a jewelry roll to keep everything organized while traveling. The Jewelry Roll Tutorial will help you create this handy accessory.
  284. Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper If you're looking for homemade gift ideas for those hard-to-please people in your life, this Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper is an easy option. With this helpful tutorial, you can make a DIY tablet case for every one of your friends and family me
  285. Kindle Keeper Follow this Kindle cover sewing pattern to make a Kindle keeper. This scrap-busting sewing tutorial makes a great gift for an avid reader.
  286. Kitty Rice Heating Pack Pattern Make a rice pack that's so cute we can't handle it with this Kitty Rice Heating Pack Pattern. A great way to relax after a stressful day, this DIY heat pack is a charmingly whimsical sewing project that uses only 1 yard of cotton.
  287. Kleenex Tissue Holder Flu season is coming! Be prepared with this Kleenex Tissue Holder, which is perfect for cuddling up in bed with a warm cup of tea and a runny nose. This DIY tissue box holds all the Kleenex you could possibly need during your bout with the flu.
  288. Lacy Camera Strap Sew this Lacy Camera Strap in no time with your favorite patterned fabric and some colorful lace. A DIY camera strap is a great way to use up some leftover fabric while putting it toward something beautiful.
  289. Lady Bug Wash Cloth Pattern If you are in need of a way to brighten up your DIY bathroom decor and shower time, look no further than this Lady Bug Wash Cloth Pattern. This adorable and quick little pattern is extra precious and would make a great gift, too.
  290. Lady Mary's Veil Lady Mary's Veil breathes of heartbreak and romance. Any Victorian enthusiast would love this DIY veil. Before you get caught up in this sob story, though, remember that this piece doesn't have to signify mourning.
  291. Lady's iPhone Case DIY phone cases are all the rave these days. Whether you need one for yourself or are looking for a homemade gift for someone else, this Lady's iPhone Case is a must. Made from colorful leather and thick thread, your phone will be safe and stylish.
  292. Ladylike Fabric Bookmark Whether you are an experienced embroiderer or just trying for the first time, this precious little sewing project idea is going to give you a chance to show off.
  293. Laptop Sleeve and Sash Protect your laptop from scratches with a homemade laptop sleeve and sash, another free, easy sewing pattern.
  294. Laundry Basket Liner Even if laundry is your least favorite chore, you can make it a bit more fun by sprucing up your laundry basket. Learn how to make a basket liner with a helpful tutorial. This Laundry Basket Liner will help you organize all of your clothing.
  295. Lavender Luggage For a sewn project that fills the room with an aromatic scent, make the Lavender Luggage. It's a cute little bag that also acts as an air freshener.
  296. Lego-Inspired Pillow Sewing Pattern Create a fun way for your little one to build up their bedroom battlements with this Lego-Inspired Pillow Sewing Pattern. It is pillow sewing patterns like this that bring some fun and liveliness to inventing new and exciting crafts for your kids.
  297. Life Saving Collapsible Bin Where there are kids, there are toys. And where there are toys, there are tons of toys. Even if you don't have little ones running around the house, the Life Saving Collapsible Bin is well worth making.
  298. Like, Totally Awesome: 26 1990s Sewing Patterns The '90s may have ended nearly 20 years ago, but that just means it's high time for a resurgence in 90s fashion. We are totally buggin' for these 25 1990s Sewing Patterns! In our collection, you'll rediscover the styles of that unforgettable decade.
  299. Little Bag DIY Key Chain Sometimes when you are out taking a jog, running a short errand, or walking your dog, you do not want to bring your whole purse along. If you make this Little Bag DIY Key Chain, you will not have to be over-burdened with all that extra stuff.
  300. Little Bag Mason Jar Crafts Organizing your canning stuff when it is not canning season can be difficult. All those canning rings and tops can be a real pain as they roll around in your drawers or cupboards. These Little Bag Mason Jar Crafts are the perfect storage solution.
  301. Little Bird Easy Embroidery Pattern his petite little winged friend is insanely cute and quick. Sewn by hand as well as embroidered, the Little Bird Easy Embroidery Pattern would be a great project to bring on the road if you want to sew while on the go.
  302. Little Jar DIY Sewing Kit This how to make a sewing kit tutorial shows you how to sew up a cute sewing kit that is portable and insanely easy. The Little Jar DIY Sewing Kit shows you how to use a Nutella jar (you could use another though!) to make a DIY travel sewing kit.
  303. Load-It-Up Laptop Slipcase "Looking for a DIY fabric laptop case that's just a bit more than the usual? Look no further. This one also holds your charger, cord, and mouse, because after all - what good is your laptop without them? The Load-it-Up Laptop Slipcase has a sleeve po
  304. Locker Organizer When you pop open your locker, the last thing you need to see is tons of unruly papers, pencils and supplies. Instead, use this locker organizer to easily keep it all tidy. School locker door organizers will help you grab what you need before the bel
  305. Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers Make a thrifty but beautiful project by turning your fabric scraps into Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers. With an assortment of fabrics and a special arrangement, this sewing project will definitely put a smile on your face.
  306. Lovely Little Felt Birds If you're looking for beginner sewing projects, these Lovely Little Felt Birds are perfect for you to try. In just a few minutes, you can hand sew a tiny, delicate bird that would make an adorable piece of DIY home decor.
  307. Magnetic Wrist Pincushion Maybe you know how to make a pincushion, maybe you don't. But with the Magnetic Wrist Pincushion, all bets are off. This innovative project gets rid of the bulk of the traditional pincushion and keeps those needles within reach.
  308. Magnificent Magnetic Pockets Whether you need craft room ideas or a space for odds and ends, these Magnificent Magnetic Pockets are for you. One Magnificent Magnetic Pocket acts as a tiny DIY organizer, easily suspended on a magnetic surface and ready to store anything.
  309. Mail Organizer Tutorial Keep all your mail organized in a stylish way with this wonderful sewn project. The Mail Organizer Tutorial will help you create the perfect accessory to hang on your wall and keep all your letters and bills in place.
  310. Make a Clothespin Bag Out of Curtain Make a Clothespin Bag Out of Curtain and you'll recycle and create something new and useful. A handmade clothespin bag is a great way to use up material from your stash while still making a project you need.
  311. Make a Custom Kindle Cover Make a custom Kindle cover so you can read on the go without worrying about scratching your precious eReader. Use this kindle cover sewing pattern and you'll have your very own kindle cover.
  312. Make a Design Board "Make a Design Board using an Art Canvas, some wadding and a staple gun. It is so fast to make and you can add your block pieces and get them to the machine without the fear of losing them or getting them mixed up. More than one block? No worries as
  313. Make a Difference Stethoscope Cover Whether you are one or you know one, it's understood that nurses make a difference. Surrounded by ailments and disease all day, these healthcare professionals do a lot of dirty work. Give back to a nurse with the Make a Difference Stethoscope Cover.
  314. Make a Pin Cushion Egg Cup Make a Pin Cushion Egg Cup with this quick little tutorial. Unlike many other pin cushions that can roll away or get misplaced, this pretty pin cushion lives inside an egg cup.
  315. Make Handmade Labels "Make quick and inexpensive sew in labels for your business or for your kids clothes! It's sew easy to create professional labels, all you need is quality cotton and t-shirt transfer paper."
  316. Make Your Own Bias Tape You can Make Your Own Bias Tape with these easy instructions. Follow along with this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to make bias tape all on your own. You can sew bias tape in any colors and using any fabrics.
  317. Make Your Own Bicycle Basket Pack everything you need for a fun bike ride right inside your bike bag. Follow this tutorial to make your own bicycle basket. This free sewing pattern fits children and adult bikes. It's a neat idea you'll use all the time this summer.
  318. Makeup Brush Roll This Makeup Brush Roll is an easy way to keep your brushes clean and neat, away from the terror of awful zippers! Instead of spending an insane amount of money getting a brush bag, just make it yourself with this simple travel bag pattern.
  319. Manicure Travel Kit It can be hard to keep up with your nail maintenance while on the road or on vacation. Keep all your nail needs close by with this adorable Manicure Travel Kit. This convenient little kit helps you store all those small and sharp tools in one safe pl
  320. Marc Jacobs-Inspired Daisy Appliques Give a boring t-shirt, sweatshirt, or your favorite bag a fashionable makeover with this free pattern for Marc Jacobs-Inspired Daisy Appliques. This fall, let your tween or teen be ahead of major fashion trends with this free applique pattern.
  321. Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial There's nothing worse than knocking over your needle case and spilling everything onto the floor. Save yourself the headache with this adorable Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial!
  322. Memory Lane Poppy Bouquet Display your memories with these beautiful flowers. This colorful bouquet of quilted fabric poppies, created from FreeSpirit Memory Lane by Nel Watmore, will surely brighten up your spring decor!
  323. Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern If you've always dreamed of having your own pair of fins, you can make your dream come true with this super fun Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern. This free sewing pattern is the best way for you to have a blast keeping warm while you snuggle up with your
  324. Mesh Laundry Wash Bags "A step by step guide to make a quick mesh wash bag."
  325. Mesh Shower Caddy If you're looking for homemade gift ideas or just want to make your life a little easier, this Mesh Shower Caddy is for you. This DIY shower caddy will keep your bathroom organized and your products handy.
  326. Microwave Bowl Holder The Microwave Bowl Holder is perfect for keeping you from burning your hands on a hot bowl. This DIY bowl holder is a sewing project that beginners can make!
  327. Mini Top Hat Mini Top Hats like this one are all the rage. Dress up any boring outfit with this adorable sewn project. When you're in need of free sewing hat patterns, turn to this fun project and create a mini top hat that's sure to turn heads!
  328. Mini Vintage Ribbon Keychain This Mini Vintage Ribbon Keychain is the perfect way for you to keep all of your keys in one place while letting your creative juices flow. Follow along with this keychain tutorial to learn how to make a keychain you are sure to love.
  329. Miniature Cupcake Pin Cushion This free pincushion pattern combines all of your favorite things cupcakes, recycling, and miniatures! Keep track of your pins with a miniature cupcake pin cushion!
  330. Minimalist Kraft Tex Wallet "Is your style more functional than fussy? Like to carry a small bag without being laden down with weight and unnecessary items? Then I have the ideal pattern for you: the Minimalist Kraft Tex Wallet. "
  331. Mister Blue Bird Sew a stuffed mister blue bird with this free, easy sewing pattern. You can use your bird as a toy or as cute home decor.
  332. Mod Lil Animal Pincushions Free pincushion patterns this adorable are hard to come by. The Mod Lil Animal Pincuhsions are not only quick and easy to make, they're so cute, everyone will want to own one! Make several in one sitting to give away as gifts.
  333. Modern Vintage Felt Flowers This gorgeous flowers can be made in any size. An honestly easy no-sew project, the Modern Vintage Felt Flowers would look lovely added to just about any project.
  334. Monday Afternoon Pincushion Pattern Shatter the illusion that Monday is the worst day of the week with this Monday Afternoon Pincushion Pattern. Sometimes, Monday afternoon is when people are the most productive. You, too, can be productive with free pincushion patterns like this.
  335. Mother's Day Handkerchief Looking for a unique and special Mother's Day gift for the special lady in your life? Then it is time to create this amazing little Mother's Day Handkerchief! This super easy craft can be personalized in a dozen different ways. Make it in your mom's
  336. Mushroom or Owl Lunch Sack The kids will love this adorable sewn craft. For a fun way to enjoy lunch, make them the Mushroom or Owl Lunch Sack. It's a great way to go green and save all those plastic bags.
  337. National Sewing Month 2015 Full project tutorials, daily prizes, and more!
  338. National Sewing Month 2016 Full project tutorials, daily prizes, and more!
  339. National Sewing Month 2017 Join AllFreeSewing as we celebrate National Sewing Month 2017 with brand new projects and tutorials! Don't miss your chance to win a BERNINA sewing machine.
  340. Neat and Tidy DIY Charging Station Keep your messy cords and phone chargers in one place with this Neat and Tidy DIY Charging Station. Anybody with a cellphone would agree that a DIY phone charger holder like this is a perfect solution for tangled cords and general clutter.
  341. Neck Pillow Cover Make sure your next long trip is comfortable with a Neck Pillow Cover. Instead of having to rest against the rough material that pillows can sometimes have, you can use this tutorial to see how to sew a pillow case in just the right shape.
  342. Neck Pillow Tutorial Use this Neck Pillow Tutorial to ease those aches and pains. This bone shaped pillow pattern is fast to make. Its small size makes it perfect for traveling.
  343. Needle Case Tutorial with Ribbon Trim If you want a gorgeous and guaranteed unique case for all your sewing needles, look no further than the Needle Case Tutorial with Ribbon Trim. This beautiful needle case is perfect to keep your needles in one place.
  344. Never Lost Bookmark Never lose your place again! The Never Lost Bookmark will never fall out or be misplaced, since it hooks securely around the book or notebook to keep your place. These bookmarks are perfect gifts or just a fun way to spend a few hours!
  345. Nifty Knotted Pencil Case Whether you're a kid in 4th grade or a seamstress who has a cluttered sewing desk, no one is too old for a pencil case. Learn how to sew a pencil case using this Nifty Knotted Pencil Case pattern.
  346. Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad Place your foot pedal where you want it to go, more confident now that its going to stay in place with this Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad.
  347. Not Your Average Shoulder Pad This simple sewing project is Not Your Average Shoulder Pad. Learn how to make shoulder pads that adorn the strap of your favorite bag rather than your clothes from this easy sewing project for beginners.
  348. Oilcloth Lunch Tote Tutorial It's lunch time! Instead of bringing a new bag everyday, reuse the same lovely one you've created. The Oilcloth Lunch Tote Tutorial will lead you through all the steps of making this awesome sewing project.
  349. One Hour Magnetic DIY Ironing Mat If you hate the hassle of pulling out an entire ironing board to just iron that one dress shirt that refuses to stay wrinkle free, then you should try sewing this Magnetic DIY Ironing Mat!
  350. One Size Fits All Tablet Case If you need to make a case for a unique device or are just on the hunt for an easy case pattern, this One Size Fits All Tablet Case is the perfect pattern to keep in your arsenal.
  351. Ooh Warm Hugs! Rice Bag A rice bag for aches and pains and niggles offering a warm hug? Sold! And beginner friendly too! What could possibly be better?! This easy-peasy make is quick (about an hour or so for someone with a little more confidence) and it is a great gift or craft stall seller.
  352. Outstanding Outdoor Pillow Follow these pillow instructions on how to make the Outstanding Outdoor Pillow and your picnics will infinitely improve. Even if you're not a frequent picnicker, you can still make a pillow like this one and put it to use.
  353. Over(ly) Easy Pincushion Do you like your eggs over easy? Do you like your free pincushion patterns to be overly easy? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then do yourself a favor and make one of these adorable pincushions!
  354. Oversized DIY Sleep Mask Sleeping is so important, but it doesn't always come when you need it. Help yourself cuddle up in the dark no matter where you are by learning how to make a sleep mask that helps you bring darkness wherever you go.
  355. Padded iPad Case Use this easy to follow sewing tutorial to create the Padded iPad Case - a must have for anyone that owns an iPad. If you've splurged for the gadget, this free sewing idea is the best way to save money on the case.
  356. Padded iPad Sleeve For colorful and fun ipad protection, try creating your own padded ipad sleeve. By following this easy sewing project you can express your personal style and create a useful accessory.
  357. Padded Lap Top Case "This cute lap top sleeve is padded with double sided iron on foam interfacing for full computer protection. It has a simple Velcro closure. Make with your favorite fabrics for a more stylish case. Adjust according to the size of your device. Enjoy!"
  358. Palozzo Pants "These comfortable, easy to make pants were a cinch to sew in twenty minutes. Three and a half yards of material. Double the material and lay out on a large table or I used the floor. I pinned the unfolded side of the material then simply marked the
  359. Paper Pieced Ornament Have you seen the new project kits for dimensional paper piecing? I did, and was intrigued enough to try it out using materials that I had on hand. And now here's a tutorial that you can follow to try out this fun technique and make your own hanging ornament.
  360. Patchwork DIY Pencil Case Want to avoid the back-to-school shopping rush, but unsure of how to sew a pencil case? This Patchwork DIY Pencil Case tutorial is the perfect sewing project for you.
  361. Patchwork Pencil Case Carry your school supplies in style with this Patchwork Pencil Case. Follow this easy sewing pattern to create your own zippered pouch. It's a great scrap buster project.
  362. Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel Sew a charming scene onto boring white cotton dish towels, and add some intrigue to your summer kitchen. The Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel has a quaint, delicately sewn bistro set that will delight any 4th of July guest.
  363. Pattern Weights Every sewist needs their own set of fabric or pattern weights, so why not make your own? These Pattern Weights are the perfect sewing accessory to make for yourself.
  364. Patterned Tailor's Ham Try this sewing tutorial to learn how to make a Patterned Tailor's Ham. If you like to design and make your own clothes, this free easy sewing pattern will leave you with a tailor's ham you'll love to use.
  365. Paws for Comfort Paw Prints is the ultimate tribute to our favorite four-legged friends, a whimsical glimpse into the universe of cats and dogs in cheerful shades of red and blue with accents of chartreuse and nature-inspired neutrals.
  366. Perching Owls If you are looking for beginner sewing projects that are truly a hoot to make and display, look no further than these insanely adorable pieces of DIY home dcor.
  367. Personalized Photo Album Don't look any further for easy gifts to make, because this Personalized Photo Album is right up your alley. Learn how to make a fabric book cover that begins a photographic journey of a friend or family member.
  368. Pioneer Patterns: 21 Sewing Patterns Inspired by Laura Ingalls Inspired by the most famous pioneer girl Laura Ingalls, AllFreeSewing sewing is bringing you our best pioneer sewing patterns. This list of 1800s-inspired sewing projects includes historical sewing patterns to embrace your inner Ingalls and charming
  369. Pocket Organizer With Zipper For a perfect place to store small sewing tools or supplies, create this Pocket Organizer with Zipper. It's not only an easy sewing project, it's a handy accessory to have on hand. Make several to give away as gifts!
  370. Polka Dot DIY iPad Cover Add some classic style to your accessorizing with this Polka Dot DIY iPad Cover. This iPad pattern tutorial shows you exactly how to make a way to carry your tablet that will keep it safe and keep you in style.
  371. Porcupine Pin Cushion This adorable porcupine pin cushion can double as a cute and cuddly stuffed animal! Learn how to make a pincushion that looks like a porcupine and never lose another pin again!
  372. Portable Hanging Cup Holder Anyone who pushes a stroller, rides a bike, or uses a walker would love this Portable Hanging Cup Holder. Follow this tutorial to learn how to make a cup holder that will lighten your load and make it easier to get around.
  373. Portable Pocket Pouch "Have a half hour to spare? Make yourself a portable pocket pouch that you can hang from a door to keep your "must not forget" items in view. Or, you can pin it to your bulletin board to keep small items like receipts and stamps handy. Or take it wit
  374. Portable Sewing Station There is nothing worse than trying to juggle your pin cushion, your scissors, needles, buttons, thread, everything while trying to sew in comfort. This Arm Chair Pin Cushion and Sewing Pocket Tutorial is very helpful for those who love to hand stitch
  375. Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer Keep your ear buds and USB cords safe from dangerous tangles and bends in this Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer. This quick little project looks absolutely professional and will save you a lot of trouble.
  376. Pouch for iPod Nano To keep your ipod nano from getting scratched, follow this free sewing craft pattern and ensure that it's protected. With colorful material your ipod pouch will be an accessory that fits your personal flair.
  377. Pretty Fabric Envelopes Perfect packaging for gift cards this Christmas, these DIY fabric envelopes are made using sweet fabric and customized with fabric stamps, address labels, embroidered details, and more.
  378. Pretty in Pink Sleeping Mask This Pretty in Pink Sleeping Mask is just what you need to sleep through the night without interruptions. Check out this eye mask pattern to find step-by-step instructions on how to make an eye mask you'll love. Sew this project using any fabrics.
  379. Pretty Personalized Notebooks Designed especially to give personality to a plain notebook, the Pretty Personalized Notebooks are cute and surprisingly quick to make. If you need a fun way to spend an afternoon, you could easily make a notebook for someone in your life.
  380. Pretty Petal Shower Curtain This Pretty Petal Shower Curtain would look beautiful in a master bathroom. It really adds a soft touch to the bathroom.You could use this technique to make a faux wall in a studio apartment, as well.
  381. Pretty Pie DIY Pincushion From insanely cute and quirky to simple and useful, all of these patterns are a true treasure. None of them combine a fun pattern with a surprisingly useful shape quite like the Pretty Pie DIY Pincushion does.
  382. Pretty Pincushion Jar Are you in need of sewing room organization ideas to de-clutter your space? This Pretty Pincushion Jar will bring order to sewing area, while also adding adorable rustic charm.
  383. Pretty Posy Pincushion This Pretty Posy Pincushion is an easy sewing project that will bring a smile to your face every time you sit down at your sewing machine. Even if it's frigid outside, the adorable flower pattern is sure to add some warmth to your craft room.
  384. Pretty Tasty Coffee Cozy Keep your fingers safe and your coffee warm with the Pretty Tasty Coffee Cozy! This coffee sleeve tutorial is a great way to learn how to shirr fabric, and you'll get a gorgeous DIY coffee cup sleeve at the same time.
  385. Pretty Wash Cloth The Pretty Wash Cloth is a simple sewing project, and a great gift for any occasion. If you are new to creating bias tape this project is the perfect way to practice.
  386. Printable DIY Fabric Labels Make sure everyone knows that your sewing project ideas and DIY gifts are truly one-of-a-kind by adding these printable sewing labels to all of your projects.
  387. Printable Fabric Flower Tutorial Learn how to make a fabric flower with this super simple sewing tutorial. Perfect for DIY hair accessories, this printable sewing project shows you each step of how to sew your fabric flower.
  388. Printable Folk Art Appliques These Printable Folk Art Appliques can be used to create all sorts of projects. Add them to a quilt, a wardrobe piece, or even make cute little satchels to keep in a basket.
  389. Pumpkin Trio Pincushion Tutorial "Make yourself an adorable pincushion with this quick pumpkin pincushion tutorial! This pumpkin stack would also make great home decor for fall. This would look adorable on a table top or mantel for the fall season and could also make a great gift. I
  390. Push the Envelope Laptop Case Forget about spending a ton of money on a new laptop case and create a custom creation of your own with this Push the Envelope Laptop Case. This easy step-by-step tutorial shows you how to make your own laptop case out of your favorite printed fabric
  391. Quick Pieced Pincushion Tutorial Gather up your fabric scraps and use this Quick Pieced Pincushion Tutorial to make a simple pincushion for your sewing needs. You can learn how to make a pincushion and then make several for friends!
  392. Quilt Squares Sewing Machine Cover You can use your sewing machine to make a project for your sewing machine with the pattern for a Quilt Squares Sewing Machine Cover. The free quilt block pattern is easy to do in an evening.
  393. Quilted Cell Phone Pouch Put your quilting skills to use by making a quilted cell phone pouch, a free, easy sewing pattern to try. You'll never lose your phone again!
  394. Quilted iPad Sleeve If you invest in an iPad or tablet, you want to make sure that it's protected. This Quilted iPad Sleeve will keep your iPad safe and stylish. This tutorial will show you have to make an iPad case out of quilted cotton.
  395. Quilted Lining Laptop Sleeve Make this Quilted Lining Laptop Sleeve as the perfect way to protect your computer. You'll love that you can keep your laptop safe in a personalized and stylish way.
  396. Quilted Notecards Are you interested in both sewing and paper crafts? If so, this free sewing project on how to make your own Quilted Notecards will be right up your alley.
  397. Rainbow Scraps E-Reader Sleeve The Rainbow Scraps E-Reader Sleeve is an adorable carrying case for your snazzy e-reader. Thanks to this DIY e-Reader case, you never have to worry about screen cracks or scratches again!
  398. Recycled Bath Mat Looking for bath towel crafts? The Recycled Bath Mat is a great idea for upcycling and creating something new. Take an old towel you no longer use and make a bath mat from it. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
  399. Recycled Travel Pouch in Minutes You can make a Recycled Travel Pouch in Minutes just by following this simple sewing tutorial. If you've been looking for things to make with towels, this upcycling craft is for you. This beginner craft will hold all of your trip essentials.
  400. Repair Holes Using Fabric Paint "With this tutorial I will show you how to repair those small little holes kids seem to forever be getting in their clothing. Using fabric paint to turn the holes into cute little designs is a great way to extend the life of the garment."
  401. Retro Mini Pocketbook Stay organized in style with this super cute Retro Mini Pocketbook. Here's one free pocketbook sewing pattern that delivers six pockets, a loop for a pen and an expandable closure. All the things you need in a wallet.
  402. Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths All you need to make these Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths is some scrap flannel, thread, and a Swiffer duster handle. Stop spending money buying disposable duster cloths and whip up one of your own!
  403. Reusable Swiffer Sweeper Clean green! The Reusable Swiffer Sweeper is the Earth-friendly solution to all those disposable Swiffer cleaning pads gathering in your trash. Keep your house clean and your wallet happy with this awesome DIY Swiffer tutorial.
  404. Reversible DIY Book Cover Use this Reversible DIY Book Cover tutorial to cover your most cherished and expensive books. This reversible project will make carrying your books a stylish endeavor.
  405. Reversible Laptop Sleeve Pattern Help secure your beloved electronic with this stylish and easy Reversible Laptop Sleeve Pattern. Now when you place your PC in with other items, you do not have to worry about a scratch or other pesky and expensive damages.
  406. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover Make the Reversible Sewing Machine Cover so your sewing machine will always stay looking cute. When you're tired of one side, flip it inside out and expose the other fabric. With two choices this project is definitely worth making.
  407. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial The Reversible Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial will lead you through all the steps of making this useful sewing accessory. Every sewer needs a crafty sewing machine cover, make this reversible project so you'll have two choices in one!
  408. Reversible Tissue Box Cover Tutorial Dress up your tissue box with fun fabric. The Reversible Tissue Box Cover Tutorial will help you make a quick and easy sewing project. Place it over your tissue boxes to show off your sewing skills.
  409. Ric Rac Fabric Flower Tutorial The Ric Rac Fabric Flower Tutorial shows you exactly how to construct a dahlia using ric rac. These funky, little flowers show you exactly how to create an add-on that can add texture to any of your projects.
  410. Ridiculously Easy to Carry iPad Case True, there are tons of adorable iPad cases on the market that would look great over your tablet, but they're pretty tricky to carry. Take a chance on the Ridiculously Easy to Carry iPad Case.
  411. Ring Pincushion Here's an alternative to the pincushion bottlecap. The Ring pincushion is convenient and a cute accessory for your sewing adventures. Why not make your life easier with this free easy sewing pattern.
  412. Roll-Up DIY Cosmetics Bag Instead of just tossing everything into one box or plastic baggy the next time you travel, make this Roll-Up DIY Cosmetics Bag. This easy sewing pattern shows you exactly how to make a travel makeup bag that will keep all your pieces safe and secure.
  413. Rolled Up Needle Carrier If you are looking for an easy project to make that will let you organize and carry your knitting needles wherever you go, this Rolled Up Needle Carrier is just what you are looking for.
  414. Rosalind Russell Make Up Brush Roll It takes a lot of work to be His Girl Friday, and you can bet Rosalind Russell never went anywhere without a team of stylists on call. The Rosalind Russell Make Up Brush Roll allows you to be camera-ready at a moment's notice.
  415. Ruched Fabric Flower Beauty, elegance, and style are all part of this Ruched Fabric Flower. Learn how to sew a fabric flower that will add essential style elements to your DIY home decor or wardrobe.
  416. Ruffled Felt Flower Embellishment This sewing tutorial will show you how to make a Ruffled Felt Flower Embellishment that you can use however you please. Learn how to make a flower out of felt in any colors at all. You can put these flowers on your shoes.
  417. Ruffled Kindle Case Thinking of homemade gift ideas doesn't have to be a hassle anymore. Nowadays, items like this Ruffled Kindle Case are well appreciated by most savvy tech-goers. Learn how to make a cover for a kindle that adds personality to any of those e-readers.
  418. Ruffled Tissue Case Sew this Ruffled Tissue Case to make it easy to travel with tissues on hand. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make a tissue holder that you can store in the car or take on a plane. Look at the tissue holder pattern to see how the case is sewn.
  419. Rustic and Cute Baby Owl Rustic crafts do not always have to be rough and tumble burlap sacks or unfinished wood. This Rustic and Cute Baby Owl craft looks absolutely rustic without looking rugged.
  420. Rustic Burlap DIY Hanging Planter Don't waste money on boring, poor-quality plastic planters. If you're looking for DIY gardening ideas, this Rustic Burlap DIY Hanging Planter is perfect for adding chic beauty to your yard.
  421. Rustic Burlap Vase Add some adorable, rustic elegance to your home with this Rustic Burlap Vase. This easy sewing project will take you under ten minutes to create and is a great way to decorate on a budget.
  422. Safely Secure Travel Fabric Book If you're planning a trip in the near future, you'll want this Safely Secure Travel Fabric Book as a companion. From this excellent tutorial, you can learn how to sew up a pocketbook that will hold your passport, travel checks, money, and more.
  423. Santa's House Pin Cushion Santa's House Pin Cushion is an adorable scrapbusting project that will keep your pins and needles safe while you sew! This DIY pin cushion has a hidden needle case under the roof, so you can keep all your supplies in one place.
  424. School Locker Door Organizer Every student needs a school locker door organizer. Make this felt locker caddy for a lightweight project that can easily adapt for other purposes. As a school locker organizer, this free sewing project will help keep everything in its place.
  425. School Supply Caddy When it's time for the kids to go back to school, make sure you have the proper school supply caddy for them to take with them. This handy pouch will help keep their pens and pencils organized for school. It's a free easy sewing pattern the kids will
  426. Scrapbuster: A Trio of Quick Sewing Projects "Sew a trio of scrap buster project. Sew a seat belt for your purse. Sew a cord keeper for all the cords in your house. And sew a tie-on luggage tag."
  427. Scrapbusting Fabric Organizer You've got to keep your fabric scraps somewhere. Why not use your scraps to organize your scraps? The Scrapbusting Fabric Organizer is an awesome way to use up spare fabric and keep your sewing room organized.
  428. Scrappy Armrest Pincushion Tutorial Get organized with this Scrappy Armrest Pincushion Tutorial. This great sewing room design idea is one of many pincushion patterns that will allow you to sew from the comfort of your favorite chair.
  429. Scrappy DIY Guitar Strap This quick, easy sewing project utilizes the extra fabric scraps you already have on hand. The scrap-busting sewing pattern can be completely customized to suit the unique tastes of any musician.
  430. Scrappy Fabric Baskets Use scrap fabric to store scrap fabric! These Scrappy Fabric Baskets are a thrifty way to utilize leftover materials to create storage and organization in your sewing room.
  431. Scrappy Fabric Flower Put your pile of fabric scraps to a fun and floral use. Sew this Scrappy Fabric Flower using any fabric scraps you have leftover from other sewing projects. These flowers can be sewn onto anything to add a little embellishment. There are plenty of wa
  432. Scrappy Felt iPad Cover Ready to make the best iPad cover ever? The Scrappy Felt iPad Cover is an easy sewing tutorial that will help you protect and decorate your favorite new toy.
  433. Scrappy Little Snake Whether you are just looking for a quick project to use to teach your kids how to sew or need a stocking stuffer for an animal-loving kiddo, this Scrappy Little Snake is the perfect five-minute craft for you to make this afternoon.
  434. Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial Looking for a way to use up some of your fabric scraps? Here's a great project that calls for small amounts of fabric you already have in your craft collection. Follow the Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial.
  435. Scrappy Patchwork Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial Storing plastic bags has never been easier! You can use your fabric scraps and leftovers to follow this Scrappy Patchwork Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial. This plastic bag holder pattern is beautiful and a great storage solution.
  436. Scrunched Fabric Flower This Scrunched Fabric Flower is the perfect project to sew because it is versatile and it can be used for any number of purposes. Follow along with this free flower pattern, and think about all the different ways you can use this homemade creation.
  437. Scrunchy Strap Sleeping Mask You can sew Scrunchy Strap Sleeping Mask to minimize disruptions and help you get your full 8 hours of sleep. Check out the tutorial to learn how to make an eye mask that will block out the lights and sun and let you sleep.
  438. Sew a Gorgeous Set of Pattern Weights Every sewist needs a great set of pattern weights for their big and bulky projects. So, why not make your own DIY pattern weights with your sewing skills?
  439. Sew an Easy Binder Cover Customize your work or school binder with this tutorial on how to Sew an Easy Binder Cover. Using fabric, you can create your own binder cover to cover an old binder that you don't like anymore.
  440. Sew Delightful Perfume Satchet Follow along with these simple instructions to learn how how to make this Sew Delightful Perfume Satchet. This felt craft tutorial is perfect for anyone looking to bust their pile of scrap felt pieces and make something they'll truly love.
  441. Sew Easy Hand Stitched Envelopes For a cool, simple way to embellish and personalize cards, check out the Sew Easy Hand Stitched Envelopes. Use this free, easy sewing pattern to make special thank you cards or invites. They only take a few stitches to complete!
  442. Sew Stylish Pincushion Here's a free pincushion pattern for a sew stylish pincushion that fits around your wrist like a corsage. Use silk flowers for extra style!
  443. Sew Your Own Boat Not for your average DIYer, this Sew Your Own Boat tutorial is a DIY wonder you have to see to believe. Complete with detailed instructions and a video to help you along the way, this craft shows you exactly how to create your very own one-person boa
  444. Sewing Caddy Tote around all your sewing supplies with this cute Sewing Caddy. With pockets for all your needles and scissors this simple sewing project is a great way to stay organized. It's a stylish way to store all your sewing tools.
  445. Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial Even your sewing machine needs a little flair so why not make something to cover it up when you're not using it? Follow the Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial to make this cute sewing project.
  446. Sewing Patterns for Organizers: 26 Fabric Baskets, Boxes, and Storage Use your sewing skills to sew a fabric box, basket, or other containers. Whether you want storage and organization for your sewing supplies or various craft items or you need extra storage around the home or for the kids, this page is full of sewing patterns for organizers that can help you out.
  447. Sewing Room Filing Pockets One of the hardest parts of keeping your sewing room organized is finding more space for storage! These Sewing Room Filing Pockets solve that problem without taking up floor space.
  448. Sewing Sausage Roll The basics of sewing start with the right equipment. This Sewing Sausage Roll will prove an invaluable friend during your sewing adventures because of its practicality.
  449. Sewist's Little Helper Make your sewing life so much easier with just half an hour and some itty bitty projects. The Sewist's Little Helper includes two patterns that are going to help you organize your sewing life in no time.
  450. Shopping List and Coupon Holder Tutorial "Are you fumbling around for your coupons while your shopping list disappears under your groceries? Would you rather be more organized without going to a lot of effort? Well, this is your solution and you can make it yourself in a couple of hours wit
  451. Simple 30 Minute Fabric Baskets Keep your yarn, sewing tools, and precut fabric organized and handy with these Simple 30 Minute Fabric Baskets. Taking only half an hour to make, these DIY fabric baskets are quick and easy sewing projects that are perfect for keeping your sewing roo
  452. Simple DIY Sewing Machine Cover This Simple DIY Sewing Machine Cover can be created from any fabric, takes no time at all, and is super cute. This would make a great gift for a crafting friend or a fun afternoon project to create for your own machine.
  453. Simple Hexie Pincushion "Here is a great beginner tutorial to make a simple pincushion! It uses EPP, which is done by hand, and perfect for beginners. It only takes 17 hexies, which is a perfect weekend project to try out EPP without making an entire quilt."
  454. Simple Laptop Sleeve Laptop sleeves and cases can be so boring in the stores. Why not try this free sewing project to make your own simple laptop sleeve, and protect your laptop in style?
  455. Singing in the Rain Umbrella Add some whimsy to a rainy day with this Singing in the Rain Umbrella. You can make this easy sewing project by adding some beaded trim to any umbrella. This cute umbrella embellishment also makes for a unique, yet practical gift.
  456. Sinus Presser Destroyer No matter if you are suffering from seasonal allergies or laid up at home with a horrible cold, this Sinus Presser Destroyer is going to be your new best friend. Make this project before seasonal allergies strike or create it as part of a get well so
  457. Sleep Mask Catch a few extra winks with a homemade sleep mask. Use this free, easy sewing pattern to make one for yourself or give as a gift to Mom or a friend.
  458. Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion This Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion isn't just the cutest pincushion pattern ever. It'll also be the best piece of sewing room decor you'll ever own, period!
  459. Sniffle Monster Tissue Pack With spring coming up, spring allergies are going to come to get us in full blast. Fight your sniffles with his adorable, easy sewing project. The Sniffle Monster Tissue Pack would be a great gift for a little one who is fighting a cold.
  460. Sofa Caddy The days of searching for the remote are over because with the Sofa Caddy you'll always be able to find it. Sew this wonderful project and hang it over the sofa to help organize your things. It's a fun project to make and use.
  461. Soft Pretzel DIY Pincushion Add some sweetness to your next sewing project with this whimsical DIY pincushion that we can't get enough of! This Soft Pretzel DIY Pincushion is a charming way to add a little fun and organization to your sewing room.
  462. Spa Day Comfort Pack Take a little vacation after a long day of work with the Spa Day Comfort Pack. This sewing tutorial will show you how to make a DIY ice pack or DIY hot pack - it can be either one depending on your need! You can heat this comfort pack...
  463. Space-Saving Travel Organizer Before you embark on your next vacation, you absolutely need to create a Space-Saving Travel Organizer. This insanely clever pattern shows you have to make a travel organizer that packs and collapses perfect into your luggage.
  464. Spearmint DIY Hand Warmers These lovely little Spearmint DIY Hand Warmers are the perfect way to keep your fingers toasty during the cold gales of winter. When the mercury starts to drop, it's easy to warm up your hands with just a few dollars and a few extra minutes.
  465. Squirrel's Picnic You are going to go nuts for this adorable little corny craft. Fall in love with the autumn season when you make this free mug rug pattern! The Squirrels Picnic Mug Rug is so cute that you are going to want to make one for everyone in your life.
  466. Storybook Needle Case Once upon a time, there was a sewist who kept losing her needs and pins. What was she to do? Make this wonderful Storybook Needle case, of course! This sewing needle case tutorial will teach you how to put together a super easy needle case.
  467. Strawberry Pincushion This adorable Strawberry Pincushion is an easy sewing project that is cute and functional. Use this pincushion sewing pattern to make this petite berry that's perfect for marking your tools. Make them for yourself and all your sewing friends!
  468. Strawberry Pincushion Scrap Buster This Strawberry Pincushion Scrap Buster project is extremely simple, and it packs a sweet punch! Use up all your favorite scraps in no time.
  469. Strawberry Pincushion Tutorial Every sewist needs a good pincushion. Use this free pincushion pattern to make a lovely summertime project - it's handy and useful too. The Strawberry Pincushion Tutorial will walk you through every step!
  470. Striped Tee Necklace This project makes wardrobe refashioning a breeze. This Striped Tee Necklace is a super easy upcyclying project that requires no sewing! If you have an old striped shirt and a pair of scissors, you can make this necklace.
  471. Stripey Zippered Pouch Make your little one an extra special Stripey Zippered Pouch to bring to school this fall. Made out of scrap fabric and sewing floss, you can easily create this DIY bag in any color scheme you can dream up.
  472. Summer Strawberry Pincushion Pattern If you're dying for the start of summer, perhaps this Summer Strawberry Pincushion Pattern will sate your appetite. Free pincushion patterns like this one are great if you have a taste for a quick and easy sewing project.
  473. Super Fast Passport Holder Get ready to travel the world when you make this Super Fast Passport Holder! The easy sewing project will help keep your passport ready for an adventure.
  474. Super Sewing DIY Organizer This Super Sewing DIY Organizer is the perfect case to create to help manage your sewing supplies. If you are in the market for homemade gift ideas, these would make thoughtful gifts for all your sewing comrades.
  475. Surprising Top 100 Sewing Project Ideas of 2014: Free Skirt Patterns, Dress Patterns, and More Filled with everything from easy beginner sewing projects to scrap fabric projects, "Surprising Top 100 Sewing Project Ideas of 2014: Free Skirt Patterns, Dress Patterns, and More" has everything under the sun.
  476. Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Pattern With this Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Pattern, youll be living the dream every night. This eye mask pattern will give you a taste of what its like to hibernate. Instead of sleeping through the winter, you'll be sleeping through the night.
  477. Swirly Binder Cover Sewing Pattern "Show off your free motion quilting skills with this free motion quilted binder cover. Can be adapted to make a notebook cover."
  478. Tablet Envelope in Waxcloth Worried about your electronics getting wet? This Tablet Envelope in Waxcloth will allow you to take your tablet or phone to the beach or pool without the worry of getting it wet. Adjust the size of this DIY case to the size of your tablet or device.
  479. Tailor's Ham and Sausage Free Pattern "A tailor's ham is a tool used to press curved seams, while the sausage, aka, a sleeve pressing roll, is used for sleeve seams. This is also a challenge where you can make your pressing tools as amazing as possible and then share it onto social media
  480. Take Anywhere Tissue Cover It's tough to have a busy schedule while being sick, which is why the Take Anywhere Tissue Cover is a must-have for anyone on the go. Use the free bag patterns to make custom packs for everyone in your home to make sure they're prepared.
  481. Tear Drop Clothes Pin Bag The wonderful thing about the Tear Drop Clothes Pin Bag tutorial is that it's simple and easy to follow. No matter what your sewing level, you can create a handmade clothespin bag with help from this lovely project idea.
  482. Teensy Bottlecap Pin Cushion Pattern Searching for recycled craft ideas? Look no further than this Teensy Bottlecap Pin Cushion Pattern. This easy sewing project uses recycled bottlecaps to create the cutest pin cushions you'll ever see.
  483. Ten Minute Wallet The Ten Minute Wallet is a free wallet pattern that will take you no time and save you a ton. Whether you are looking to replace your old wallet or just want another way to organize things in your messy purse, this is the pattern for you.
  484. The Art of Sewing Flowers: 4 Ways to Make Fabric Flowers To avoid wilted flowers in your home, check out The Art of Sewing Flowers: 4 Ways to Make Fabric Flowers. These fabric flower tutorials will enable you to spruce up your DIY home decor and sewn accessories.
  485. The Car Organizer How To De-cluttering your car may seem like a daunting task, but following The Car Organizer How To makes it simple. Create a handy over the seat car organizer and you'll never have to worry about your belongings rolling around in your backseat again.
  486. The Curling Iron Tote Every traveling girl needs one of these! The Curling Iron Tote will keep your hot hair tool from damaging your other belongings. It's also great for protecting your iron when you're in-route. Follow this tutorial for how to make a curling iron cover.
  487. The Easiest Velcro Straps You'll Ever Make "How to make the easiest Velcro straps. These Velcro straps are reusable, adjustable and super quick to make. These straps can be multi purpose: they are excellent for cords and cables, and nicely bundle up that hair dryer cord when travelling."
  488. The Ultimate Beach Blanket Tutorial "A beach bag makes it an easy target, when leaving unattended. A multi purpose beach blanket was my solution."
  489. Thumb Pincushion Wondering how to make a pincushion? This is one of those great easy beginner sewing projects to help get your sewing career started. Every seamstress needs a pincushion and a Thumb Pincushion will help keep projects moving.
  490. Tidy Roll-Up DIY Organizers These Tidy Roll-Up DIY Organizers are simply perfect in every way. They look like cute little bundles on the outside, but hidden on the inside are handy plastic pouches.
  491. Tie-Dye Homemade Hand Warmers Tie-dyeing doesn't have to be a summer-only project! Learn a new technique with this tutorial for Tie-Dye Homemade Hand Warmers.
  492. Tissue Pouch Tutorial Get out the cute fabric and get to sewing because once you start following the Tissue Pouch Tutorial you'll want to make several. A travel tissue holder is cute as a little gift and handy for anyone on the go.
  493. Tissue Pouches Learn how to make a tissue pouch with this easy sewing project. These DIY tissue pouches are perfect for keeping in your purse, car, desk, or night stand.
  494. Toadstool Wrist Pincushion Tutorial Design a gift that's charming and practical with this DIY wrist pincushion tutorial! This tutorial for how to make a wrist pincushion has a printable template.
  495. Toilet Paper Holder Are you looking for an innovative way to stash that extra roll of toilet paper? Check out this great Toilet Paper Holder tutorial.
  496. Too Cool for Spool Mug Rugs Learn how to quilt adorable free mug rug patterns or a small wall quilt when you sew up these Too Cool for Spool Mug Rugs. This adorable free quilting pattern use the paper-piecing technique and is going to make a great accessory for you home.
  497. Toothbrush Travel Sewing Idea Keep all your oral hygiene products safe and sound with the Toothbrush Travel Sewing Idea. Created from a washcloth, this insanely clever travel sewing idea can be sewn up in a matter of minutes and it can hold the every single one of your family mem
  498. Top 100 Free Sewing Patterns of 2016 The results are in and AllFreeSewing is so thrilled to bring you your favorite sewing patterns and tutorials of 2016! This list of the Top 100 Free Sewing Patterns of 2016 has literally everything a sewist could dream of.
  499. Tortilla Cozy Tutorial Warm up your tortillas with this cool idea! Follow the Tortilla Cozy Tutorial and you'll end up with a project that allows everyone to sit down and enjoy the meal together. No one has to be the tortilla flipper!
  500. Touch of Downton Pillow Impress your mom or grandma with your old-school style when you create this Touch of Downton Pillow for her. Sew this little pillow up in her favorite color and fill it with her favorite scent for an extra personal gift. She is sure to love it.
  501. Touch of Flair Notebook Find some bright fabric you love, take five minutes, and make the Touch of Flair Notebook. By adding a ruffle to your already-created notebook cover, it will stand out from all the rest.
  502. Travel DIY iPhone Case This Travel DIY iPhone Case will do wonders for your travel organization. Easily carrying your phone, cords, charger, and other accessories, you will easily be able to stow all of your important phone gadgets in one place.
  503. Travel DIY Makeup Organizer This cute Travel DIY Makeup Organizer is the perfect way to transport all those important and messy pieces. Everything has its own place in the bag. Plus, it rolls up, making it easy to pack.
  504. Travel Earring Organizer The travel earring organizer is the perfect accessory for weekends away. Easily find the pair of earrings you're looking for and ditch the plastic bag you usually throw them in. This handy travel earring holder is both cute and useful.
  505. Travel Toothbrush Holder All you need are a couple wash cloths and some ribbon to make this Travel Toothbrush Holder. It's an easy sewing project that takes only 10 minutes to make! Great for traveling, this DIY toothbrush holder also makes a thoughtful and practical gift.
  506. Trendy Travel Pocket This Trendy Travel Pocket is ideal for long or short trips. You can create it to store just about anything you need to bring along on your vacation. The flat design would work really well to store passports, boarding passes, and other important docum
  507. Triangle Fabric Weights "Make your own weights for sewing with this 10 minute fabric weights tutorial. Perfect for skipping pins when tracing your patterns but cute enough to use as home decor!"
  508. Two in One Organizer Cover You'll never forget your planner again if you dress it up in a Two in One Organizer Cover. Any sewist can benefit from checking out the technique used in this easy sewing pattern for a reversible cover.
  509. Ultimate Knitting Needle Organizer Knitting may be your specialty, but you'll want to start some sewing DIY projects once you see this Ultimate Knitting Needle Organizer. The craft instructions will teach you how to make a device that stores your needles in convenient pockets.
  510. Unbelievably Easy Book Cover This Unbelievably Easy Book Cover lives up to its name. Learn how to make a DIY book cover that is simple and won't take a lot of time. Fabric book covers aren't merely for aesthetic purposes.
  511. Under the Sink DIY Organizer Things around your house can get crazy, but you'll never be embarrassed by a mess when you make the Under the Sink DIY Organizer. This DIY organizer you'll have everything in its proper place and easily found when it's needed.
  512. Upcycled T-Shirt Into Stadium Cushion The Upcycled T-Shirt Into Stadium Cushion project is perfect for sports fans. Use this stadium seat pattern to turn an old T-shirt into a useful cushion you can bring to all the games. Stop sitting on the cold bleachers and start cheering for your te
  513. Vegan Dish and Utensil Tags Here's a clever way to keep Vegan or other special diet dishes marked as such. You can use this free sewing pattern to create cute, washable tags. These are great for family get togethers and potluck parties.
  514. Vera Bradley-Inspired Jewelry Organizer Keep your favorite jewelry organized and untangled with a quick and simple sewing project that adds a pop of color to your walls or door. This Vera Bradley-Inspired Jewelry Organizer is the best way to show off your jewelry while keeping everything i
  515. Very Hexie Needle Book "This needle book tutorial is a great introduction to so many different sewing and quilting skills it would be an ideal project for a beginner who wants have a go at a variety of techniques..."
  516. Vintage Golf Club Head Covers for Dad Golf club head covers are in high demand during the Spring and Summer. This year make sure the golfer in your life looks like a pro on the course with the Vintage Golf Club Covers for Dad. Great father's day present, of course!
  517. Vintage Placemat to Clothespin Bag From vintage to brand new, this sewing project will really be useful to you. The Vintage Placemat to Clothespin Bag is thrifty and helpful. Hang it outside and keep your clothespins together in this cute bag.
  518. Vintage Sewn Notecard Mix your love of sewing and quilting with your affinity for paper crafting with these easy, free sewing projects. Make a vintage sewn notecard to give to a friend or loved one!
  519. Vinyl Notebook Cover For a fun craft, sew together a Vinyl Notebook Cover. You can creatively cover all of your notebooks and make some as gifts. It's a cheap and easy way to dress up an ordinary notebook.
  520. Vinyl Storage Pouch With these Vinyl Storage Pouches, you'll be able to see at a glance what's inside! This DIY organizer is perfect for those tiny items that never seem to have a place.
  521. Waiting-in-the-Car Applique Circle You know the feeling of total boredom when you're waiting somewhere and have nothing to do. Thanks to this simple sewing project, the Waiting-in-the-Car Applique Circle, you won't ever be bored again.
  522. Wall Organizer Tutorial Make and hang this awesome organizer on the wall so you can finally de-clutter your home! It's a cute and creative way to organize your belongings. Let the Wall Organizer Tutorial help you make this useful sewn project.
  523. Wall Pocket Organizer You'll be surprised how easily you can get organized. All it takes is a project like the Wall Pocket Organizer to set you in the right direction. This sewing organizer pattern requires little sewing and includes a video tutorial to lead you through e
  524. Warm Hearts Coffee Cozy Pattern Coffee cozies make great homemade gift ideas for friends and family. The Warm Hearts Coffee Cozy Pattern says "I love you!" in a truly unique way. Plus, it will keep your coffee (and your heart) warm for quite some time! Make one today.
  525. Washable Bin Liner "Learn how to make your own bin liner with PUL and cotton."
  526. Waxcloth Folders "This is a simple yet useful item to help you stay organized and to give your desk a unique look that is sure to draw comments! Use laminate and ribbon to make a folder to hold your current paperwork and "to do's" in an hour or so..."
  527. Wedding Cake Pincushion Looking for adorable pin cushion patterns? This Wedding Cake Pincushion combines felt sewing projects with embroidery patterns. You'll want to eat your cake pincushion right up!
  528. Weekend in the City Jewelry Roll So you're headed out of the town for the weekend. Obviously you can't leave without your favorite accessories! Let this free sewing pattern be of some assistance. Make the Weekend in the City Jewelry Roll to easily transport your stuff.
  529. What Free Sewing Pattern Should You Make Next? The life of a sewist can be a tough one. One of the hardest parts? Picking a free sewing pattern to make! Thats why we are going to do that for you.
  530. What's Your Sewing Personality? When it comes to making free sewing patterns, we all have our quirks and our preferences. Want to know what your sewing personality might be? Take our quiz. Just answer the following questions and we will tell you. Plus, there are patterns for sewing
  531. Whimsical Felt Slippers Tutorial Forget about cold toes and keep your feet warm with these DIY slippers! This winter sewing tutorial shows you how to make slippers out of felt and fleece.
  532. Wine Parka Give the gift of wine and learn how to wrap wine like a pro when you make this adorable and fun Wine Park. Complete with a zipper and insulation, this wine bottle bag will keep your wine gift fresh while upping the ante on its presentation in minutes
  533. Wine Tote Pattern Free wine sack sewing projects aren't easy to find but with this wine tote pattern, you can create a lovely tote that's perfect for carrying wine. Whether you're headed to a party or using it as a hostess gift, fabric wine bags are a great accessory.
  534. Wink of Pink DIY Laptop Sleeve Protect your computer in pink and keep it pretty with this easy-to-follow Wink of Pink DIY Laptop Sleeve tutorial. This cute, girly pattern will do an excellent job of keeping your computer safe.
  535. Wise Owl Accessory Holder As far as pin cushions go, the Wise Owl Accessory Holder is pretty incredible. Learn how to make a pin cushion that does more than just hold your loose needles. This DIY pin cushion holds scissors, seam rippers, pencils and more.
  536. Wonderful Wine Bottle Gift Bags Nobody would turn down these Wonderful Wine Bottle Gift Bags- or the gift inside of them. Learn how to make DIY gift bags that are truly unique from others. This easy-to-make sewing project will yield an elegant cozy for a bottle of bubbly.
  537. Work It Out iPod Armband You may be thinking about new and creative homemade gift ideas. If so, you're in luck because we are featuring this Work It Out iPod Armband. Nowadays, everyone has either a smart phone or an iPod and their workouts demand these accessories.
  538. Wrist Corsage Tutorial For special occasions, a lovely corsage is the perfect accessory to really add flair to your outfit. By following the Wrist Corsage Tutorial, you can make your own corsage for the upcoming event. Pick your own flowers and ribbons to fit your style.
  539. Wrist Pincushion Pin cushion patterns give you the chance to create a unique pincushion for your work space. Needles in your mouth can get old, so try out the Wrist Pincushion, decorated however you please for a stress free sewing adventure.
  540. Wrist Watch Pincushion Looking for a fun, free pincushion pattern? This Wrist Watch Pincushion is a fantastic spin on an old sewing necessity. Use your creative juices to eliminate the mess of needles and quicken your sewing time.
  541. Yo Yo Pattern Weights With just a few materials, you can make these cute Yo Yo Pattern Weights. Lay them down over your patten to keep it in place. Make your own pattern weights so your sewing experience is D.I.Y. from start to finish!
  542. Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover Keep your iPad safe in style with this Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover. Using easy quilting techniques, this lovely little cover is padded, making it extra safe for your precious tablet.
  543. Zipper Fun: Sew in a Zipper With These 6 Free Sewing Patterns eBook If youve always wanted to learn how to sew on a zipper, this is the eBook for you! Coats and Clark delivers an eBook full of simple project ideas that are sure to inspire you to jazz up your projects with zippers.
  544. Zippered Laptop Sleeve This zippered laptop sleeve is covered in girly ruffles and a fabric flower. Use these free sewing craft patterns to design your own, and you can tote your laptop in style.
  545. Zippy Wine Bottle Cover When it comes to free wine sack sewing projects, you won't find one more festive than this glitzy pattern. Featuring a metallic fashion zipper and red velvet material, this free wine tote pattern makes a perfect holiday gift.
  546. Zombies, Cupcakes, and Turtles Pin Cushions This sewing tutorial is 3 free sewing projects in one! Learn how to make zombies, cupcakes, and turtles pin cushions with these simple pincushion sewing patterns.

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