1. Bedding Make your own bedding with sewing tutorials that will teach you how to make a duvet cover. For the DIY home decor style, check out the best sewing patterns on the web.
  2. Sewn Pillows Use these free pillow patterns to decorate your home the thrifty way. Learn how to sew pillows and pillow covers that will look great both inside and outside your home.
  3. Sewn Wall Decor Decorate your walls with free sewing tutorials. Sewn wall decorations are unique and trendy.
  4. Window Treatments Learn how to sew curtains and find tutorials for home made curtains. You'll find great instructions on how to make curtains and more of the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  5. Baby Blankets Learn how to make a baby blanket for your little one. You can learn how to sew a blanket with the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  6. Bibs and Burp Cloths Looking for tips on how to make baby's bib? With these free baby bib patterns you'll be confident in making them.
  7. Nursery Decor Decorating the nursery can be very exciting. Use some DIY ideas to create nursery bedding and nursery decor.
  8. Sewn Baby Clothes These free tutorials will show you how to make homemade baby clothes, including ideas for baby pants and free baby dress patterns. With these free sewing projects, you'll have the best-dressed baby in town.
  9. Sewn Hair Accessories Sew for hair with ideas for sewn hair accessories. Learn how to make a headband and more.
  10. Christmas Gifts Looking for great craft ideas for Christmas gifts? Check out the Christmas craft sewing patterns found here. For fun Christmas craft ideas, these ones can't be beat.
  11. Christmas Home Dec It's time to decorate your home for Christmas! Use the free Christmas sewing patterns found here to really spruce up the place for the holidays. Christmas sewing projects are festive and fun.
  12. Sewn Ornaments Make Christmas ornaments to decorate your tree using these free tutorials. You and your family will love making Christmas decorations to hang on your tree.
  13. Sewn Stockings If you've always wondered how to sew Christmas stockings, check out these free sewing projects and make your own Christmas stocking.
  14. Tree Skirts Sew a Christmas tree skirt pattern this holiday season and you'll be ready to put up your tree.
  15. Wearables Make clothes you can wear for Christmas this year. Check out the easy DIY Christmas crafts we offer here.
  16. 4th of July Projects Make great 4th of July projects with any of these holiday sewing patterns. If you're looking for holiday crafts you'll love these simple holiday craft ideas.
  17. Easter Projects Find easter projects to sew with these free patterns for sewn easter projects. Easter sewing projects are fun and simple. Find the best free sewing patterns on the web.
  18. Halloween Projects Find Halloween craft ideas from all over the web, from homemade Halloween decorations to DIY costumes. These craft ideas for Halloween are just what you need to get in the spooky spirit.
  19. Jewish Holiday Projects Give your latkes, matzo, and kneidlach a crafty touch with these Jewish holiday crafts. Find ideas for Hanukkah crafts, Passover crafts, and more from all over the web.
  20. St. Patrick's Day Projects Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with holiday sewing patterns.
  21. Thanksgiving Projects Thanskgiving crafts are just what you need to get your family in the spirit of showing gratitude. Learn how to sew a Thanksgiving table decoration and other crafty projects.
  22. Valentine's Day Projects Spread the love on Valentine's Day by sewing. Check out these free tutorials for Valentine's Day crafts, including ideas for gifts and decorations.
  23. Fall Projects Fall projects are fun and festive. Find the best fall craft ideas on the web.
  24. Spring Projects Find great sewing ideas including spring crafts, sewing ideas for spring garments, easy spring crafts and more.
  25. Summer Projects Find free summer projects to sew including summer crafts for girls, summer fun crafts and summer craft ideas.
  26. Winter Projects Find free winter projects to sew including easy winter crafts, fun winter crafts for kids and more. Follow these free sewing patterns for great instruction and successful sewing.
  27. Chair Slipcovers Instead of paying for expensive furniture, use your sewing skills. The chair slipcover patterns and sofa slipcover patterns found here can help.
  28. Sewn Placemats and Napkins Set your table with these easy sewing projects. Learn how to sew napkins and placemats for any occasion. You'll find ideas for holiday table settings as well as tutorials for everyday needs.
  29. Sewn Table Runners Find free table runner patterns here including quilt table runner patterns, Christmas table runner patterns and more. Learn how to make table runners with some of the best ideas out there.
  30. Sewn Tablecloths
  31. Book Reviews See our reviews of popular craft books.
  32. Product Reviews Popular craft products reviewed.
  33. Hand Embroidery Patterns Learn how to hand embroider with these free hand embroidery patterns. Find hand stitch embroidery patterns you can make and personalize.
  34. Machine Embroidery Patterns Use these free machine embroidery patterns to create lovely one-of-a-kind projects. Find embroidery machine tips and machine embroidery projects you'll love.


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  14. 15 Minute Tissue Box Cover
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  16. 20 Minute Clothespin Bag
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  29. 3 Ways to Embellish Your Scarf
  30. 30 Minute Knitting Needle Case
  31. 30 Minute Sleep Mask Pattern
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  36. 4 Strip Pencil Sleeve
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  43. 4th of July Bunting
  44. 5 Minute DIY Bookmark
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  48. 6 Step iPod Sleeve
  49. 600+ Fabric-Specific DIY Sewing Projects
  50. 8 Awesome DIY Organizers: Sewing Organizer Tutorials eBook
  51. 8 Special Presents to Sew: Gift Ideas They'll Love
  52. A Lovely Pincushion from a Mayonnaise Jar Lid
  53. Achoo Tissue Packet
  54. Adjustable Water Bottle Bag
  55. Adorable Scrap Fabric Basket Organizers
  56. Airplane Friendly Mini Sewing Kit
  57. AllFreeSewing's 100 Best Patterns of 2018
  58. Almost No Sew Ring Display Case
  59. Amazing DIY Wire Taco
  60. American Girl Doll Skirt Pattern
  61. Apple a Day Pincushion Pattern
  62. Arm Band Pouch
  63. Aromatherapy Eye Mask Pattern
  64. Aromatic Heat Pack with Belt Tutorial
  65. Art Deco Mug Rug Pattern and Sleeve
  66. Bath Towel Spa Slippers
  67. Battery Bandolier
  68. Beaded Bedroom DIY Runner
  69. Beaded Bib Necklace Tutorial
  70. Bedside Pocket Organizer Tutorial
  71. Best of National Sewing Month 2017
  72. Best of National Sewing Month 2018
  73. Bias Fabric Flowers Tutorial
  74. Bicycle Bucket
  75. Binder Pouch Tutorial
  76. Bitty Bug Pincushion
  77. Book Cover with Pockets
  78. Bottlecap Pincushion
  79. Brr! Draft Blocker
  80. Buddy Holly DIY Glasses Case
  81. Budget-Friendly Door Draft Stopper
  82. Button Bib Necklace
  83. Cad-a-Log Firewood Carrier
  84. Camera Strap and Ipod Case
  85. Camera Strap Cover Tutorial
  86. Candy-Storing Carrot
  87. Car Caddy
  88. Car CD Holder Tutorial
  89. Car Craft Caddy
  90. Car Visor DIY Organizer
  91. Celebrate National Sewing Month
  92. Chapstick Sewn Key Chain
  93. Cheap Fabric Box Tutorial
  94. Check and Plaid Cross Stitch Bookmarks
  95. Chic Fabric Envelope Gift Wrap
  96. Chic Little DIY IPhone Cases
  97. Chicken Fabric Weights
  98. Child's Sewing Kit
  99. Circular Knitting Needle Case
  100. Clever Beach Blanket Pattern
  101. Cloth Laptop Case
  102. Clothespin Bag Tutorial
  103. Coffee Cozy With Button
  104. Coffee Sleeve Printable Pattern
  105. Color Burst Key Cover Pattern
  106. Colorful Card Holder
  107. Colorful Laptop Sleeve
  108. Combined Crafts DIY Fabric Flower
  109. Comfy and Secure Jogging Armband
  110. Comfy Pillow DIY Bed
  111. Composition Book Cover
  112. Convenient Business Card Holder
  113. Cool Car Caddy Straps On To Headrest
  114. Cosmetic Bag
  115. Coupon Clutch
  116. Cozy Slippers Tutorial
  117. Craft Storage Case
  118. Crayon Storage Roll-Up
  119. Creative Mug DIY Organizer
  120. Cuddly Critter Homemade Heating Pad
  121. Cupcake Wrist Pincushion
  122. Curvy Fabric Gift Card Holder
  123. Customized Needle Book
  124. Cute Ruffled Needlecase
  125. Dad's Tie to Gadget Case
  126. Dandy DIY Thimble
  127. Darling Denim Fabric Flower Tutorial
  128. Darling Doily DIY Pincushion
  129. Darling Dragon Water Bottle Cover
  130. Decluttering Your Home: 26 Ideas to Sew DIY Organizers, Boxes, and More
  131. Denim DIY Door Organizer
  132. Designer Knockoffs: 26 DIY Anthropologie Clothes & Decor
  133. Dirndl Clothespin Bag
  134. DIY Bath Mat With Pockets
  135. DIY Beach Chair Pocket
  136. DIY Bike Bag
  137. DIY Bike Basket
  138. DIY Button and String Card Trick
  139. DIY Car Sun Shade
  140. DIY Clothing Labels
  141. DIY Craft Room Organizer
  142. DIY Custom Slippers
  143. DIY Desert Cactus Pincushion
  144. DIY Dryer Top Ironing Pad
  145. DIY Fabric Bookmarks with Felt Circles
  146. DIY Fabric Covered Buttons
  147. DIY Fabric Gift Tags
  148. DIY Fabric Labels
  149. DIY Fabric Planter
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  155. DIY iPad Stand
  156. DIY Ipod Armband Case
  157. DIY Ironing Board Cover
  158. DIY Ironing Glove
  159. DIY Makeup Brush Roll
  160. DIY Mousepad
  161. DIY Neoprene Thumb Splint
  162. DIY Panty Liners
  163. DIY Phone Charger Holder
  164. DIY Plastic Bag Holder Pattern
  165. DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads
  166. DIY Rice Eye Mask
  167. DIY Rice Heating Pad
  168. DIY Ruffle Garland
  169. DIY Sanitary Pads
  170. DIY Shaving Cream Can Cozy
  171. DIY Wall Pocket Organizer
  172. DIY Washable Duster
  173. DIY Water Bottle Sling
  174. DIY Yoga Mat
  175. DIY-licious Pin Cushion Pattern
  176. Doily Pin Cushion
  177. Door Organizer
  178. Drawstring Mason Jar Crafts
  179. Drink Coaster Tutorial
  180. Durable DIY Camera Strap
  181. E-Reader Cover
  182. Easy Breezy Pattern Weights
  183. Easy DIY Sleep Mask
  184. Easy Laminated Shower Cap
  185. Easy Pattern Weights
  186. Easy Sew Pencil Pouch
  187. Easy Snack Bags
  188. Easy Soft Photo Album for Babies
  189. Easy to Make Pin Cushion
  190. Eiffel Tower Smart Phone Cover
  191. Electronics Cozy
  192. Enchanting Chai Sachet
  193. Envelope It
  194. Excellent iPhone Case Pattern
  195. Exercise Pedometer Armband
  196. Extended Key Fob Plus
  197. Fabric Basket Tutorial
  198. Fabric Book Cover
  199. Fabric Corner Bookmarks
  200. Fabric Document Envelope
  201. Fabric Flower Holder
  202. Fabulous DIY Tissue Box Cover
  203. Fabulous Fabric Flower Tutorials: 7 Ways to Learn How to Make Fabric Flowers eBook
  204. Fat Quarter Fabric Basket
  205. Faux Chenille Mug Mat
  206. Faux Leather Glasses Case Tutorial
  207. Fave Fabric Book Cover
  208. Felt & Fleece Laptop Sleeve
  209. Felt Award Show Photo Props
  210. Felt Cell Phone Case
  211. Felt Cell Phone Envelope
  212. Felt Flower Tutorial
  213. Felt Organizers Set
  214. Felt Pencil Case
  215. Feminine DIY iPhone Case
  216. Fine Fedora Hat
  217. First Aid Kit Sewing Pattern
  218. Five Point Pincushion
  219. Flat Pack Travel Tray
  220. Fold-Out Bow Box
  221. Fox Teepee, Baby Quilt with Pom Poms, Pillows
  222. Framed Office Supply Holder
  223. Free Knitting Needle Case
  224. Free Photo Pocket Flag Bunting Tutorial
  225. French Desk Set Basket Liner
  226. Fringed Heart Cushion
  227. Fun with Felt: 25 Felt Sewing Projects
  228. Funky DIY Ironing Board
  229. Game Board Mug Mat
  230. Garden Bucket Tool Belt
  231. Gathered Round Basket
  232. Giant Fabric Envelopes
  233. Giant Fabric Storage Bins
  234. Golden Retriever Dog Applique
  235. Grandma's Favorite DIY Sachets
  236. Grandma's Pincushion Thread Catcher Tutorial
  237. Grandma-Approved: 25 Sewing Patterns for Retirees
  238. Granny Chic Slippers
  239. Granny Square DIY Pincushion
  240. Hand Sanitizer Holder
  241. Hand-Quilted Aromatics
  242. Handmade Air Freshener
  243. Handy Dandy DIY Makeup Organizer
  244. Hanging Cap Holder
  245. Hanging Dust Cover
  246. Hanging Jewelry Holder
  247. Hanging Makeup Roll
  248. Hanging Tray Holder Tutorial
  249. Happy Cloud Heating Pad Tutorial
  250. Happy Traveler DIY Luggage Tag
  251. Heart Shaped Pattern Weight
  252. Heat Packs
  253. Herb Garden Crafts
  254. Hexagon Flower Pincushion Tutorial
  255. Hexi Fabric Flower Pattern
  256. Hexie Caddy Pincushion
  257. Hexie Pincushion
  258. Homemade Heating Pad
  259. Hot Piping
  260. How to Make a Grocery Cart Liner
  261. How to Make a Perfect DIY Chrysanthemum Felt Flower
  262. How to Make a Plastic Bag Holder
  263. How to Make a Recycled Clothespin Bag
  264. How to Make a Sleep Mask
  265. How to Make a Travel Scissor Case
  266. How to Make a Waterproof Picnic Blanket Tote
  267. How to Make DIY Felt Flowers
  268. How to Make Windowpane Print
  269. How to Paper Stitch
  270. How to Quilt a Sewing Machine Cover
  271. How to Sew a Bookmark
  272. How to Sew a Wine Tote
  273. How to Sew Gifts: 20 Handmade Present Ideas for the Family
  274. How to Sew With Leather: 60+ Leather Sewing Patterns for Bags, Accessories, and More
  275. How to Sew Your Own Dice Pouch
  276. How to Wash Lingerie Safely
  277. How to Wrap a Mason Jar
  278. I Heart Reading Bookmark
  279. In the Loop iCozy Tutorial
  280. Insanely Compact DIY Ironing Pad
  281. Insanely Easy Sewing Machine Cover Pattern
  282. Insulated Container Cover Tutorial
  283. Ipad Case
  284. iPad Headrest Holder
  285. Ipad Sleeve Three Ways
  286. Ipad Slip Cover with Wrap Around Pocket
  287. iPod Keychain Case Tutorial
  288. iPod or Gadget Cozy
  289. iPod or iPhone Case Stand
  290. iPod Sleeve from Sample Scraps
  291. Ironing Board DIY Organizer
  292. Jackie's Pill Box Hat
  293. Jazzed Up Sketchbook
  294. Jedi Master Star Wars Seat Cushion
  295. Jelly Roll Cover Up
  296. Jewelry Box Sewing Kit
  297. Jewelry Roll Tutorial
  298. Just for You Monogram Tablet Keeper
  299. Kindle Keeper
  300. Kitty Rice Heating Pack Pattern
  301. Kleenex Tissue Holder
  302. Lacy Camera Strap
  303. Lady Bug Wash Cloth Pattern
  304. Lady Mary's Veil
  305. Lady's iPhone Case
  306. Ladylike Fabric Bookmark
  307. Laptop Sleeve and Sash
  308. Laundry Basket Liner
  309. Lavender Luggage
  310. Lego-Inspired Pillow Sewing Pattern
  311. Life Saving Collapsible Bin
  312. Like, Totally Awesome: 26 1990s Sewing Patterns
  313. Little Bag DIY Key Chain
  314. Little Bag Mason Jar Crafts
  315. Little Bird Easy Embroidery Pattern
  316. Little Jar DIY Sewing Kit
  317. Load-It-Up Laptop Slipcase
  318. Locker Organizer
  319. Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers
  320. Lovely Little Felt Birds
  321. Magnetic Wrist Pincushion
  322. Magnificent Magnetic Pockets
  323. Mail Organizer Tutorial
  324. Make a Clothespin Bag Out of Curtain
  325. Make a Custom Kindle Cover
  326. Make a Design Board
  327. Make a Difference Stethoscope Cover
  328. Make a Pin Cushion Egg Cup
  329. Make Handmade Labels
  330. Make Your Own Bias Tape
  331. Make Your Own Bicycle Basket
  332. Makeup Brush Roll
  333. Manicure Travel Kit
  334. Marc Jacobs-Inspired Daisy Appliques
  335. Matryoshka Needle Case Tutorial
  336. Memory Lane Poppy Bouquet
  337. Mermaid Tail Blanket Pattern
  338. Mesh Laundry Wash Bags
  339. Mesh Shower Caddy
  340. Microwave Bowl Holder
  341. Mini Top Hat
  342. Mini Vintage Ribbon Keychain
  343. Miniature Cupcake Pin Cushion
  344. Minimalist Kraft Tex Wallet
  345. Mister Blue Bird
  346. Mod Lil Animal Pincushions
  347. Modern Vintage Felt Flowers
  348. Monday Afternoon Pincushion Pattern
  349. Mother's Day Handkerchief
  350. Mushroom or Owl Lunch Sack
  351. National Sewing Month 2015
  352. National Sewing Month 2016
  353. National Sewing Month 2017
  354. National Sewing Month 2018
  355. Neat and Tidy DIY Charging Station
  356. Neck Pillow Cover
  357. Neck Pillow Tutorial
  358. Never Lost Bookmark
  359. Nifty Knotted Pencil Case
  360. Non-Slip Foot Pedal Pad
  361. Not Your Average Shoulder Pad
  362. Oilcloth Lunch Tote Tutorial
  363. One Hour Magnetic DIY Ironing Mat
  364. One Size Fits All Tablet Case
  365. Ooh Warm Hugs! Rice Bag
  366. Our 36 Favorite Felt Animal Patterns
  367. Outstanding Outdoor Pillow
  368. Over(ly) Easy Pincushion
  369. Oversized DIY Sleep Mask
  370. Padded iPad Case
  371. Padded iPad Sleeve
  372. Padded Lap Top Case
  373. Palozzo Pants
  374. Paper Pieced Ornament
  375. Patchwork DIY Pencil Case
  376. Patchwork Pencil Case
  377. Patriotic Summer Ruffles Set Dishtowel
  378. Pattern Weights
  379. Patterned Tailor's Ham
  380. Paws for Comfort
  381. Perching Owls
  382. Personalized Photo Album
  383. Pioneer Patterns: 21 Sewing Patterns Inspired by Laura Ingalls
  384. Placemat Organizer for Knitting Crochet Needles
  385. Pocket Organizer With Zipper
  386. Polka Dot DIY iPad Cover
  387. Porcupine Pin Cushion
  388. Portable Hanging Cup Holder
  389. Portable Pocket Pouch
  390. Portable Sewing Station
  391. Posh Leather DIY Cord Organizer
  392. Pouch for iPod Nano
  393. Precise and Professional: 20 Free Die Cut Patterns
  394. Pretty Fabric Envelopes
  395. Pretty in Pink Sleeping Mask
  396. Pretty Personalized Notebooks
  397. Pretty Petal Shower Curtain
  398. Pretty Pie DIY Pincushion
  399. Pretty Pincushion Jar
  400. Pretty Tasty Coffee Cozy
  401. Pretty Wash Cloth
  402. Printable DIY Fabric Labels
  403. Printable Folk Art Appliques
  404. Pumpkin Trio Pincushion Tutorial
  405. Push the Envelope Laptop Case
  406. Quick Pieced Pincushion Tutorial
  407. Quilt Squares Sewing Machine Cover
  408. Quilted Cell Phone Pouch
  409. Quilted iPad Sleeve
  410. Quilted Lining Laptop Sleeve
  411. Quilted Notecards
  412. Rainbow Scraps E-Reader Sleeve
  413. Recycled Bath Mat
  414. Recycled Travel Pouch in Minutes
  415. Repair Holes Using Fabric Paint
  416. Retro Mini Pocketbook
  417. Reusable Swiffer Duster Cloths
  418. Reusable Swiffer Sweeper
  419. Reversible DIY Book Cover
  420. Reversible Laptop Sleeve Pattern
  421. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover
  422. Reversible Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial
  423. Reversible Tissue Box Cover Tutorial
  424. Ric Rac Fabric Flower Tutorial
  425. Ridiculously Easy to Carry iPad Case
  426. Ring Pincushion
  427. Roll-Up DIY Cosmetics Bag
  428. Rolled Up Needle Carrier
  429. Rosalind Russell Make Up Brush Roll
  430. Ruched Fabric Flower
  431. Ruffled Felt Flower Embellishment
  432. Ruffled Kindle Case
  433. Ruffled Tissue Case
  434. Rustic and Cute Baby Owl
  435. Rustic Burlap DIY Hanging Planter
  436. Rustic Burlap Vase
  437. Safely Secure Travel Fabric Book
  438. Santa's House Pin Cushion
  439. School Locker Door Organizer
  440. School Supply Caddy
  441. Scrapbuster: A Trio of Quick Sewing Projects
  442. Scrapbusting Fabric Organizer
  443. Scrappy Armrest Pincushion Tutorial
  444. Scrappy DIY Guitar Strap
  445. Scrappy Fabric Baskets
  446. Scrappy Fabric Flower
  447. Scrappy Felt iPad Cover
  448. Scrappy Little Snake
  449. Scrappy Needle Keeper Tutorial
  450. Scrappy Patchwork Plastic Bag Holder Tutorial
  451. Scrunched Fabric Flower
  452. Scrunchy Strap Sleeping Mask
  453. Serger Basics: 15+ Serger Sewing Projects
  454. Sew a Gorgeous Set of Pattern Weights
  455. Sew an Easy Binder Cover
  456. Sew Delightful Perfume Satchet
  457. Sew Easy Hand Stitched Envelopes
  458. Sew Stylish Pincushion
  459. Sew Your Own Boat
  460. Sewing Caddy
  461. Sewing Machine Cover Tutorial
  462. Sewing Patterns for Organizers: 26 Fabric Baskets, Boxes, and Storage
  463. Sewing Room Filing Pockets
  464. Sewing Sausage Roll
  465. Sewist's Little Helper
  466. Shopping List and Coupon Holder Tutorial
  467. Simple 30 Minute Fabric Baskets
  468. Simple and Sweet Sewing Organizer
  469. Simple DIY Sewing Machine Cover
  470. Simple Hexie Pincushion
  471. Simple Laptop Sleeve
  472. Singing in the Rain Umbrella
  473. Sinus Presser Destroyer
  474. Sleep Mask
  475. Sliding Match Box
  476. Smiling Succulent DIY Pincushion
  477. Sniffle Monster Tissue Pack
  478. Sofa Caddy
  479. Soft Pretzel DIY Pincushion
  480. Spa Day Comfort Pack
  481. Space-Saving Travel Organizer
  482. Spearmint DIY Hand Warmers
  483. Speed of Light Sewing: 20+ 5-Minute Sewing Projects
  484. Squirrel's Picnic
  485. Storybook Needle Case
  486. Strawberry Pincushion
  487. Strawberry Pincushion Scrap Buster
  488. Strawberry Pincushion Tutorial
  489. Striped Tee Necklace
  490. Stripey Zippered Pouch
  491. Summer Strawberry Pincushion Pattern
  492. Super Fast Passport Holder
  493. Super Sewing DIY Organizer
  494. Surprising Top 100 Sewing Project Ideas of 2014: Free Skirt Patterns, Dress Patterns, and More
  495. Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask Pattern
  496. Swirly Binder Cover Sewing Pattern
  497. Tablet Envelope in Waxcloth
  498. Tailor's Ham and Sausage Free Pattern
  499. Take Anywhere Tissue Cover
  500. Tear Drop Clothes Pin Bag
  501. Teensy Bottlecap Pin Cushion Pattern
  502. Ten Minute Wallet
  503. The Car Organizer How To
  504. The Curling Iron Tote
  505. The Easiest Velcro Straps You'll Ever Make
  506. The Ultimate Beach Blanket Tutorial
  507. Thumb Pincushion
  508. Tidy Roll-Up DIY Organizers
  509. Tie-Dye Homemade Hand Warmers
  510. Tissue Pouches
  511. Toadstool Wrist Pincushion Tutorial
  512. Toilet Paper Holder
  513. Too Cool for Spool Mug Rugs
  514. Toothbrush Travel Sewing Idea
  515. Top 100 Free Sewing Patterns of 2016
  516. Top 25 Sewing Blogs of 2018
  517. Tortilla Cozy Tutorial
  518. Touch of Downton Pillow
  519. Touch of Flair Notebook
  520. Travel DIY iPhone Case
  521. Travel DIY Makeup Organizer
  522. Travel Earring Organizer
  523. Travel Toothbrush Holder
  524. Trendy Travel Pocket
  525. Triangle Fabric Weights
  526. Two in One Organizer Cover
  527. Ultimate Knitting Needle Organizer
  528. Unbelievably Easy Book Cover
  529. Under the Sink DIY Organizer
  530. Upcycled T-Shirt Into Stadium Cushion
  531. Vegan Dish and Utensil Tags
  532. Vera Bradley-Inspired Jewelry Organizer
  533. Very Hexie Needle Book
  534. Vintage Golf Club Head Covers for Dad
  535. Vintage Placemat to Clothespin Bag
  536. Vintage Sewn Notecard
  537. Vinyl Notebook Cover
  538. Vinyl Storage Pouch
  539. Waiting-in-the-Car Applique Circle
  540. Wall Organizer Tutorial
  541. Wall Pocket Organizer
  542. Warm Hearts Coffee Cozy Pattern
  543. Washable Bin Liner
  544. Waxcloth Folders
  545. Wedding Cake Pincushion
  546. Weekend in the City Jewelry Roll
  547. What Free Sewing Pattern Should You Make Next?
  548. What to Do With Extra Fabric: 140+ Scrap Sewing Projects
  549. What's Your Sewing Personality?
  550. Whimsical Felt Slippers Tutorial
  551. Wine Parka
  552. Wine Tote Pattern
  553. Wink of Pink DIY Laptop Sleeve
  554. Wise Owl Accessory Holder
  555. Wonderful Wine Bottle Gift Bags
  556. Work It Out iPod Armband
  557. Wrist Corsage Tutorial
  558. Wrist Pincushion
  559. Wrist Watch Pincushion
  560. Yo Yo Pattern Weights
  561. Zig Zag DIY iPad Cover
  562. Zipper Fun: Sew in a Zipper With These 6 Free Sewing Patterns eBook
  563. Zippered Laptop Sleeve
  564. Zippy Wine Bottle Cover
  565. Zombies, Cupcakes, and Turtles Pin Cushions

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Denim DIY Tablet Stand

You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to create a cute place to mount your technology. In fact, you can make one for free with this… See more

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